Liberal Bloggers Slamming Mitt Romney for his Grandson’s Name Completely Miss the Point

Mitt-Romney-grandchildThere’s dumb, there’s stupid, there’s ignorant and then there’s this.  Apparently some liberal bloggers have taken to attacking Mitt Romney, following the announcement of his 22nd grandchild welcomed into the family.

The child was adopted by his son Ben and daughter-in-law Andelynne.  So what’s the big deal, you ask?  Well the child happens to be black.  But that’s not really what a few liberal bloggers have decided to attack.  The child’s name is Kieran.  Again, why is that a big deal?  Well, apparently in Gaelic (a language still widely used on the planet, didn’t you know) Kieran means “black” or “dark.”

I mean, it’s an obvious attempt by Romney’s son to be a blatant racist toward his newly adopted child, right?

Are you kidding me with this?  First, I’m angry that I have to defend Mitt Romney because I personally can’t stand him and I believe he’s politically irrelevant at this point.  Second, it’s absolutely pathetic that these liberal bloggers have gone out of their way to find anything to try to bash the Romney family about.

Romney has proven himself to be a master of gaffes.  First of all I highly doubt Mitt chose the name for his grandson, but even if he did, so what? This is not a gaffe, and it damn sure isn’t blatant racism, which is what some of these bloggers and Twitter idiots seem to imply.

Never mentioned in these stories is the fact that this child now has a family who will love him.  And while you might completely loathe the Romneys, it’s indisputable that this child will be afforded opportunities in life he would have never had if Mitt Romney’s son never adopted him.

To imply that the child’s name is somehow racist or even just a “gaffe” is disgusting.  How disingenuous of a person must you be to reach so far as to turn the adoption of a child — something that should be celebrated — into a personal attack?

There are many things which Romney has done, and probably will still do, to levy political attacks against him.  If you want to attack his politics, his policies or his support of current Republican legislation you disagree with—by all means go right ahead.

But to go as far as to attack him and his family for the name chosen for their adopted grandson is simply deplorable.  Have we become so bitterly divided and cynical that we’ll sink to these levels?

Liberals should be above this.  And while I’m fully in support of attacking the character of a politician, their stance on policies or the asinine comments they might make—this is crossing the line.

From myself, and everyone here at Forward Progressives, I want to congratulate Mitt Romney and his whole family for the newest addition to their family, and apologize for the absurd attack levied by a few liberal bloggers.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • ironkitten

    Not sure why you felt the need to bash Gaelic speakers, but whatever.

  • bainic

    Well people are always saying why don’t they adopt some of these unwanted children? So apparently they did. I loathe Mitt too but kudos to his son.

  • Kathy Warriorpooflinger

    Oh please. Out of all the names in the world this Mormon family, who has been taught to believe that those of darker skin are inferior, could have chosen…it is not that big a leap to think that there is something to it, even if it wasn’t intentionally malicious. I would love to see just how high in the Church of LDS this Romney gets, compared to his white cousins.

    • Real American


      • Kathy Warriorpooflinger


      • Coy Potts

        Bahaha…what an ignorant reply. You imply that Real American would be jealous simply for throwing an insult your way. You really couldn’t come up with any other intelligent response than that?

    • Susan Carey

      Soooo … you’re saying they adopted a child they despise, and will have to live with, support and raise for the next 20+ years, for the vengeful thrill of giving it a name that describes his complexion?

      • Kathy Warriorpooflinger

        No Susan, I’m saying they are incredibly insensitive and clueless, and that this child will grow up as the red-headed stepchild so to speak because the Church is their family, and the Church is not ingratiating to anyone who isn’t white. And to name him “Blacky” in Gaelic only illustrates how out of touch they are. And to tweet the announcement? Do they tweet about their white children? Doubt it.

      • Patrick Barrett

        “Pooflinger” describes you well.

      • Kathy Warriorpooflinger

        Can’t attack the message so you attack my name…the weapon of the weak minded.

      • Christopher Powell

        Nope, he attacked the message.

        Your message is poo. And you are flinging it around here. He never actually criticized the name. He just pointed out that it fits with your actions on this board.

        Did you know that Kieran was also the name of a 6th century saint who was renowned for his generosity?

        I’m glad we have you to tell us exactly what Mitt’s son and his son’s wife are thinking at all times.

        I’m also glad that we’re bothering arguing about this instead of focusing on things that matter, like getting tru universal healthcare, or improving education, or destroying the glass ceiling, or fixing the income inequality in this country. I’m sure Mitt and his fellow conservatives are happy about it too.

      • William Carr

        No, that actually WAS attacking her name.

        “Pooflinger describes you well” ?

      • USAproud

        NO Kathy, It’s a CHINESE name!!

      • Kathy Warriorpooflinger

        It’s also a Gaelic name.

      • joy karen

        i had not thought of this. i really hope that this doesn’t turn out this way but your post gives food for thought.

      • MidgardMortal

        Food for thought, like a big fat steak for a vegan?

      • MidgardMortal

        That is ridiculous. Are you a cousin-dating teabagger?
        You are totally cracking me up!

      • Kathy Warriorpooflinger

        No I am a gay liberal atheist democrat.

      • Jealith

        From what I have read about the Mormon religion this child will not be accepted at all by the majority. I think Kathy has a valid point although Mitt did “Tweet” about other grandchildren as they came along. The only reason this one is causing such a ruckus is because he is black. Glad the child got adopted? Yes. Sorry he has to grow up with that family? Yes.

      • Charles M.

        Well…. it wasn’t ”Blacky” it’s Black.

        “Kieran” is common name in Ireland, and though it does mean “black” or “dark,” it usually denotes a link to Fergus, King of Ulster, a figure in Irish legend.

        The name descends from “Ciar,” one of Fergus’s sons, who is said to have given birth to theCiarraige, a medieval Irish people who gave their name to County Kerry.

        thanks internet!

      • USAproud

        Kathy is….special.

