Liberals Need To Leave Conservative Women Alone, Seriously

“Another article lecturing us about Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin or not sharing stupid stuff on Facebook?” is probably the response I’m going to hear from a few people, but this is something I have to keep bringing up – because people just won’t stop doing it.

Without fail, every time someone posts a picture of a well-known conservative, especially if it is a woman, a flurry of comments come out that I can’t post here due to how egregious they are. These include explicit, sexist, transphobic and homophobic remarks that even make a politically incorrect person like me cringe, and I have the tendency to curse like a sailor as well.

We have to hear about their anatomy, their intelligence (or lack thereof), along with remarks that we as liberals would be furious at if they were directed toward Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Maddow, etc. Yet somehow, some of us consider it OK to make these remarks, because they’re directed at conservative women – and transphobia is one of the things that really pisses me off.

A few months ago, my friend Erin Nanasi wrote an article that is still making the rounds today. In the blog, she pointed out how using transphobic comments against hateful conservatives, specifically Ann Coulter, only hurts transgender people.

Anytime I am forced by my fellow liberals into defending Ann Coulter, I get very pissed off. Although, in truth, I am not defending Ann Coulter. I am defending my transgender friends, and the transgender community. But I’m still pissed off. We, and by we I mean liberals and progressives who still fucking do this, have got to stop calling Ann Coulter “Man Coulter,” and “Stan Coulter.” Or “Trans Coulter,” or calling her a “tranny.” Do you know why it has to stop? Because we’re not hurting Ann Coulter one bit, we’re hurting an already vulnerable segment of society: transgender women. (Source)

I know it feels good to throw back some of the insults and the hateful rhetoric that many conservatives have been told that it’s OK to use against those who don’t agree with them, including their own friends and family. Back during the 2012 election, there were people who called themselves liberals that trolled conservative pages and used some pretty harsh words to mock Ann Romney, Sarah Palin, and other conservative women.

Granted, some of the things that were said were very funny – but others were extremely crude and went so far as to mock Palin’s son who was born with Down’s syndrome. Making fun of a candidate for being an out of touch multi-millionaire or a Koch Brothers puppet? Perfectly fair game and reasonable. Pointing out that his wife paid more for her horse than many Americans will make in a couple of decades? Also fair game. Mocking her for having multiple sclerosis? Come on now, really?

This isn’t confined to only the trolls, those individuals who make it a point to go to conservative pages and annoy the hell out of people on Fox News or Breitbart. I’ve seen a lot of people who call themselves liberals or progressives climb right into the gutter and say some pretty sexist, transphobic or even racist stuff about conservative women. Don’t believe me? Again, just bring up the subject of Ann Coulter and out comes the sexism and transphobia. Here’s just a few examples found under a post from Raw Story where a story about her was featured.

Still not convinced? How is it that she can say something like soccer is stupid (I don’t get soccer either) or hating on a doctor who was trying to help Ebola victims and sure as hell, people will come out of the woodwork to unleash their equally venomous responses? Or how about the fact that Snopes had to post an article debunking the fictitious story from National Report that Sarah Palin demanded President Obama “invade Ebola” because so many people passed it on as being true? I’ve even seen people direct some really nasty remarks against Laura Bush who never did anything controversial or upsetting to liberals, other than making the mistake decades ago of marrying George W. Bush.

Let’s face it. No, let’s make this a public service announcement that reads as follows: “Ann Coulter is a troll. Sarah Palin is a troll. Stop reacting to them. Period.” We can’t keep responding to hateful words from these people with more of our own. They do these things to draw out the worst in us so they can point out our words to their followers as proof liberals are just as intolerant and hateful as they are.

Why does this matter? It matters because we can be better than this. There’s no reason to attack people, especially conservative women, for their gender or appearance when we are supposed to be fighting to end sexism and other unsavory traits of the radical right. We can certainly attack their ideas and call them out for being horrible people, but if we stoop to transphobia, sexism and ableism, then we really aren’t being much better than they are.


Facebook comments

  • Sandy Greer

    Thank you so much for this article, Manny. Now if only you can get Clifton
    on board.

    Because I’ve seen some pretty hateful stuff posted here – in response to articles holding conservative women up for ridicule. We think we have the right because they are conservative.

