Israelis Overwhelmingly Want President Obama to get Ebola? Not exactly…

truth-1*EDITOR’S NOTE* The title of this article has been changed to more accurately reflect the story.

Last month, my colleague Allen Clifton was forced to do something I would find as difficult and disgusting as having to defend an animal abuser in court. Due to the unprofessional actions of a writer, one Stephen D. Foster from a fellow “liberal” website, he had to set the record straight on remarks made by Ted Nugent. When confronted with the blatant mistruth, Mr. Foster doubled down on the lie with further remarks that were completely distorted.

Yes, Allen had to explain that the remarks made at that time were directed toward liberals picketing Ted Nugent’s concerts and not the whole Native American population as the website would have had us believe, twice. Of course, crazy Uncle Ted went on to make remarks later on within a week or two that were offensive to Native Americans, and so we were absolved of having to “defend” him any further on that subject.

Most reputable websites have some sort of quality control in which things like this are quickly caught, retractions made and apologies offered. This has been proven not to be the case with which, when called out, decided to print yet another false article about the very same subject.

Fast forward to today, and a YouTube video was sent to me in which a writer announced his anger with a website that published a misleading and inaccurate story about how “Israelis Overwhelmingly Vote To Send President Obama The Ebola Virus For His Birthday In Survey.” Sounds shocking, doesn’t it? The citizens of one of our strongest allies apparently hate President Obama so much that they would “overwhelmingly vote” to send him the Ebola virus. At face value (something you should never take a website that uses “The Knowledge You Crave” as a slogan at), this sounds like Israelis are some real assholes. Especially since we just gave them $225 million for the Iron Dome to shoot down more rockets from Gaza.

So why report on this internet survey which has all of the scientific accuracy as an online Fox News survey on climate change or the country of President Obama’s birth? Because as the saying goes, “if it bleeds, it leads.” The owner of, who calls himself “Matthew Desmond” (not to be confused with the Harvard professor), has decided to make a point of bashing Israel on his website because it is good for traffic. Don’t believe me? Here it is in his own words from a screenshot on his Facebook profile.


Click to enlarge.

For the sake of transparency, I am of Jewish descent and I have many family members who live in Israel. Second, “Matthew Desmond” and I have never gotten along for reasons that include this kind of “journalism” as well as his use of content from myself and other people I know without permission or proper attribution. This goes back to 2010 before he became one of the main administrators of the Facebook page “Being Liberal,” where he regularly shares links from his website and those of his friends.

Using multiple pages and large networks to share your material is necessary these days unless you have thousands of dollars to give Facebook in order to promote your posts and keep traffic flowing to your website. I understand that, and I’m not faulting him for it either as it is an unfortunate part of the blogosphere. It really does come with the territory unless you have some political organization funding you. Now, back to the story.

While has every right to take whatever side they want in the ongoing Israel/Gaza conflict, promoting themselves as a “liberal” news source while continuing to post blatantly misleading and inaccurate stories – especially when those stories are designed to incite hatred – is completely reprehensible. They’re publishing what could easily be mistaken for anti-Semitic articles from a Neo-Nazi site, and bringing out some really ugly responses from people who are allegedly liberal. Below are two screenshots taken from the Facebook page with the post in question. Click on any screenshots for a larger version.




Here also are some captures from the page “I Acknowledge Classwarfare Exists” and responses to the same story. This page is part of a group of “I Acknowledge” pages run by an individual calling himself “Icarus Verum.” He is a business associate of Mr. “Desmond” and is virulently anti-Israel.




Here is the same link posted on another one of his pages called “I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists.”



Now if the tone of these stories and some of the more outrageous comments sound familiar to you, you aren’t imagining it. Go ahead and Google “Israelis Overwhelmingly Vote To Send President Obama The Ebola Virus For His Birthday In Survey.” Among other results, you’ll find the following:

  • The Facebook hashtag #whyjewshateblacks.
  • An article from the notoriously anti-Israeli website
  • This story from a virulently Neo-Nazi website which reported on it with the same glee as Stephen Foster from Addicting Info.

As I’ve said before, honest criticism of Israel in regards to the conflict with Gaza and foreign policy in general is justifiable. However, Mr. Foster and “Matthew Desmond” have willfully and deliberately misrepresented the people of Israel by using an unscientific poll from a right-wing Israeli version of Fox News to paint their citizens in the same light as radical Islam – all to boost their global page ranking and web traffic.

I’m sure when they read this, they’ll write it off as jealousy. Trust me, I’d rather make a living shoveling manure out of a barn or mopping floors at the local truck stop on the graveyard shift than to engage in the sort of “reporting” these people engage in for a quick buck.

Or perhaps like the last time I wrote something openly critical of their journalistic practices, I’ll suddenly find myself inundated with another unusual flood of false reports against my Facebook page. So be it; I’ll be waiting.

But maybe, just maybe, people like this former writer for Addictinginfo will continue to realize that there are organizations out there who are absolutely poisonous to the liberal and progressive movement. I really do fear for the future of liberal politics if they do not.


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  • xnerd

    This is starting to get embarrassing.
    High school is over.

