Karl Rove Humiliates Himself on Fox News Pushing Hillary Clinton Health Conspiracies (Video)

Throughout my life I’ve often found that a person’s body language can be a better indicator of what someone actually means than the words that they say. Especially in a situation where someone can’t really say what’s truly on their mind, their body language can end up being a great indicator of their true thoughts.

For example, on Tuesday night when Megyn Kelly was discussing Hillary Clinton’s health with Karl Rove on Fox News. During the chat, Rove used three different white boards filled with a timeline he claims is “proof” that Clinton’s health is much worse than people think.

The look on Megyn Kelly’s face – and her entire demeanor while Rove spoke – was classic. While she didn’t flat-out mock his behavior, you could tell she wanted to burst out laughing at how idiotic his argument was.

When you look at these boards, here are a few of the dates along with what Rove had written on them:

  • Mon., Dec 10: “bug” (In reference to a stomach illness Clinton reported having)
  • Thurs., Dec. 13: falls
  • Sat., Dec. 15: “no severe”
  • Sun., Dec. 30: hospitalized blood clot
  • Wed., Jan 2: leaves hospital
  • Mon., Jan 7: “fully recovered”
  • Jan 23: Benghazi/glasses
  • Jan 27: “60 Minutes” (she worse the same glasses during an interview)
  • Feb 14: 1st appearance w/out glasses

Keep in mind, this all happened over four years ago and since then there’s been absolutely zero evidence to suggest she has any sort of “serious brain injury” as Rove has claimed for years she might have. In fact, there’s not one piece of credible evidence — anywhere — that suggests there’s anything wrong with Clinton’s health. These asinine conspiracies are the result of some of the most blatantly fabricated fear-mongering I’ve ever seen. These Clinton health conspiracies are the epitome of “Trump’s Republican party” where “facts” are nothing more than whatever propaganda conservatives can make Republican voters believe — no matter how factually devoid or ludicrous it is.

When you look at Rove’s timeline, this is all basic.

First, she got a stomach virus which, unfortunately, eventually led her to tripping and falling, leading to her suffering a concussion. It would then seem that tests from a follow-up exam found a blood clot that could have been caused by her fall, resulting in a short hospital visit that was likely prolonged considering it was New Years Eve/Day and it’s not uncommon for hospital stays to be a bit longer during weekends/holidays. Then he makes a huge deal because she wore glasses meant to correct double vision for three weeks.

That’s about it. 

Once again, I think it’s important to remind everyone that this all happened well over four years ago and Clinton hasn’t shown any signs of lingering symptoms from her concussion.

As someone who’s had two concussions, I would like to say that just because someone has a couple of lingering symptoms for a few weeks, that doesn’t mean they’re not “recovered” to an extent to where they feel mostly fine. The most severe one I personally suffered happened when I fell at work back in 2010 and I had issues with my vision on and off for at least a few weeks. Aside from the first few days immediately following the fall where I felt nauseous and had headaches, I never felt like I couldn’t function normally. I would get waves where my eyes didn’t want to focus correctly (or even became a bit sensitive to light) but they would pass, and after a few weeks any symptoms I had linked to my concussion gradually went away.

Once upon a time Karl Rove was the “it” guy for the Republican party. In many ways, he was the guy who made the GOP what it was in the 80’s, 90’s and during George W. Bush’s presidency. He’s often credited for the dirty, underhanded politics that fueled much of the Republican party’s rhetoric for the last 30 or so years.


Well, now, he’s mostly a joke. While there are still some Republicans who take him seriously, nowadays, he’s mostly an afterthought to this new breed of fringe, right-wing fanatical Republicans. What’s ironic about his growing irrelevancy within today’s GOP is that he’s one of the main reasons why the “crazies” have taken over the party.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • TCLucas

    I had two concussions as well. One I received playing football when I was in 8th grade. That one kept me sidelined for a couple weeks. My last one was at work. I was running (literally) to get something and a coworker came from a side area and just caught my foot which sent me head first into a steel pole. The nausea and headaches were horrible. That one took about a month to recover. About the only thing that would or could cause the diminished function would be a stroke. And depending on which side it was on would also make a difference. I was the unfortunate recipient of one of those in 2010 it hit the left side of my brain. It took months for me to be able to talk again and about two weeks for me to getting my reading skills back. The one thing that still plagues me from time to time is forgetting a word. I know what it is in my head (definition) but can’t remember the word. But I still wake up on the right side of the dirt every day with a beautiful wife and awesome two year old son. I’ll definitely take my now gimpy, claw like right hand for that. That is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I truly hope none of you ever have to experience one. Even those of you who like to argue with me on here.
    I am surprised Rove didn’t bring up her slipping on the ice on the stairs. You know the “seizure” she had that she recovered from in 2 seconds?

    • J. F. Samuelson

      Rove sure was unfair to the anointed one. Rove should be horse whipped for defaming the heroic first woman to run for president. What was he thinking?

  • fel121

    These shows the Republican propaganda sources put on are not meant for rational, educated people, they are meant for the low information rubes the right has used for decades to get control of American levers of power and transfer power and wealth to the top and leave the rest of us wanting.
    Thankfully the youth of America are waking to this horsespit, I think after this Nov’s loses the Republican party will come to the realization they cant continue to be the party of the ignorant and come back to the table of reason and responsible compromise and the long dark night of the Southern strategy will finally come to an end, only then can America become a true 21st century leader in world affairs.

    • J. F. Samuelson

      Mrs. Bill Clinton was the best Secretary of State the Nation ever experienced prior to Lurch Kerry who served his country admirably in Viet Nam for a short time you know.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Kind of hard to critique the health of RHC (who released a significant amount of her health data) when Trump released a letter of over-the-top superlatives that no medical professional would have used (but sounded strangely like Trump speak) and lacking any specifics.

    Then add that Trump first tweeted he had a letter and attributed it to a gastroenterologist (as in looking at the gut and not health in general) who had been dead for ?5? years. Then when someone noticed that, Trump changed to a letter from the dead physician’s son. Really makes you wonder how often he had seen this doctor.

    • J. F. Samuelson

      Obvious evidence of derangement.

  • J. F. Samuelson

    Everybody knows just by looking at our heroic former first lady and secretary of state and listening to her melodic voice that there could not possibly be anything wrong with her mental state and she sometimes walks witht assistance of any kind. They only prop her up when doing interviews because she is so short. She is every bit as wonderfull as Barack so just leave Hillary alone.