Jon Stewart Slams Republicans And Liberals: ‘Vaccine Ignorance’ Has Created ‘Strange Hospital Bedfellows’ (Video)

jon-stewart-measlesWords cannot express how glad I am that the ridiculous “anti-vaxxers” are finally being properly slammed in the media. For far too long this “movement” has been building without much resistance from the mainstream media, which isn’t surprising considering our “news” nowadays is more about what makes ratings instead of what people probably need to hear. Thankfully though this issue has finally picked up traction and the long debunked myths surrounding vaccines being linked to autism are finally being exposed on a much larger scale.

Last night it was Jon Stewart who went off on some Republicans and the anti-vaccine liberals for their ignorance about vaccines.

“Vaccine ignorance seems to have created some strange hospital bedfellows, uniting the fringe of left and right,” Stewart said. “It makes me realize, there’s no ‘Red America,’ there’s no ‘Blue America.’ There’s just a needlessly sick America.”

Stewart slammed Sen. Rand Paul and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for suggesting that parents should be able to opt out of making sure their children get vaccinated. He pointed out Christie’s hypocrisy considering just a few months ago he attempted to forcibly quarantine a nurse upon returning from West Africa for fear that she might have contracted Ebola.

But Stewart’s ire was mostly directed at anti-vaccine liberals. He pointed out comments made by a Northern California woman who claimed that the parents in her neighborhood were perfectly reasonable for not vaccinating their children.

“They’re not rednecks. They’re not ignorant. They practice a mindful stupidity,” he said.

Though the best part of the entire segment was when he used a hypothetical zombie apocalypse to perfectly point out the absurdity of those who oppose vaccines. Anyone who’s seen more than a couple of zombie movies knows the cliché group of people trapped in a house feverishly boarding up windows and doors in order to keep zombies from getting inside. Well this is the example Stewart used, comparing vaccines to boarded up windows and zombies to the diseases that are trying to kill us.

“You trust everybody’s gonna do their job. And then you wake up, and it’s two in the morning, and there’s a f*cking zombie gnawing on your brain, and you’re like, ‘What the f*ck? Who didn’t board up their window?’ And that’s when some lady from Marin County who you let into your farmhouse goes, ‘Oh, I read an article on a wellness forum that says we shouldn’t sleep in boarded up rooms ’cause it f*cks you all up.’”

That might be the greatest example I’ve ever seen used to describe this entire situation, because that’s honestly what we’re seeing. Many liberals who mock conservatives for denying overwhelmingly accepted science when it comes to climate change are now ignoring overwhelmingly accepted medical science when it comes to vaccines. They would rather trust some idiot on a random website than the overwhelming majority of doctors who say vaccines are safe and necessary.

But then that also brings in the radical right-wing buffoons who often oppose vaccines because many of them believe that the government has some nefarious plan to use them as a means of mind control and manipulation.

It’s like Stewart said, this issue has created some very strange bedfellows.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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