Justin Bieber vs. Richard Sherman: The Great American Cultural Hypocrisy

1609008_10152180339357489_438141912_nAn interesting thing happened today – Justin Bieber was arrested for allegedly driving while drunk, driving with an expired license, drag racing and resisting arrest.

Oh, and he’s only 19-years-old which, as most of you know, is below the legal age to drink alcohol.  Not to mention that according to police reports he admitted to smoking marijuana (in a state where it’s illegal) and taking prescription drugs.

Funny though, I don’t see many national news outlets calling him a “thug” or a “gangster” like they did with Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman following his emotional interview (and admittedly less than ideal behavior) after the Seahawks win over the 49ers this past Sunday.

I even searched for the arrest story to sift through some of the comments people had left.  While most weren’t flattering, I didn’t see people say things like “typical behavior” or calling him a “thug” or a “gangster” anywhere.

As I wrote about in another article, those labels were extremely common when describing Richard Sherman, yet seem absent when describing the criminal behavior of Justin Bieber.

What it all comes down to is the appearance of both and our hypocrisy as a society.  People see Justin Bieber and they basically see a clean-cut white adult man who looks like a kid, so they seem far less offended by his behavior.  When in fact he’s a 19-year-old adult who was drag racing while admittedly being wasted on alcohol, marijuana and prescription pills – not to mention how he was driving with an expired license and resisted arrest.

Charges which, due to his celebrity status, will undoubtedly bring nothing more than a slap on the wrist and probably a PR-forced short stint in rehab in the next few days.  If he were an ordinary citizen, he most certainly would face some kind of jail time.  And if he were an ordinary African-American citizen, I’m almost certain his punishments would even be more severe than a white counterpart.

I just found it incredibly hypocritical that when a Stanford-educated individual, who graduated second in his class in high school, gives a short emotional outburst on television people were so quick to label him a “thug” or a “gangster” clearly because of his race.  When nothing about the man, outside of the ignorant stereotypes about African-Americans many have, suggests he’s in any way a “gangster” or a “thug.” Hell, his behavior wasn’t even anything close to being illegal.

Yet when someone like Justin Bieber commits several crimes (potential felonies at that) I don’t see those same labels thrown his way.  Obviously because he’s white.

And while I don’t like judging anyone, if you did prescription drugs, smoked marijuana, drank alcohol, willingly got behind the wheel of a vehicle, drag raced and then resisted arrest – you’re a criminal and a thug. 

The completely different reactions both of these men seem to be getting just goes to show that as far as we have come in this country as it relates to racism and race relations, we still have a long way to go.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Ed

    i would consider a thug to be threatening, bieber is a little punk

  • Mary-Beth Featherwolf Wheelock

    I don’t see a clean cut white man who looks like a child, I see an idiotic male who acts like a child who is worse then thugs.

    • Joe Clam

      Good God, are all you people on crack? “Acts like a child who is worse than thugs”?? What in hell is that supposed to mean?

      • JBS

        No, you’re just a blind Belieber who will defend Justin to the end, even when he has a trend of very bad behavior. Oh, and also a racist because according to you, any black man who gets mad on camera is a “thug” no matter how well educated and intelligent he might be.

      • Joe Clam

        Where did I use the words “any black man”?

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    “Leave it to Bieber”…

  • armacara

    It is a good example of white privilege.

    • Joe Clam

      Oh shut the fuck up you moron. Was Sherman arrested for something? No. Was Bieber arrested for something? Yes. What the fuck are you talking about, PRIViLEGE?

      • Julie Wickstrom

        Bieber committed felonies and will likely be convicted. Sherman has not been convicted of anything. Bragging is not a felony or the both of them would be in prison.

  • Christine

    I don’t think of Richard Sherman as a thug. He was simply caught up in the moment of winning an AFC Championship and going to the Super Bowl. You’re right, the difference clearly seems to be, at least partially, about race. Richard Sherman is very intelligent and athletically gifted. I respect and admire him much more than I ever will respect and admire Justin Bieber.

    • AbbeyRoadkill

      *NFC championship

  • AbbeyRoadkill

    At least 25-30% of America is still straight-up racist and it has become more obvious than ever with an African-American president in office. This article is spot on.

