Let Me Address the Mind-Numbing Absurdity Surrounding Hillary Clinton’s ‘Secret Win’ Email

Before I embark on this rant (and it’s most definitely going to be a rant), I just want to say, to all of you sane, rational and amazing Bernie Sanders supporters who know who the real enemy is (the Republican party) and who understand just how important this election is — thank youI’m looking forward to working with you all as we bust our butts over these next few months.

Nothing I’m about to say is directed at you all, the overwhelming majority of Sanders supporters. This rant is direct at the those who, while the minority, have been an extremely vocal group of Sanders backers who have often been an absolute embarrassment to not only themselves, but to Bernie Sanders as well.

That being said, let me start off by saying that this “secret win” conspiracy that came to life Tuesday afternoon proves just how little this group of Sanders supporters seems to understand about much of anything, especially politics and media.

If you haven’t heard, this nonsense centers around an email the Clinton campaign sent out following the AP’s announcement that she had enough pledged delegates and superdelegates to clinch the Democratic nomination. Within that email there was an embedded graphic created on June 4th with a file name “secret win.”

Naturally, when this “story” broke, this group of Bernie Sanders supporters lost their damn minds. Finally, this was “evidence” they needed to “prove” this was all a giant, rigged conspiracy to anoint Clinton the nominee from the very beginning! After all, what other reason would there possibly be for someone on Clinton’s campaign staff (most likely a low-level staffer or intern) to have saved this image as “secret win” unless, of course, there’s a conspiracy behind it?

Oh, I know what other reason there might be: Common sense and rational thought.

So, the file was created two days before the AP announced, right? According to those buying into this nonsense, that clearly indicates a conspiracy. Again, how in the world would they have ever assumed the AP was going to declare her the winner before they actually did so?

I think it’s time for a bit of a “truth bomb,” as some like to call it: Just because you all (the rabid Sanders fanatics) have bought into this myth that he still stood a chance to win the nomination doesn’t mean the rest of world who enjoys believing in things like history, reality, facts and math have to buy into, or even entertain, your delusions.

First, do you really think the AP calling it for Clinton last night was a good thing for her campaign? You do realize that announcing her win prior to today’s elections almost certainly is going to lower turnout from her voters, right? If there was actually a “conspiracy” it would have been asinine for it to have all played out on the day before the biggest state in the country went to the polls.

The bottom line is this: Whether it was announced last night, after New Jersey tonight, when California polls closed or even tomorrow — Hillary Clinton was easily going to be declared the winner of the Democratic nomination.

Practically everyone who follows politics except this group of fanatical Sanders backers knew he had no chance at coming back and it was only a matter a time before Clinton officially had enough delegates to clinch the nomination. Well, it just so happens yesterday was when that happened. And being that the media doesn’t give a damn that announcing that on Monday night actually hurts Clinton at the polls today (all they care about is getting the “breaking news report”), they announced it the moment they felt confident that their calculations were accurate.

So, being that Clinton’s campaign clearly knew she was going to win, they obviously had this email mostly put together and ready to go so that they could send it out almost immediately after the news of her victory had been announced.

In fact, here’s what myth-debunking website Snopes.com said:

Also, the practice of drafting a number of outcome-specific images and e-mails prior to a major event (such as prewritten obituaries) is commonplace both in political campaigns and throughout the media. It is possible that in response to the decision by the Associated Press to call the race before the primaries were over, the Clinton campaign released a prefabricated victory graphic.

It’s not uncommon for political campaigns or media outlets to have various drafts of articles, emails, mailers or all sorts of campaign-related or politics-related content based on different possible outcomes.

Do you know how I know this? Because it’s what we here at Forward Progressives do all the time

Right now, at this very moment, I have two articles about 90 percent completed concerning California’s primary. One article announces that Clinton has won California, while the other announces Sanders has won. What I’ll do tonight is follow the results, then when I feel confident I know who’s going to win, I’ll fill in the gaps, my editor will look it over and we’ll publish it the moment the race is called. Meanwhile, the other article will simply be sent to the trash. I didn’t know this was some sort of super secret conspiracy, but guess what? The exact same thing applies to most of the other media outlets and reporters who are covering this in print media across the country! 

I even have images saved to use for the article. One is titled “ClintonCAVictory” while the other is titled “SandersCAVictory” that way I know exactly which particular graphic I wanted to use for that article and can locate it quickly.

This is nothing new. Trust me when I say that nearly everyone involved in media does this. It’s part of being prepared and ready to go.

Want to know another big “secret”? In all likelihood, Bernie Sanders already has the speech he’s going to give when he officially suspends his campaign mostly written. Yes, while he’s promising to chug on until the convention and has been pushing the idea that he can still win — his campaign has already been writing the speech he’ll give when he finally drops out of the race.

Mind blown, right?

So, what this “secret win” nonsense really boils down to is that some staffer on Clinton’s campaign tasked with putting together the email that would be sent out after her victory was announced, labeled the framework images that were used to draft up the email as “secret win,” most likely as their way to remind everyone on staff that this draft was to be kept quiet until it was announced, but also so they could find it quickly when they needed to. Hell, it could even be short for “secretary” since, you know, it’s extremely common for people to refer to her as “the former secretary.” And what do the first five letters of secretary spell? Secret.  Then the actual AP tweet was pasted onto the framework images, most likely using a program like Photoshop, before the actual email was sent out.

But, yeah, an elaborate conspiracy between Clinton’s campaign and the AP to announce something on Monday that will actually hurt her on Tuesday makes much more sense.

It really is a sad day for me when I have to address Alex Jones-style conspiracy theories being driven by people on the left, because this is probably one of the dumbest conspiracies I’ve seen since Jade Helm.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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