Jon Stewart Tears Apart Fox News’ Ferguson Coverage: You ‘Have No F**king Idea, Do You?’ (Video)

stewart-hannityOh, how I’ve missed Jon Stewart. With August being a notoriously slow month for news, especially politics, many political pundits take time off during the last few weeks of summer. And normally that’s a pretty safe bet. But not this August.

As we all know, for the last few weeks, the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri by police officer Darren Wilson has dominated the news. To call what went on in Ferguson following the shooting “chaos” might actually be a bit of an understatement.

Well, Stewart came back from vacation with a vengeance, absolutely crushing Fox News’ often ridiculous Ferguson coverage.

He starts off the segment by accepting the “Ferguson challenge,” which includes tear gas and pepper spray in place of a bucket of ice.

But after that he went right after Fox News. He started off by mocking Bill O’Reilly for “coming back early” because he was so outraged… at the way the media had covered the shooting.

“Yes! That is the outrage,” Stewart said mockingly. “The shooting of Michael Brown and any lack of transparency from the police department responsible for said incident is outrageous – in how it has been reported.”

He then showed various clips of different Fox News hosts and contributors showing “outrage” over the fact that apparently the media hasn’t been more friendly toward Darren Wilson.

Stewart then slammed Sean Hannity’s ridiculous comments pertaining to his encounters with being pulled over by the police, saying, “You really do have no f*cking idea, do you?”

“Do you not understand that life in this country is inherently different for white people and black people?” Stewart continued.

Now, normally I’d transcribe more of the segment, except I’d essentially be typing out every word of the last 4 minutes and 26 seconds because everything he said was perfect.

He absolutely hammered Fox News for trying to downplay the racial issues we have in this country, while mocking how every single year the network spends two months going on and on about their made up “war on Christmas.” Suggesting that Fox News seems to be tired of hearing about racism, but they never seem to get tired of pushing their fake “outrage” over the non-existent “war on Christmas.”

Stewart ended the segment by saying, “You’re tired of hearing about it? Imagine how f*cking exhausting it is living it.”

If you have a few minutes, I highly suggest you check out the entire video. It was easily one of the most impassioned, and brilliant, segments I’ve seen from Stewart so far this year.

Watch that segment below via Comedy Central

Allen Clifton

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