      • CherMoe

        For all you know, though, it could be a political ploy. It’s interesting how supportive Bob Portman became and did a 180 on the issue of gays after his son came out. I foresee other Romney’s entering politics once Mitt has primed them well. Aside from that, I pray with all my heart this little one will be afforded the things he needs and be brought up right, with a heart and compassion and not be another spoiled rich kid insensitive to the rest of our country.

    • FourQ

      Oh please, yourself. They may be rich, but they’re still American, which means they probably didn’t have the faintest idea what the Gaelic meaning of the name is.

      • Kathy Warriorpooflinger

        You’ve never been a rich white lady picking out your baby’s name, have you FourQ? They do extensive research on the subject, and buy tons of books of baby names. Puh-lease.

      • MidgardMortal

        So they can come up with names like “Mitt” and “Tagg”??? LOL! Puh-lease.

      • GL

        And so as a result you get a son named “Taggart”? Or a daughter named “Apple”? Somehow I doubt either of those appear in baby name books.

      • Aimee Barfield

        Someone mentioned upthread that their were many ‘saints’ with this name, if the Romney’s gave it any thought aside from liking the name, this would seem the most likely thought at all.

      • MidgardMortal

        That’s true. Most people don’t know what their own name means or what nationalities their ancestors were.

      • kmeghan

        I’m 9th generation American, and I know what it means. I’m also of Irish decent, so it makes sense for me to know what it means. But, it’s an adorable baby who found a loving home.

    • I Once Was Andrew

      I hate the Mormons as much as any right-thinking non-cultist, but this is just a stupid comment.

    • MidgardMortal

      Oh Kathy, USAproud is wrong, you’re not kinda dumb…
      you are totally way past kinda….

  • joe

    Romney and his entire family is irrelevant to anything to do with this countrye. its like talking about sara palin. its pointless filler. no one cares. theses people neeed to fade away.

  • Mark Strange

    Agreed. Beyond dumb. After all Romney fathered Obamacare, show some respect ( even if he has a hard time doing so himself). No but seriously people exist in all parties unfortunately. Congrats little Kairan. It’s good to be loved.

  • cnick

    I thought the mistake was that he called it his 22nd grandchild and he had already called one born last year the 22nd. I never heard any buzz about the name.

  • Christine Dantz

    Sadly, I see too many people get caught up in “sides” and get away from the facts. The fact is, a child was adopted into a good home. Do I agree with the religion or politics? Absolutely not. Do I think this child will be better off tomorrow because he was adopted? Absolutely.

    • xnerd

      THis child is a political prop, and dont you doubt that for a second.

      • Dissenter13a

        Mitt is out of politics. With Republicans these days, it is one and done. Tagg is the only one who might have aspirations, and he’s on the wrong side of 40 with no real experience.

      • xnerd

        Oh dont count Mitt out yet. I can see him on some other ticket.

      • William Carr

        For example; there’s no requirement on the Supreme Court that you have a law degree.

        If there’s ever another Republican President, be sure they’ll try to pack the court; be sure Mitt Romney will be in their top ten choices.

      • Terri Holland

        OMG – they do not share my political values but to presume one of his kids adopted a black child for political gain is wildly despicable.

      • David Chappy

        why is it wildly despicable when you look at the fact that these kinds of people are willing to destroy our ENTIRE COUNTRY to get what they want?!!! I think you underestimate powerful people…

      • MassVeteran

        Political gain? How. Mitt Romney didn’t not adopt this child. His Son did. His son is not into politics is he? If he is, this will backfire. Republicans’ hate blacks, so this isn’t going to work in politics. I personally believe that race doesn’t play a role here. Sounds like Kieran has a wonderful family and I am happy for all of them. Shame on any liberal that doesn’t agree.

    • YellowDogYankee

      I think it is wonderful whenever people chose to adopt but I am also from Utah and have seen, first hand, what happened to Navaho children adopted by Mormon families. Count me a skeptic. Also wonder why, and I suppose this was the source of the outrage mentioned above, the Romneys found it necessary to incorporate the child’s color into his name.

  • Christine Dantz

    But, don’t most people “Google” nowadays? I looked up the meaning of my sons name, so I find it strange they didn’t check this out. However, it’s not my place to judge them.

    • Susan Carey

      Even if they did…how is it a slur to have a name that means :dark” when you are of dark colouring? Lots of people have names that mean things like fair or flaxen haired and no one says they will need counselling.



  • Terry Alway A Marine

    Did they use a baby name book?…seriously …they do give a meaning…or do you think they looked up the spelling and meaning?….really do not think its a family name do you?

  • rosestar77

    Mitt who?

  • Daniel Lovejoy

    Haters are going to hate. It doesn’t matter what political party they belong to.
    Eventually, I hope they realize that all hate does is make the world a worse place to be.

  • Chris Korb

    Oh for Pete’s sake, my last name in my first marriage(and both he and I are white) was Dark. We named our daughter Melanee, which also means dark……….get a life will ya

  • Amy

    I have to say, I think you are wrong on this one. And I rarely disagree with you. I adopted a child of a different race than me and I am connected to a lot of teen and adult adoptees who were adopted by parents of a different race, so I’m not just pulling this stuff out of the air. This name will haunt this child as he gets older. This child, no matter how much he is loved (and I have no doubt that he is loved), will feel different because he looks different. You cannot “love” away those differences. They are there and they are real. And we, as white people, CANNOT gloss over them and say “well, he’ll get opportunities he wouldn’t have had”. That’s such a white privilege thing to say. And it completely dismisses the real feelings this child will have at some point. When he finds out what his name means, I think there is a very good chance that this will make him feel even worse. I am sure the Romneys love this child and mean well, but that doesn’t make the name less of a problem.

    • Real American

      So then you are assuming that there will be no racial sensitivity or special counseling? Maybe the people you know as well as yourself were not adopted into the family of BILLIONAIRES… Maybe just maybe, these folks will have the resources to get professional help with sensitive issues

      • Amy

        Because being a billionaire will solve all his problems. That’s brilliant. Rich people never have any issues. They can pay enough money and it all goes away.

    • FiachSidhe it won’t. Like your average American knows what their OWN name means, let alone an Irish one.

