Jon Stewart Tears Into Ridiculousness Of CNN And The City Of Baltimore (Video)

baltimore-jon-stewartWhen it comes to the ongoing violence in Baltimore, I honestly don’t even know what to say anymore. We’re not even at a point where we’re discussing racial issues that desperately need to be addressed, we’re just dealing with arguments on whether or not looting and rioting is ever justified.

To be honest on that topic, it never is. I’m not sure how stealing full bags of merchandise from CVS or any other business has anything to do with justice for Freddie Gray’s death. In fact, I don’t believe those committing such crimes care anything about justice either; they’re just using this whole situation as an excuse to steal.

But dealing with race issues in this country isn’t going to be solved by two sides arguing over who’s most at fault, it will be solved when both sides come together to listen to one another speak honestly about why it is that, in 2015, we’re still seeing this sort of nonsense play out.

The truth is we’re not going to “find” answers to these issues anytime soon because people really aren’t asking questions, they’re just pointing the finger at others.

And our media isn’t helping matters much.

Then again, what should we expect? Our media is driven by ratings, page clicks and advertisement revenue – not the quality of the news being reported. Therefore what we see on our televisions, computer screens and smartphones isn’t always what’s factual or true, but what generates the most revenue. And ultimately this all leads to some fairly ridiculous behavior by the so-called “mainstream media.”

That was one of the points Jon Stewart took aim at Tuesday night while discussing what’s been happening in Baltimore, mocking CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for seeming “shocked” that rioting and looting might happen in America – just a few months after the rioting and looting that went on in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Elvis leading a herd of orthodox Jewish unicorns through a city street, that would be hard to believe,” Stewart said. “This sh*t happens all the time. Ferguson was just a few months ago, and you were talking about it.”

He then took aim at the culture of Baltimore itself, pointing out the poor efforts to provide decent employment for the poor by joking that casting for HBO’s The Wire was the last decent employment program in the city.

“You know your city’s fu*ked up when its last most successful employment program was casting extras for a television show about how fu*ked up your city is,” Stewart quipped.

But what bothers me most about what’s going on, aside from these instances where police officers are acting like thugs or criminals are violently rioting and looting businesses, is that we’re at a point where almost no one is actually listening to one another, they’re just trying to blame each other.

And as long as that continues to happen, we’re never going to make progress on this issue.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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