    But it’s not OK. It shames us all. Those who post it – and those who read it.

    It’s also self-defeating. It turns people away from us.

    Never hurts to elevate the discussion. Thanks to any who aim for better.

    • Steve Brains

      Shame is all about “taking offense”. It really shames the man FOR his behavior. If you can mature well enough to DECIDE to not take offense… then you will feel a whole lot better than victimizing yourself and staying on the defense when the ball is in your court, your hands and the net is open.

      But I get how you must feel. Of course YOU NEVER manbash on a girl’s night out, do you? Never stereotype People With Penises as neanderthal, cavemen, commitmentphobic or relationship challenged?

      BEcause I have found that more often than not, when I open up and explain My SELF, most women are HORRIFIED at how much I am willing to share. Sadly FEW have read enough 12 step, self help books AND DONE THE WORKSHEETS AND EXERCISES to really become that modern, self actualized woman they usually imagine themselves to be.

      If you are genuinely one of those advanced, women how have out grown the need to DEMAND OWNERSHIP of a man, who reeks of jealousy and FEELS like wet overalls when you clamp onto a nice guy, I’d love to know you.

      But if you wanna make plans for MY future with YOUR girlfriends WITHOUT consulting Me… drown yourself.

      All guys know that posturing as a chauvenist is the easiest way to keep those ‘CLINGONS’ at bay.

      • Sandy Greer

        Why, Stephen Barlow. You going by Steve Brains these days? 😉

        No man-bashing from me. Men in my life are not neanderthals, cavemen, commitmentphobes, or relationship challenged. I’ve been fortunate – even blessed.

        But no worries I’ll make plans for YOUR future anytime soon. I’ve seen your posts, Stephen Barlow. And readily admit to being HORRIFIED at how much you’re willing to share.

      • Steve Brains

        I have no secrets because people are ONLY as sick as their secrets.

        honestly, HOW would you feel about an honest politician, who gave his announcement speech in jeans and a tee shirt with a beed in his hand and a Mack Trucks hat on his head?

        A guy who would say:

        “I am stephen Barlow, and I am a divorced atheist who believes in equal rights for all, taxation of Businesses because they take in 70% of the GDP as revenue, not the workers who are doubly taxed by pass-thru pricing of tax expenses in the products and services they purchase.

        I am NOT a professional politician. I AM just like YOU! I have been in jail, have sampled all major religions including the Holy Roller Pentacostal Church and found them ALL bastions of greed and corrupt judgment, have had sex with a man and with more than one person at a time and am proud of it, have driven drunk and been arrested for DUI, have smoked pot gleefully, have taken office supplies from a job and even shoplifted when I was a juvenile. I have torn the tags of mattresses and jay walked. I am also a hell of a lot more honest than My opponent, who has most likely PAID to have criminal charges dropped, has probably had sex with more than one man and assuredly has driven drunk on a regular basis since he started his political career.”

        “I beleive in the immediate JAILING of all elected officials who refuse to do their jobs.”

        “For example, john Boehner took an oath TWELVE TIMES to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, yet refuses to even DEBATE the need for ISIS control. He SAYS ISIS is coming to kill us all, he says we need ‘boots on the ground’ to defeat this massive threat, yet He is DIRECTLY threatening the welfare and security of this nation and it’s citizens by NOT putting the issue on the floor for a debate and a vote any sooner than 4 months from now. His excuse? The new crew of the 90% incumbents about to be re-elected is more qualified to make that decision than the SAME 90% of incumbents seated today.”

        “He calls that responsible governing. I call it TREASON because that choice VIOLATES the oath he took 12 different times. he should be in Guantanamo sharing a cell with Cruz, King, Lee, Cantor, Blackman and Gohmert. I would not only impeach them all, I would arrest them under the Patriot Act for PASSING IT!!!”

        “These are the same guys who shutdown the government, tried to extort the President and threatened to sabotage the entire economic recovery. He has time an “patriotism” to hold 54 floor votes on bills GUARANTEED to NOT BECOME LAW, but the defense of America from terrorists can WAIT 1/3 of a year?”