    • Insatiable Booksluts

      This name isn’t going to haunt the kid. If it were about his skin color, there wouldn’t be like a zillion white kids named Kieran. It’s not some sort of mark that will follow him around for the rest of his life; almost nobody would even KNOW what the name meant (including, very likely, the Romneys) if someone hadn’t been trying to smear the family.

    • MidgardMortal

      Life isn’t perfect. We all have differences, even in single race families. Part of evolving as a human is to learn to live with and get passed those differences.
      Are you sorry that you adopted a child from a different race? Is the child? If so, perhaps there is a bigger problem in your family than being “different’. We are all humans, we are all much more alike than we are different.

      • Amy

        You clearly have no experience with interracial adoption. Everyone who is blasting me should go read a few of the hundreds of blogs written by interracial adoptees (mostly Korean since there are many Korean adoptee adults now). You will sing a different tune when you hear their side of what it’s like to be raised in a white family and feel like an outsider even in families that love them very much. As liberals we should be more sensitive to these issues. Saying they don’t exist or shouldn’t exist is so demeaning to the adoptees. This a very complicated issue. Names do matter. Even if not one other soul ever knows what the name means, it could still be hurtful to him when he finds out someday. And then maybe it won’t. Every person is different. But to say the notion is impossible really shows a lack of understanding of this issue.

    • kmeghan

      I know a child who’s name is Kieran. Neither he, nor his parents knew what it meant. And they are white. You’d think you’d look things up in a baby book. But, the regular person isn’t going to know that it means ‘black’ in Gaelic. I’ve hear worse names in my lifetime.

  • ziggywiggy

    maybe they just liked the name, the whole thing is silly

    • William Carr

      Well, it’s not like they’re Irish. Romney is a British name.

      • David Chappy

        WTF does that have to do with anything?!

      • Aimee Barfield

        My last name is British, my first name takes on a French spelling and we have no French ancestry in our family at all. Both my mother and father have British last names, so it’s a conspiracy then?

  • janetmamajo4

    I agree with you, Allen…. Mitt Romney is not a nice man, would have been a terrrible president, and I don’t like him, but to slam his family for naming their baby??? Come on, people… liberals should be above all that…. Congratulations to the Romney family on this happy blessing!!!

  • SpinningJ

    Could it be possible that the child was already named before he was adopted? Perhaps his birth mother gave him the name and the Romney’s are not even responsible for it. Besides, it is wonderful that they took in this child who needed a home and a family. Congrats to the whole family.

    • William Carr

      Because a Black mom gave her baby boy a Gaelic name.


      • Aimee Barfield

        You have already given preconceived notions about a black woman you know nothing about. Why wouldn’t a black woman give her child a Gaelic name?

  • BillC

    Why is this considered to be anything other than a minor news item? One of the Romneys adopted a child – great! And named him? Also great, provided that the name is a moniker that one would normally give to a human being.

    Apart from that, this liberal says that we should leave the Romneys alone. They deserve some time out of the spotlight. Also, in my opinion, getting worked up over the child’s name is a waste of valuable time. Most folks quite rightly do not care about this “issue,” and folks may well come to the conclusion that those who are making a fuss about it are trivial at best, and not worth following.
    If you can’t find something constructive to comment on in today’s news (and the Romneys are yesterday’s news), then you have not been paying attention.

  • youngskeletor

    While it’s possible the name is a purposeful dick move, it’s really no different than lack girls named “ebony”. Are black parents racist for using that name? To see the name as negative is to imply that being black or dark-skinned is negative. Romney’s are shitbags, move along.

  • Roccopants

    I smell a run for office from his son if he isn’t in a position already:) I don’t believe they would adopt a black child to run for office later but it wouldn’t hurt and I’m sure someone had that in the back of their head….

  • September Waites

    I have to agree with this article 110%! As much as I loathe Mitt, his insanely dim-witted wife, and his kid that disrespected the president by insinuating his desire to punch him in the face was acceptable, this is an asinine conspiracy against the family. I think the fact that his son adopted a baby from a minority race actually makes me think a little higher of the family, since most of Mitt’s political positioning implied that something like this might be far fetched. People really need to get a life. It’s disappointing that the liberal media is stooping just as low as the conservative media.

  • Beverly Haley

    The name Kieran in the Chinese language means Couragous and Strong. The fact that some blogger did not even bother to check other meanings just says to me that they meant to race bait… we should be way above all of that!

    • Kathy Warriorpooflinger

      Yeah, the Romneys gave their child a Chinese name. Right.

      • Lala

        What about the billions of black and hispanic kids named Ebony ? like seriously get real.

      • Kathy Warriorpooflinger

        You think the name was chosen to instill ethnic and cultural pride in baby Kieran? Really? You do know what the LDS teach about people of color, right?

      • MommyHope

        For the love of God, Kathy! If it was meant as a racial thing, why would they even adopt a black child. You and your theory are completely ridiculous and overreaching!

      • Paul Moore

        They adopted him to be their servent on planet Kolab

      • mindy

        Hope, the fact that Mormonism has a fairly recent racist past is pretty important information, if they plan to raise him in that church. You can act like it’s no big deal – but have you raised children who are of a different race than yours?

      • mindy

        Lala, I have been active in transracial adoption advocacy for over 15 years. Ebony is not an uncommon name, no, but I’ve never heard of it bestowed upon a black child by her white parents. I don’t disagree that they probably did not name him this out of any malice at all – mom looks like she’s pretty much in love with her baby boy and I wish them well. But helping a child of color find and be proud of his cultural heritage and racial identity is a big job, and since they are a very high-profile, large, white conservative family, they have their work cut out for them.

      • USAproud

        Kathy, you’re kinda dumb, huh?

      • MidgardMortal

        Not any stranger than they gave him an Gaelic name.
        Maybe they know someone with that name.
        Maybe they read in it a book or heard it in a film.
        Maybe they just like the way it sounds. Who Cares?!

    • CherMoe

      Interesting …. thanks for providing that info. It’s a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. And I’m sure the little one will need all the courage and strength possible.