    • Joe Clam

      This article is full of shit, and so are you. Justin Bieber is about as much a “thug” as my little granddaughter. His “behavior” — partying, drinking and drugging — is no more “thuggish” than any other kid doing the same stupid kid stuff that kids do. Sherman, on the other hand, is a monstrously offensive, vile and violence-threatening buffoon who is full of his big, baddass self and who thoroughly enjoys displaying “thug-mind” in public. THAT’S thug behavior. That’s what thugs do, and that’s what he is. Deal with it you silly racist.

      • AbbeyRoadkill

        You forgot to wear your pointy white hat.

      • CaptianMyCaptain

        Yeah, Albino Clam man needs an enema! lol

      • Joe Clam

        I’m an ALBINO?? Jeez, I thought I was just Scandinavian… Who knew?

      • Whites are albinos

      • Joe Clam

        You’re a little late to the conversation markee

      • Joe Clam

        OUCH, what wit,… I’m destroyed.

      • Vile Clam

        Joe (Ku Klux) Clam, on the other hand, is a monstrously offensive, vile and threatening buffoon who is full of his big, baddass self and who thoroughly enjoys displaying “thug-mind” in public. THAT’S thug behavior. That’s what thugs do, and that’s what he is. Too bad we have to deal with another silly racist rant from him.

      • Jacob

        Obvious troll is obvious.

      • Kennedy

        Look…who’s speaking.
        Why don’t you openly admit that you’re a racial bigot? You must be stuck in pre 60s era, ain’t it?

      • Joe Clam

        Sure, I don’t swallow the prototypical race-baiting bullshit like all you weak-minded libtards and that makes ME the racist.??… You people live in la la land…. You are so brain damaged and dementedly reverse-racist, you can’t even devote sufficient strategic thought to coming up with a halfway feasible illustration for the “white guy getting a pass” half of your example — you pick JUSTIN BIEBER for fuck’s sake!! At least pick someone with some thug cred equivalent to Sherman’s, not some androgynous pubescent who happened to get a DUI. .. Idiots.. Reverse racism is the most pernicious kind there is, for its sheer obnoxious sanctimony if for nothing else. Shove it in your ear, Kennedy.

      • Julie Wickstrom

        Sherman is super excited after making a winning play that puts their team into the Super Bowl. Sherman says to Crabtree, “Good game, good game.” He is pushed in the face for it. After that happened, Sherman makes a choking gesture to the player who tried to pass the ball and goes off passionately on an interview. He doesn’t cuss and looks straight at the camera. Here is what he said,”Well, I’m the best corner in the game, When you try me with a sorry receiver like [Michael] Crabtree,” Sherman continued, “that’s the result you’re going to get. Don’t you ever talk about me.”

        The interviewer asks,”Who was talking about you?”

        He replies,”Crabtree. Don’t you talk about the best, or I’m going to shut it for you real quick.”

        Yes, he bragged. It was a bit rude. It was energetic and not thuggish at all. He is a communications major who is likely honing his media skills for a future after the NFL. You have to make waves to be noticed. He visited his old high school and talked to the kids. He told them that the average career in the NFL is 3.5 years. He is paving his future because he is smart enough to realize that he needs a backup career in less than 10 years. When he retires, I expect him to go in front of the camera.

    • Kennedy

      Joe Clam is a racist troll in disguise. What’s more annoying is that Bieber is not at all ashamed of it. He is comparing himself to Michael Jackson. I mean that kid has neither accomplished anything remotely comparable to the legend nor does he have any talent, yet he wishes to be like him. I wish that maturity dawns him soon, else he might end up in jail or commit suicide.
      I blame media, for paying so much attention to him.

  • Kelly

    It is something to question. Could it also be football stereotypes versus the pop music industry? Could it also be that people wrote off Beiber as a loser years ago?

  • Jam

    Ummm he is NOT a thug or gangsta!! Anyone who wants to have the “beebs” referred to as a gangsta or thug needs to drive out of their gated community and see why…he is a spoiled rotten little momma’s boy brat… Oh p.s. Gangsta’s don’t cry in jail on an oui … Seriously stupid lame article!! Always trying to stir up something outta nothin!

