Kansas Minister Has Received Death Threats, Had Church Vandalized for Performing Gay Marriages (Video)

rev-jackie-carterJust last month, Kansas became one of an increasing number of states to allow same-sex marriage. Like in many other states trying to keep homosexuals from enjoying their constitutional right to marry whomever they love, a judge ruled that Kansas could no longer prevent gay couples from getting married.

But with great change often comes even greater ignorance. Since same-sex marriage became legal in Kansas, Rev. Jackie Carter, a minister at First Metropolitan Community Church in Wichita, has received several death threats for performing same-sex marriages. Her church has also fallen prey to vandalism.

Because nothing says “we’re upholding good Christian values” quite like death threats and vandalizing a church, apparently.

“I’ve asked folks who support the church to help with purchasing cameras that we can have outside the building for the protection. We have a security company now,” Carter told KSN-TV Wichita.

“When you’re here and the phone rings, and there’s heavy breathing and two seconds later the doorbell rings and then somebody’s throwing rocks through the windows. All those things combined create fear,” she continued.

But despite all of these threats of violence, pathetic intimidation tactics and overall ignorance Carter, said she’s not going to stop performing same-sex weddings.

“I’m not going to change my message of inclusion, I’m not going to change my message of love, and I’m not going to stop marrying people. I’m going to keep it up!” she added. “This is ridiculous hatred that has no place in this city or state or this country.”

And that’s what a Christian is supposed to sound like. Someone who preaches love, inclusion and acceptance of one another as opposed to the right-wing “Christian” leaders who often preach hate, fear, paranoia and judgement.

It’s interesting that I’m writing this story now considering I just wrote a story about an Arizona pastor who called for the mass murder of every homosexual on the planet.

Now, I wonder which set of values Jesus would support:

  • The pastor calling for tens of millions of human beings to be killed and the people vandalizing a church while making death threats toward its minister, – or –
  • The minister who refuses to bow to hatred and ignorance because she believes Christianity is a message of love and acceptance.

I know that’s a real “tough” question, so I’ll just let everyone decide for themselves on which side Jesus would stand.

But I want to applaud Rev. Carter for standing strong in the face of complete ignorance. The Christian faith needs more people like her representing its values instead of these hate-filled fake “Christians” who, for far too long, have corrupted the true meaning of Christianity.

If you would like to donate to Rev. Carter’s church to help with security measures to keep her, and those who attend her church, safer, you can do so by clicking here.

Watch her segment below via KSN.com:

Allen Clifton

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