Let’s Use Common Sense: Why Would God Care About Homosexuality?

church-sign-1As many of you might already know, I’m a Christian.  That being said, I’m a Christian who doesn’t put much emphasis on man-made tools for practicing faith.  I’ve never placed a huge deal of importance on church, and while the Bible has a lot of good passages, it’s been rewritten and translated so many times it’s impossible to believe the version most Christians follow today is anything close to the original text.

I’m sure most of us in school played the “rumor game.”  You know, where one person is given something to say, they whisper it in the person’s ear who’s sitting next to them (but they can only say it once), then that person repeats the same thing all around the classroom until the last person is told.  The funny part is seeing just how different the original message is from the last thing the person heard after it had been filtered through twenty or so other people.

And that’s just with a simple sentence over a few minutes.  Imagine a massively complex book over a few thousand years.  You’re really going to tell me nothing has been distorted over time or through translation?  Hell, as Americans we can’t even agree on what our Constitution does or doesn’t protect — why would the Bible (which is much older) be so definitive?

And while there are plenty of passages within the Bible that leave many believers and non-believers alike scratching their heads, I figured I’d take a closer look at the issue of homosexuality and the Bible.

I fully admit there are plenty of passages written within the Bible that say homosexuality is wrong. Now, do I believe God or man wanted those passages to be in the Bible?

I believe man did.

With all the problems human beings face and cause on this planet such as murder, rape, famine, child molestation — why would God honestly care about two men or two women loving each other?

Who honestly cares?  Our bodies are all comprised of the same materials.  Who cares what part of which appendage goes in what orifice and by what sex?  Is this really an end all be all factor in determining what kind of people we are on this planet?

Hell, if you read the Bible, basically all sex outside of basic “baby making” sex is forbidden.  Sorry ladies and gentlemen, no more foreplay!  Missionary only, no contraceptives — hope you don’t get knocked up!

Oh, so you want to masturbate?  You sick son of a ….

You know what anti-homosexual passages in the Bible remind me of?  A group of backwoods, ignorant males talking about gay sex.  It’s “icky” and “gross.”  You’ll hear things like, “Two men loving each other ain’t right.  It’s downright disgusting.”

Yet many of these same people have no problems seeing two women kiss.  Hell, I’ve met people who are extremely anti-LGBT rights who’ve participated in threesomes.  That’s not only participating in gay sex (in some way someone in that threesome did some kind of homosexual act), it’s a whole host of “no-no’s” found inside of the Bible.

But then again, why would God really care?  Don’t tell me it’s “about procreation” because there are millions of people who are heterosexual and simply unable to have children naturally.  If God views sex and relationships as just about procreation, why would God then create millions of people who are unable to do just that?

What about couples who simply choose not to have children?  Does God punish them for not following “the natural order” of things?

When I read the parts of the Bible about homosexuality, I don’t see divine writing.  I see homophobes from centuries ago interjecting their own personal views into Biblical text as it was translated many times over human history.  I see the same natural ignorance about homosexuality that I see in my everyday life from people who aren’t in any way religious.  I see the typical, “Ew, two men kissing is gross” sophomoric-type childishness that I see in everyday people who probably couldn’t quote you a single passage from the Bible.

I see the same ignorant disdain I witness from many people toward women, other religions, different ethnic groups or pretty much anything different from themselves.  It’s the human instinct to be afraid of, or stand opposed to, what it is that they’re not.  And once that got mixed up in religion, it took on a life of its own.

Because as a Christian, with all the problems we have in this world, I just can’t see God really caring who we love or what we do in our own bedrooms with another adult.

That just doesn’t make any sense.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Kestrel

    There’s no way you can believe in a god if you have no basic knowledge of what he is, what he wants and how you are supposed to appease it – you are taking a random name and creating your own religion around it. I’m an atheist now that I’ve spent so much time as an Elder. That’s all people ever did – pick what they wanted to believe and made the story fit into it. “He didn’t MEAN that part!” But then “He says this thing is bad – and this thing is something I should/should not do or he will be displeased. Good thing I only have to say I sorry to get out of it. All those other bastards that have weird religions like Muslims and Hindus aren’t ever getting into MY heaven. Nope, just me and my brother Jesus.”
    If you aren’t miraculously healed here? Well that just means you are wanted back home with him.
    If you don’t believe in these things then you are not a Christian. You just used a Mad Lib to create a faith out of whole (holy?) cloth. But then, my belief is that everyone does it.

    • A Girl

      That’s why faith is not a virtue. To believe something without evidence of its validity is not something I aspire to. In my experience, most of us atheists are atheists because (1) the world is awash with evil and injustice (natural and human) and there is no superbeing doing a thing about it, (2) the only books claiming to be endorsed by a god are awash with ridiculous ignorance, contradictions, and vile teachings, and (3) if a god existed and cared that we knew it, he would tell us, personally (and, being “the only actual god,” consistently) (4) the universe is very badly designed for life and thus cannot have been designed for it and lastly, (5) there is insufficient evidence to reach any other conclusion.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        excellent———— that’s why I call PRAYING “begging”

    • Cesar Penafiel

      Amen. I’m so tired of people trying to extract logic and partisanship out of nonsense religion. Allen frequently exposes some interesting stuff, but this “what would God do” baloney is just slighly more rational and equally inconstent as the bible believing Republican homophobic anarchist party.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      Im agnostic————and I am still waiting 2 see an amputee “CURED” by some religious scumbag liar,,,,

    • skye1298

      Kestrel: I too, consider myself a Christian, although I most closely affiliate with the religion of Unitarian Universalism (which welcomes atheists). By that I mean I try to follow what I can discern about Christ’s actual teachings, which were radical then, and radical now.

