Jon Stewart Tears Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld Apart Over Torture (Video)

jon-stewart-dick-cheneyWhen the topic of torture is brought up it always brings out a fairly heated debate.  I’ll fully admit that I’m not someone most far-left liberals would call “liberal” when it comes to topics like NSA surveillance or when we should go to war.  For example, most of the stuff I’ve heard about the NSA I already assumed was happening (and it doesn’t really bother me all that much) and I staunchly opposed the war in Iraq though I supported the war in Afghanistan.

But that topic is for a whole other article.

As far as “torture” goes, for the most part I’m against it.  To me it’s hypocritical for us to portray ourselves as a country that stands for human rights while we’re torturing people.

And without a doubt two of the most well-known faces Americans think of when torture is mentioned are Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

Well, Jon Stewart went off on both of these hypocrites and the way they’ve not only admitted to committing war crimes but the seemingly boastful way they go about discussing the topic when asked about it.

He went after Dick Cheney for downplaying torture.  Stewart referred to Cheney as the Wilford Brimley of torture, mocking Cheney by impersonating him in a Brimley-like character in an ad for torture saying it’s “the right thing to do.”

He then discussed the arrogant way in which Rumsfeld discussed torture during the documentary The Unknown Known, saying, “Look how f*cking proud he is of having put a lot of different words in between ‘Bush administration’ and ‘torture,’ while not, in any explicit way, changing the meaning of those words or refuting the charge.  But as long as you’re happy, I’m happy. And I assume that is happiness, and not his teeth trying desperately to escape his face.”

And he’s absolutely right.  The way in which these two discuss torture, they’re basically boastful about it.  Instead of being on trial for war crimes (along with Bush), as many people feel that they should be, they’re arrogant and cocky while openly discussing their actions.  It’s absolutely disgusting.

The entire Bush administration was an absolute embarrassment for this country.  Between their invasion of Iraq based on a lie, the way they admitted the authorization of torture and a whole host of other embarrassing events, we might never fully repair the damaged they caused.

See below for Stewart’s segment:

Allen Clifton

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