    • Arriss

      Would you care to provide some more information on that? Maybe some hanzi? From what I know that name can not be pronounced in Chinese. I also tried to look up the meaning and only found the Irish origin.

    • mindy

      Keiran is not a Chinese name. Not sure where you got that info? It’s a Gaelic name. It’s a lovely name. But it does mean “dark,” and as the only black child in a large, white family, that seriously might matter to the kid one day. It might not. But it doesn’t show much racial sensitivity by the two people who have committed to parenting this child – who, whether they like it or not, will grow up to be a black male. And people, unfortunately, will judge him for being that. So his parents, of all people, need to be sensitive to his heritage and make sure that he has African American role models and has the opportunity to go a diverse enough school that he has classmates who look like him. They need to think, from now on, how every decision they make affects this child.

      I am liberal, and I wish they’d picked another name, even though I’d guess that they didn’t even know the meaning, just liked the name. That, however, is part of the problem. They need to start educating themselves about all that is involved in parenting a child of another race. Having been doing so for almost 18 years now, I can promise you that they have a lot to learn. I wish them all well.

      • Dennisdread_2000

        Thank you.

      • Sagew

        Why does ‘Dark’ have to have a negative connotation? It could have been intentional or not but neither answer means it should be viewed negatively. Plenty of children are named Ebony as well.

      • dixiegirl3179

        I don’t think it has to be viewed as negative to be an insensitive name choice. It’s not that big a deal to me, and I actually like the name, but naming him for the one feature that makes him different from the rest of the family is a little insensitive IMO. What if they had named him Blackie? I’m not going to bash them for it though. It is possible that his birth mother requested the name and it’s possible that they didn’t really know what it meant when they chose it.

      • Nathan Stesney

        Not to mention… how are they going to raise a black child in their family? Their religion only started allowing blacks into heaven in the 70’s… and only to serve in the capacity of servants to the mormon born, white males that actually get to experience heaven.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Don’t sweat it.

      • Dissenter13a

        They may not have had a choice. As a general rule, the mother gives the name to the child at birth.

      • XIU

        Mindy, yes it is a Gaelic name, but it is also a name in Chinese culture, so Beverly isn’t really off the mark. There is no reason that a lovely name (as you refer to it) can’t be a part of two cultures (though I agree with your general assumption, Romney most likely knew it from a Gaelic reference). Would you like to know where I got my info? I am half-Chinese and that’s my father’s name, who hails from Hong Kong.

        Cheers 🙂

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Hmmm, is that where Kirin beer comes from? (Which is Japanese, not Chinese).

        Kirin refers to a mythic beast from ancient Chinese
        mythology: one-half dragon, the other deer. According to legend, this amazing animal refuses to step on living plants and will not eat living things. Considered a harbinger of auspicious events, a Kirin is said to have appeared at the bedside of the mother of Confucius as she was about to give birth to her son. As a symbol of well-being and good fortune, the Kirin was an ideal choice for the label of Kirin Beer.

      • mindy

        Thanks, Xiu – I was referring to the Gaelic spelling, which is what they used. I appreciate your info! My oldest daughter was born on the mainland, not far from Hong Kong.

      • Becky

        Kieran was the name of Ireland’s first born saint. There were also 25 other saints named Kieran. Ever think that was the reason they used the name?

    • mclay

      What blogger? There doesn’t seem to be any reference to all of the liberal bloggers that have written so much about this.

    • David Chappy

      tell it to a teatard.

  • carle062


    I’m sorry, but someone had to say it. He’s freaking adorable.

  • Jon

    There are a lot of things I don’t like Mitt Romney for. Having a son who adopts a child into his family is never going to be one of them

  • androphiles

    This is the kind of nonsense that gives us liberals a bad name. Unfortunately, stupidity isn’t exclusive to any one political philosophy.

  • Lin Mack

    In my opinion the true tragedy is that the motives of the Romney family are called into question when it comes to the name. Therein lies the rub – for it has been the positions taken by Mitt that give rise to the suspicions. Had Mitt
    taken different positions on certain issues – the odds are that no one would
    think twice about the name. I am also sure that the unfortunate legacy of the LDS concerning African American males also contributes in no small way.
    However, from all outward appearances it appears that this baby is being
    welcomed into the Romney family. There will no doubt be many hurdles in the future for the newest Romney – in my opinion, the naysayers should not contribute to them by calling attention to his name. Who knows what greatest he will rise to – after all who would have thought we would ever have a POTUS named “Barack Obama”.


    Good for Ben and Andelynne AND this child. God bless them for giving this child a good home and good loving parents.

  • Anna Rather

    Yup, getting mad at what Romney’s grandson’s named, is STUPID! I don’t like Romney. I don’t get why he’s still in the news at all? To get angry about what his grandson’s named is stupid because most likely Romney didn’t name his grandson. That’s the job of Romney’s son. I think Kieran is a pretty name.

  • John DeMaio

    Is Mitt Romney a real world Philip Drummond?

  • Kat

    LOL – the name’s meaning doesn’t apply to the color of a person. “Dark poet”, “Black Irish” – it has zero to do with skin color. Can’t stand them, but I can almost guarantee they didn’t adopt the boy to torment him. Jaysus.

  • Toney Wright

    I think it’s a cool name.

  • mitt sucks ass

    Rich people adopt kids like accessory’s. Mitt Romney is a bonefide racist and is on record being a complete douchebag. Atleast his kids dont seem to have taken up that trait. But I do wonder why they named their new black kid… I hate them i dont care if they adopted all of africa they are still pieces of shit! Perhaps its a political ploy to gain favor with african americans. nothing would surprise me.