  • Kaity

    You are brilliant! So well said. You took the words right out of my mouth. God bless! 🙂

  • Cesar Penafiel

    Why would God care? You are making an argument for atheism. Why would care about been praised and treated like invisible royalty? Christianity teaches us in the old testament that homosexuality is an “abomination”, “detestable” and goes and on. So if you don’t agree with the bible or church, gather your courage and come out of the closet, you are a smart and brave guy Allen, stop calling yourself a christian.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      if U try to exclusively follow the teachings of Christ—and his behaviors—I state that U indeed can call yourself a Christian,,,,,,,,,,,,,, atheism is a belief that NO GOD exists. Im agnostic: which loosely means that after many decades of reading and study I have concluded that (A) Its too big to TRULY figure out,,,(B) I don’t care

  • j rome

    Why does most things a progressive writes, whether it makes any sense or not always sound or read like they are trying to insult or shock people.

  • christian

    I think it’s ignorance to say that the Bible doesn’t say what it once did, and then you say “if you read the Bible” in your argument. So which is it? Do you use it as evidence or are you saying it should be discounted?

    Secondly- God cares because He made them man and woman and united them. That is the design. Anything outside of that design is not what God intends. The union of a man and woman reflects God. Not a man and man- and that’s why God doesn’t approve homosexuality. It is a sin. That doesn’t mean God doesn’t love someone who has chosen that lifestyle, and that there’s no hope for that person.

    • Gabriel Gentile

      It’s a choice? I see. When did you have the opportunity to choose, but decide against it?

      • gian keys flat mom

        he chose 2 be Christian,,,,,,,,,,,
        akin to choosing to be regressive blockhead republican

    • Wiccy Shackleton

      yes christian when did you choose to be heterosexual?

    • lucy nuckals

      I totally agree. GOD made man to be with a woman not another man. Homosexuality is totally disgusting anyway. Just think what two men do with each other. Inhumane!!!!! And each and every day another man comes out of the closet (I am speaking with actors, news casters – PUBLIC FIGURES! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF IT.

      • Jim Bean

        It (homosexuality) exists. No one can change that and no good comes from insulting or demeaning them. If there is a God, he’ll make the call. The rest of us should stay out of it. Its above our pay grade. And they would be wise to stop rubbing our noses in it.

      • gian keys flat mom

        james,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I like that!!!!
        ya got style and moxie jimbo!

      • gian keys flat mom

        how about 2 slim big chested women doing each other? wanna join THAT ‘disgusting’ anti -GOD behavior????????

    • Boldbeaut

      Judge not lest you be judged. In the OT, man had many wives and God was displeased. He CHOSE to allow this among His people, because His people continued in faith. Who is to say that He doesn’t have the same ability to discern a homosexual’s spirit?

  • christian

    One last thing, why, within “homosexuals”, is there always a “man” and “woman”? Oh. Because that’s the only way it’s supposed to work.

    • Catherine J

      Always a “man” and a “woman”? You don’t know many gay couples, do you?

    • Why do you love gay porn?

  • Edward Krebbs

    What gets lost is the context. For example, in the often quoted possible reference to homosexuality towards the end of Revelation, there is actually a list of those who won’t enter the New Jerusalem and it includes liars, adulterers, etc. Funny how we never hear preached about how liars won’t be let in but we hear blasted on loudspeakers how the LGBT won’t.

  • Francis DiFiore

    What a surprise…Mr. Clifton attempts to communicate beliefs that are both logical and morally sound, and the double team of homophobic bigots and asshole anti-theists come out of the woodwork to bash him. Typical

    Great work as always, Mr. Clifton.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Why would God care? Hey, haven’t you ever taken a class in mythology? Gods have been hung up about the most petty garbage since practically the beginning. Sure, the ancient Greek pantheon didn’t care about guys getting their freak on with each other, but you’d get sent to Tartarus for eating the wrong pomegranate… Makes Yahweh look downright MELLOW!

  • Imagine a massively complex book over a few thousand years.

    A Christofascist would tell you to go to hell, not knowing that “hell” descends from an ancient Greek word for a place where garbage was burned. The impact of mistranslations is comic. Never hesitate to remind Christofascists that Jesus was an illiterate, brown undocumented migrant, foreigner, community organizer, socialist and Rabbi, who did some woodworking on the side.

    • gian keys flat mom

      ” benghazzzzi”

  • Mark Strange

    The Serpent (Some claim is Satan) tempted Eve to eat of the fruit of “Knowledge of God and Evil” and be wise. That she could be like God and decide for herself right from wrong. That she might question authority, even of the self proclaimed “almighty.” A fable clearly, but I see the Snake as a Hero.

    A real God, who is logical and of sound reason, would want his subjects to use their brains. A leader who does not is called a dictator.

  • Zach B

    If you refuse to accept parts of the Bible, what basis do you have for accepting other parts of it? What basis does your faith have if you pick and choose what you want to belief? Just saying…

    • gian keys flat mom


  • Tigerkitten36

    Why it it when people talk about homosexuality its always “two men kissing are disgusting” but if its two women, its okay. Unless they aren’t pretty? “Homosexual behaviors” has been found in over 500 species of animals (google it) Why is it so awful that humans do it too?

    If its not happening in your bed, why do you care what others do in theirs?

  • r3formed

    Do you do any research at all?

    Rhetoric and nothing more. You should feel ashamed to offer up such ridiculous arguments.

  • Guest

    Mr. Clifton – I’m new to this site but after reading some of these posts I’m not I want to waste my time reading the crap the Christians put up. What pig-headed individuals they are.

  • Susan Grove

    I’m new to this site but after reading some of the posts your Christian followers have put up I’m not sure I like the feeling of them shoving their skewered ideas in my face. What a bunch of narrow-minded, vile people. And to think they are everywhere – scary!