    • Athletica

      Yes but if Bieber was black and committed the same crime he would be labeled a thug or gangster. This article is simply about stereotyping someone based on the color of their skin and it’s spot on. And I’m a white female if that matters at all.

      • Joe Clam

        WHAT CRIME DID BIEBER COMMIT?? And yeah it matters that you’re a white female, because it proves white females can be imbeciles too.

      • David Shaw Jr

        Underage drinking: illegal. Drag racing on a residential street: illegal. Drunk driving: illegal. Resisting arrest: illegal.

      • Joe Clam

        Are those THUG crimes, i.e., crimes of VIOLENCE AND AGGRESSION??? No they are not. And “resisting arrest” is bullshit — the kind of thing appended to a charge sheet for good measure when an arrestee asks a question of an arrester.

  • Fabooske

    Allen, you give me hope that some Texans actually DO have good sense and are quite capable of THINKING!!!

  • Politician

    Bieber is a little punk, that needs to be sent back to Canada. However, he did not go on a rant, about how great he was, and belittle an opponent on national tv either. Both are examples of the a rich, spoiled, class of celebrities that have seldom been held accountable for their actions or educated as to what is and isn’t appropriate behavior.

    • J Phillips

      Canada doesn’t want him either.

    • mr-technical

      sherman has a masters degree from stanford where he had a 3.8 gpa definitely not uneducated. he has a long history of issues with crabtree and he is the best at his job so he was emotional, there is nothing wrong with that. No one had issue with deion sanders talkin shit in his heyday

      • Yeah, some of us did have issues with Deion Sanders talkin’ shit in his day. I also don’t like the way Sherman handled himself in his interview. On the other hand, I absolutely agree that Sherman and Beiber are being discussed differently and that the term “thug” is code for the “n word”. Hell, people were calling Kaepernick a thug for wearing his hat backwards which is weird because I’d never heard that when I saw a white athlete wearing his hat the same way. Not liking his behavior doesn’t equal racism, throwing out racist terms when discussing it does. So, it’s clear that we’ve still got lots of racists in this country.

      • AbbeyRoadkill

        >”No one had issue with deion sanders talkin shit in his heyday”

        Or Muhammad Ali.

      • Asher B. Garber

        Just to be clear, Muhammad Ali was one of the more polarizing figures of the 1960s. Look up Vietnam, Islam, and Black Man Beating Up White Men in the Ring.

      • AbbeyRoadkill

        He was only polarizing for people who were sheltered ninnys or outright bigots.

      • Asher B. Garber

        That sums up about half of the country. Ergo, Polarizing figure.

      • DisqusWon’tLetMeLogInRiteNow

        So someone is polarizing based on what most ignorant people on Earth think? Then everything and everyone is polarizing.

      • Asher B. Garber

        Do you not understand what the word Polarizing means? I’m not calling him a Bad Guy. I’m saying that folks feel one way or the other and hardly in between.

      • AbbeyRoadkill

        Ah, well, I wasn’t aware that athletes are supposed to be milquetoast pseudo-politicians in order to please everyone. My bad.

      • Asher B. Garber

        I see. You’re a victim of misunderstanding because you don’t know what the word Polarizing is. Ain’t the interwebz fun!

      • AbbeyRoadkill

        Indeed, I have learned… that the word ‘polarizing’ is meaningless, since it can apply to absolutely anything anyone says. The statement “the Earth is round” is polarizing because some still don’t believe the Earth is round. Therefore, polarizing.

    • Jack Otley

      The Beib needs some parenting – someone to show him how to grow up and become an adult. He obviously had no guidance from his parents in his earlier years.

      • Bull3tBra1n

        Agreed sir. Interesting note, his father actually helped block off the street so his son could drag race, showing just how little guidance Beiber has.

  • RK

    This is an idiotic conclusion to very incomparable situations. The obvious racists in this country keep bringing up racism every single day whether there is any prejudice or not. Wake me up when you understand the difference.

    • Gary Smith

      Ah yes, the venerable “real racists” card gets thrown.

      Get to the back of the bus, jackass.

      • Joe Clam

        No, you get to the back, moron. Continue living in your world of mirrors.

