Koch Brothers Release the Most Ridiculous Anti-Obamacare Ads You’ll Probably Ever See

creepy-uncle-samI really need to stop saying, “Republicans can’t get much more ridiculous than (fill in the blank)” when writing some of my articles, because Republicans always seem determined to prove me wrong.  And it’s happened once again.

Now I fully expected a lot of outlandish anti-Obamacare rhetoric coming from conservatives as they face the glaring reality they can no longer deny—the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land.

But what I just saw was absolutely reprehensible.  In two of the most disgusting pieces of political garbage I’ve possibly ever watched, the Koch brothers have funded (through a conservative front group) two similar anti-Obamacare ads that words simply can’t do justice in describing.  So here they are.

First for the ladies:

Now for the men:

Admittedly, I laughed when I first saw both of them.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell if they were trying to be funny or not.  They’re simply so ridiculous I had to make sure it wasn’t some skit from Saturday Night Live.

Then when I watched them a couple of times, I realized just how pathetic they both are.

First, the female version shows a woman going in for some kind of OB/GYN exam (something that is extremely personal) with some creepy looking Uncle Sam mock up rising up between her legs.  Are you kidding me?

For the last time, the Affordable Care Act is not a government takeover of health care.  It’s basically insurance reform—that’s it.  So this ad instantly lies about “government taking over health care.”  Then it exploits a very intimate moment in a woman’s life to try to make women feel fearful and helpless over their own bodies.  It’s simply an absolutely pathetic and disgusting attempt to try to smear the health care law.

Then we have the male version, which is equally as asinine.  Following the revelation that the male patient had insurance through Obamacare the doctor then instructs him to take off his pants and get into a fetal position—something which the patient seems shocked by as whatever he went to see the doctor for would have nothing to do with either of those requirements.

So what is this saying?  Once a doctor finds out you have insurance through Obamacare they can do whatever they want to you?  Yes, because that’s perfectly logical.

The patient then proceeds to take off his pants, lie down in a fetal position and have that same creepy Uncle Sam mock up come up from behind him and strap on a rubber glove, insinuating that the patient is about to get something shoved somewhere he’s not going to enjoy.

These television spots are simply some of the most disgusting and ridiculous things I’ve ever witnessed.  It reminds me of something I’d see in some cheesy comedy mocking politics.  They damn sure shouldn’t be legitimate political advertisements paid for by billionaires who are actively trying to buy our government and influence policy.

But that’s exactly what they are.  Right-wing rhetoric created by lunatics.

No sane person can watch either of these videos and actually take them seriously.  Sure, many will watch them and take them seriously—but that doesn’t mean they’re mentally stable.  And they’re damn sure not intelligent.

Even now I can’t believe either of them are real.  It’s absolutely insane to think that this is what the Republican party and the conservative movement has become.  Sure, I’ve rarely agreed with anything they’ve done—but this?  

It’s total garbage. I know it, you know it and even they know it.

But they also know their supporters are so damn dense and misinformed they’ll eat this lunacy right up with a terrified scowl on their face.

Because if Republicans are one thing, it’s easily manipulated by irrational fear based on conservative propaganda.

And that’s exactly what these videos are—mythical, radical, right-wing propaganda.  At this point, we should expect nothing less from some sleazy conservative front group funded by the scum of the earth known as the Koch brothers.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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    Hey! You left George Soros off the “scum of the earth” list.

  • Pipercat

    What a coincidence, JH talked about this too! I wonder how that happened!!

  • rich

    Yet it is this Republican controlled House that has passed countless laws concerning a womans right to choose.

  • avallliere

    If it’s just insurance reform then why are some exempted and others not? Why isn’t it good enough for the ones we put in office and their staff? Great for the insurance companies – you know CORPORATE AMERICA. And, it’s now a LAW??? Will never buy a policy, never. Haven’t had one in 25 years and haven’t had any medical treatment either. Why do I need to be “forced” to buy insurance or anything? REPEAL ALL THAT THE OWEBUMBER MEAT HEAD SIGNED OR ENACTED – THEN IMPEACH – THEN IMPRISON – LIAR ALL HE IS.

    • Coyote4183

      Have you been to the ER in 25 years? If so my tax dollars paid for your treatment. I think healthcare is a human right and name one impeachable offense by Obama.

      • avallliere

        I haven’t been to a doctor or had any medical treatment in about 25 years. If I go to the doctor I will pay cash – if I go the hospital I will pay cash.