        “I can guarantee you that I have NEVER taken a political bribe from a lobbyist, a banker or CEO, have never bribed a cop or a judge and I KNOW FOR A FACT that my opponent most likely has habitually done ALL OF THESE THINGS.”

        “”Elect Me and I won’t allow this kind of crap in YOUR House/Senate.”

        WOuld you prefer that to the mcConnell/Grimes brand of ritual, habitual, professional, chronic LYING?

        As far as what excitements you like putting between your legs, congrats on being the kind of woman who can always attracts fresh meat that likes to be dominated.

      • Sandy Greer

        An ‘honest’ politician in jeans and Tshirt is one I’d like
        to see.

        But. Is Stephen Barlow running for office? You on the Democratic ticket? Hm. Guess I’d say:

        There’s the Stephen Barlow we know. Who thinks a woman a Dom because she doesn’t make plans for HIS future.

      • Steve Brains

        NO, you misread. She THINKS she’s a Domme because she WOULD make plans for a man’s future without his consent. it EXPLAINS WHY women are so devastated when a man does what is biologically imperitive for him to do. Kinda your own damn fault for your insanity, which is ignoring THOUSANDS of years of evidence to the contrary and believing that there is only one special man who will love them and never use his penis for good again.

        No, I am in an 80% RED district in a 55% BLUE state. The people our here are ALL Clive Bundyholes.

      • Charles Vincent

        The only blue dominated district in this state are on the front range (Denver, Co springs)where all the liberals from California moved to and summarily screwed up this state.

      • Steve Brains

        I have LOADS of Texans and Californicators.

      • Charles Vincent

        Sounds like a personal problem.

      • Sandy Greer

        No, you misread, Stephen Barlow/Brains. You said:

        >I’d love to know you.

        ^^^And/or women like me. Assuming I/we meet certain qualifications, of course. So I was quite clear I have no interest in meeting you. Whereupon you said I only like ‘fresh meat’ I can dominate. And then shared with us some of your vast knowledge of women.

        Which helps explain why a catch like you is still single.

      • Steve Brains

        I am not, but I think marriage is a unilateral contract and thus void on it’s face. I do have monogamous tendencies, though I reserve the right to grow into other relationships as the present one stagnates and fails. NO one needs the same kind of partner at 22 as they do @ 55. And to assume that “death do us part” was EVER wisdom is just ignorant of how life works.

        The fairy tale, Barbie Ken thing was established millenia before the Dark Ages, as wives were bought and sold as power plays and ‘incorporations” or “treaties” between local rulers. In time, the Church carries on the ancient tortures and inflicts them as controls on their serfs. Even now, marriage law PUNISHES more than it protects.

        To dissolve a corporation, you just audit the assets and liquidate them when you file the papers. To dissolve a treaty, you just arm insurgents and send tanks across a border or drop bombs or both. To end a marriage, you have to divide you children, fight over who gets what and PAY a LAWYER and his ACCOMPLICE LAWYER HALF your assets to wait for a judge to remember to think about it while hitting the dimpled ball with a crooked stick.

        I REALLY think you failed to QUOTE me. Which just torpedoed what little respect and credibility you ever had.

        I knew all along that you would not like a man who would challenge you and have his own thoughts.

      • Sandy Greer

        We agree (partners at 22 and 55) Though some make it work, and good on them if they do.

        Some divorces are amicable – Many are not. I know the courts don’t favor men, and I sympathize. Seems like you’ve got some baggage.

        I can live with the disappointment you don’t respect me, or think me credible. But wonder why you bother to converse with me, thinking so.

        I like a ‘challenge’ – and you are that. Or I would not converse with you. But this is not a dating site, and neither of us looks for the other.

        In closing, you don’t ‘know all’ there is to know about a person. Not nearly so much as you think you do. But so long as you ‘know all along’ – that’s all you will ever know – because you close your mind to anything

      • Steve Brains

        I have history and CLOSURE is the word Psych pros use for “hooked me a whopper”. Closure is the unreachable star that keeps them in a fresh Jaguar every year. It’s the bait to drain your wallet.

