Many Liberals are Dealing with Milo Yiannopoulos All Wrong

Until his interview with Bill Maher, I hadn’t really sat down to watch Milo Yiannopoulos say much of anything outside of bits and pieces of interviews he’s done or articles I read concerning something he’s said. And even from that small sample size I was never impressed with anything I saw.

Don’t get me wrong, I know who and what he is, but I’ve spent most of my time wondering why people take him seriously. He’s a troll. That’s it — end of story.

What gives him his “power” is those who can’t stand him giving him exactly what he wants. He wants people to constantly be outraged, disgusted, and offended by him. Like most trolls, he feeds off of it. The more headlines he makes, protests he creates, or people talk about what an offensive, disgusting human being he is, all they’re doing is fulfilling his prophecy that “people are stupid and will fall for my trap.”

Watching his interview on Real Time, and his subsequent appearance on Overtime, it was very easy to see that Yiannopoulos is a troll who thrives on outrage, chaos, anger, and people losing their minds over whatever he’s said or done. He validates himself, and his “success,” by how many people he can offend, disgust, or send into fits of rage over something he says.

His mission is to prove he can get people worked up into outrageous fits of anger — and people seem quick to prove him right practically every single day.

When students at Berkeley protested and rioted over an appearance he was set to make there, he loved it. I can almost guarantee you, in his mind, he was laughing at how “stupid” he felt these people were to be so hostile about his appearance.

It reminds me of a line from the movie The Dark Knight:

Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

That’s the type of person he is.

Keep in mind, Yiannopoulos is a disciple of Steve Bannon, a man who once allegedly said he was a “Leninist” who wanted to “destroy the state,” “bring everything crashing down” and “destroy today’s establishment.”

Men like Bannon and Yiannopoulos thrive on chaos. You can’t reason with them because they want pandemonium, turmoil, and disorder.

Why do you think both of them love Donald Trump? It’s not because they actually see the orange menace as someone who’s going to “Make America great again.” It’s because Trump is a joke. He’s a simple-minded, easily manipulated buffoon who buys into conspiracies, and is the most incompetent person to ever call the White House home. He’s someone people like Bannon and Yiannopoulos both know can be treated like a puppet by feeding his ego, telling him what he wants to hear, and pandering to his insecurities.

But they both also know that he’s so neurotic, unhinged, and inept that he will create the exact type of chaos that people like them love.

If you watch interviews with Yiannopoulos, he’s never really paying attention to what anyone else is saying. Not because he’s an idiot, but because he’s looking for openings to push people’s buttons. If you ever do watch him, be sure to notice that he almost never allows anyone to finish what they’re saying. His interviews are mind-numbing experiences of watching intelligent people try to have a discussion with someone who’s constantly trying to speak over them, can’t sit still, never listens to what anyone else is really saying, and spits out some sort of outlandish comment when he knows he’s backed into a corner.

He offends people because he wants to offend them. The truth is, if people ignored him and the horrible things he says, it would drive him crazy. If he didn’t get the attention he desperately wants and needs, he’d stoop to even more disgusting lengths to get it.

I deal with trolls every day. People who send me hostile, angry, and insulting messages hoping to get a rise out of me — because that’s what they want.

You know what annoys them more than anything? If I ignore them or respond with kindness. The responses I’ll often get back are even more hateful in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to get me worked up.

While Yiannopoulos is much more than the “average troll,” that’s all he really is. That’s why he works for Breitbart. It’s a publication that’s really nothing more than a conspiracy/troll site pandering to the worst parts of our society. It’s a website that’s tailor-made for a professional troll who spends much of his life wanting to get people worked up and offended.

When people get offended by him, protest him, boycott shows that have him on, or generally just have an all-out meltdown whenever his name is mentioned — he loves it. They’re giving him exactly what he wants. He’s playing them, they’re reacting, while he sits back laughing at how easily manipulated people are.

My advice: Ignore him.

When he’s giving a speech, don’t protest it. When he says something offensive, ignore it. When he acts like a bottom-feeding lowlife, understand he’s doing it so you’ll get offended and give him attention, so don’t.

Don’t prove him right.

