In Less Than a Month, Trump Has Proven He’s Incompetent & Republicans are Spineless

Most rational people know that Republicans are absolute hypocrites and frauds. These are people who champion themselves as the party for “fiscal responsibility,” yet haven’t had a president from their party balance the budget in over 50 years. The GOP is the party that claims it’s for small government while often trying to pass laws that attempt to tell women what they can do with their own bodies or homosexuals who they can marry. Republicans are the people who claim they stand for “Christian values” who just elected the least “Christian” president in U.S. history.

Even when it comes to the security of this country, many Republicans seemingly couldn’t care less.

These are people who said they were going to spend years investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server — something that happened over four years ago. An issue that the FBI had already concluded didn’t warrant any criminal charges against the former Secretary of State. However, despite an extensive list of reasons why congressional Republicans should be investigating Trump, they don’t seem to have the slightest bit of interest in doing so.

The growing questions concerning possible links between his campaign and the Russian government hacking American political entities is more than enough to warrant an extensive investigation. That in and of itself would likely have the GOP calling for a suspension of the election results if the same sort of accusations were swirling around a newly elected Democratic president.

Then imagine what the GOP would be saying if a Democratic president settled a fraud lawsuit for $25 million just after the election was over.

I also can’t forget to bring up his deal with Carrier, move Republicans would most certainly be slamming had a Democrat ordered his running mate who was still governor of a state to approve tax incentives to keep jobs in the country. You want to talk about “socialism” or “the government meddling in the free market” — that’s pretty damn close. That’s a president-elect abusing his power (and the power his running mate still has) to work out a special deal for one company in a move that’s clearly nothing more than a PR stunt.

Hell, even Sarah Palin and the fairly conservative Wall Street Journal slammed this deal.

And what about that call to Pakistan where Trump apparently made an absolute fool of himself, heaping absurd praise on a leader that could lead to an unraveling of trust between the United States and India? Are you telling me Republicans wouldn’t be having a field day had Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton did something as ridiculous as that? The relationship between India and Pakistan (two nuclear-armed countries, by the way) is extremely volatile. The United States’ relationship with both is a very complex and complicated situation. It’s not one where a president goes in heaping absurdly over-the-top praise like Trump did.

Speaking of communication with extremely sensitive international relations, then there’s his phone call to the president of Taiwan. Every president for the last forty years has specifically avoided that because how we interact with Taiwan has a lot to do with our relationship with China. Upsetting China could not only have huge ramifications on our economy, but idiotic moves like Trump’s phone call upsetting delicate international relationships is one insanely stupid way that wars start.

But then reports came out showing where Trump is actually trying to build luxury hotels in Taiwan. That makes his rather mind-boggling phone call seem even more dangerous and unethical because it does seem like when he made this move, he wasn’t thinking of the best interests of the United States — but rather himself and his businesses.

In less than a month after winning November 8th’s election, Donald Trump has amassed a list of controversies that, had a Democrat had these same issues surrounding them, Republicans would be demanding multiple investigations, with some even possibly talking about grounds for impeachment. Especially as it relates to what seems like a clear conflict of interest between Donald Trump’s business interests and a rather ill-advised phone call to the president of Taiwan, and the extensive links to Russia possibly trying to manipulate our election.

We’re looking at a man who’s going to officially become president in a few weeks who — in less than a month — has already had enough controversies swirling around him that the GOP would likely already be calling for an immediate impeachment if these issues were linked to a Democrat.

Yet, here we are, a growing list of issues surrounding a man who isn’t even officially president — yet Republicans couldn’t seem to care less about looking into any of them because he doesn’t have a (D) next to his name.

I can’t see how anyone can take the Republican party seriously. Their behavior is so transparent and hypocritical, it’s mind-boggling that there are tens of millions of people who simply can’t see it. A party that spent years investigating Benghazi, and promised to spend years investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails, that seemingly couldn’t care less about:

  • Intelligence agencies hinting that Trump’s campaign might have had contact with Russia.
  • The president-elect trying to mix his business dealings in with his role as president.
  • His call to Taiwan (breaking a forty year precedent set by every president from both parties) that could very well fracture our relationship with China causing a massive national security issue, apparently linked to his desire to build luxury hotels in the country.
  • His tax returns, which mask any possible (and highly concerning) business conflicts he might have as our president.
  • His call to Pakistan which could upset our relationship with India, possibly destabilizing an area of the world that’s already extremely unstable.

None of that seems to warrant any concern from Republicans. Though I’m fairly certain they’d care much more about all of that if it were all linked to a Democrat.

The truth is, in less than a month, Donald Trump has already proven that he’s too corrupt, unethical and incompetent to be this nation’s leader. Meanwhile, Republicans have once again proven that they will always put party over the well-being of the United States and the American people. Even if that means ignoring a string of scandals they should be investigating that could very well risk the national security of the United States.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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