        I chat at you because you are reasonable, intelligent and most likely have perky tits, which I am fond of. I bet you rock the Librarian look and head straight to the bar at a party, but only to do something while you scope out the crowd for submissive males. (`winks) You are level headed and you THINK, which is the sexiest thing a woman can do for Me. My ex was a creative genius and we made a great team, but she was an oppressed approval seeker who was fanatical about competing with her bubbleheadedbleachblonde sister. Her mother was rageaholic, control freak drunk and doper. She was destroyed before I ever got My … anyway. History.

        Have you EVER felt the whole world VANISH and the atmosphere turn to gelatin when you looked at someone? So you feel like a butterfly in suspended animation, like in an acrylic paper weight? When you do, your are really STUCK IN LOVE. I am not commitment phobic, I don’t run FROM it. I run TOWARDS that vacumn and HUNT it. That’s why I accept sensible relationships as fluid ones and never expect them to be permanent. THOSE fairytale love stories about 60th anniversaries are lovely, for THEM. That was never my destiny, although I really wanted that with (Mystery woman). Her mother terrorized her so badly one drunken Christmas and she drove off in fear and anger. So much anger, hurt and fear that when they cut open the car she was in four pieces and her head rolled down the hill. History.

        Know WHY I can tell my story in a webspot like this so easily? Because I am NEVER gonna run into any one of you while shopping in Neiman-Marcus. Also because even though I will never GET closure for ANY of My history, I have earned the peace that learning acceptance gives. That and a double indemnity policy that was a job perk for her.

        Having a suspicion, based on decades of interpersonal experiences, gets you some pretty accurate hunches. I knew THAT ONE THING about you all along. I guessed about the tits. I’m 75% sure on the glasses being hot on you and taking the hair (dark) down being hotter.

        Are you brave enough in the anonymity of cyberspace to tell Me HOW right I am?

      • Sandy Greer

        So, are you divorced, as said here:

        >I am a divorced atheist who believes in equal rights

        Or a widower, as above post (double indemnity) indicates. I’ve been both, is why I ask.

        Sure, I’ve been in love. Not a butterfly – but held my breath at the intensity of it, hardly daring to believe it could happen to me.

        You reiterate you know THAT ONE THING about me (that I’m a Dom who likes ‘submissive males’) But
        nobody would mistake you for a submissive male. You should run in the other direction – if you know THAT ONE THING about me.

        Clever – I can only be ‘brave’ if I tell you HOW right you are. I’m still laughing.

        But here’s a clue: I like the Hero. Heroes submit to no one.

      • Steve Brains

        I married Damsel in Distress @ 35. Mystery Woman was killed Before her last semester of college. I thought for SURE that “her HEAD ROLLED DOWN THE HILL” would have clued you in.

        No breath? then you know what i mean. I have been lucky 5 times, an had 4 careers.

        I have the power of giggle creation.

        NO!!! Topping a Domme is the Holy Grail, Right after converting a Lesbian and getting a whore to repent in a church on Easter. I am gonna be AFTER you NOW babe! LMAO!

        Correction. Heros are almost a yummy as CheeseSteaks.

        Heros are also spelled worng. It’s gyros.

        Heros will do what ever it takes to save the Cheerleader. Even submit, indenture themselves, go to AA.

      • Sandy Greer

        If I was what you say I am – No doubt I’d toy with you.

        But you are determined to believe what you will about me – without knowing me at all – and it matters not what I say. So it’s not to my benefit our convo continue.

        Congratulations, Barlow-Brains. You managed to chase another one off.

      • Steve Brains

        Why wouldn’t it happen to YOU? Unless your definition of love is too existentialist. Do you have a type of guy? A certain one that you need to use the spare panties in your purse for?

        My opportunities for love didn’t double because I had a gay roommate once. It grew exponentially because I opened up My window of opportunity most of the way.

        Most neanderthals (which is why My descendants will worship me because I passed this torch of wisdom up the bloodline) want a hottie, a trophy wife, so the ignore the average woman, dismissing her as NOT pretty.

        But I have an innate logic (and the schizophrenia gene) so I thought I would take My half out of the middle of the bell curve. marginally pretty but magnificently smart to magnificently pretty and reasonably smart.

