Let Me Explain Why Donald Trump is an Absolute Genius

trump-geniusI’m not going to lie, the more I study Donald Trump the Republican presidential candidate, the more I think he just might be an absolute genius. Now don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s a vile human being, but as a Republican presidential candidate he might just be brilliant.

Let’s start out with how this all came to be. For years Trump built a solid following among conservatives as an anti-Obama birther who bashed the president any chance he got. Not only that, but he dedicated quite a lot of his time to attacking Hillary Clinton as well. And to conservative voters, if you show unrelenting disdain toward those two, they’ll pretty much worship you.

Hell, he managed to get himself a weekly feature on Fox News’ Fox & Friends where he was promoted (for free) on America’s most-watched conservative entertainment channel.

But when it comes to understanding the mind of conservative voters, make no mistake about it – Trump gets it. He knows that it doesn’t matter if what he’s saying is true, just as long as it’s what conservatives want to hear.

Which is why when he called most Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists, he didn’t hesitate and he sure as heck didn’t back down. Why would he? That’s what most conservatives wanted to hear. In fact, had he walked back his comments it would have only hurt him in the polls.

After that came his controversial comment about Sen. John McCain’s war record. Now, even I was a bit unsure how this might play out for him. Then he pulled out another “genius’ move by shifting the conversation away from what he said about McCain to the ongoing issues facing our veterans and our VA system. As we all know, that’s a go-to issue Republicans like to harp on – even if they never do anything about it.

However, there’s also the reality that most conservatives don’t like McCain anyway. They ran him through the mud in 2000 during the GOP presidential primary and couldn’t have cared much less about him in 2008 when he was trounced by President Obama. So, while Trump’s remarks were off-putting for some who fiercely defend veterans, the fact he shifted some of that focus to our government’s continued incompetence with providing for our veterans, and how McCain has been a part of problem, was a fairly intelligent political maneuver. Somehow he managed to mock a war hero – and still went up in the polls.

Then there’s the fact that it’s almost impossible to really attack him for anything. He’s proven time after time that if one of these other Republican candidates comes after him, he has no problem saying whatever he has to say to come out looking stronger and more “in charge” than they do. He really doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, and he doesn’t have any sort of political career to protect like many of these other candidates do. He’s rich, 69 years old and really has nothing to lose. Even if his campaign fails, he’s still going to be a billionaire.

Aside from all of that, he’s also put the Republican party in a no-win situation. The RNC sure as heck doesn’t want him to be their candidate. But at the same time, they can’t just go after him to tear him down because if they really tick him off he can run as a third-party candidate and ruin any hope they might have at winning the presidency in 2016.

Though let’s also not forget that in all of Trump’s dealings with Republicans these last few years, I’m sure he knows quite a few tidbits of “Republican insider information” that they sure as heck don’t want made public.

Trump really has set himself damn near perfectly. He:

  • Spent years building up a following while being promoted frequently on Fox News.
  • Has absolutely no political career to attack.
  • Recognizes that the best way to get the attention of conservative voters is to simply tell them what they want to hear, regardless of whether or not it’s true.
  • Has mastered the art of spin possibly better than any other Republican candidate.
  • Has the Republican party up against the wall because if he were to run as a third-party candidate it would ruin any chance they had at the White House in 2016.
  • Seems to have recognized that he just needs to “out-Republican” his presidential counterparts to appeal to the majority of conservative voters.

While he stands absolutely no shot at ever becoming president, he has proven himself to be a damn effective candidate. When you’re running as a Republican, it really isn’t about facts or reality, just pandering to right-wing ignorance and propaganda – two things Donald Trump has proven himself quite brilliant at doing.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Eddie Higgins

    I think you are giving the Donald way to much credit .

    • FlipSide

      You can’t give Trump too much credit – he’s earned it – he’s a billionaire! And, he’s forcing the hand of the GOP – if they buck him, he’ll run on a 3rd party and destroy them. If they’re nice to him, he’ll have exposed them for what they really are. What not to like about that?

      • Dave Af


    • Twyla Hopkins

      Feel vindicated, centipedes. It’s over and there is nothing they can do about it. We are the FUTURE.

    • Sherlock Ohms


  • Shadow Diver

    It is pure theater. I am loving it. Cannot wait for the debates.

  • Hank Majors

    He isn’t a genius. Donald Trump is a disingenuous, calculating, carnival barker, with no sense of propriety or grace.

    • MrLightRail

      Just like PT Barnum. A sucker is born every minute. He is the BEST thing to happen to Democrats this election cycle. A mole, well placed, with a record of attacking the right people, and saying the right things to divert attention from Republican candidates that could actually win in the general election. Damn, if that is what he’s doing, it’s evil brilliance. 🙂

      • Ford4ever

        You are the kind of useful idiot that myself and other rational people love. Keep believing that and be sure to tell your dopey friends the same things.

    • FlipSide

      Exactly! And, it’s helping the Democrats, so let him do it!

      • Sherlock Ohms

        tee heee ignorant moron

    • Twyla Hopkins

      his is history. YOU are part of history. The_Donald is part of history.

      We did it. We knew this in our hearts. No one believed us. But we always knew the truth: THERE ARE NO BRAKES ON THIS TRAIN.


    • Sherlock Ohms

      What a stooge you are

  • MrLightRail

    Makes me wonder whether he is a Democrat, that is brilliant enough to play the game well enough to guarantee a Dem in the White House in 2016. hmmm?

    • FlipSide

      Bingo!! Someone figured it out!!! Give this man a drink!

