Let Me Explain Why Hillary Clinton’s Critics Can’t Move On

Here we are, a year after Hillary Clinton “lost” to Donald Trump in last year’s election, and she’s still being talked about nearly every single day. What’s even worse is that she’s still in the headlines, not concerning anything new, but because her critics are bringing up stories we’ve already discussed to use against her — again.

Uranium One? that story was first discussed back in 2015 and the ridiculous conspiracies many have pushed against Clinton about that deal were soundly debunked long ago.

Her emails? Despite the FBI conducting an investigation that lasted over a year, ultimately clearing her of any criminal wrongdoing, her emails are still being discussed even though there’s been absolutely no important revelations concerning that story in over a year.

Benghazi? Multiple GOP-led investigations looking into the 2012 terrorist attack concluded that none of the outrageous propaganda the right-wing had been pushing against Clinton was true. But yet it still gets brought up from time to time.

Her 2015 agreement with the DNC? Since Donna Brazile has a story to sell, even she seems to have realized the best way to get attention to it was by bringing up Clinton with an excerpt from the book, feeding into the “primary was rigged” crowd, despite the fact that indisputable math proves it wasn’t rigged based on how people voted. In fact, the “controversial deal” Brazile talks about in her book was discussed last year. Yet for some reason many in the media are treating this as “breaking news” because it involves Hillary Clinton.

If you want a great example of exactly how unhinged the current Clinton obsession is, look no further than Fox News’ resident moron Sean Hannity. As of my writing this at 1:45 pm CST on November 7th, seven of the last eight tweets Hannity’s sent out are about her. Meanwhile, I’m sure his show tonight (as it is most nights) will be mostly focused on her, as well.

So, why is this? Why, an entire year after she “lost” to Trump, when she’s already announced that she’s not going to run for public office again, and she doesn’t currently hold any public office, can’t people just move on?

Well, her book had a little bit to do with that. Naturally, when she decided to write about her 2016 campaign, that was going to kick up the anti-Clinton hornet’s nest again. But that book came out nearly two months ago. Besides, people were still constantly talking about her even before it was published despite the fact that she had remained relatively quiet and out of the spotlight since last November.

Though that didn’t spare her from people criticizing her for not speaking out more than she had.

That’s what’s so ironic about the Clinton hate. No matter what she does, her critics are going to attack her for it. If she speaks out, she should have kept quiet. If she keeps quiet, then she should have spoken out. Many of the same people who say they can’t stand her and want her to just go away, were the first to demand that she make some sort of public statement about the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal. Then, of course, when her statement didn’t come quick enough — they attacked her for not condemning him sooner.

I’m not saying Clinton doesn’t have her flaws. I’m certainly not saying Clinton hasn’t said or done things that deserve to be criticized. She most definitely has. What I’m saying is that I’ve never seen someone who, no matter what she does, gets attacked for it. Especially someone who’s announced that her political career is over.

Is it because she’s really this villainous, criminal monster and evil mastermind?


It’s because pushing “scandals” about Clinton has always been really good for business.

If you’re a member of the conservative media and you want to publish a sure-fire hit or get incredible ratings for your television or radio show, just push conspiracies against Clinton. If you’re someone on the far-left, especially if your website caters more toward the “Bernie or bust crowd,” if you want an article, video, or meme to go viral, just find the most unflattering image of Clinton possible and choose from one of many conspiracies. Even the mainstream media knows stories that mention Clinton are bound to get a lot of attention, especially if you sell the story as discussing some sort of a scandal involving her.

That’s why I think Brazile’s decided to sell her book by focusing more on Clinton. She knew doing so would bring about attention from the “Bernie or bust” folks who love to be told Clinton rigged the primary and conservatives will often flock to anything that paints the former Secretary of State in a negative light.

When you get right down to it, this is mostly about money.

Sure, conservatives are also using the Clinton dog whistle to distract from Trump’s scandals, controversies, and incompetence — but their obsession is still mostly about money.

The truth is, Clinton’s political career is over. She’s no longer a politician. She’s not going to hold public office again. She’s never going to be president (even if some still think she should be). For all intents and purposes, at least politically, she’s irrelevant.

If it were up to me, I’d never hear her name again. Not because I don’t think she’s a very intelligent person who’s done a lot of good despite what her critics think, but because even as ridiculous as I think that it is, any time she’s mentioned becomes a distraction that keeps us from focusing on the here and now. I thank her for her service and wish things had gone differently, but I’ve moved on. I want to focus on 2018, not 2016. I want to spend my time working against the dangers Trump poses to this country, not fighting over conspiracies about a 70-year-old grandmother. I want to build up the next Democratic superstar who can lead this country into a huge victory in 2020.

There’s far too much at stake right now to keep rehashing debates we’ve already had about someone.

Yet she’s still talked about on a daily basis because all aspects of the media — left-wing, right-wing, mainstream, etc. — know that the mention of her name, especially if a story is packaged in a sketchy or controversial way, is good for business. Her name gets page clicks, shares, retweets, and ratings.

As someone who works in this “business,” while there are a few other factors as to why Clinton’s still talked about so often, trust me — this is mostly about money.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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