Kim Davis Exemplifies Why the Religious Right Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously

kim-davis-religious-hypocrisyDespite my bluntness and frequent sarcasm, I actually don’t like being combative. I try to be an advocate for two sides coming together to find a compromised solution to the issues we face in this country. Anyone who follows me knows that I preach facts, perspective and big picture thinking – not ideology.

In fact, I’m not a progressive Democrat because I was raised to be one, I’m a progressive Democrat because:

  1. Humans love to label things, therefore based upon what I believe I’m a “progressive,” even though I simply prefer to call myself an American.
  2. While I don’t agree with everything Democrats do, the GOP has simply lost its damn mind.

I’ve usually disagreed with the Republican party throughout my adult life, but I used to be able to sit down with conservatives and have fairly reasonable political discussions. We argued over the best way to deal with factual problems going on in this country. Now I spend more time arguing over whether something is or isn’t factual. Especially as the religious right continues to infect more and more of the GOP.

Take for instance this nonsense with Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis. This isn’t a “debate” of any kind because “her side” has absolutely no rational or legal basis on which to form any sort of argument in her favor.

Yet, millions of right-wing conservative Christians not only support her, but believe she should have the legal right to ignore our Constitutional laws based on religious beliefs.

It’s why I’ve said repeatedly, I just can’t take these people seriously.

Many of these same folks actually believe:

  • Evolution isn’t real.
  • Climate change is a hoax.
  • The Constitution is a Christian document, even though there’s not a single reference to Christianity anywhere in it.
  • The Earth is 6,000 years old.
  • God is going to punish the entire planet because the United States is allowing same-sex marriage – even though Canada legalized it a decade ago.
  • That President Obama is a Muslim.
  • Biblical law trumps Constitutional law.
  • The end of the world is coming because of President Obama.
  • Dinosaurs and humans roamed the planet together.
  • That “religious freedom” means they have the right to force their views on others.

The list just goes on and on. While I’m not a doctor, wouldn’t someone have to be fairly close to insane to believe the Earth is 6,000 years old, dinosaurs walked alongside humans and that God is going to bring about the end of the world because one country legalized same-sex marriage – despite the fact it’s been legal in other countries for years?

Even now, as they sheepishly rush to Kim Davis’s side, they’re defending the “biblical beliefs” of a woman who’s been married four times, divorced three times and has had at least one extramarital affair – who’s claiming she’s “trying to defend the sanctity of marriage.”

Even the best satire writers would struggle to come up with something that good.

And the bottom line is: This isn’t about religion. 

This is about our Constitution, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional rights of gay Americans and an elected official who unconstitutionally refuses to do the job to which she was elected – in direct violation of a court order telling her to do so.

That’s it. 

But to the religious right, it doesn’t matter what the facts are – because they don’t care about facts. In their minds, this is about the government putting a Christian in jail because of her faith. And it doesn’t matter how logically you try to explain it to them, they simply don’t get it – and probably never will.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Cemetery Girl

    There is little point in bringing up her divorces and affair. Per her religious beliefs (and many that applaud her), when she accepted Jesus that was forgiven and doesn’t matter anymore.
    I prefer to bring up she was refusing to issue any marriage licenses. When she took office she knew she was to issue marriage licenses to straight couples, but she wasn’t. Arguing that she required to issue to homosexual couples because denying them was ruled unconstitutional means nothing because many of her supporters are claiming the Constitution means nothing (except for the 1st Amendment) and should be abandoned. I argue that she had a position that had an action she accepted (issuing marriage licenses to straight couples) and she refused to do it. She held a position and they are supporting her refusing to preform that function, yet was still able to hold that position and be paid by tax payers for it. Her religion wasn’t an issue when elected, but she still refused to preform a duty she knew she would have (issuing licenses to straight couples) when she was elected. They are applauding someone taking tax payer money for NOT working (which usually is why they believe people should get government assistance.) Arguing religion goes no where. Argue the merit of her holding a position, being paid for that position, and refusing to preform even the aspect of it she knew would be her responsibility when she took the position. Argue that tax payers are forced to pay her for refusing to do her duty.

    • allinfun

      simply goes to prove that ‘accepting Jesus’ after committing a plethora of sins is the refuge of scoundrels…she has a get out of jail free card created by the very people who condemn that behavior by (according to her bible) stoning the offender to death…so…when does she get stoned to death? when she commits the offenses (and before she is a ‘saved christian’?? or after she commits the offenses by has her get out of jail free card? pretty handy, huh?