  • Beth Dalton

    Weird that they ‘fumbled” this one so badly— When I chose both of my children’s names, the meaning of them played a huge role in choosing them. Weird —

  • katherine norton malek

    I agree with some of what you say. Liberals should NOT stoop to the low-blow level personal attacks that TPs, Republicans, religiosos and extreme right wingers hold the market on. Nevertheless, I simply cannot garner an ounce of empathy for any one of the Romney’s – except this new member of their family, who I can only pray will not grow up being treated like a 47%er. I pray their intentions are true and this adoption isn’t a political long term plan for one of the Romneys running for office in the near or distant future. Leaves me skeptical though. Wouldn’t put it past any of them. And for those ppl whose position it is that this child is at least adopted into “a good home”, I say, how can you be sure? Dysfunction crosses all socio-economic planes. It’s a “good home” because they’re wealthy?! Well, that couldn’t be further from fact! Afterall, they strapped their family dog to the top of a car for a 10 hr. drive. Being granted an adoption across racial lines seems to be something reserved for the wealthy only. I have middle class friends who were denied same because they were told it would be confusing for the child to grow up in a family of a different race. No two more loving ppl, left heartbroken. I hope for the very best for this little cutie but I cannot help not trusting anything a Romney does. Liars, schemers, without conscience.

  • Jim Wetherell

    There are bigger issues to worry about than the name of Romney’s grandkids.

  • James Bridges

    Maybe they should have adopted a Native American baby and named him, Tonto.

  • Kiko Cortez

    I’m a independent that leans towards liberal, I agree 100% with this article. Celibate the fact that this kind family decided to adopt a child, don’t punish them because of their name choice.

  • THX1139

    That mom is one hot MILF… and by that I mean “Mormon I’d Like To Fuck!”

  • USAproud

    Boy, I feel really silly. I must be the ONLY person on the planet who didn’t know that Keiran meant ‘black’ in Gaelic. I just thought it was a cool name. But I’m sure ALL of you hypocrites did your research when you named your kids thus to not incur the wrath of the internet scrutiny and shame. And of course, every good Mormon should KNOW the Gaelic language like it was his own. (OMG, did I just defend Mitt Romney??)

    • David Chappy

      shut up

    • Angeleina

      You and me both USAproud. It’s something I never thought I would ever do either, defend a Romney. But, right is right and wrong is wrong. I have heard the name before and have never thought of what it meant. It’s just a nice, different name to me.

    • grannyrn

      I really have never seen the likes of the responses on this particular subject. Whatever the reason I am glad this baby will get a chance to reach his potential.I am black and did not even realize the baby was black and I certainly had never heard the name. May their whole family be blessed, they have done a good thing.

  • Ciarog Eile

    This uproar is absolutely beyond ridiculous. Why is the US *obsessed* with skin colour? They may not have known the origin of the name, and even if they did, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference. They may have simply liked the sound of it, or decided it was descriptive in an endearing way. I speak Irish (known to Americans as “Gaelic”) and Ciarán (which is how it should be spelled) means “little dark one” or “dusky”… it is used to describe a person with dark HAIR and EYES, not their skin. The Irish word for dark skin is “gorm”, which actually means “blue”. Referring to someone as being “black” (“dubh”) was considered negative because “dubh” was used to describe the devil or evil, black Africans were never referred to as “black” in the language as it was considered to be derogatory. The name describes dark hair or eyes, the equivalent name in English would be something like “Ash” or “Raven”. You should research names properly before launching into semantics.
    They adopted a child with dark skin. What on Earth is your problem with his name?? I am no fan of Mitt Romney, but criticising his family over the race/name of his grandchild says more about you than it does about them.

  • CherMoe

    I so wish people had stepped up to defend Chelsea Clinton when Republicans said HORRIBLE things about her looks. They’ve also made disparaging remarks about Hillary’s looks, her weight, her eyes, her glasses … on top of criticizing and trying to diminish her service to our country. These are the same people who have picked on Michelle Obama AND their two young daughters, even to the point of saying they shouldn’t have protection from attacks, etc. I agree that no one should say anything about a sweet innocent baby and his name. It remains to be seen what the parent’s intent was in choosing this name, because obviously there IS some intent of some kind. We just don’t know what. If it’s a Gaelic name, they weren’t paying a tribute to the child’s African heritage. But I truly believe that innocent children and the spouses of politicians should be off limits. There’s NOTHING to be gained and shows narrow-mindedness at the very least.

  • jim55price

    Yeah, well, I just got booted out of *another* purportedly liberal Facebook group for more or less the same thing. Someone posted a picture of a Conservative & others in the group started taking shots at the guy’s physical appearance. I said no, let’s stick with ideas here, & a shitstorm began, ending with me being booted, unfriended, etc. LOL It’s not like it’s the first time or the first such group. The simple fact is that a LOT of so-called liberal progressives may be liberal & progressive when they vote, but socially they are still shallow, racist, gossiping poltroons. I’ll be more palatable when they’ve grown up a bit. Ha. Make that IF. 🙂

    • GDW13

      Yep, people are people. Both sides have people with all kinds of both desirable and undesirable character traits.

  • GDW13

    These attacks really give those bloggers a Kieran eye.

  • Amy Darnell-Fuchs

    I agree. I’m sure they just like the name!

  • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

    Bravo, Mr Clifton! I despise Romney and his politics, but to resort to this sort of character assassination is a method of the rapid rightwing; I’m embarrassed that anyone on the left thought that approach was appropriate.

  • Randee Head

    I think reaching out to adopt a child is laudable. The name just adds meaning to the phrase, “Black is beautiful.”

  • MidgardMortal

    I like the name. I love that they adopted. Leave them in peace.
    (Mitt, however… still sucks).

  • Jaime

    I can’t stand Mittens as a politician, but even I can’t find fault in a family taking in a precious child that was unwanted by his own mother and loving him like the rest of his Grandchildren. Anybody that does is just an asshole…POINT BLANK!

  • kim

    Bravo, and completely on point!

  • Elizabeth

    I’m not a Mitt fan, but really people, leave that baby alone. Lucky child has hit the jackpot by being adopted. kudos to Mitt’s son and DIL!

  • Mike Williams

    I feel really bad….Having to defend Mitt Romney….asshats….

  • Pat

    Assuming that this child will have problems because of his name is a form of self-projection. So admit it, YOU would degrade this child. The reality is he is post millennial age and most likely he will be defending by his peers as a child and as an adult because as our young society grows older, this talk will most likely be a thing of the past. So you can help by just getting over it. They will deal with it on their own, if there is any problem at all. (and don’t talk this nonsense around your own children).

