Karl Rove’s Latest Comments Prove How Delusional the Republican Party Is About Bush’s Incompetence (Video)

roveA few months ago a buddy and I were talking about politics and Karl Rove was brought up. Back then I joked that I think the re-election of President Obama in 2012 sent him off the deep end mentally. Listening to Rove talk always reminds me of the line uttered by Seinfeld character George Costanza when he tells Jerry, “Remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

Take for instance his appearance on Fox News Sunday where he tried to claim that the Obama administration has “squandered the peace” that was left by the Bush administration.

Seriously, that’s what he said.

Rove said, “The president is suffering because of the policies of his administration squandered the peace and have led to the circumstances we find ourselves in today.”


President Obama’s policies have “squandered the peace.” I notice how he forgot to mention that whole killing of Osama bin Ladin thing. This president will be the first one in United States history to somehow be called a “warhawk” by liberals and “weak on terror” by conservatives. It’s insane.

But to suggest that Bush left the world a more peaceful place is possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a very long time. Especially when his policies are what led to this violence in the first place. 

Bush’s actions in Iraq were the main catalyst for the destabilization of the entire region. Iraq falling into chaos following the removal of Saddam Hussein was just the first domino to fall in what would be a meltdown in the region. Then add in the fact that the Bush administration’s handling of Iraq was about as incompetent as it could have possibly been and you had the perfect recipe for future violence.

Which is exactly what we’ve seen.

I love how Republicans try to blame Obama’s policies for the violence in the Middle East, yet never specifically point out what it is he could have done differently.

His policies had nothing to do with the revolts in Egypt, Libya or Syria. His policies have nothing to do with the violence between Israel and Hamas. And even if you want to step outside of the Middle East and look at Ukraine, his policies had nothing to do with that either.

Russia invaded Georgia while Bush was still president. So if Obama’s policies “emboldened” Putin to invade Ukraine, then Bush’s “weakness” also emboldened Russia to invade Georgia.

Though you won’t see many Republicans making that comparison. Heck, you don’t see many Republicans bring up Russia’s 2008 Georgian invasion at all.

But for Rove to have the gall to sit there and claim that the world was a peaceful place before Obama became president is so absurd it’s actually borderline comical. It’s one of those statements that I actually don’t even get angry about – I just laugh at it. Because it’s that outrageous.

However, this is nothing new. Republicans have been blaming President Obama for Bush’s mistakes even before he was elected. Pretty much the moment he was inaugurated they were blaming him for an economy that began to collapse almost a year before he was even elected. So it comes as absolutely no surprise to see Karl Rove try to blame President Obama for the failures of the Bush administration.

Watch the segment below via Media Matters and Fox News

Allen Clifton

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