  • handmadehand

    I never called Sherman a thug, but as a former athlete I was offended that he took away from the team with his selfish comments. I remember my Dad feeling the same way about Joe Namath.
    Beiber is such a douche it’s hard to see him as anything else. He would probably LOVE to be seen as a thug.

    • Joe Clam

      Finally someone on this thread talking sense. What in hell did i wander into here, Chris Matthews garden party?

    • Julie Wickstrom

      Yeah, Bieber wishes he was a thug but alas might only be a DUI felon who spits on his fans.

      Yes, Sherman was outspoken but his worst remarks were “mediocre” and “sorry”. That’s pretty tame. He calls attention to himself but I suspect that he is working the media with purpose.

      • Joe Clam

        Bieber spits on his fans??? Hell, maybe i change my mind… he IS a thug. Then again he just can’t carry it, so no, not quite… We can call him a ‘thuglet’.

  • Justin

    Its because nobody cares anymore about Beiber. Every self respecting person just wants to see that punk go down for something some day. And the ratings for thr NFC championship werr very high and most prople saw Shermans rant and seen him give the chokr sign to Crabtree and stick his hand his face. That pissed me off. Then he goes off saying he is the best corner back in the league. Total thug.

  • R

    While there is clearly a double standard going on here, I do not think that it is necessarily caused by racial bias. To me, a thug &/or a gangster is someone who is violent. By that definition, Bieber’s behavior was not thuggish even though it is criminal…and stupid.

  • Abelardo Ramirez

    Maybe Sherman should have used his Stanford “COMMUNICATIONS” degree and not come across as a “thug”. Straight from Compton….

    • AbbeyRoadkill

      You never would have criticized Muhammad Ali back when he was the biggest trash talker in sports history. Hypocrite much?

    • Julie Wickstrom

      I think he did. He now has many interviews yet did not cuss or say anything outrageous to earn the camera time. His future in sports commentary is bright. Re watch the interview. He knows where the camera is even after making a Superbowl earning play.

  • a.mann

    Regardless of his many positive accomplishments and accolades in or off the field
    the people who see Sherman as a thug, will only find another reason to justify their denigration of him to fit him in the box they had ALREADY condemned him to long before his emotional outburst.

    Justin Bieber of course,will be given the benefit of doubt.And his crimes and behavior will be casually dismissed regardless of the tragic consequences that could have occurred.

    The fact Richard Sherman,who never broke the law,was arrested or had any run in with police STILL will,be a “thug ” to them

    And that is inherent the nature of their prejudice & bigotry(which of course, they impotently try to deny.)

    As Sherman himself keenly pointed out, the very ones denouncing him as a mere thug, have yet to or ever will, speak out equally against the NLH players, that beat the hell out each, before they even started playing the game.

    • Sheminator

      Beiber is a little homo vs an nfl player, it’s not comparable buddy. Now if something of this nature comes from a Birdman or Josh Hamilton type they can be categorized as a thug. Sherman would much rather be called a thug than the names Bieber gets called.

      • a.mann


        And the NLH players, that beat the hell out each, before they even started playing the game???

      • Joe Clam

        They’re thugs too. Most Hockey players are. Problem with that?

      • JBS

        That generally only happens in games where John Tortorella is coach (see Cancuks/Flames last week and Rangers/Devils several times in 2012)

      • Sheminator

        It’s the NHL

      • Sheminator

        Nobody is justifying Sherman as a thug btw, they are just saying Bieber is the farthest from a thug cause he’s a tool. Thugs are intimidating, Bieber is not

      • bjgirl

        Richie Inconito?

      • Sheminator

        What about him?

      • Lorelei Lee87

        Gay bashing, lovely.

      • Asher B. Garber

        Josh Hamilton is a smack addict. Covered in tattoos. Occasionally falls off the wagon and supposedly has had sex with strangers in nasty bathroom stalls. None of this should label him one way or the other, but he has never been called a Thug.

    • Joe Clam

      Oh, now Richard Sherman has been ARRESTED too?

    • CaptainMyCaptain

      I guarantee all of the people criticizing Sherman do not criticize Muhammad Ali for having done the same exact thing. Hypocrites, all.

      • Asher B. Garber

        Hmmmm…. Maybe you don’t know what Muhammed Ali went through.