  • Weirdo

    I’m as liberal as they come, so I have to ask; why the fuck do people care? It’s not like they went and named him something degrading or offensive! Jeeez. Be upset with something worth it, people!

  • John Killilea

    Ciaran in gaelic means prince

  • deeter1013

    why is a man who ran a campaign including: “marriage is for the purpose of procreation, so gays should not be allowed to marry” now supporting the adoption of a child that clearly was not a result of his children procreating? Fuck that douche and his entire family…including “the dark one.”

  • kk

    Of course liberals would make this a big deal.

  • kmeghan

    Mitt didn’t name the kid. Sure, I probably would have gone for another name, because I’m aware that it means “black”, but, like others have said, it’s not the only meaning. And good for them for adopting. A child got a loving home. Leave it at that people!

  • kirsten zielinski

    really.. so if a person adopts an asian child and names it ‘yellow’..that’s ok.. or a latin child and names it brownie.. that’s ok? are you nuts? do YOIU have adopted kids? especially a different race child.. i am guessing not.. because names matter..and naming a black child something that means black is so stupid and shows they did not bother learning ANYTHING about culture or adoption issues.. nope.. they just go adopt a different race child and name it after its skin color. good job!

  • lushlush

    pretty sure it’s a popular name/style for the morman/utah communities. i also know a handful of people named things like aiden, kaiden, braden, keiran, kairan, braxton, braken, clayden, zaiden, and an assortment of others with a similar “ai + en” sort of combos. they get real creative. chill out guys.

  • Nicole


  • Book

    thats a nice name..

  • bqnemrac

    Which “liberal” bloggers are you talking about? I have not seen anything on this.

  • Barbara Harrison

    THIS Liberal could not agree more! Blessings to Kieran and his family….all of them.

  • Pipercat

    Oh, this is such nonsensical thing. The poor kid could have been stradled with a far worse name than Kieran, he could have been named Willard II! Kid dodged a bullet if you ask me!!

  • Let’s congratulate the happy family.
    This is a “teachable” moment – some idiots printed something stupid, and liberals apologize – which is correct. Would that have happened on the right?

    Never drag kids into the politics of their parents – and doubly so that of their grandparents.

  • RethinkThePink

    Liberals should be above this? Were you in a coma during the 2008 Democratic primaries?

  • Sieben Stern

    has no one suggested the obvious?

    Shoulda named him Messiah! XDc

  • Mclay

    I can’t find any evidence that “several liberal bloggers” have written about this. Can you name any specific ones?

  • Mark Schmidt

    Sometimes we liberals get caught up in details that really have little meaning…Benjamin, this boys adoptive father’s name, means Son Of The Right Hand. Willard, Mitt’s first name, means He Has Will, or Strength. Bruce means a Farmer, Mark means Warlike…actual traditional names have actual meanings, but we seldom think of them. Be happy this kid will have a comfortable, safe life.

    May he grow up to be a good Liberal.

  • Robin

    So the Blakes, Doyles, Douglas’s, Jets, Kerrys, Ravens and Sables are all going to be persecuted for having an association with BLACK names? Pathetic trolls.

  • Mary Sulkowski

    Accidental racism is still racism. I hadn’t thought about it before, but MarkDoesStuff’s Mark Oshiro and his twin brother talked about all the self-loathing and identity struggles they went through as Latino children raised by a Hawaiian/Japanese father and a white mother. Growing up in a mostly-white suburb, hearing racist stereotypes about stupid, lazy, job-stealing Mexicans, being exoticized by their white friends and classmates.

    I’m white, and I’m not adopted, so it’s not like I have anything to bring to this discussion on my own. But I do want to point out that there are a lot of people, including people with firsthand experience, making good points about how that can be a harmful environment for a child to grow up in.

  • DocBSchueler

    I’m glad Ciarog cleared up the real meaning of the new baby’s name. Now everyone can get real and stop acting like idiots about what the Kieran was named. I named one of my son’s after a cat and to this day I have no idea what his name means. I don’t even know what my name means and I don’t care as I am a unique being who is not bound by the meaning of my first, or any, name.

    Who knows why they chose that name. Speculation won’t get us anywhere or solve anything.

    Kieran may love his name or hate it. He may love his family or hate it. Only time will tell. Interracial adoptions are always tricky but I suspect a Mormon family can pull it off better than most. Family is all-important so the child will have tons of moral support of his family and religious community.
    Mormons evolve just like everyone else. Their doctrine on Blacks has already radically changed. It will change even more as time passes.
    All the churches recognize that the Millennials don’t give a damn about color or sexual preference. Even the Pope has had to acknowledge the change even if he hasn’t done anything concrete to change the way the church functions.
    Kieran will grow up in a brave, new world we can hardly imagine. Mitt’s grandson will be part of that. If anything, I imagine Kieran’s name will garner great respect from his generation where white people will be in the minority.
    As for the real, or imagined “liberal” bloggers, who are acting like Teapublicans, who knows. Maybe they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Regardless, they are acting like jerks and one can only hope that one day they will be on the receiving end of such crudeness.

  • Nathan Stesney

    So you’re a telling me a prominent member of a religion that is blatantly racist names his kid “black”… and that’s not even lol! worthy? lol, k!

  • xnerd

    I am truly puzzled but this article….
    Mitt, more than likely adopted a black child to improve his image for 2016.
    I am surprised that you doubt that at all!

    He is a self absorbed entitled little prick and would not understand racial sensitivity if it was printed on the dollar bill.

    I have no doubt in my mind that his name was chosen intentionally!
    His ilk are so clueless that they probably thought it sounded like a colorful name that african americans would approve of.

    Allen, you have lost your mind on this one.

  • Roberta

    Leave the children alone. They have no place in political comments- That just shows your inability.

  • John Bear Rambo

    The child being in a good home has nothing to do with naming the adopted black child “black”. I knew a hillbilly who named his black dog “Nigger”. Treated the dog great, actually. And I hate hillbillies more than you can’t stand Romney. Who knows if this child will become their forced-butler? 😛

    Regardless, this article is nonsense, so is the Romney family, and so the fuck are people who report news about topics that aren’t news.