If you really want to “get at” Milo Yiannopoulos, do what trolls hate most — ignore them. They thrive on attention, anger, and getting a reaction out of people. The more hostile, offended, and outraged folks get by things Yiannopoulos says and does, the more vindication he gets and the more he’s going to do it.

The best thing you can do when dealing with a troll — and Yiannopoulos is most certainly a troll — is to not give them what they want. And if people do that, then they take any “power” people like Milo Yiannopoulos have. Unfortunately, until that happens, those who continue to give him attention for the vile things he says are giving him exactly what he wants.

Just remember, he doesn’t say and do the things he does so people will praise him. He behaves the way that he does to purposefully antagonize all of the millions of rational and sane people who can’t stand him.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Three Phased

    So, uh, what is the “correct” reaction to his trying to do things like out trans students or undocumented students for harassment, or worse, when he comes to campuses to give talks?

    • Nancy B

      Decades ago, when I was in college, David Duke was scheduled to speak. We were outraged, and ready to protest. But, at the encouragement of our professors, we simply attended, listened, then left. No clapping, shouting or booing. The local journalists had nothing of note to report, and Mr Duke went away quietly. Granted, Duke was trying to pass himself off as a reasonable patriot, whereas Milo wants to incite. But that makes Allen’s tactic even more sound. Don’t give him what he wants. i.e., never feed a troll. His visit will have the same impact whether he’s protested or not. But a worse impact will happen if the protest gets out of hand, and it will be in his favor, as Berkeley was.

      • Cat of Many Faces

        How does that help the student that he outed and chased away from their life on campus?

        He isn’t coming, saying some mean words, and leaving. He’s coming, ruining someones life, then leaving.

        You can’t just sacrifice a few students.

      • Mechwarrior

        Exactly. The best thing that can be done is to show him that he doesn’t have a platform and to support and protect the people he’s trying to hurt, not act like he’s just going to go away if he’s not being directly observed. He doesn’t want attention, he wants destruction, and the only way to stop that is to actually oppose him.

      • Three Phased

        I strongly prefer Mechwarrior and CatofManyFaces’ reactions. This is not a “listen and leave” setting. Milo is/was happy to release information that promotes stochastic terrorism and destroys lives. This cannot be allowed to stand.

      • Nancy B

        No, it wasn’t a “listen and leave” situation. It was more like a just don’t show up, period situation. The protesters and Adelaide played right into his hands just by showing up (he showed a video of the protesters during his talk). The only thing other thing I see wrong here(procedure-wise) was that the university should have a restriction on recording their speakers’ talks. The student was already “outed” at the university based on a prior protest.

      • Cat of Many Faces

        That student was hounded out of that school afterwards.

        This was a DIRECT consequence of his talk. You can’t act like that’s somehow ok.

        He HURTS people. Not in some abstract theoretical way, but in real, immediate, and present ways!

        This isn’t a game where we try to score more points while preventing him from getting them. This is a nasty brutal thing he’s doing.

        Well it matters not, now that his career fell through.

      • Nancy B

        Kramer, by her own admission, was not “hounded” out of the school. She did it to protest the university’s handling of the situation (according to a Mic interview). Milo’s career, unfortunately, will go on, and he’ll make bundles more money.

      • Three Phased

        If the people who are willing to stop the talk don’t show up, only the people who want to hear the talk and are likely to be swayed by its instructions will. This almost guarantees that some harassing action(s) will be taken against the students/people named specifically in the talk. Is this a tolerable outcome? (See the line “You just can’t sacrifice a few students”, above.)

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      • ichthyic

        ” But a worse impact will happen if the protest gets out of hand, and it will be in his favor, as Berkeley was.”

        it was that protest at Berkeley that marked the beginning of his end.

        you could NOT be more wrong.

      • Nancy B

        He used Berkeley specifically to document the violence he knew would happen. The RWingers now have that incident to point fingers at the left and call them thugs, which minimizes all protests to them. It was just a matter of time before Milo’s 15 minutes of fame were up, and it didn’t start at Berkeley, for those of us who were paying attention.

  • Three Phased

    This article on what’s happened to him in the last couple of days is valuable reading too.

    • ichthyic

      yup, that is THE article Clifton should read.

      but he won’t. because he thinks he knows all about Milo from watching him on Maher’s show.