Larry David Steals the Show as Bernie Sanders on SNL (Video)

larrydavid_bernieNo matter what the political future may hold for Bernie Sanders, it’s undeniable that he’s had a massive impact on this country already. He could drop out of the race right now and I still think his campaign could be considered a success considering the ideas he’s pushed to the forefront of progressive politics.

And now it seems he’s making his way into pop culture as well. Not only did he make his dancing debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, he was christened into Saturday Night Live history when comedian Larry David made a surprise appearance to play him in a skit poking fun at the first Democratic presidential debate.

“And now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to dial it up to a ten,” David said, in a spot-on Sanders impersonation. “We’re doomed!”

The skit is absolutely hilarious and a must-watch if you missed it. I’ve always been a fan of David’s (Seinfeld never gets old) and this was him at his finest.

This isn’t the first comedy-related sketch to feature a reference to Sanders. On Friday, Bill Maher did a much more NSFW sketch where he mocked that when Sanders says something, what he says and what Republicans hear are often two completely different things. So he played several quotes from Sanders, immediately followed by someone doing a great impersonation of the Vermont senator translating what Republicans actually heard:

Actual Sanders quote: When I was a young man, I strongly opposed the war in Vietnam.

What Republicans heard: I would have loved to fight in Vietnam, but for the other side. Not only do I hate our troops, but sometimes, I lock John McCain in his office, do a Vietnamese accent and laugh.

It’s another video you really have to watch to enjoy the full humor of the entire sketch. I couldn’t stop laughing.

These are the kinds of sketches Sanders supporters should love. Not only are they hilarious, but they typically go viral which helps expose Sanders to a more widespread audience, increasing his name recognition – which is almost always helpful in politics.

This is pretty much my favorite part of presidential election season. Being that politics is rarely intentionally funny, seeing brilliant comedians mock some of the ridiculousness that goes on during these often grueling campaigns is a much-welcomed moment of levity. And I can guarantee you that as time goes on, we’re going to see more and more of these.

It’s a shame Jon Stewart didn’t wait to retire as host of The Daily Show until next year, because in many ways the 2016 presidential election was made for his comedic talents. And while Trevor Noah has done a solid job thus far, no one can replace Stewart.

If you have a few minutes and want a few good laughs, I would highly suggest checking out the clips below. It will be well worth your time.

Bill Maher’s segment via HBO:

The SNL sketch via NBC:

Allen Clifton

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