  • beu

    Let’s not forget he is in the USA as a foreign with a working visa, and what he did, should at least get some sort immigration punishment,he could have killed someone. Someone else would have probably faced deportation or something closer to that. double standards, as usual.

  • Louis Lamoureux

    i dont know who Richard Sherman is, but ‘thug’ implies aggression or bullying. Nothing about Justin Bieber is even remotely threatening. He’s just a spoiled little brat that deserves to be in jail, but like the Affluenza kid, probably wont spend a day behind bars.

    • Tom

      Bieber’s actions that got him thrown in jail ARE in fact threatening. Things would have been different if he lost control of his vehicle, smashing into another car or a passer-by that killed others. If he gets out scott free, he will learn nothing, and do it again and again until someone dies. Would you or someone you love like to be on the bad end of that stick?

      • Louis Lamoureux

        I said he wasn’t threatening, I didn’t say he wasn’t dangerous. We don’t normally refer to drunk drivers as threatening or thugs or bullies. We usually say they are dangerous. Reread my post, I said the kid belongs in jail, but like most people with money or power he’ll get off and not learn his lesson (see Martin Erzinger, Affluenza defense kid, Lindsay Lohan, etc.)

  • Sheminator

    The dudes a little turd. We don’t even know if he’s straight. He could never be classified as a thug cause he is borderline a chick. Look at that mugshot. Richard Sherman will gladly take thug as a name over the names Beiber gets called.

    • lu

      oh and here we have some blatant transphobia nice

      • Sheminator

        How is that transphobia? You think Sherman would rather be called a homo or faggot over thug?

  • NoPartyOwnsMe

    I can say almost without question that if Sherman were white and delivered that rant, everyone would have still said the same things about him.

    • AbbeyRoadkill

      Then you are blind.

    • Julie Wickstrom

      I don’t agree. Sherman was called racially slanderous comments worse than thug for calling a guy “sorry” and “mediocre” proclaiming himself the best. His words were tame. He’s a good player and if a similar white person said it, I doubt there would be as much controversy.

  • 31Forever

    If we were really going according to actual numbers of arrests, instead of this “Per-capita” crap, where police target and arrest any and everybody for living in a specific neighborhood, then we would be calling EVERY resident of the suburbs a “thug” and a “criminal”. ESPECIALLY if we were including arrests that never make it to court; or felonies that are dismissed or reduced, and where alternative punishments are granted instead of jail time. Congressman Trey Radel, anyone?

  • logical

    Since when is driving fast and driving under the influence considered “thug” behavior? If it is, we have a lot of politicians that would be considered thugs. I would call them scum, but not thugs. Adjectives are not interchangable.

  • Van Damme

    writer doesn’t understand the undertones of words like “thug” and
    “gangster”. Although race is always in play, expecting Bieber to be
    labeled as a thug or gangster for breaking laws is nonsense, because
    those words have threatening/imposing undertones. Now, I don’t think
    anything about Bieber is threatening or imposing and I doubt anyone else
    does. Sherman’s rant, on the other hand, was definitely threatening and
    imposing. Also, being a part of the NFL, a league known for having
    actual gangsters in its ranks, also contributes to the gangster label.
    If a giant white NFL player gave the same rant, he would 100% have the
    same labels attributed. At the same time, if Jaden Smith did the same
    stupid shit Bieber did, he would be called a spoiled brat or whatever
    else people call Bieber. There’s nothing hypocritical about the
    situation. It’s just language attribution that involves endless factors,
    one (of very many) of which *might* be race. All and all, drawing
    attention to this as a race issue doesn’t work at all.

    • Joe Clam

      Another person talking sense. Thank you. That’s two so far I counted on this thread.

  • pauly

    I could see this as an arcuate portrayal of American
    bigotry/racism except for the fact that the stories are so fricken completely different.

    You have a football player who after “getting in trouble”
    (his excitable interview after the winning game), went back on TV and doubled
    down with the “I’m better then you in every way”. He told the reporter and thus
    the people that his LIFE, his FUTURE is better than others.

    THAT’S what makes him an asshole.

    Justin on the other hand seems to be more on a self-destruction
    mode. He got caught with drugs at his house, but did not interview to justify
    it. Now he gets caught with a DUI and drag racing…and still no interview. In
    fact he’s in jail going to court.