  • StarrGazerr615

    LOL still trying? As it turns out, Addicting Info was spot on correct about Ted Nugent’s remarks, and it was this site that raised questions about their liberal bona fides in their efforts to defend him.
    As for the present story, you go on at great length about the fact that Addicting Info published the results of a poll. Yet nowhere do you even attempt to explain what’s wrong with the report. The source of the poll is disclosed, and the results appear to be accurately reported. So what’s the problem? I note in a very quick google search that the story has also been carried by NBC News, The Daily Paul, Prison Planet, Cairo Scene, and numerous other sites across the political spectrum.

    • Asher B. Garber

      You cite Prison Planet as a source that is support the verifiability of this poll? Yes, that means you are an idiot.

  • Pipercat

    Unfortunately, the title of this well done piece dips its toe into the very same cesspool that the body rails against.

    • Pipercat

      I love feedback! 😉

  • Asher B. Garber

    As a Zionist, I support a 2-state solution, but that doesn’t mean the Palestinians will agree to it. Apparently, if I am to take the “peace lovers” who hate Israel more than any other country on this planet seriously, then the only way to peace is to allow thousands upon thousands of missiles to randomly hit Israeli communities and, of course, there be no response from the Israeli army or government. Other than the fundamental impossibilities of this type of inaction in the face of war, just how can a peace come by virtually eliminating a viable nation-state?

    The Palestinians can have a state tomorrow — 97% of West Bank and all of Gaza + the remaining 3% of “WB territory” made up for in current Israeli land swap PLUS $$$$ — if they agree to it. This deal has been on the table for about a decade, but whatever. Real Peace Lovers know otherwise.

    • Snarky Daemon O’Mockery

      Hail Eris!

      And when the next batch of Jewish settlers move in to set up housekeeping on Palestinian land, I suppose that’ll be Bibi’s way of stretching out the hand of friendship.

      Ladies, you represent Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow. Now, no sad faces!

      • Asher B. Garber

        Palestinian land…. Okay. What might Palestinian currency be? How about Palestinian leader not named Yasser or Abbas….. Anything? Bueller?

  • Sandy Greer

    Well. So – Is it true? Was there a survey? Did they vote to send Prez Obama the ebola virus?

    Or do you reserve your Moral Outrage for your competition websites?

    Oh, that’s right. It is true. Pesky facts…

    If this survey had been conducted by Fox News – or anybody on The Right here in our own country – You would be outraged. And that’s the Truth. Hell, if anybody on The Right said publicly they wanted Prez Obama dead – We’d get entire FP articles of outrage on it.

    ^^^As well we should.

    Methinks the author doth protest too much. His worry is for Israeli ‘image’.

    The outrage is that anybody who speaks against Israel is immediately branded a ‘hater’.

    • Snarky Daemon O’Mockery

      Hail Eris!

      No. The “poll” was a freaking _joke_. Five choices for what to send Obama, all of them at least somewhat silly, with Ebola the silliest. Less than a thousand people chose the virus. There was simply no validity to AI’s “story.”

      Magical jellybeans are growing from my head-wound where the flies landed! Stay away from my wallet!

  • Icarus Verum

    Manny sounds like he has a bit of a personal problem with AddictingInfo.

    The article is legit and as the title says “survey” which was coincidentally coming from Israel’s 10th largest website. I don’t see any honest critique here just some hurt feelings over changing attitudes in the US over Israeli war crimes.

    I refuse to support the Israeli government because I’m against apartheid and ethnic cleansing. The Palestinian cause is the human rights issue of our generation.

    You not only tagged this article as “antisemitism” … you wrote: “They’re publishing what could easily be mistaken for anti-Semitic articles from a Neo-Nazi site.”

    When you can’t defend your argument with logic and facts – go ad hominem. And in case you’re wondering why AI is finally touching the Israel issue … well – that’s because of me.

    Because I’m “anti-semitic”.


    An American Jew

  • Corey

    Ok, now I’m confused. Seems many on the “left” appear to be connected on some personal level, making it look more and more to me that fewer and fewer run the media on both “sides”. Though I know this is a lame statement to some, or maybe many, but I don’t have a television by choice, for well over a decade, and I have not listened to AM/FM talk shows for longer, having had Sirius Satellite in the past, so to someone like me, “media” consists of sources that basically filter the information, not so much that its one side of the story, but enough that I don’t end up at NewsMax. I have already downsized my email inbox, narrowing the focus of the “news” I get, and I’m getting the feeling that I need to step away and stop following what’s going on, once again, for awhile. What’s unnecessary to mention, (but I will for those who are “news junkies” or some form of). If you decide to take a day, a week, a month, maybe even a couple months, or years “off” from the news ….The News Rarely Changes; USGov will be “at war” with someone somewhere; the “poor” aka the “common folk”, will be attacked for depending on the government, “being lazy”,(etc); ALL minorities will be attacked in some way or another, (woman, blacks, gays, immigrants, disabled, elderly, etc.); Basically, Conservative Christians will come to power and try to make the USA a theocracy, a plutocracy, (of course they are succeeding wether we pay attention or not because money runs politics, always has, alway will, if you think otherwise you are a friggin idiot) keeping American’s busy, in-fighting, blaming anything “liberal” for being Evil. So, the “in-fighting” between “sides” will still be there too. The wheel will keep spinning, never changing, you know what you can expect if and when you ever decide to step back into the news cycle again.

  • joe barron