Jon Stewart Tears Apart Republican Election Tactics, New Voter Suppression Laws (Video)

jon-stewart-2014On the eve before election day, you just had to know Jon Stewart was going to have plenty to say before millions of Americans headed out to cast their ballot. That is, if they were allowed to cast a ballot. These new voter ID laws Republicans are passing all across the country threaten to disenfranchise millions of legal American voters, so it won’t be shocking to hear countless stories where American citizens couldn’t vote this year.

Well, in true Jon Stewart fashion, he did not disappoint.

He started out by mocking Republicans who’ve essentially used fear in the form of ISIS and Ebola to try to frighten many Americans into voting for them, or face being “beheaded while pooping blood.” 

He also cynically criticized John Boehner’s assertion that if Republicans control the Senate there will be less gridlock in Washington. Because we all know what’s really going to happen. The House will send bills to the Senate that a Republican-controlled Senate will then pass, even though they know damn well the president won’t sign them. And that’s when they’ll play up the narrative of, “See, the president simply won’t work with Republicans or listen to the American people.”

The way Republicans “negotiate” is by only offering the very things the president says are non-negotiable, then they whine and complain because he won’t succumb to their blackmail. Look at when they held our debt ceiling hostage and last year’s government shutdown for prime examples of this behavior.

Stewart then turned his attention to these ridiculous voter ID laws that anyone with even the slightest shred of common sense knows are nothing more than blatant attempts at voter suppression. Particularly those voters who tend to vote for Democrats.

As he pointed out in North Carolina where it wasn’t just a requirement to have an ID that was passed, but also more restrictions on where people could vote, the elimination of same-day registration, and a reduction of early voting times. Again, these laws aren’t about combating voter fraud (because it doesn’t exist), they’re about making it harder for voters who typically don’t vote for Republicans to be able to vote.

He also pointed to Texas where in the last decade there have been two confirmed accounts of legitimate voter fraud out of 20 million votes cast during that time period. To put that into percentages, in the last decade in Texas, exactly 0.0000099% of votes cast were fraudulent. He also pointed out how it’s interesting that a gun license is accepted as a form of ID, but not a school-issued student ID.

Funny how that works, right? Younger voters who typically vote for Democrats not being able to use an ID that most of them have… yet gun owners (many of whom are Republicans) can use their gun license as identification.

Yeah, this is all about “voter fraud” – an issue that Republicans can’t even prove exists. I’m sorry, but anyone who doesn’t see that these laws are clearly about suppressing and disenfranchising voters is an absolute idiot. Republicans couldn’t be more blatant about what their true intentions are unless they just flat-out said, “We want to keep people from voting who don’t often vote for us.”

Republicans, don’t bullshit me. At least admit that these laws are about suppressing votes. At least give me that much respect. Don’t treat me like I’m some brain dead conservative voter who believes whatever crap is shoveled at them on Fox News.

It’s like Stewart pointed out during this segment, it’s interesting that as soon as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, these Republican-controlled states suddenly began passing these strict new voting laws.

“Far be it from me to question anyone’s motives,” he said. “But come on, a lot of these laws smell pretty voter suppression-y.”

I’m ashamed of my country right now, because there are tens of millions of Americans who are supporting laws that have proven to reduce voter turnout just so that they can essentially try to cheat in order to win elections.

I can handle our system of elections giving power to Republicans if that system is fair and just. What I can’t wrap my mind around is the fact that so many Americans who claim to love this country so much, couldn’t a give a damn that they’re supporting laws that violate one of the most sacred rights we’re given as citizens of this country – the right to vote.

So don’t give me this nonsense about “both parties are the same.” Only one party in this country is actively trying to rig elections, and potentially disenfranchise millions of American voters – and it sure as hell isn’t Democrats.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • sherry06053

    I live in CT. We don’t have early voting – we have TODAY to vote. The polls open at 6 AM until 8 PM. We don’t have same day registration or a choice of WHERE we vote (we are assigned a voting center depending on where we live). We are also one of the “bluest” states there is. I didn’t even know there was a such thing as early voting – now, I want it! I admit that over the years, I did not vote a couple of times, because either I didn’t feel like it after work or the weather was bad. After this election, I am going to work to GET extended voting times! In this day and age, there is no reason to NOT have it!

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      Oh. no Mr. Trash, I am whole heartedly imploring for you to vote for the Democrats and if you feel even the slightest intimidated or you perceive that your responsibility to vote is being impeded, I will escort you from door to poll to door. I will be insistent to all who stand in your way from casting your vote for the Democrats, that you will not be stopped.
      If one of those old ladies sitting behind your district’s sign-in table denies you your ballot, I will demand, in very strong tone, that she is breaking the law.
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      I don’t believe I have ever claimed any of those things with the exception of him pursuing gun control and that he is driving us farther in debt than all other presidents combined.

      • Sandy Greer

        Wow. That’s terrible. I really wish I hadn’t seen that. Somebody needs his cookies taken away.

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