Jon Stewart on South Carolina: 5 of the Most Brutally Honest Minutes Ever Aired on Comedy Central (Video)

jon-stewart-south-carolinaAfter watching Jon Stewart’s opening segment on last night’s episode of The Daily Show, all I can say is – wow. There were no jokes or really humor of any kind. Hell, I don’t even think there was a script. It was just Jon Stewart saying exactly what he felt about the tragic shooting that left nine dead in Charleston, South Carolina.

It was surreal moment, especially for Comedy Central as a network. Stewart didn’t mince words as he gave one of the most powerful monologues I’ve ever watched.

“I didn’t do my job today. So I apologize,” Stewart said. “I got nothin’ for you in terms of jokes and sounds, because of what happened in South Carolina. And maybe if I wasn’t near the end of the run, or this wasn’t such a common occurrence, maybe I could’ve pulled out of the spiral. But I didn’t. And so, I honestly have nothing, other than just sadness.”

He then went on to talk about the racism in this country that far too many people pretend doesn’t exist. Stewart expressed the sad realization that even though there’s no denying what this was – an unspeakable act of violence committed by a domestic terrorist and driven by hate and racism – “we still won’t do jack sh*t about it.”

And he’s right. It’s like I wrote yesterday, some within our media didn’t even wait for most people to hear about this story before doing their best to divide us and politicize this attack. It didn’t even take 12 hours before I already saw many individuals who were too busy focusing on “which side” of a debate they were trying to win, people being driven by ego and pride rather than true remorse or sympathy. At that moment, all hope was lost that this event might help some wake up to the fact that we are all humans and it’s about damn time we stop judging one another by the color of our skin.

But I don’t think anyone summarized this entire situation better than Stewart did as he closed out his opening segment last night.

“This wasn’t a tornado. This was a racist,” Stewart said. “This was a guy with a Rhodesia badge on his sweater. I hate to even use this pun, but this one is black and white. There’s no nuance here.”

He then described how the Confederate flag still flies over South Carolina and many of the streets are named after those who fought so that African-Americans who drive on those streets everyday wouldn’t have the right to.

“That’s insanity. That’s racial wallpaper,” he continued. “You can’t allow that. Nine people were shot in a black church by a white guy who hated them, who wanted to start some sort of civil war. The Confederate flag flies over South Carolina, and the roads are named for Confederate generals. And the white guy’s the one who feels like his country’s being taken away from him.

“Al-Qaeda, all those guys – ISIS – they’re not sh*t compared to the damage that we can apparently do to ourselves, apparently on a regular basis,” Stewart concluded.

Last night was Jon Stewart at his absolute best, sadly toward the end of his brilliant run as host of the show.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Hildabeast

    The rise of liberalism has led to an increase in these incidents.There have always been guns in this country but this sort of thing did not happen when the majority of Americans had conservative values.And im not talking about religion.Screw religion.

    • Creeayshun Sighuntist

      you are probably dumb enough to believe what you just typed…. typical moron….

    • Pipercat

      Ever hear of Charles Whitman?

    • Morpheus_1

      What conservative values?

    • Artist in Resonance

      Given the self-evident world of difference between having something to say and having to say something, there is no need for you to exemplify the latter.

  • Creeayshun Sighuntist

    It might be time to direct our drones over SC and start liberating that state from the terrorists there.

  • fight4liberty

    Racism exists in every country. It exists among every group. What Stewart fails to call out is that it is a two way street, that Obama, Sharpton & others are just as racist the people they accuse. What Stewart fails to mention is our MSM and politicians instead of promoting dialogue and moving forward in the spirit of King are only fanning the flames of division and racism.

    • Donna J. Edmond

      Translation: “I am an ignorant racist justifying my white privilege and racist beliefs.”
      You’re welcome.

  • Andy Riley

    Kayar, even the most rudimentary research would show you that the flag IS, in fact part of a memorial to Confederate war dead. It is on the Statehouse grounds, but hardly flies “over South Carolina”. Bringing street names into the discussion is ridiculous; one more attempt to stir the pot and rouse the rabble. “Hey man! They have streets named after Confederate generals! That’s what made this guy shoot people!”. Utter crap. I don’t have the time or space to give a history lesson, but the rest of your post, including “the reason he thought it was ok, was the environment created by promoting a time when SC was a confederate state” is so nonsensical as to indicate a lack of wit sufficient to comprehend such a lesson, anyway. If you’re getting your news and your history from a comedian on a comedy channel, I guess that makes sense. BTW, no comment on Chicago? No? Not sexy enough? No confederate flag, no Southern state? Nothing exciting enough to address? Where was Jon Stewart’s rant the day after Memorial Day? No where. I rest my case.

    • Donna J. Edmond

      Even the most rudimentary research would show you that the swastica IS in fat part of a memorial to the Nazi regime. But you don’t see THAT symbol paraded around, on proud display, because it represents the beliefs of certain morons who THINK that is part of their history.
      Street names reflect what a society values, folks like you who see no problem in naming streets after people who believed in slavery is morally reprehensible.
      The confederate flag is historic. Historically it stands for racism, for the oppression of black people, and for a shameful time in America’s past. To defend such a sign of shame and evil demonstrates who the bigoted racists are. John Stewart is not a bigoted racist. You and folks like you are the bigoted racists.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        Well said.

      • Andy Riley

        Then if I defend the United States Flag and the Constitution of the United States I do the same thing.

        The Three-Fifths Compromise, is found in Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 3 of the United States Constitution which reads:

        “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.”

        So you better scream about the racism and white supremacy of the whole damn country and its founders. Sheesh.
        And for the umteenth time. the flag flying over the memorial Confederate dead on the grounds of the Statehouse In Columbia, is a representation of the battle flag of The Army of Northern Virgina, not the Confederate national flag. It flies there, in honor of those men who died in defense of their country, I rest MY case, again.

      • Donna J. Edmond

        And you are proud of that too. Says alot about who you are as a person…

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        Donna just smacked you down again. Just stop flaunting your ignorance.