Let Me Explain Why Paul Ryan is an Even Bigger Scumbag Than Donald Trump

While Donald Trump has dominated the news since the day he launched his campaign on June 18, 2015, I think it’s important to remember that he’s far from the only unethical, shady crook within the Republican Party. If anything, I’ll at least give him some (though very little) credit for being fairly transparent about the fact that he’s a vile, pathological liar. Of course he’ll deny that, and so will his supporters, but most rational people are well aware of the type of bottom-feeder Trump is based on his words and actions.

But I’ll argue that it’s those who are too cowardly to be exactly who they really are who I think might even be worse than Trump.

For example, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Say what you want about Trump, but at least he’s an arrogant bastard who owns the fact that he’s exploited our system for his own benefit. He won’t word it that way, but when you’re a billionaire who avoided paying taxes for nearly 20 years, that’s what you are.

Paul Ryan doesn’t do that. This is someone who lacked the courage to stand up to Trump during the primary. He found himself publicly condemning something his party’s candidate had said or done over and over again, only to still endorse him for president. Then we can’t forget about his speech at the RNC’s convention where he barely even mentioned Trump by name, then uninvited him to a campaign event in Wisconsin after he said he was “sickened” by Trump following the release of the infamous “grab them by the pu–y” video that was made public in October.

Yet, despite all of that, Ryan has mostly backed Trump at every disgusting and shameful turn.

Even when he was asked about Trump’s ridiculous claim that “millions” of people voted illegally in this election, Ryan took the cowardly approach by basically trying to blow off that our then president-elect just used an asinine, unfounded conspiracy to claim that the entire 2016 election was tainted.

Repeatedly, since Trump took office, Ryan has made excuse after excuse for Trump. At times, so desperate to avoid having to defend something terrible Trump has said or done, Ryan’s even taken to “playing dumb” about the inexcusable behavior of the man he endorsed for “president.”

As I’ve said before, Ryan is a spineless hypocrite.

He’s someone whose sole purpose in life seems to be showing a disdain for the poor, supporting policies that help big business and worshipping the twisted economic principles of Ayn Rand to strip away any sort of social safety net many Americans use to survive.

Paul Ryan is someone who’s been itching — for years — to take the first true steps toward ending Medicare and Social Security. And while it’s true many Republicans would love to get rid of Medicare and Social Security, Ryan’s stance on social safety nets is especially hypocritical based upon his history and his career choice.

After Ryan’s father tragically died when he was a 16-year-old public high school student, Ryan received Social Security benefits until his 18th birthday — benefits he saved up to help him pay for his college education at the publicly funded Miami University.

Since then he’s spent nearly the entirety of his adult life (aside from a few summers working as a salesman for Oscar Mayer) as a government employee whose pay and benefits are provided for him by the taxpayers. A man who’s built his political career on the greatness of the private sector — has spent nearly most of his life heavily benefitting from government benefits and pay.

You can’t make this stuff up.

This is also someone who publicly condemned President Obama’s 2009 stimulus package, who then sought funds from it to help out his district.

Though it’s important to keep in mind that, while he likes to present himself as some sort of “fiscal conservative,” Ryan’s voting record includes:

  • Voted for both the Iran and Afghanistan wars.
  • Supported George W. Bush’s stimulus bill.
  • Backed Bush’s tax cuts while supporting two wars.
  • Voted for the $700 billion TARP/Wall Street bailout.
  • Supported the auto bailout.
  • Supported trillions in defense spending.

Which means this “fiscal conservative” who’s built a career vilifying the government has not only enjoyed a life largely funded by the taxpayers, but his career is filled with votes for legislation that have added trillions of dollars to our national debt.

And I can’t forget what a “devout Christian” Ryan claims to be, while supporting economic principles that are the antithesis of real Christian values.

Paul Ryan defines hypocrisy.

As much as I loathe Donald Trump, Ryan might actually be worse. At least Trump makes it fairly obvious that he’s an unapologetic, insecure, narcissistic bigot who panders to the worst part of our society. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan likes to act as if he’s morally superior, even though he’s the same type of two-faced, hypocritical con man pandering to the same deplorable beliefs as Trump.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • David Nelson

    He keeps getting re-elected because the people opf his district in Wisconsin are complete MORONS!

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    • Carolyn Webb

      David, the folks in Paul Ryan’s district are not Morons. They are IDIOTS

    • Karen Jourdan

      Actually he keeps getting re-elected because of the gerrymandering; the illegal gerrymandering that went on in this State.

      The people of his own hometown hate, loathe and despise him.

      • my5cents

        Yes, you hit the nail on the head. In the 2011 election he almost lost. Before the next election, the Repubs in the Wisc. legislature added part of Waukesha county (more Republican voters) to his district to ensure he would not lose.

      • GoBlue

        The Romney-Ryan ticket did not carry Ryan’s district in the 2012 presidential election.

    • Betty Kenney Clavin

      They will have to also suck it up when they have no insurance, no Social Security and whatever else they decide to take away from hard working Americans. Just saying

      • JenellYB

        As will everybody else, whether they voted for these snakes of not.

    • my5cents

      In the 2011 election he almost lost. Before the next election, the Repubs in the Wisc. legislature added part of Waukesha county (more Republican voters) to his district to ensure he would not lose. So, tell us David Nelson, how do we vote him out with these gerrymandered districts?

      • Nangagutza

        Go after the gerrymandering, not the politician.