  • Chomper Lomper Tawee

    At least they didn’t name him jigaboo.

  • bishop

    It’s possible they did not even choose that name, btw. That baby is not an infant.

  • kirsten zielinski

    i think the people who might be slamming are people who have already adopted different race children and perhaps know a bit more about this than the white privilege majority does. names matter and their meanings can matter. and it is different for a black family to name their child ebony than for a white family adopting a black child into what is probably the whitest family/religion in america to name their child a name that means black/dark. it is just different..

  • Amber

    I… I’m just a little confused. People are upset because Mitt Romney has a black grandson whose name means Black in some other language? What did the name originally describe? What was black that Kieran was an apt name for a young Gaelic boy? What of names like Melanie, Melinda, Cole, Blake, Dwayne, Doug that all mean black in some form and are given to little white children? What’s the deeper meaning there? Maybe… maybe those white women giving their white children names that mean “black” just liked the name? But surely that same assumption can’t be made for the Romney family because this is a black baby, and surely the connection was made. If Mitt’s son had named the baby Gavin or Finn, names that mean White, would that have been racist as well since they’re saying their black baby is now white? What about Flynn, since that means red, or Irving which means green, or Blaine which means yellow? Since those are all colors, would he be calling him colored? Yes, names are clearly meant to be digs at the children they love. I know that when my parents named me Amber, after a brownish-yellow color, they were simply making fun of me for how pale I was going to be for the rest of my life.

    Consider the possibility that they liked the name. Consider the possibility that the name is special to Andelynn’s side of the family. Consider the possibility that they didn’t even name him. And shoot, even consider the fact that Mitt Romney’s family is full of racists who think it’s hilarious to name their black baby “Black.” But they still adopted a kid into their home, which in my book, is pretty awesome, political and religious affiliations aside. Let’s just drop the judgement, yeah?

  • Rev. Janell Smith

    Maybe they just like the name! End of discussion.

  • Fed Up

    It rings hollow when the author of this column suggests that ad hominem attacks are out of line! While it may be fun to ridicule the antics of the more intellectually bankrupt wings of the extreme right, it became tiring to hear it long before the column began a tirade against those elements (and by implication consistent pacifists as well) for opposing military action in Syria. What part of “thou shalt not kill” do you not understand? This column has become the epitome of ad hominem attacks even as its political analysis has consistently failed. While emulating the venom of Fox News commentators and pizza mogul neocons, this column has steadily refused to make any genuine “progressive” analysis of domestic or foreign affairs, instead blindly cheerleading the most prominent neoliberal aspirant to the White House and echoing the facile rhetoric for military interventionism of the former pacifist who now heads the State Department. Real progressives know there is such a thing as “imperialism” (and oppose it), consistently support social democratic reform, and know how to argue without using ad hominem attacks, curse words, innuendo, or invective.

  • Becky

    Kieran was the name of Ireland’s first born saint. There were also 25 other saints named Kieran. If you think about it, that is probably the reason they gave this name to the baby. Sounds more likely to me.

  • Kirk welch

    All I know is that this crap has given Faux something else to belch liberal hatred for. Hell, even Limbaugh will take up the chant that Liberals are Racist!.

  • Alisoquoladi

    Kelly also means dark one so there sure are lots of folks that are brown that also use other Celtic names with no offense. Have met more than one person with the name Kelly who wasn’t white. Just move on people and let Mitt and his family raise this beautiful child without all of the slander. This is starting to sound like GOP rhetoric.

  • Joshua Singer

    just an fyi, by linking to those bloggers’ sites, your’e giving them exposure, and you’re giving them SEO relevance. It would be better not to link to a blog you think is deplorable. If you guys need an SEO consultant, feel free to contact me.

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    Weird. I know an Irish kid whose name is Kieran.

  • Mike Tragesser

    ….And naming a redhead “Ginger”, is that also racist? If you think adoption has any negative connotations, regardless of race, religion, or politics, you are cynical as hell, and need to shut up, and quit depressing everyone around you.

  • Nathan Buchanan

    What a dumb thing to be mad about. An otherwise unwanted child has found a very good home. I don’t care much for Mittens or his shady business dealings that made him so rich, but that wealth allows a child to have a good home. What the Romney clan did before 2012 was largely irrelevant to the world as a whole and I expect it will return to irrelevance sooner rather than later.

  • Kim Moran Ramsay

    These so called “Liberals” are not Liberals, they are just an embarrassment.

  • Kathryn A Irwin

    Glad to see they took from the pool of already born children instead of propagating any more for this already saturated globe, bout time they saw some of the writing on the wall. But they might have stayed within the realms of what they know instead of taking this name. It is sad that someone with this grade of schooling from this country wouldn’t know what the name meant before labeling it on any child. I’m from Massachusetts and don’t have much respect for this man as a politician and I feel that this is stepping into Tea Party territory instead of taking the high road. *Maybe they will reconsider the name though for the child’s sake.

  • Karen Lawyer

    Kieran Gibbs, English footballer, is also of a darker skin color. His heritage is from Barbados (on his father’s side). Do you think his parents looked up the Gaelic meaning of his name? Doubtful, considering he has a twin brother named Jaydon.

    Lesson: Remember what “assume” means.

  • bk

    Kieran really refers to dark-haired or black-haired, not black skin. Little dark one. In Irish it’s common to attach appearance to names, and there are almost 30 Irish names that mean black or brown or dark.

  • Chiharu

    I can’t stand the republican party, but when it comes to naming the kid, who honestly is trivial enough to give a forth of a shit about it? Why aren’t we addressing the fact that the leader of North Korea viciously killed his ex lover and her entire family not too long ago? Or the abuse of the welfare system? Or unemployment?

    There is more important stuff out there than this.

  • hws

    yes, liberals should be above “this” … the same as conservatives need to be above “that” … and therein lies the crux of our problem …. our elected representatives have completely forgotten what their call to service is all about … all they know how to do is play an antagonistic tennis match that has zero to do with getting our country back on track. another example of what ails the country. question is, what are “we the people” going to do about it?