    • Jillz

      I’ve been wondering the same thing! I really don’t believe he is an Obama supporter, but with Obama leaving office, maybe, just maybe Trump’s loyalty actually lies with his one-time friend Hillary, and the Democrats?

      Regardless, he’s the best thing to happen for the Democrat Presidential campaign since Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy!

      • Ford4ever

        Get used to saying the following: President Trump.

    • IntelligenceisAVirtue

      Do you see the pack Trump is leading? I don’t think the Democrats need the help.

  • dutch163

    Trump says anything that pops into his head..he is inconsistent and contradictory ..in the past 2 decades he has been a Democrat, in Independent and a Republican (he is currently registered as an Independent) ..he was AGAINST a flat tax, then he was FOR a flat tax..for awhile he was for Hillary Clinton ,even invited her to one of his weddings…BTW he is FOR traditional marriage..to prove it, he has been married 3x! LOL

    • Sherlock Ohms

      tee hee hohoho haa haa haaa

  • Eg Kbbs

    But isn’t article making the argument that I could make billions if I just didn’t have any morals ?

    • FlipSide

      Things are never quite as they appear. Remember, he’s channeling the GOP. While he’s an arrogant jerk in his own right, he’s also a very good actor.

    • noah vail

      he didn’t “make billions” he inherited it…he would like us all to believe that he made it but, like the bush boys, he’s operating on what daddy made…

      • Ford4ever

        You are DEAD wrong! He made the billions, not his father. Try checking some facts before hitting the keyboard. Trump’s father had nowhere near the kind of money Trump has made. Jealousy is a perfectly natural human emotion, just be honest about it.

      • Sherlock Ohms


  • REN

    He’s not a genius, he’s just an experienced arrogant, egotistical hustler with a PhD in Bullshit Artistry and Bullying. THAT is what appeals to the bullshit and idiocy that is conservative, racist, ignorant, bigoted, misinformed, hateful and downright stupid Americans. Remember, if there was an audience that thought Sarah Failin was capable, then OF COURSE there will be an audience for this pompous ass. It really doesn’t matter how crafty he is at his demagoguery and bullying tactis; at the end of the day, the country is still looking for a commander-in-chief with SOME form of intelligence and knowledge of what the F*** they are doing. Ergo, he will NOT be president. I doubt if his dumbass will even make it as far as the debates, but if he does, once the fact checks start coming in, he’ll make himself look like an even bigger F****** idiot than he already is trying to explain the issues, which is at the forefront of any election. He will NOT make it. Mark my words. Period, point blank. End of discussion.

    • FlipSide

      In your own somewhat less classy way, you’ve said exactly what Allen said. Trump is a genius who will never be president.

      • Twyla Hopkins

        This is history. YOU are part of history. The_Donald is part of history.

        We did it. We knew this in our hearts. No one believed us. But we always knew the truth: THERE ARE NO BRAKES ON THIS TRAIN.

        TRUMP WINS!

      • Sherlock Ohms

        1-29-2017 Trumps kicking ass like nobody ever before!
        He will be on Mt Rushmore!

      • Twyla Hopkins


      • Sherlock Ohms

        Oh stop stop yer killng me bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Ford4ever

      You are another one who never learns.

    • Remember The Slap Films

      Hey Ren, fast forward to Sep 16th 2016 – how’s that assured opinion working out for you now? ; )

    • Lincler

      Welcome to November 2016. Meet President Donald Trump

    • Dae

      get rekt you fucking kid. I’m a liberal Bernie supporter but this is solid evidence in Trump’s genius. And he actually does want to save the American economy as well as decentralizing our shitty corrupt government. Open your eyes Ren, and stop being ignorant. PERIOD POINT BLANK END OF DISCUSSION <- that's you, you immature kid. grow up.

    • Sherlock Ohms


  • cruisersailor

    Love it when Trump goes after other Republicans.

  • FlipSide

    I don’t think he even wants to be president – he’s
    just ‘pointing out’ where the problems are in the GOP. He’s doing a
    bang-up job of it, too.
    I don’t like the man, for a lot of reasons,
    but he’s doing the Democrats a huge favor – and, it appears, he’s having
    fun doing it. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to shed society’s constraints
    on conversation the way he has? I mean, say anything you want, anytime you want,
    about anyone you want, whether any of it is true or not. Wow! How
    freeing that must be!

    • Sherlock Ohms

      hoho ho hee heee

  • Bonta-kun

    I so had this link pegged as a Rickroll.

  • Ford4ever

    Some people never learn. How well I recall the self-appointed “experts” who declared with supreme confidence that Ronald Reagan’s nomination in 1980 assured Jimmy Carter a second term. How did that theory work out? This Clifton fellow fails to recognize a flaw in his own argument. If, as he suggests, Trump is a political genius then why would he think that his genius would not enable him to chart a course all the way to the White House? Genius is a rarity and it enables those possessed of it to accomplish feats which lesser beings could not achieve. Moreover, if the Democrats do indeed nominate Hillary, history and possibly an indictment will be strongly against her. A party which has held the Presidency for two consecutive terms rarely succeeds in capturing that office for a third term, notwithstanding that they must put forward a new nominee. In this case, the Democrats have not only held the White House for two rather lackluster terms, but did so with the first black President occupying the office. What are the chances that fresh off of two disappointing terms by a black Democratic President the U.S. will elect another Democrat who would also be breaking new ground as the first female President? Slim to none, is the correct response. If, and it is still a big if, but if Trump wins the Republican nomination and runs as astute a campaign against Hilary as he has thus far, he can not only win the White House but do so easily.

    • Sherlock Ohms

      You are a genius!

  • Nic Starling

    He won. Turns out he really is a genius.

    • Sherlock Ohms

      Yep lol