      • Dasher Lost

        so apparently you have at least 30k in petty cash layng around- which explains your objection to Obamacare

      • avallliere

        No – didn’t say that. There is nothing quality about this Act except for the insurance companies. I am saying I my object to the OWEBUMBER CARE is because it is mandated with a penalty they call a tax. The Supreme Court – they are all now progressive idiots. Stretch and misinterpret the law is what they did. For example, I have a friend who paid $500 a month for his policy, which is ridiculous,now his premium is $2500 – so where is the savings. I won’t wear a seat belt and I wont’ buy a policy for him. I have never had anything wrong with me – I eat health and live healthy – no one in my family has ever had any condition that required any payment more than a couple hundred dollars to a doctor. No broken bones – just lie after lie after lie after lie. Should have vetted this man – he is unqualified – never had a job.

      • MrWereman

        The raw fact that you don’t even know the proper name of the law, (it’s Universal Healthcare law, NOT Obamacare) then you clearly have a vast understanding of the law and how it effects you.

      • avallliere

        Everybody calls it Obamacare – not the AFFORDABLE Care Act (more like the UNAFFORDABLE DON’T CARE ACT!!) – more than likely because it is NOT AFFORDABLE. Many states refuse to hook up to the insurance exchanges – CORPORATE AMERICA ON THE MOVE AGAIN. And, don’t tell me what I have an understanding of. I understand that I’ve taken care of myself all my life – no government hand outs – no unemployment, went and go another job, no social security disability. No anything from anyone. What difference does that make to anything anyway. Go suck an egg!!!

      • Suzie

        Well, I sure hope you are rich, Avallliere, because if you ever get cancer, believe me, you are gonna need to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to be treated. You better hope your good luck with health holds up, or you are in for a real surprise when you get your medical bills.

      • Anthony F.

        I will not feel sorry for you if by chance you get into an accident. Just a ride in the ambulance can cost between $500-$900!

      • Guy_in_Kingston

        NO I think it’s important that the fool responsible for communist-care have his name in it as a reminder of his terrible mistakes.

      • CharlieSelf

        You’d best have a bucket load of cash and many more in the wings. You are sounding foolish.

      • Guy_in_Kingston

        You people are such idiots….you don’t even understand what communist-care is like. Look at the POOR healthcare in countries that have it and you would realize how bad it is.

      • CharlieSelf

        Why is it that so many right wing people insist on calling names, instead of naming facts?

      • Realist12

        Did you know that America ranks 37th in quality of health care in the world? France the “socialist” republic) comes in as Number One! Do you read anything besides comic books to make you such an authority on healthcare?!?

      • Guy_in_Kingston

        If you look rating are seldome to do with care….but social issues…like access to care. Yes, ranking healthcare on communist principles not healthcare principles.

      • Sarah

        Nice you can afford to. An if your child has Leukemia, and requires long term care. I suppose you have that? too.

      • Cathryn Sykes

        A minor operation can cost $20,000 plus. Got that much lying around? (A major operation can cost $100,000 plus.)

      • tigerlily78

        A heart attack can put you in the $500,000 to $1 million range. That’s a lot of cash to have stuffed under a mattress.

      • gemma liar

        the right will cry,,,,”Benghazi,,,,coming for your guns,,,,,buying votes with entitlements…” courtesy of FOX ”news”

    • Justin Haskell

      And just who, pray tell, is exempt from the PPACA? Instead of preaching the rhetoric you seem to love, cite reliable sources, or hell the law itself.

      • avallliere

        All you have to do is put OBAMACARE – EXEMPT and you will see all those that are exempt. There are many many. And, if you want to look up the law which is the ACT, you can do that via a search engine too. I am in the legal field – some 38 years now – I can read, I understand what I read and I am not liking much what I read.

      • Justin Haskell

        For a lawyer of 38 years you sure didn’t recognize that the law in question is the PPACA not the ACT, and if you had also bothered to read the actual version that was signed into law and upheld by the Supreme Court as such you would know that Congress is NOT exempt from the law.

        Republicans pushed the idea that if the exchanges were good enough for other Americans, they should be good enough for Congress. So, an amendment by Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa was added to the Senate bill requiring that the federal government offer only health plans that were part of an exchange to members of Congress and their staffs. The law’s final language on this, written by Sen. Tom Coburn, says that: “the only health plans that the Federal Government may make available to Members of Congress and congressional staff with respect to their service as a Member of Congress or congressional staff shall be health plans that are — (I) created under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act); or (II) offered through an Exchange established under this Act.”