  • James Wilk

    “Melanie” means black in ancient Greek. Should no African-American girls be given this name?

  • Henry Roberson

    Yeah, I agree about your comments on Romney but it’s kind of like Tea Party on Obama. The two bad sides of the political spectrum mirror each other, and that is usually not good.

  • William Carr

    I didn’t bother reading through all the blogs on the subject.

    I just dismissed it as genetic Romney foot-in-mouth disorder, naming a black kid “black”.

    It’s really not worth a second thought.

    I was a bit sorry for the kid, though. He’s got an uphill climb ahead of him understanding what real America life is like.

    I shudder to think he’ll become one of the rare black “conservatives”.

    But maybe he’ll go to college and have an awakening once he gets away from the family.

    Thanksgivings will be awkward.

  • Jennifer Read

    So they gave a black baby a name that means black. Couldn’t that be a celebration of his blackness, like naming a blonde girl Blanche?

  • Jen

    With that logic the liberals should be attacking anyone who named their kid Jennifer in the 80’s. It originally came from Guenivere, which means ‘white’.

  • David Chappy

    Who is the tart writing this article?! On behalf of all liberals, dear author…FUCK YOU!!

  • Brian Daugherty

    I fucking hate Mitt Romney, He is a despicable douchebag. However as an adopted child myself I don’t care what the kid is named so long as he goes to a loving home. I applaud Ben Romney for doing this. There may be hope for him after all. People need to stop being offended by EVERYTHING! My god if a spec of dust lands on the wrong piece of furniture someone will make a petition on change dot org to get dust banned. GROW THE HELL UP!

  • Suzanne Longo

    Leave them alone. This has nothing to do with us, unless you want to say “Congratulations to the newest member of your family.”

  • Garry

    First of all, anyone blasting Mitt the Twit, for someone elses actions, isn’t liberal.

    However, adopting a black baby in a white family and naming him Black, is pure evil.

    That’s not Mitt’s fault but it shows just how little moral fibre Mitt’s family has.

  • toucanne

    The article is spot on. Do you all have the same political ideas as your parents? We don’t know what Ben and Andelynne Romney’s beliefs and principles are, and it’s really none of anybody’s business. Some of the best and kindest-hearted people I have met have been Mormons. It’s stuff like this that gives us liberals a bad name. And, what about the name Melanie? That also means black. Jeez, people.

  • bambam1524

    My favorite Romney story will always be when Meat Loaf (the singer) decided to support Romney’s campaign, and Paul Ryan introduced them right before a concert Meat Loaf was going to perform in for Romney’s supporters. Ryan: “Mit, meet Meat. Meat, Mitt.” Just wondering how many of you that have issues with this realize that this is the sort of thing that gives conservatives the fuel they need to bring us down to their level when comparing the parties. We always point out examples to show that the GOP is the party of haters (they call us “takers”, they practice voter suppression, etc…), and we turn into haters. If you are going to use spite and hatred to advance your ideals, then you are no better than the “Tea-publican” wing of the GOP!

  • Debi English

    We almost named one of our sons Kieran, but chose Tristan instead (30 years before Tristan became a “hot” name). I didn’t know what the name meant — only that we liked it. It’s probably the same for the Romneys. I don’t like Mitt Romney any more than this writer does, but really, sometimes the Twitterworld gets really stupid.

  • Dana

    We have no idea what this child’s circumstances were with his natural family and you have no business perpetuating the myth that children are only adopted from “bad” families and only have “better” circumstances in their adopted families–THIS is why the adoption industry is unregulated in this country and has caused so much pain to so many people.

    My son was adopted by his paternal grandparents against my will. I did sign the relinquishment, but I felt coerced into it and could not afford legal counsel to fight it. And he has grown up in a household headed by a chronic alcoholic, who has been arrested at least once in full view of my son, and by an uncontrolled diabetic with mental health issues.

    My big problem was that I was poor and ashamed to go on welfare.

    If you really think adoption always means better opportunities for the children adopted, feel free to send your own children to live with Bill Gates. We only want the best possible circumstances for our children, right? That means a pony, a yearly trip to Disney World, two bedrooms and an individual bathroom per child, a guaranteed position as CEO when they graduate high school…

    …No? Well, you sound just as stupid. Check your privilege. A LOT of adoptions in the United States now are done by white Christians with money, taking babies and young children away from people of every other race and all the lower social classes. Family is a human right, not a frivolous luxury. These kids won’t even be able to find out where they came from when they’re grown, in all but fewer than half a dozen states. Their birth certificates will be permanently sealed. The adoption agencies will only allow them non-identifying information. They’ll be lucky if they ever hear their first parents’ side of the story.

    Stop defending the powerful. They can buy their own defense.

  • Leslie

    bringing kids into any disagreement is wrong. just as it’s wrong for the extreme right to use the first family to diss the pres. Kieran is a wonderful name.

  • michael

    When I first saw the name Kieran I thought it was a cute name, still do. Unfortunately my Gaelic isn’t what it used to be. I don’t like Romney’s politics but this is a completely stooooopid controversy

  • MassVeteran

    I am sorry that I agree with all of the above. What I like most about Liberals are they are the first to jump off the bandwagon (hate it in sports, but so appropriate in politics). Too many conservatives sadly will sink with the ship, no matter how corrupt. Point is, my black cat is named Nero. My wife and I did not do this because we are racist. We have a black cat that we love and we love Italy. OK, I kind of get the complaints, I mean ok the couple adopted a black child and they named him black. There are a lot of ways of looking at this, but Kieran is a cool name, if you don’t try to break it down too much. I mean, hey Kieran, what’s up. Oh I’m sorry let’s look into this a little deeper. How do you really feel about your mother? lol. Democrats and Liberals have real issues we need to deal with like dumb and dumber (Rand and Ted). We need to work to fix the mess and get a few more Republicans out of the House, so embrace Kieran, he will be fine, stop mocking the name. Your over the cliff with republicans on this one.