Once Again, Trump’s Tweet Proves He’s an Incompetent, Conspiracy-Driven Idiot

To be honest, I used to dread checking Twitter to see the latest idiotic drivel Donald Trump had sent out. However, now that he’s becoming more and more of a joke each and every day, I’ve actually found myself looking forward to his frequent Twitter temper tantrums. While I still despise the fact that he’s in office, he’s managed to exceed my expectations in how quickly he’s proven all of those who voted against him were right for doing so.

If this keeps up (which I don’t see any reason why it won’t), we could be looking at Trump’s approval numbers in the low 30’s in just a few weeks. Approval numbers that would make him so politically toxic, we’ll start seeing more and more members of his own party wanting nothing to do with him out of fear that aligning with him could cost them their job when the 2018 midterms roll around.

It’s why I’ve said Trump is even worse than I expected — but that’s a good thing.

Case in point, a tweet he sent out Tuesday night, once again showcasing that he’s nothing more than an incompetent, conspiracy-driven idiot:

It’s worded differently, but this is more of the same conspiracy he’s claimed that the people who’ve been protesting him all over the country (and I guess the world, for that matter) are mostly “paid actors” and not legitimate protesters.

But the true stupidity of this tweet isn’t that he’s pushing the same ridiculous conspiracy that he’s brought up numerous times before, it’s that he doesn’t seem to understand how protests actually work.

Fun fact: Most large, progressive protests held during specific events are “planned out by activists.”

But here’s another fun fact: Most large, conservative protests held during specific events are planned out by activists.

When 60,000 – 70,000 people marched on Washington D.C. on September 12, 2009 in what was called the “Taxpayer March on Washington,” do Trump and his supporters think that was a random, spontaneous event? No, it wasn’t. It was a planned protest organized by FreedomWorks, a huge conservative activist group that was led by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

So, yes, many of these protests and demonstrations are “planned out by liberal activists” — that’s the whole point. That’s like me complaining that Trump’s ego-stroking rallies are “planned by pro-Trump activists.”

This is not anything new, controversial, or even difficult to understand. The overwhelming majority of protests are planned events organized by activists. That fact doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, especially considering there are local ordinances and often permits required before large groups can assemble for a rally or demonstration.

That being said, there’s a huge difference between planned demonstrations and “paid actors.” Though it wouldn’t surprise me for Trump to say that most of the people who showed up to these town hall meetings were “paid” to be there. After all, this is Trump, the man who can get away with saying anything because his supporters are naive enough to believe anything he says.

This is another example of how simple-minded, childish, and insecure Donald Trump is. Not only is he in complete denial about how hated he is, but apparently he’s too stupid to even understand what a protest actually is.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Ambrose Wolfinger

    To quote Dan Hicks, “Where’s the money?”

    Is should be simple enough to prove. With that many protesters and all of them being paid, there has to be a paper trail. Find it, publish it, or shut up.

    Only someone deeply cocooned in his narcissistic bubble could think that millions of people are being paid to hate him.

    • Janet Marlette

      I wish someone would pay me to hate him, although I am perfectly willing to do it free of charge. 🙂

      • Laura Barmettler

        ME TOO! Any time of day or night. Show me the money, glad to carry a banner!

      • FranceyPoo

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      • FranceyPoo

        I’ll pay you to go in a diet

      • Janet Marlette

        Well, it doesn’t look like your diet plan is working for you, sooo…no thanks, ass clown.

    • Dave McCormick

      I would be disappointed if I was to learn that anyone needed to be “paid” to dislike him….

    • FranceyPoo

      Did I tell you that Billary CLinton will Not be President?

    • Brian

      Uncle Schlomo. George Soros.

  • Arthur Martinez

    What does ass, embarrassment, Ignorance and incompetence have in common? Answer is (Donald J. Trump)

  • Diane Emery Hole

    He believes we are being paid to protest because that is how HE knows how to get things done. Payoff, Payola, Pay for Play. Where do I get my check?

    • strayaway

      I missed any Trump quote cited in this article about “paid protesters” that some posters here, including yourself, here are responding to. Perhaps, you could point it out.

      • Diane Emery Hole

        There are many examples of 45 complaining about paid protesters.
        Here are a few. This article may not have quoted him on it, but read the history of his gripes against it.

      • strayaway

        Your right. The article didn’t quote him saying any such thing. I find it amazing that so many posters would act as if it did. I don’t think it is illegal for Soros and others to pay for free bus rides to rallies, office space for BLM, and other incidentals or for Tea Party financiers like the Koch brothers to have done the same in 2007. But its silly for posters here to base their comments on things they had heard, or believed, while pretending it was based on something cited in this article.

  • Edward Krebbs

    Interesting that Trump misses the obvious – a large number of the protestors I’ve seen in the news appear to be conservatives. Examples include 1) Those now experiencing buyers’ remorse. 2) Those who heard that Trump would do exactly what they wanted (and in their defense, Trump campaign statements were all over the place that Trump’s stances were difficult to impossible to determine).

    • Scott Fenner

      That was the same woman who was wailing, “NOOOOOOOOO!” as Trump was being sworn in.

  • Edward Krebbs

    Today’s early afternoon Spicer conference, Spicer heavily hammered the organized protests conspiracy.

    Then, in unbelievable fashion, he asserted that trump can’t get anything done due to the dem controlled Congress.

    • Dave McCormick

      Huh??? Where has HE been? 🙂

    • strayaway

      Regarding the “organized protest conspiracy”: From an email I received on 2/17-

      “Welcome to the resistance. You and me represent the majority of Americans who do not support the Trump Regime and his enablers in Congress.

      Today and all this week, we need you to show up to local protests against Trump and Congressional Town Halls to make our voices heard.
      Find out how and where to take action by clicking here.
      Protests are happening today on Presidents Day (Monday) to stand up to the Trump Regime, and citizens are banding together to crash the Town Halls of members of Congress this week. (comment- what does it mean “to CRASH the Town Halls?”)
      We have a simple message for them: We will resist the Trump Regime, every day and every inch of the way. Join us, or expect us. Together, we can save democracy for future generations of Americans.
      Join the protests and town hall actions by clicking here.
      Now is the time to engage. Take action with us today. Thank you.
      ~ Americans Against Trump
      P.S. Joining us at protests and town halls is the best thing you can do, but if you cannot make it to the events, you can support our efforts by contributing here:”

      Or you can send money to ‘strayaway’ and I will instead promise not to use it to help ‘progressives’ facilitate the Deep State.

  • Scott Fenner

    How in the world did you get Texas to let you in?

  • FranceyPoo

    Late Breaking News- Billary Clinton will NOT be President