Liberals Step Up To The Plate In Effort To Save Conservative South Carolina Man’s Eyesight

Luis Lang of Fort Mill, S.C. (Photo credit: Ann Doss Helms / Charlotte Observer)

Luis Lang of Fort Mill, S.C. (Photo credit: Ann Doss Helms / Charlotte Observer)

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more proud of liberals than I was yesterday.



In case you hadn’t heard, a conservative South Carolina man named Luis Lang is facing the possibility of losing his eyesight because of bleeding in his eyes and detached retinas caused by complications from diabetes. Mr. Lang didn’t have health insurance, opposed (or still might oppose) the Affordable Care Act and blamed his health woes on President Obama.

The reason I wrote my initial article about this is because Lang exemplified nearly everything that’s wrong with many conservatives when it comes to the ACA and our very flawed health care system in general.

Well, after expressing my complete disgust with Lang’s entire attitude about the entire situation (at least initially), I also included a link to his GoFundMe page (he’s trying to raise $30k for the medical care he’ll need to save his eyesight) and gave readers the option of heading over to donate. No matter what any of us might think of Lang’s attitude about the ACA, I believe we (progressives/liberals/Democrats/”the left”) should always try our best to show why we’re the better “side” as opposed to just talking about it.

And that’s exactly what liberals did.

When we initially posted our original article, Mr. Lang’s GoFundMe page sat right around $1,500. But within just a few hours of our article going live (as well as other liberal blogs reporting on the story), his fundraiser had skyrocketed to over $10k, with its current total as I’m writing this at just over $15k and continuing to grow. The kicker is, if you go to the site it’s filled with literally hundreds of comments from liberal donors either wishing him luck, lecturing him on his ignorance or just voicing their opinion about the idiotic right-wing opposition to the ACA.

While I’m sure not all the donations are from liberals, at least 95 percent of the probably over 200 comments I read throughout the day yesterday were from people proudly professing their liberalism.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen this story almost nowhere on any conservative site I follow and I only ran across one comment that appeared to be someone who opposed “Obamacare.” Then again, why would the conservative media pick up on this story to help out “one of their own”? Stories like Lang’s are exactly the ones Republicans don’t want to get national attention. The last thing the conservative media wants is for a story to explode nationally about a self-proclaimed conservative, and “Obamacare” opponent, facing financial doom and certain blindness because he refused to sign up for health insurance and can’t afford the medical care he desperately needs.

That’s why Lang’s story isn’t all over Fox News. Though I’m sure if he were someone going blind because of “Obamacare,” they’d have no problem running that.

When the chips were down, liberals stepped up to the plate. Mr. Lang and his entire story made him a perfect target for liberals to simply belittle, mock and attack while choosing to do nothing to help him – and trust me, even many of those who did donate left some rather unkind remarks for the South Carolina man.

There was even this trashy piece from Daily Kos that showed some liberals can be every bit as classless as many of the conservatives we oppose.

But I sat back yesterday absolutely amazed at what so many liberals were able to come together to do. It’s easy to help those we see face to face – or even those with which we agree – but for so many to show generosity and kindness to a complete stranger, someone who epitomizes everything we’ve been fighting against for years as it relates to our health care system and the right-wing propaganda against the ACA, is truly remarkable.

So I just wanted to say thank you to anyone and everyone who donated, may still donate or even those who just shared this story so that others might hear about Lang’s situation and help him if they felt so inclined to do so.

Politics, rhetoric and all that other bullcrap aside, helping those in need should always be a non-partisan priority.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Patrick Milliken

    It was especially disheartening reading all the “serves him right” comments from alleged Liberal posters. I say “alleged” because one isn’t Liberal by virtue of calling oneself Liberal.

    • Susan Perry

      Liberal does not mean foolish with your money.

      • bestfriend

        Liberal means never having to say you’re sorry

      • BURNTFUR

        Yeah right, that’s why Mitt Romney’s book is called No Apology. Nice try.

      • bestfriend

        When Romney wrote that he was under the influence of drugs that Democrats want to legalize. Valiant effort

      • biloki

        Are you really claiming a Mormon Republican hero is a drug abuser? Just like Rush huh?

      • bestfriend

        A friend of mine’s brother heard about it. I have no way to know. Been hoping a dedicated newshound like George Steponopoulos would look into it

    • Jess Mee

      If a liberal who supported gun control was robbed and/or murdered by an armed thug, what would conservatives say?

      • Patrick Milliken

        that doesn’t justify being an asshole – “Well *they* do it!” is a cop out and if you’re going to embrace cop outs, just go away.

      • Jess Mee

        Who is “copping out”? If he doesn’t open his eyes in a more figurative sense, he’ll be right back where he started somewhere down the road. If people won’t acknowledge that they are responsible for their own messes (which he seems to be avoiding as much as he can), others will call them out on it. Obama and the ACA are not responsible for the mess he’s in, but he still insists on blaming them rather than owning his shit.

  • Jillz

    It was frustrating reading Mr. Lang’s story yesterday, knowing he is just one of an untold number of people who vote against their own best interests and then are surprised when they need a safety net and find there isn’t one. It moved me this morning to know that so many people (specifically on the left) were able to rise above their OWN feelings and opinions, putting principle before personality, to help this man. I hope the kindness shown to him has some effect on HIS political positions going forward.

    Liberals donating for this man’s health care, DESPITE having opposing ideological views, are DOING what the right always talks about: they are doing what Jesus would do.

    Thanks for this update, Allen. It put a smile in my heart!

    • FD Brian

      I like how some of these people don’t take the insurance subsidy out of pride or to spite the government, but then watch every rich person in American take every single tax break they can get without any remorse or guilt.

      • Jillz

        It’s maddening, isn’t it? I have been trying SO hard to at least understand this mentality and I can’t do it. Normally, when trying to understand an opposing perspective, I try to put myself (figuratively) in the other person’s shoes, and try to see it from their perspective. In the case of opposition to healthcare for citizens — while handing over billions to profiting companies? GAH!!! It’s so outrageous that I can’t even FIND the damn shoe! I really just don’t get it.

  • wendy

    Class act by so many. Would be nice if human decency became more of the norm and maybe this story would actually ‘reach’ someone. Not so hard to make the world a better place, yet it seems unsurmountable.
    Guessing its also has man nature to bite the hands that feed us…


    nothing wrong with being gay= every one should try tobe happy a little every day

  • Cemetery Girl

    Glad it looks like he will get the care he needs. I don’t know for sure (haven’t read either way), but since he hasn’t had insurance he probably hasn’t been monitoring his diabetes as well as he should have. I understand, diabetes gets expensive. The appointments, the testing supplies, medications, possibly insulin… It adds up. Plus it’s a pain (I have lived the testing multiple times a day, closely monitoring diet and exercise, it’s bothersome even though needed!) It is a reminder to us all to stay on top of our health!