        Congressional “staff” is defined as “all full-time and part-time employees employed by the official office of a Member of Congress, whether in Washington, DC or outside of Washington, DC.”

      • avallliere

        I did not say I was a lawyer but I certainly can do what most attorneys do except go to court with you – did attend law school, just never took a Bar – don’t want to be one. What do you think the “A” at the end of PPACA is an acronym for? Well, it is an Act The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act- the law. I hear him right now about the auto industry – nothing but a bail out for them too. Then he allows GM to build a manufacturing plan in Mexico … sounds like he’s all for America. What a bunch of BS from the progressive left.
        No more words from me. I know what I know – same for you. Cannot believe the media – the man is a POS liar.

      • Pipercat

        Well, all I can say is how glad I am you did not take the bar exam…

      • avallliere

        At least I have the education – more than you have. Bunch of progressive DUMB OCRATS on this blog. Stupid is as stupid did on Nov 6, 2012 and Nov 2006. Rid the world of progressive dumbocrats!!!

      • Pipercat

        Which way did he go George, which way did he go?

      • Pat

        LOL! HELLO! Elections are held every four years for our President, not every six. President Obama was elected President first in Nov. 2008 and second in Nov. 2012! DUH! You aren’t as smart as you think you are! Typical Repiglican, thinks they’re smarter than the rest of us, and then they make it so obvious they’re not. President Obama won, twice now, and you need to get your sorry ass over it.

      • Pamela Parker Ricer

        Why did I notice that as soon as someone pointed out to you that you were wrong in thinking that Congress was exempt from the ACA. (even though you are in the legal field and can read LOL) you went off on a tangent of other Tea Party talking points which have nothing to do with this subject and then stated you were through discussing the subject at hand? Could it be because you realize that your only knowledge of the ACA is based on lies, and you refuse to admit it? Went to law school, but refuse to take the bar exam because you don’t WANT to be an attorney….yea, right

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        I think -> avallliere <- is a big fat liar!

      • Cathryn Sykes


      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        So you agree with avallliere?

      • CharlieSelf

        Most likely he can’t pass the bar exam.

      • gemma liar

        do ( did) u cry this much over auto insurance? “NO”???,,,,,,,,, your a FOX “news” watching crybaby

    • Cathryn Sykes

      So you pay for all your health care out of pocket? Must be nice to be that rich.
      Or are you one of those idiots confident that you will never get sick, never get injured, never get old, etc.
      I recently had a tumor–luckily benign–removed from my throat. Total cost for a minor–in by 8am, out by 10am and that night I was up and feeding my horses–operation was $20,000. Because I have health insurance, I paid $6,000.
      Heard recently about the teenage son of a friend. Kid was skateboarding, crashed, broke his leg in two places. Final bill for reconstructing that leg? $40,000 plus.
      But you just keep smugly claiming that you’ll never need any kind of health care. Someday, when you’re homeless because a hospital seized your home to pay for bills racked up to treat your heart attack or damaged spleen or splintered leg or broken back or two week hospital stay due to pneumonia–been there done that, at age 14!– you’ll learn exactly why “If only” are the two saddest words in the English Language.

  • Alisoquoladi

    Utterly ridiculous. It’s the GOP that wants to shove crap up you then say it was all for your own good. It’s only the GOP that seems to want to have a say over what I want to do with MY body. The Koch Bros. just don’t want to pay their share just like the rest of these rich ^ucks. They’ll spend millions so they don’t have to pay millions. Makes no sense to me. If they can afford to buy politicians they can afford to pay their share. Dumb ass with the impeach Obama Message. I have and will be paying for your health care at some point so don’t be an idiot and get some insurance. Uninsured individuals end up being paid for by the tax payers. Like it or not get some damned insurance and quit having the tax payer pick up the bill.

  • sosickofthehate

    this is not a “progressive” group here…you’re still whining, hating, babies

  • What Is Your Self Worth?