        That leaves about 25% on each end. The 10% of the world you see on TV and in magazines who are gifted with beauty (or have it installed for all the cash or prizes the Dr. wants) I don’t even ask, they have an innate stuckuppityness I abhor. The next 15% are impressionable, but would demand too much job from me and then blame me for not spending enough time with them… So they aren’t worth the charm expended.

        The bottom 10% I discount for physical, mental or geriatric reasons. Except the ones who were 10’s in their youth. Those I might enjoy. The next 15% are also not interesting eough, and looks has lest to do with it than weight. If I can’t pick you up and slip your panties off, then HOLD you against a wall until we both get offf… What’s the point.

        Was I right about the hair and glasses? That omission confirms My suspicions. I have three angles in which I look intensely handsome. Most others are in the middle 25%. Which middle depends on your perspective.

        So by being open to HALF My options,I filter them by their cleverness, humor, and wit, elegance and finally frugality. Damsel in distress was a shopaholic and we divorced when HSN went public. I bought the stock and wished I had sold it the first after noon. I was jacked up 300% and then sold off in profit taking the same day.

        No that we have had intercourse all day, would it be proper to say we were engaged? When will you parents want to pay for the wedding?

      • Steve Brains

        I botched My login password and had to open a new account. I can’t use the other one anymore. Happens about once a year. Got a new ‘smart’phone and tried to read the blogs on it. Bad idea.

      • Charles Vincent

        The ‘smart’ phone is only as smart as the person using it.

      • Steve Brains

        Coming from someone who is OBVIOUSLY educated beyond his intelligence…

        Knowing every facet of every program on a new phone, that has 3 times the computing power of the Apollo programs computers that sent man to the moon… and 4 times the power of what failed @ Three mile Island…

        on day one … well. I solved the issue in minutes. Chuckfuck is STILL trying to unwrap his first condom and put it on without splooging.

      • Charles Vincent

        I am tech literate and have been since before cell phones.

        Aren’t you suppose to be ignoring me?

      • Steve Brains

        I couldn’t resist slipping you a shiv for such blatantly foolish stupidity.

      • Charles Vincent


      • Steve Brains

        Then it’s TRUE!! You are a zombie!

      • Steve Brains

        Figure out how NOT to prematurely fill that reservoir tip yet?

      • Charles Vincent

        For you I am sure that’s is a real brain strain.

      • Steve Brains

        YOu know what a tips IS?

      • Charles Vincent

        wow you’re as big fat liar on this one as well.

        “Stephen Barlow—>Joe Randazzo 5 hours ago

        he was actually a quality reporter on 2 stories. then Jerryspringeritis got Him and Bill O’reilly and the needless epidemic of buffoons @ Fox became a pandemic.”
        There are more posts of yours over on this FP thread.

        http://www DOT forwardprogressives DOT com/fox-news-vs-fox-news-eric-bolling-geraldo-battle-ebola-youre-playing-race-card-video/

        Way to go liar liar pants on fire.

  • TheEquilizer2U

    The feeding frenzy is starting.

    It was only a matter of time when you liberals began to eat each other alive.
    Your hatred and intolerance makes it inevitable.

    • Gwynne

      Your statement doesn’t even make sense when you consider the terms used for both parties. Liberal versus conservative…look up the meaning of both words and see which one is more associated with tolerance. As for the hatred, I can’t tell you how many times I have been called a “libturd” because of my beliefs. That shows me sooooo much love…and all from conservatives. I don’t think that in Liberal circles this will cause a feeding frenzy, maybe in the conservative circles, but not the Liberals. I also realize you are a conservative troll as I have seen you on several Liberal sites, always trying to stir up trouble… which shows us just how tolerant and loving you conservatives are! You should remember when pointing that finger of yours at Liberals, you have three more pointing back at you!

      • Di Kelley

        Gwynne, exactly. I have to tell you how few times I have commented on places like CNN where both conservatives and liberals are present where I have *not* been attacked for my views on the things I believe this country *desperately* needs.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        That’s part of the problem right there.
        You see anyone that disagrees with you as an attack.
        But this type of behavior has only hurt the liberal cause.
        You cried racism, sexism and every other kind of “ism” so much, that people are tired of listening to you.

        They know most of it is just hype.