    Both dangerous and despicable…but how many of you have
    gotten a DUI? How many of you have been drag racing?

    NOW…how many of you have gone on TV (or in front of at least
    100 people) and openly told them (after being caught doing something stupid)
    that it is justified because of your achievements to date and THAT makes YOUR
    life better than theirs?

    Sorry Allen Clifton…I just don’t see the comparison here.

    But keep beating that racist drumbeat. I’m sure you’ll get a
    few to follow.

  • Greenballed

    He’s not white, he’s Canadian.

    • Lorelei Lee87

      That doesn’t even make sense.

  • Nomas

    Oh come on….Bieber may be an entitled brat but his actions were not aggressive or “thug like”. A big brutish football player aggressively yelling at…whom…the audience, the interviewer??..is acting like a thug..I do not care what race he is or how educated he is…
    We are getting a little too politically correct if we cannot have a reaction to someone acting like a pushy loud mouthed intimidating ass in the public eye and not be able to call him out on it!

    • Lorelei Lee87

      If they can do it with out using the N word, sure. But too many comments involved racial slurs of one kind or another.

  • pdcamel

    Understand that as a first time offender in Florida, in almost any circuit, he’s going to be given an opportunity for a deferred prosecution or a lighter sentence. Only if he had history would he be looking at jail, no matter if he were white or black. But I do understand the comments about the difference in treatment in the media.

  • Flint

    The different reactions come from completely different situations. Beebs never jumped off stage and went on a rant how he could school Bon Jon jovi. And Sherman wasn’t baked out of his head drag racing. Rasist? Nope. Different situations all together. Stop with the “rasist” card.

    • lu

      maybe you’ll be able to more helpfully contribute to the discussion when you can actually spell racist

  • anon

    Funny how anyone who called Sherman’s behavior thuggish is doing it “obviously” because of race, yet you yourself called Beiber a thug, and of course you exempt racism from your opinion calling a thug because it is ok for you. Great example of liberal privilege. People so concerned with racism need to research the history of the Democratic party a little better.

    • Charles Cuff

      I knew the “history of the democratic party” would come up in your post. So let me get that out of the way before I continue. Let’s perform an experiment. Go to a Klan rally, and take a poll on which way the members vote. I’ll give you $100 cash for each one that votes democrat. When you bring up the history of the democrats, and insinuate that they are inherently racist because of that history, you are being extremely willfully ignorant to the shift in ideals among the parties, and to the parties themselves(back then, the southern democrats were quite different than today’s democrats, and were hardline conservatives).

      Secondly, the author called Justin Bieber a criminal because, well, he is one. They called him a thug in order to show you how hypocritical it is that one person gets the “thug” label for acting like a clown, yet committing no crime, while the other is immune to the label, even after exhibiting thug-like behavior, crime and all. That you missed that point(and that you assume it’s because if “liberal privilege”) is unsurprising, and a great example of the hypocrisy the author mentions.

      So let me ask you then – why were so many people so quick to call Richard Sherman a thug, but not Justin Bieber? If you are right, and we can rule out race, then what was the actual reason?

      • AbbeyRoadkill

        Ouch. You just ripped anon a new a-hole. lol

        Hmmm… I wonder why Joe Clam didn’t reply to this post? Just kidding, we already know he has no argument to refute it.

    • Lorelei Lee87

      Oh Please stop going there. It’s so old, worn out, and refuted.

  • Lorelei Lee87

    I’d like to comment on this article, but it just doesn’t apply to me. I didn’t know of the existence of Mr. Sherman before that kurfuffle about his interview, and my first thought was, you’re talking to a football player pumped up on adrenaline after winning a game that will take his team to the superbowl, what do you expect? I’ve been wondering why they interview athletes for decades now. Beiber is a young punk who’s let fame and fortune go to his head. His talent is marginal and if they stick him in jail I’m fine with it.

  • Jule1

    You’re right. No question about it.

  • LC

    As usual Clifton gets it wrong. How do you even have people read this nonsense? Nowhere will you find the definition of ‘thug’ to mean black. It means hostile asshole, which Sherman behaved. You just love to make it about race, and frankly it’s pathetic. Thumbs down. Quit writing.