      • Cemetery Girl

        I’m not trying to belittle her religious beliefs. Jesus actually spoke about only those without sin doing the stoning. That isn’t the point though. It doesn’t matter if we view her beliefs as absurd fantasy or a warped interpretation, I think we are better suited focusing on the facts of the matter as they relate now. She believes her affair and divorce and who knows what else is forgiven; the slate is wiped clean. Many that support her agree. Attacking their religious beliefs won’t change opinions. Mocking their belief in God won’t make them accept homosexuals. Mocking them won’t end their support of her.

      • Cemetery Girl

        And let me add, I am a Christian. Nothing breaks my heart like people that have been disowned and thrown out of their homes for being gay. I eventually learned that God is love. I couldn’t possibly love my children less if they end up being homosexual. I have embraced people I know and love after their families decided “tough love” was what God wanted and they were kicked out of their homes. What I want the most for my kids is to find a partner that loves them and inspires them, I do not care less abt gender identity.
        I do understand that she believes her slate has been wiped clean. It is how born again works. I get that. My belief acknowledges that, but understands that it should ground us in being humble. I’m still not perfect, not in the least. Yet my belief is in acknowledging the imperfect in others but still expressing love. I do not hold it against others to have no faith. I have people that i hold extremely dear to my heart that had no faith. As a parent, knowing the love I have for my children, I can’t accept that God would have a lesser love, especially when (as I believe) God made us as we are. Most likely she would tell me I’m going to hell. That’s fine. We both identify as Christians but don’t share beliefs. By most judgements I’m “not Christian”. I believe in the teachings of Jesus, but I don’t believe in damnation. But finding equal ground and finding the equal ground to argue is always the key.

  • Ellen H.

    I still think she did all this for her fifteen minutes of fame and the hopes that someone would raise money for her. I know gofundme doesn’t allow fund raisers for people like her, but I imagine she is hoping for TV appearances or money for the “exclusive right” to her story.


      Definitely, those morning talk shows are going to pay big bucks to have her on the show.

  • Elisabeth Champagne Granata

    Brian Regan · Works at The Home Depot
    she was also involved in a sexual relationship with another woman, something she doesnt like to talk about or remember

  • Clockp

    Dear Allan:

    I am a card carrying Republican in your “progressive” nirvana, the People’s Republic of California. While I don’t agree with everything the Republican Party does, I cannot in good conscience support ANYTHING the Democratic Party pushes. Why? Because I READ BOTH PARTY’S PLATFORMS!

    While the Republican platform predictably extolls the Declaration of Independence and its foundation upon natural rights, given to us by “our creator” and therefore inalienable (IE not derived from another person or state), the DEMOCRATIC platform spends much time focusing on “fairness”, “equality” and “social justice”, all of which are to be determined by the all wise and all knowing members of the Democratic Party for we the people, who I suppose are too ignorant, greedy, self-centered, whatever in our pursuit of happiness for ourselves, our family and our community to know what’s really good for us. So the party, expanding the monopoly power of Big Government, will intercede in our private lives and, in the name of morality, right the supposed wrongs…you know, like Big Brother in 1984.

    Thus we have a “progressive” supreme court, that crams MANDATED health insurance, and MANDATED gay marriage; and a government that crams MANDATED emissions controls, MANDATED unequal taxes on our wealth creation, MANDATED so-called “clean energy” subsidies, MANDATED “minimum wage” thresholds down the throats of we the people.

    This country is the greatest in the history of the world because of FREEDOM and INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY, unleashing the human spirit and our creativity to pursue happiness as WE, NOT “PROGRESSIVES”, choose. Didn’t we fight a revolution, throwing off the “progressive” horse collar of King George? I’m sure you’re with me, in not wishing a replacement imposed on you and your family, no matter how well intentioned, else we end up with the creeping nanny-state pushed by “progressives”;
    – abortion on demand
    – Tax on income IE wealth creation
    – The President, Congress and the Supreme Court at their whim can expand government powers beyond the limited duties described in Article 1, Section 8
    – Global Warming is a fact that requires Big Government to act as Dianna Moon Glompers to handicap human activity, the evil component to Global Warming, at every possible turn
    – ISIS “progressives”, like the Democratic Party, is going about its perfecting of mankind within the cultural norms of ISLAM, and therefore is to be applauded.
    – President Obama is building a bridge between the two great religions of Christianity and Islam, by empathizing with and helping at every turn Islam, a religion that has been persecuted and misunderstood throughout history by the oppressive forces of Western Civilization and Christianity
    – Collective rights, as defined by the Government, supersede individual rights

    Hopefully I’ve helped you spell out your “progressive” agenda. Please forgive me if I fight you tooth and nail, in the name of freedom, and for the future of my son and his generation, to preserve what our Founding Fathers fought for.

  • Roger Epps

    If being gay is against God they’ll have to deal with it some day – assuming there really is a God. In the meantime though they DO have the legal right to get married