      • JenellYB

        Are we forgetting that how we did or did not vote in our state and local elections put politicians into office that have now pulled off the gerrymandering. It is our state politicians that hold the power to gerrymander districts.

      • Regina McHenry

        Go after BOTH.

    • robert

      As the story says, he gets funds for his district. When GM closed the Janesville plant, he got funding from every possible jobs and relief program to sustain the community. Janesvile didn’t even feel losing their largest employer. That’s why they keep reelecting him: he brings home the bacon. They disregard everything else

      • William Hinely

        You mean the relief programs he is shutting down and defunding now??

  • Lynne Archbald

    How do we get the Ayn Rand connection of many top republicans including Drumpf publicized? Most people who voted for them would not favor Ayn Rand’s philosophy

    • shmooney

      I believe most people wouldn’t know what Ayn Rand’s philosophy is. I’ve read numerous articles stating Ryan’s love of Ayn Rand but it made no difference to his voters. Either they believe greed is the way to go or don’t have clue or the inclination to research what her views were.

      • John Kirk

        Ayn Rand was a Russian immigrant, a hideous and bitter soul, who spent her life writing long, long novels about the “looters” n society versus the “creative” people who were actually the only ones who should live, while the rest of society should just go die. She was a loathsome cunt and she now burns in hell for eternity.

    • superindy

      Seriously I don’t think the majority who voted for them read very much – especially anything with more than 100 pages.

  • Susie Doolittle

    Must be tough, Mr Clifton, living in Texas.

  • Carolyn Webb

    Shakespeare said A MAN MAY SMILE YET BE A VILLAIN. I realize he was talking about King Claudius of Denmark but he could have said the same thing about PAUL RYAN or even MIKE PENCE and would have been equally correct.

    The reason why BOTH RYAN and PENCE are even bigger scum bags than TRUMP is because they LOOK less menacing on the surface than TRUMP does! They tend to SMILE and behave in a more polite way in public than TRUMP does but beneath their friendly looking exterior they are JUST AS EVIL.

    • JLG

      Carolyn Webb. Ryan and Pence are like the old song. Smiling Faces sometimes pretend to be your friend. Or another adage that when some people smile they are trying to distract you while they stab you in the back.

      • Carolyn Webb

        I just said the same thing. King Claudius of Denmark was trying to distract Prince Hamelt while he was plotting both to kill Prince Hamlet because Hamlet suspected his Uncle (king Claudius) of being the Villian who killed Hamlet’s father so he could grab the throne of Denmark!

        Claudius pretended to be friendly so he could stab prince Hamlet in the back!

        That is why Shakespeare, who understood human nature so well said things 400 years ago that are just as true today about human nature as they were back then.

        Ryan and Pence smile all the time, just like King Claudius,(and Ronald Reagan, for that matter) but as soon as they get the opportunity they stab you in the back.

      • Arlene Bond

        It goes “Smiling faces hold no traces of the evil that lurks within” — so appropriate.

      • Bumphus

        Richard, Duke of Gloucester: “Why, I can smile and murder whiles I smile,
        And cry ‘content’ to that which grieves my heart,
        And wet my cheeks with artificial tears,
        And frame my face for all occasions”
        ― William Shakespeare, King Henry VI, Part 3

      • Carolyn Webb

        Right on Bumphus you hit the nail on the head. Shakespeare said things 400 years ago that are just as true today about human nature.


        True of Both King Claudius and Paul Ryan

  • nobleknight2

    He is a hypocrite and a HUGE scumbag!

  • Pingy

    Ted Cruz is even more reprehensible than Paul Ryan. After his famous non-endorsement speech at the RNC which left everybody with their mouths wide open, at the very least Cruz appeared to have a thimble full of integrity in him that day. Then, he looked like a complete fool reneging on his values by endorsing Trump. Where’s his loyalty to his family? Cruz never stood on values and integrity, he was only worried about having a job, and then he looked like a groveling idiot.

  • Howard Greenfield

    Without a doubt, not only one of the biggest disappointments in Washington, but a self centered coward with no concern for anyone but himself. And then there’s that smug expression…

  • Freda Ezulie

    Hate Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand

  • disqus_meZXVILv6B

    He is a cold-blooded, rynchocephalian-brained nit-wit with the morals and humanity of a snake. He has had everything handed to him on a silver platter and not only is he not grateful, he is disdainful and dismissive of those not as fortunate as he. His “Catholicism” is a delusion, as Gospel teaching and Catholic Social Justice doctrines are the antithesis of his heroine Ayn Rand’s preaching. My Church, as an international organization, preaches the “preferential option for the poor” and the “seamless garment of life issues”, which latter would include the right to food, clean water, a decent standard of living, education and medical care…Mr. Ryan thinks those are privileges meant only for the rich. Someday his his lack of any moral values will come back to bite him in his hindquarters!

  • jayanna

    Yet elected and re-elected.

  • stp479

    You are too kind to Ryan, he deserves worse.

  • GoBlue

    That smug so-and-so Paul Ryan has a face that’s just begging for someone to throw a pie at it, preferably the kind of pie served in The Help.

  • redsoxpagan

    There should be a petition to excommunicate the SOB. He continuously disregards church teaches about the poor and justice, he continuously lies about everything regarding his stance on policy, he continuously discounts and violates the spirit of the Gospels and instead blindly follows the teachings of a selfish lunatic atheist hypocrite