Jon Stewart Slams ‘Shockingly Terrible’ Hypocrites At Fox News For Not Giving A Damn About ‘Fair And Balanced’ Coverage (Video)

jon-stewart-fox-hypocritesJon Stewart verbally annihilated Fox News last night on The Daily Show, hammering the network for ignoring the full story on the Department of Justice’s reports about Ferguson. He also perfectly tied in their hypocrisy on Ferguson as it relates to their incessant coverage of Benghazi.

Earlier this month, the DOJ released two reports related to Ferguson; one report basically exonerated Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, while the other report detailed systemic problems within the Ferguson Police Department relating to, in part, disproportionately targeting African-Americans.

Not surprisingly, Fox News has made it a point to emphasize the report on Michael Brown, while basically giving no coverage to the report about the Ferguson PD.

“Despite their 24-hour schedule, they really only had time for the one report,” Stewart said.

He then played several clips of Fox News personalities trashing the “tsunami of misinformation” from Democrats and the media, and demanding that they apologize for “fanning the flames” and “rushing to judgement” since the DOJ eventually found that Michael Brown’s hands most likely weren’t up when he was shot.

Stewart seemed to understand exactly what they were saying – and he even seemed to agree.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if people who jumped to conclusions and peddled a false, divisive, anger-stoking narrative, had to apologize for misleading America?” he asked. “Here’s where the sh*t gets real.”

He then aired several clips showing how Fox News has been harping on Benghazi for two years, demanding people be held accountable for “lying” before any official investigation was even completed.

And he’s exactly right. Over the past few years, you could hardly turn on Fox News without putting up with some sort of outrageous commentary about Benghazi as the footage of the compound burning is shown on split-screen. As Stewart put it, it was almost like a never-ending “Fox News yule log” of burning compound footage.

Then finally after over two years of constant outrage, the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee released their report showing that Susan Rice didn’t lie, the administration didn’t ignore credible warnings, and there wasn’t a stand down order issued by the administration. In other words, Fox News pushed a false narrative for over two years in order to stoke anger and outrage among conservatives toward the Obama administration.

“All these elements in the two-year Benghazi ragegasm were… what do you call it?” Stewart asked. He then played back some of the same clips of Fox News personalities talking about the Michael Brown situation as a “tsunami of misinformation” and a rush to judgement.

And that’s when it came full circle. Stewart once again played a clip where Fox News personality Eric Bolling asked, “Why isn’t the media which peddled that narrative apologizing?”

“Yes! Yes! Why not? Yes! Oh, Eric, that’s so true!” Stewart shouted, clearly mocking how Fox News demanded apologies from the media for Ferguson while not apologizing for misleading America about Benghazi.

He wrapped up the segment with a perfect summation of their hypocrisy:

“They demand accountability for anger and divisiveness whilst holding themselves entirely unaccountable for their anger and divisiveness. For two years they used Benghazi as shorthand, as a symbol for the whole concept of a corrupt, lying, tyrannical, possibly murderous Obama White House – kind of like other people used “hands up don’t shoot” as a symbol for systemic racism.

And there’s really only one difference between the two phenomenon: Systemic racism actually exists.”

Drops mic.

I’d highly recommend watching the excellent segment below, via Comedy Central:

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr

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  • Jim Bean

    Even with all their faults FOX is still the only (televised) place a person can go if they can’t be satisfied with sources who won’t cover stories that reflect negatively on Obama and the Democratic Party.

    At the moment, Stewart and most Liberals and people in the black community are really raw about having gotten that ‘hands up/don’t shoot’ thing so terribly wrong after making such grand and righteous theater out of it. Heck, the wounds from their similar misadventure with Zimmerman haven’t even completely healed, and now this.

    Fox seems to be entertaining themselves by rubbing the Left’s noses in their own mess but given their 24/7 campaign against Fox, they richly deserve it, I suppose.

    • Kathleen Thompson

      Fact: 80% of commentary on tv represents the conservative point of view. There is no liberal bias.
      And History reveals the conservative view has been wrong all the time. On the wrong side of slavery. Women voting. Invading Iraq. Solar energy.
      Conservatives were not revolutionaries in 1776. They were not in favor of horseless carriages or flying machines.
      And even though Republicans like to claim Abraham Lincoln, no way would the emancipator be comfortable with today’s GOP.

      • Jim Bean
      • Cufmann

        I think maybe Kathleen Thompson means the fact that Republicans were against slavery and for women voting that they were on the wrong side of both of those issues, Jim.

      • Jim Bean

        As much sense as that doesn’t make, its the best explanation I, too, can come up with. 🙂

      • Cufmann

        As much as I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt, there’s not one sentence she wrote that does make sense.

    • Cufmann

      Stewart is a clown. Benghazi is not over. Hillary has months of emails missing from well before and after the attacks. Emails that committee that Stewart characterized as final did not have. There is nothing for Fox to apologize for. Fox’s reporting didn’t cause massive violence and destruction in communities and cops getting killed as revenge for their reporting on Benghazi, like the false claims and false narrative peddled by MSNBC, and this blog, actually, that Michael Brown had his hands up in surrender when he was shot. Michael Brown was called a racist and a murderer by commenters on this blog. Not one person has come on to apologize or correct themselves in any way. Few on the Left have for pushing the false narrative. One that did earlier this week, Jonathan Capehart, an African American often seen on MSNBC, who apologized and said he was wrong, was roundly scorned by his fellow liberals for being a sell-out, an Uncle Tom, a turncoat, and worse.

      Why doesn’t Stewart have someone on his show to give that side of the story? He won’t do that. Instead, he plays the ‘hey, what about you guys?’ game. On two issues that have nothing alike. All Stewart is doing is excusing liberals for again getting a shooting wrong completely on the facts and evidence of the case, and feeding his trained seal audience the false impression that the Benghazi investigation is complete and decided. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      Stewart is dishonest.

      • Jack Wheeler

        Well he’s a Jew too, so let’s not forget that.