  • lu

    I’m not sure why the comments here are making it out like Sherman’s behavior is worse than Beiber’s. Yeah, maybe he acted like an a-hole, but Beiber broke several laws and potentially endangered people’s lives in the process. Sherman’s actions have consequences, but I assure you it’ll blow over in a week. The issue is, SO WILL JUSTIN BIEBER’S. And Justin has been spiraling out of control for months now. If he continues with these recklessly endangering stunts, he could seriously HURT himself or someone else. How is this not more threatening, more “thug”, then Sherman trashtalking on national television?

    • AbbeyRoadkill

      Nailed it. Best comment here.

  • JoeBlow

    It is very surprising (not to mention disturbing) to see how differently people react simply based on appearance. I myself heard outrage over the situation with Sherman to the point where I had to re watch the interview, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. But no, people really were that willing to call him a thug just by that single outburst. On the other hand, people react to the Bieber situation with a “boys will be boys” attitude. It IS a race thing, and anyone who states otherwise is deluding themselves.
    PS – This Joe Clam has posted on many previous comments playing the devils advocate, he is either A) a very good troll (his main purpose is to work people up) or B) he really is so stupid to believe what he is saying, and people like that are simply too moronic to fight with (their brain will not allow them to understand reasonable discussion).
    So please people, stop getting so worked up over his comments.

    • AbbeyRoadkill

      You just schooled Clamboy, nice work.

  • Imsloan68

    This is way off base. At the risk of being judged by people who don’t know me, i think this is a completely arbitrary and irrelevant comparison. These two individuals have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. Their lives, careers and the groups of people who care what they do couldn’t be more different. Justin Beiber is rightly castigated as a no talent douche everywhere on the Internet. When I heard he could be deported I laughed my white ass off. Richard Sherman is a grown ass man who did what he did and should accept the fact that some people are not gonna like it. That’s life. His life is not going to be hurt by someone judging him unless he lets them.
    Your point seems to say that we judge one of these people directly in relation to another and only Judge them by race and race only. That’s cherry picking an example out of your ass. It’s also a distortion of facts. You make it sound like Beiber gets a pass from white folks like me simply cause he’s white. What BS —Beiber is hated by tens of millions of white people for being a vapid no talent asshat. Your article sounds like some ’90 s Cultural Studies seminar but is useless is gauging racial attitudes in the real world.

    • Joe Clam

      I missed this comment on my first pass through this Bizarro world of political correctness on steroids but,… excellently said.

  • Justin is more like a “pug” and a “Wankster”

  • Josiah Pettersen

    I find this article to be typical liberal knee jerk reaction material, and I’m as liberal as they come.

    The truth of the matter is, is that when you take race out of the equation the comparison is of two very different types of behavior.

    On one hand we have Bieber, who clearly made a poor decision about driving while he was partying. On the other hand we have a sports figure acting is a disrespectful way towards someone he just defeated. Rubbing his face in it. Exhibiting a total lack of class and poor sportsmanship.

    I know its easy to turn this into a race issue, but frankly its just lazy journalism.

  • michael canty

    There are two America’s

  • Joe

    Oh god. Next time I’ll just listen to my child regurgitate the news to me. I know for a fact she won’t repeat herself over and over on the same subject, and secondly she has a reason to repeat the same vocabulary, unlike this writer who diden’t even take the five minutes to brainstorm a decent write up of this story.

  • rookgaroo

    What a ridiculous article. Sure – racism is a serious blight on society – but you’re comparing apples and oranges.

    First of all, these two cases have absolutely nothing in common. One is about a professional athlete acting completely unprofessional, and one is about a spoiled rich brat who thinks the law shouldn’t apply to him. While Sherman’s actions were ill-advised, I agree he shouldn’t be labeled a thug or a gangster. On the other hand, how can you say these words haven’t been applied to Bieber? Granted, those words are usually followed by “wanna-be”, but they’re used extensively to describe this pest in the “news”. A better tactic would have been to compare Bieber to a poor, unknown black kid (or even a white one, and make it about social status as opposed to race) who gets busted for the same charges and has to actually face the consequences.

    There are countless cases where you could point out unfair disparity among races. This is a terrible example.

  • justin every … xD