      • Di Kelley

        Actually, I *personally* (I know this is not true of all, but it is at least true of me.) have basically said that what we need is to stop attacking each other and deal with the massive endemic issues this country has. The fact that we have issues like health care that costs an arm and a leg when it shouldn’t, systemic sexism and racism, that those outside the gender binary are not accepted or respected, and other issues of those kinds. That is what we’re dealing with, and calling each other b*tches or c*nts or pigs isn’t going to help our cause. Fight back with facts.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        You just belted out all the leftist talking points, without an ounce of substance.

      • Di Kelley

        Those “talking points” are also fairly self-evident if you simply look around you at the environment in this country as it currently is. Neither I nor most other progressives are talking out of our ass, so to speak, here. The problems are there, and trickle down econimics and the free market economy *have not worked* to solve them, as anyone who lives here can see. The fact that we have had record job growth in this country since Obama was elected speaks volumes as to what *does work.*

      • Ivan Renko

        The ‘wealth effect’ employed by this Fed in artificially lowering interest rates by buying mortgage-backed securities and pumping money into the system that has been a favorable maker for equities, is in effect ‘trickle down’. Never mind that Reagan never called his strategy of lowering the top tax rates ‘trickle down’. People with decent savings, 401k’s and stock portfolios have benefitted, yes. It hasn’t trickled down to the lower income classes, but the wealth effect strategy is ‘trickle down’.

      • Di Kelley

        I honestly feel like the tax rates should have been raised on the top 1% and that increased tax income should be used for things that will benefit those in lower income brackets, such as a single payer health care system that takes insurance companies out of the health care equation for basic things like preventative care, expansion of SNAP and TANF to include single people again in order to solve the problem of homeless singles that has occurred due to the massive unemployment issue that is now finally beginning to be solved, and a European style educational system where you don’t have to go into 20 years of debt in order to simply get a degree that actually allows for a decent living.

      • Charles Vincent

        And I can go through my disqus logs and show you just as many liberals calling me names.

      • Sandy Greer

        Even here, in this thread.

      • Charles Vincent

        true story.

      • Di Kelley

        Which I have said is an improper way to deal with things and that each side should use some sort of discretion when debating a thing. The sexist and racist slurs I’ve seen (I honestly have seen them more from the conservatives than liberals but I won’t say I haven’t seen them from both sides, just stating what I *personally* have seen) during some of these debates is just sickening to me. It’s why I try not to engage in it, but I do admit to losing my temper on very rare occasions.

      • Charles Vincent

        Non Sequitur. Both sides do it in similar amounts and just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it never happened.

      • elissaf

        So, you DON’T think that calling us hateful and intolerant (above) is an attack? It isn’t a disagreement breakfast you don’t include any content, just slurs.

        (So who is being hateful here?)

      • TheEquilizer2U

        You do it every single day
        But for some reason its ok to bash conservative, until we throw it back at you.
        Thats when you start crying

      • TheEquilizer2U

        You should be talking to yourself.
        I see the same language used against conservatives by you liberals.
        You are NO better.

        However liberalism has proven to be a hate movement.
        The constant anger at everything around was bound to destroy you.

        Liberals will NEVER know peace.

      • LMB

        I get called all kinds of things on liberal pages by cconservative trolls all.the.time. I never name call back, but just respond with facts and data. I ask them to not reply back unless they can with only substance and no name calling. I very, very rarely get a reply back after that ;).

    • “Feeding frenzy”?

      The entire point of the article is to DEFUSE any feeding frenzy, and pointing out that NO ONE should be posting nasty comments, liberal or conservative. How did you get “feeding frenzy” out of that? Did you mean to post on some other article instead of this one?

      • TheEquilizer2U

        Your ship is sinking

      • Yes, and? Let’s get past the irrelevant snark, shall we? That’s not an answer.

        How did you get “feeding frenzy” out of this article? If you’re saying that, you should have some sort of reasoning behind it.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        I already explained the frenzy

      • Yes, you did. However, you still have not explained just how you got “feeding frenzy” from this particular article, which is talking about something else entirely.

      • TheEquilizer2U

        I did explain it in my first comment
        This is another reason you liberals get no respect

      • So how does the poster’s urging fellow liberals to stop posting sexist and transphobic remarks constitute “eating each other alive”? That’s a stretch, isn’t it? If anything, it would have the opposite effect of calming people down, if they paid attention to it.