    Don’t let Government get involved in your healthcare? I got news – It is and has been since Medicine in the U.S. became BIG BUSINESS. Isn’t it Government that regulates drugs? You know those Schedule drugs that cause such serious addiction and health concerns – Like Marijuana? But yet, mandate immunizations and allow the FDA to keep us protected while injecting us with crap that still is in question about health and safety? Isn’t it Government, I know at least here in Wisconsin, that FORCE unnecessary medical procedures such as vaginal probes? These Goofballs pushing this crap will most definitly put the fear of “Government” in their followers. These same goofballs could care LESS about your health or mine, but care a WHOLE LOT about making money and having complete control over the people. If they were so damn concerned about health, these silica sand mines going up in our State would cease destroying our beautiful State and poisoning the people, our foods would have labels, patents for biological organisms would cease and drug companies would be responsible for their chemical weapons,

  • Dasher Lost

    someone needs to edit these and replace the uncle sam with the tea party mascot, and obamacare with Tea Party, because if there was ever a political group that ever wanted to be up in your ladies bits- or bend you over and stick it to ya- it’s them

    • CharlieSelf

      Does the Tea Party have a mascot? I can’t imagine any self-respecting weasel allowing its image to be used.

      • Justin Tierney

        I think its Glenn Beck

      • CharlieSelf

        A good possibility, but it might be John Boehner during one of his weeping spells.

      • ShadowL

        Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, all would work.

      • Idon’tCareBear

        Yes, it’s a racist stick of butter wearing star spangled sweat pants, it only shows up at wal mart though, the rest of the time it’s trying to avoid child support for it’s 14 bastard kids.

  • David Snyder

    Anyone else notice how the ads start with an image that implies you’re being spied on while at the doc’s?

    • Mr. Smith

      The monitors look like a ‘Matrix’ metaphor.
      And, I doubt the nurse would call it Obama-care but rather the legislative name of “The affordable care act.”
      $50.00 says if the affordable care act is a smash hit then they will start calling it “The Reagan Health Care Plan” and Mitt Romney will start claiming ownership of the similar healthcare plan he instituted in Massachusetts.

  • vulgrin

    Ah yes, and what exactly would the ad for government enforced trans-vaginal ultrasound look like?

  • gemma liar

    that was from the small dicked rightwing regressive states who want FORCED vaginal ultra sound for women who DARE get an abortion ( a constitutional law for those FOX “news” watchers who easily forget SOME laws)

  • Mike Williams

    It’s funny because republican lawmakers can’t keep their hands out of women’s health care right now…. Are they really expecting us to believe this crap…. I wonder how much of this bullshit is considered tax deductible.

  • Suzie

    OMG, these ads are so vile, I am once again shocked, at how low the Koch Brothers, and their cronies have stooped. These people are EVIL, plain and simple. They worship “money, and more profits”, that is their only god!

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Uhm… Wait… Aren’t YOU the guys who keep trying to pass mandatory intrusive ultrasounds for women seeking to terminate a pregnancy?

    • Gabriel Gentile

      *sigh* And since I just KNOW someone on this site is going to misconstrue that, by “you” I mean conservative action groups.

  • Shaun Kirkwood

    Somehow I can’t see the female version of this ad playing well here in Virginia. The governor here is off ‘da hook in this area of “female intervention”.
    Both are so dumb, it makes me wonder who the target audience could be? Do they really believe some people are so gullible as to believe this?
    The Republicans do have a majority in the House, so, I guess there folks that (fill in the blank).

    • Cathryn Sykes

      I understand the target audience is young people, especially students. Who will, I’m certain, laugh themselves silly when they first see these.

  • tigerlily78

    So the GOP point here seems to be, “Routine Health Exams are for dummies” and if you ARE going to have an exam it is so much more comforting to be PAYING OUT THE ASS FOR IT, instead of having it covered as preventative care by affordable insurance.

  • c-bass

    Teabaggers are the ones that are obsessed with ‘what’s going on in your loins’

  • ShadowL

    OK that first one…makes me think it is an anti abortion restrictions ad telling women to stop the government from regulating our girl parts…
    PLEASE tell me someone else saw it that way at first also?

    • Guest


  • Believe ths, not that stupid

    WHO is going to believe that???? COME ON!!?? To think that these people are rich. Just goes to show you that you don’t have to have any great, not even mid-level intelligence to be rich!!! Kock bros., really?

  • pamelina

    The evil genius of these ads is that informed citizens (who know Obamacare is not “government taking over healthcare”) will think they’re silly (see the title?) and will tend to ignore them. But the ignorant Tea Partiers and libertarians will find them very convincing, and think they’re scary/effective warnings! They have to be looked at through anti-Obamacare-ignorance-colored glasses in order to understand how wickedly effective they are. *shudder*

    • Guest


  • Guest