Keith Olbermann Rips Trump for Being Dumber Than ‘a 10-Year-Old’ (Video)

On Wednesday, GQ’s Keith Olbermann lit into Donald Trump’s Muslim ban by pointing out that idiotic moves like these are exactly what terrorists want us to do.

“The United States of America invoking exactly the kind of action that Islamic State always said it would,” Olbermann said. “An intelligent 10-year-old could tell Trump… that the last thing the new Banana Republican government of the United States would want to do if it wanted to prevent radical Islamic terrorism would be to ban Muslims simply because they are Muslims.”

Olbermann added that this was our “greatest possible gift to ISIS.”

And he’s absolutely right.

This is the problem when you have short-sighted morons in charge of situations that require complex critical thinking.

In the mind of Trump and his supporters, they think banning Muslims is going to keep us safe — it won’t. Sure, it’s an illusion of “safety” for those who live in the world where if it sounds right, it must be right, but Trump’s ban simply plays right into the hands of terrorists.

What these ISIS monsters want is a war against the West — a “holy war” between Islam and Christianity. They want to be able to recruit by saying, “See, look at the leader of the United States, banning Muslims, slandering Muslims, vilifying Muslims — that’s the enemy.”

After all, what better way to recruit people to fight for your side than to point out that the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth is publicly vilifying and attacking their religion as “the enemy”? What better way to help barbaric terrorists wage their holy war than by helping them make it into one?

As Olbermann said, a 10-year-old could see that the last thing you’d want to do to prevent terrorism is to ban people simply because they’re Muslim.

But this is the sort of asinine thinking taking place within the Republican Party. These are people who comically believe that you can’t “defeat terrorism” unless you say the words “radical Islamic terrorist.” They’re so ignorant that they somehow think giving the terrorists exactly what they want is weakening them and making us safer.

It’s all ridiculous.

This nation went from being led by a sane, rational, intelligent human being in Barack Obama, to a live-action version of the mentally unstable fools who post the “top comments” on Breitbart.

Watch the segment below via GQ:

Allen Clifton

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