      • Charles Vincent

        “Yes, and” this is what he was talking about. And the frenzy has already started on this page just look at Sandy’s comments and replies from people who are on the left just like she is. You are canablizing your own on this very thread simply because they are taking the middle ground on this very topic.

    • AQ

      I cannot take seriously a person who is not only incapable of spelling “Equalizer”, but is also incapable of forming a single cogent argument.

      • Oh don’t worry, s/he never does that. S/he’s just here to fling poo. 🙂

    • fredoandme

      there it is.

  • LMB

    Awesome article! Now, can you do a similar write up on not mocking Christianty? I had a discussion just last night with a liberal Christian who us having a hard time, because nearly every liberal page she visits makes fun of Christianity itself, calling it a fairy tale, brainwashing, hate-filled and other rude names. It makes her want to not be a part of the liberal community, because it appears to be unaccepting of Christians. Liberals are supposed to be excepting of all. And we most definitely WANT and NEED liberal Christians on our side to keep progressing. They can reach many that non religious people, like myself, can’t. Call them out for homophobia, sexism, and abusing their religious rights, but do not belittle, make fun of, or mock Christianity itself. I told her I would help spread this message in the liberal community, so please remember to show ALL religions, including Christianity, some respect.

    • Forgive them for they know not what they do. 🙂
      Perhaps it is a forlorn hope that people will eventually realize that if they start off with a bash but *do* actually have something ‘useful’ to contribute, no one will ever see if because people have stopped reading what they’ve written.
      Kind of like an ALL CAPS post…

    • Seeker

      I don’t consider myself a Christian, but do revere the man Jesus was and his message. In trying to understand the Christian right and therefore Christianity I found The Christian Left. Please have your friend look at TCL and I think she will find the message she is looking for from the liberal left.

      • LMB

        That is where I came into contact with her actually. I love that page! It has helped me see the true nature of Christianity. She just has trouble on liberal political pages because a lot of liberals do beat the religion up. And I get why, the Christian conservative kinda deserves it, but it will also turn away Christians who do not like conservative politics. Some of them don’t feel welcome on the left. We need to welcome them, not bash their beliefs.

  • Kipco

    The $arah Palin meme about invading Ebola was a joke, and it worked because there are numerous pieces of evidence to support the assertion that she isn’t a particularly intelligent individual. While there have been many things said about Ms. Palin and Ms Coulter, with very little effort I can find much worse things about Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, Taking the high road may soothe your own conscience but does nothing to change the dialogue coming from the right.

    • Sandy Greer

      Basing our speech and behavior on what others say and do makes us no more than followers and reactionaries.

      Leaders get out in front and lead in their own direction – irrespective of others. Even if they’re the only one marching in their own parade.

      Take the high road. Less traffic up there.

      • Charles Vincent

        What a novel approach, a pity others don’t see that wisdom.

      • Sandy Greer

        I can live for two months on a good compliment.
        ~ Mark Twain

      • Charles Vincent

        I hope there is a ham sandwich in there somewhere.

  • But, but, but, they’re the ‘Others’.
    In all seriousness, I completely agree. You’ve got the first reason, “It’s not nice.” *Another* reason: It gives them an ‘out’. They can boo-hoo against the barbs and not answer any of the criticisms against whatever they’ve said. It turns the comment section into a “Is too! Is not!” complete waste of time instead of something useful in pointing out varying opinions.

  • Mike List

    When the conservative (actually right-wing radical) women in question are egregiously and deliberately offensive, your point is irrelevant. Better to completely ignore them, but that is contrary to current human nature. Speaking kindly of them is out of the question.

    • Cemetery Girl

      It doesn’t mean someone has to agree or pretend to agree. The pointless name calling is an issue though. Which works better, pointing out the errors in what is said or just saying “stupid b****”? Stating that something is wrong because points 1, 2, and 3 might change an opinion, while name calling isn’t going to change a mind.

