Kansas City Rapper Brilliantly Calls Out NFL’s Ignorance on Homosexuality (VIDEO)

mac-lethalAs many people already know, ex-Missouri football player Michael Sam came out as being an openly gay man.  The reason why that’s news is because Michael Sam is projected by many experts to be drafted into the NFL during their draft in May, which would make him the NFL’s first openly gay player.

Now I agree that someone’s sexual orientation shouldn’t be anyone’s business but their own.  But I’m also a realist.  In 2014, the battle for gay rights still wages on and the prospect of the NFL having its first openly gay player is news.

In fact, I consider Sam a hero for the LGBT community.  Each barrier we break down brings us one step closer to that moment where someone being gay isn’t news – and that’s ultimately the goal of most people who stand up for gay rights.

I’ve pointed out the hypocrisy by some in the NFL about their reluctance to accept an openly gay teammate.  And as many others have pointed out as well, in a league full of womanizers; people accused of murder; quarterbacks who’ve “settled” sexual assault cases; domestic abusers and a whole litany of other heinous offenses, it’s comical that all of that is accepted but being gay might be “too much” for these supposed “manly men” to handle.

Basically, sexually assault a woman – then pay her to go away – that’s okay.  But if you’re a man who happens to love other men, that is just wrong.

It’s the epitome of blatant stupidity and ignorance.

Well, Kansas City rapper Mac Lethal brilliantly called out this hypocrisy in a short video that every person reading this should take a couple of minutes to watch:

Aside from Mac Lethal being extremely talented, his message is fantastic.

My favorite part is when he touches on the fact that Sam’s sexual orientation is like his ethnicity.  It’s not something he chose.  He was born gay, just as he was born an African-American.

I honestly think that’s where a lot of the ignorance about homosexuality comes from.  Too many people believe that homosexuals choose to be gay.  That if they simply decided not to be gay, they could.  These are the people I always like to ask, “At which point did you choose to be straight?”

That’s what they’re implying, right?  That at some point in our life we had a choice to either be straight or gay and some people chose to be gay.  If that’s the case, then when did these people choose to be straight?

But people don’t choose to be homosexuals, and that’s the point Lethal makes.

Sam didn’t choose to be gay anymore than he chose his height or that he’s an African-American.

I also like another point he brought up about the Super Bowl, because it got me to think.  Just imagine if a star quarterback came out as being homosexual then led his team to the Super Bowl.  What would anti-gay people say then?

We can’t forget it wasn’t too long ago where black athletes weren’t allowed to play with white athletes.  During those times people would ask idiotic questions like, “What will black athletes do to the league?  How will other teammates react?”

During those times, those were “valid” questions that were asked to try to justify ignorance and bigotry.

Looking back, we see how incredibly stupid those questions were.

And years from now, we’ll look back on those who opposed homosexuality and questioned whether or not a gay athlete could make it in the NFL (or any other of the other major pro-American sports leagues) the same way we do those who questioned whether or not African-Americans would be accepted in the locker room.

Like damn fools.

Mac Lethal’s “In Other News” is a weekly look back with his opinions on various news or other topics he thinks should be discussed.  It is outstanding, and I’d highly recommend following him on Facebook if you enjoy what you see.  Tell him Allen Clifton and Forward Progressives sent you. 

Allen Clifton

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