Let Me Explain One of the Biggest Reasons Why Liberals Lose So Often

Progressives are clearly more intelligent than our counterparts on the right, which should really make you wonder why we frequently lose to these folks. Sure, we tend to do alright when it comes to the presidency – but that’s about it. Republicans dominate local and state elections all over the country (even in quite a few “blue” areas) and have mostly controlled Congress for the better part of the last quarter century.

It’s a sad reality considering it’s been proven, time and time again, that when liberals show up in large numbers to vote – we win.

Too many on the left don’t do that, which is why Democrats (and liberals in general) lose so damn often.

So, why is that?

We’ve had two great presidents over the past 30 years – Bill Clinton and Barack Obama – but yet many on the far-left refused to embrace them as great while understanding that no president is flawless. Instead, they spend much of their time nitpicking and whining about ideological purity – while often ignoring context, reality or even facts.

Meanwhile, even though Ronald Reagan did quite a few things that, by today’s GOP standards, would disqualify him from being a Republican, he’s worshipped and idolized as an icon within the party. Not that I’m saying liberals should blindly idolize any former president, but many on the left spend far too much time focused on everything bad as opposed to realizing just how good these two presidents were or have been. 

For an example of what I mean, look at the climate deal President Obama reached a few months ago. This was a huge deal that included a massive agreement by most of the world’s nations that was heralded as a success and a step in the right direction. Well, unless you were on the far-left, that is. Many of these folks complained about how it didn’t go far enough and claimed that the deal was basically worthless. Instead of celebrating that, while far from perfect, much of the world had just agreed to take a good step toward combating climate change that could lead to bigger deals in the future – many chose to to play the role of “Negative Nancy,” moaning and complaining because it didn’t meet their “standards.”

I fully believe history is going to reflect back on Barack Obama as one of our nation’s greatest presidents. Yet, right now, many on the far-left have actually become huge Obama critics because he didn’t wave his magic wand and make all of their unrealistic hopes and dreams come true.

Even now as we’re facing a very similar situation to what we had in 2000, many of these tea party liberals are professing to do the same thing that they did 16 years ago (not support the Democratic nominee) which allowed George W. Bush to pretty much ruin this country. Because, you know, “not quite liberal enough” Al Gore would have been so much worse than Bush, right?

Though, ironically, because many of these tea party liberals helped give us Bush in 2000, they’re whining (again!) because things in this country aren’t exactly how they want them to be. Even though their action in 2000, apathy in 2004 and absence during just about every midterm election is a huge reason why Republicans continue to have the power in this country to block or obstruct any attempt at progress which basically everyone on the left wants to bring to this country. That’s a big reason why Democratic presidents like Clinton and Obama had to lean far more right than they would have liked to. The reality is, a president can’t make Congress pass legislation. It seems many of these tea party liberals believe that they can.

Here’s the truth, though I know a lot of people are going to complain about what I’m about to say: If liberals in this country want a left or far-left agenda pushed and supported strongly, then we all need to support “blue, no matter who” and show up to every single midterm election in large numbers so that we can give a Democratic president a Congress controlled by Democrats (for more than a few months, anyway). After that, then we can finally see what the hell we can do once our government is controlled by Democrats for an extended period of time. Then once we do all of that, if things aren’t much better (though there will always be whiners from this group no matter what), then we can start talking about how Democrats have sold out the American people and how it’s naive to blindly push for party loyalty over anything else.

Until then, these folks needs to stop complaining and whining about the fact that Democrats are constantly forced to compromise with Republicans because many liberal voters are too damn busy complaining about everything instead getting their butts out to vote in every single election. If they did, then we could finally put this nation in the hands of Democrats and witness just how much progress we can bring to this country when we actually do something about it instead of just talking about it.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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