  • TeeDee

    I agree that liberals can engage in terrible name calling as well as the conservatives (but some on the far right can be downright vicious about political comments made by liberals.) They call Obama some of the filthiest names I’ve ever heard and talk about wanting to kill him and his family (he has the letters to prove it). But I sincerely hope none of those Obama haters are Christians because they are breaking a serious command in the Bible: they MUST pray for their governmental leaders and wish him or her well.
    ” First and foremost, the apostle Paul in 1 Timothy 2 commands us to pray for our governing leaders. In fact, just about every possible word for pray was used to communicate this truth. Further, we are not to pray for their demise. We are told that we pray in order that “we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” What does this mean? We pray for our leaders so we will will live in stable society that allows us to focus on worshiping God.”
    So if you’re a Conservative Christian (or any kind of Christian for that matter, you’d better be praying for him to do well and to live well or your place in ‘heaven’ is gone.

  • Sandra Kellstrom

    I think when these women invite others to evaluate them, as these women do, then they should expect to receive a certain amount of criticism. If we were talking about men, we wouldn’t feel the need to hold back and I don’t think it serves women to make exception for these two. They say stupid things, and they should expect to be corrected or hassled or whatever you call it WITH the exception of truly horrible or disgusting comments. However, I don’t think calling them deficient (as I certainly would) can be call assault. I would like to point out that these women don’t see assault on others as a problem. Why are we discussing this?

    • elissaf

      I think this misses the point. For sure, call them out on their behaviour or attitudes or policy, but don’t bash them for their femaleness or lack of femininity or their clothing or their bodies. You don’t have to be sexist to criticise a Republican woman.

      • Userfriendly

        A real liberal wouldn’t condone gender roles at all, people who don’t aren’t truly liberal.

      • AQ

        Please explain what gender roles have to do with this. Put your answer right here:____________________

      • Userfriendly

        When I first read this I read it as “we need to stop attacking women for their ideas” instead, I was really drunk.

    • Cemetery Girl

      There is a difference between calling out stupidity of actions or something said and someone saying “stupid [deragatory term]”. It doesn’t mean it is horribly wrong to disagree with their message, but what good do the cheap shots do? B****, w****, c***, tranny, and the rest don’t do anything positive.

    • AQ

      So you think that it’s OK to sling transphobic, misogynist, and ableist slurs at conservative women because they “invite others to evaluate them”? Really?

      • Sandra Kellstrom

        I think I addressed this in my post, but I’ll repeat here anyhow. I said that women who put themselves out there should not expect to be given special privilege because they are women. I also said that criticizing them is fair game. But I also said, and I checked on this, that it was NOT right to use horrible slurs and horrendous language in doing so. Are we all caught up now? Thank you.

  • Julie Echo Tyler

    Thank you, thank you, thank you; criticising conservative women over the things they say and do is fair game. Lashing out at their physical appearance does nothing to discredit them and only lowers the level of discourse until we are all schoolyard bullies.

    If we are going to criticize, we need to be specific about what a person said or did that is worthy of criticism; physical appearance is not a reason to attack a person.

  • Sandy Bottom

    So….Ann Coulter is a transgender?

    • Seriously, no, I’ve never seen any evidence of that anywhere. That’s just a nasty supposition some liberals like to throw when she fires off her (admittedly stupid and offensive) remarks. It’s based on the myth of a transwoman having a prominent Adam’s apple.

  • Steve Brains

    Soccer is the cheapest way to burn off a kid’s energy. Baseball, football and basketball all take skills. For a single Mom to teach an 8 year old how to hit a pitch is just a bit much for most. If they played when they were young, it’s OK, but to go from Barbies ,My Little Pony and ribbons in the hair to tossing the pill where a batter can hit it is a stretch.

    If course, don’t get me wrong, It took Me 3 years to learn folding clothes and laundry skills, cooking for more than one and matching colors in clothes and interior designs.

    I do shop better than most women, because I look @ the price while it’s still on the rack.

    But anyway, I am guilty of dumping on Palin, Coulter not so much. Was she REALLY a guy who lopped of his whang to justify going out with men? Or was Ann a closet lesbian who needed a vagina to come out?

  • Cooper

    Yes, Clifton is a constant Palin basher. Just stop paying attention to her.

  • Userfriendly

    Sorry, but you shouldn’t defend someone based on their gender as it’s sexist.