How Liberals Are Being Tricked into Supporting and Funding Radical Right-Wing Groups

PoliceSince the Mike Brown shooting, I’ve seen a massive uptick of people sharing stories from Cop Block and similar pages with the same “goal” of “exposing” bad behavior by police.

This increased activity prompted me to visit a Facebook page called Florida Cop Watch. While surfing around I noticed a misleading video they pushed in a blatant attempt to slander a police officer. They claim they didn’t edit the video, but it’s clear the video was highly edited. So either they did it themselves, or they were incompetent enough to believe that the 31 second video they posted depicted the entire situation.

Either way, their motive was clear: Make the police officer look like he tasered a man for no reason.

Though they left out the 10-15 minutes where the officer repeatedly, and respectfully, tries to get the man to exit his vehicle so that he could be taken into custody. Oh, all while the gentleman in the vehicle is cussing and berating the officer.

Again, they clearly had an agenda with this story.

Then I took a few minutes to scroll through their page and I saw nothing more than one anti-cop story after another. That’s when I headed over to Cop Block, a much larger “police watch dog” page. And I saw pretty much the same thing I saw on Florida Cop Watch. Just one anti-cop story after another.

This seemed more like people who were anti-cop rather than people who were advocating for police accountability.

So I decided I’d look a little deeper. I headed to Cop Block’s website and just scrolled around a bit. That’s when I noticed a “recommended reading” section that encourages people to read several Libertarian/anti-government books such as For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto.

Curious, I decided I’d do a little more research. I found out that Cop Block was founded by a man named Ademo Freeman. I also found out that Cop Block was a proud sponsor of a radio show called Free Talk Live. And when I looked into Free Talk Live, I found out that one of their primary sponsors is a site called Free State Project.

What is Free State Project, you ask? Well, it’s essentially a “movement” that aims to encourage around 20,000 (or more) Libertarians to move to New Hampshire so that they can try to create a state run by Libertarians.

So I started to piece together what I had seen so far. Cop Block is a key sponsor of a radio show that’s highly backed by a far right-wing Libertarian group trying to get thousands of Libertarians to move to New Hampshire to form some kind of a “Libertarian paradise.”

But that’s not all. While looking into Cop Block I also ran across this video on their YouTube channel that’s absolutely reprehensible. It’s basically nothing more than an eleven minute long anti-establishment/anti-government propaganda video. At one point, the narrator of the video says, “The history of the human race would have been a lot less gruesome if there had been a lot more cop ki**ers around to deal with the state mercenaries of those regimes.” [my edit]

Heck, I even noticed one of Cop Block’s sponsors on the right hand side of their page is a site selling universal keys that allow people to escape from handcuffs.

But I also saw another thing on their website that I’ve seen on quite a few anti-government, far-right conspiracy websites – the option to donate to these sites using Bitcoins.

For those of you who might not know, Bitcoins are non-federal government regulated digital “currency.” Which, of course, plays right into the anti-government, conspiracy wackos like Alex Jones of Infowars. A site that also allows for Bitcoin donations and payments.

So after establishing, at least in my opinion, that Cop Block is clearly nothing more than a far right-wing leaning Libertarian site out to try to slander police officers to build support for their anti-government movement, I headed back to Florida Cop Watch to see if they too followed this right-wing, Libertarian kind of nonsense.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • xnerd

    Yeah I was sort of noticing that there were far to many rascists commenting on some of their memes.

    • jasonbaz77777

      This coming from an acknowledged anti-semite? Learn how to spell you cock sucking Lib-Cunt

  • Sandy Greer

    Bitcoins for anti-govt conspiracy wackos? Ha ha. A buyer from Silicon Valley just bought a 1.4 acre property near Tahoe for $1.6mil in bitcoins. Shortest close time ever on a developer lot. Bitcoins are not just for conspiracy freaks, it seems.

    What Allen deems “Libertarian nonsense” peels off the GOP voter. Plays right into the hands of Dems. Here’s to “Libertarian nonsense”.

    When I ‘went to their website’ (blue link page 2) I found this helpful info:

    1) Record your interaction (cameras the best defense)
    2) You’re not required to talk to police – Anything you say can be used against you (Miranda, anyone?)
    3) Ask if you are being detained. If not – You are free to go
    4) Never consent to searches without a warrant
    5) Be polite, but firm – Police are our public servants, paid with our money
    6) Do not resist arrest
    7) Ask for a lawyer immediately
    8) You have the right to a phone call

    But here’s the thing, Allen:

    >I’m seeing more and more liberals being tricked into supporting these groups backed by these anti-government radicals

    >And it seems that many of these anti-establishment groups have realized that they can dupe a lot of liberals

    ^^^When I come across somebody (like Allen) thinks I can be ‘tricked’ and ‘duped’ into something I don’t want – I know that person underestimates my intelligence, and is contemptuous of my ability to think for myself.

    • Sandy Greer

      All that aside – Here’s the thing:

      >I’m seeing more and more liberals being tricked into supporting
      these groups backed by these anti-government radicals

      >And it seems that many of these anti-establishment groups have realized that they can dupe a lot of liberals

      ^^^When I come across somebody (like Allen) who thinks I can be ‘tricked’ and ‘duped’ into something I don’t want – I know that person underestimates my intelligence, and is contemptuous of my ability to think for myself.

      • Stephen Barlow

        That’s why I only bribe politicians directly. Ever notice how many NEWSMAX links and ads are on THIS blog? Who is really running it?

        You do know that Fox and CNN are both owned by Rupert Murdoch? Funny how that worked out with a Bush administration FCC director @ the helm.

      • madame48

        Incorrect…not cnn

      • Stephen Barlow

        There are none today. But there is frequently a box asking your opinion on Obama of a local Representatives vote or some gun crap 2A law.

      • Rick Derris

        Ads for websites are typically run by third party companies, who show ads based on your web history that is tracked by cookies.

        So if you visited a newsmaaaax site recently, or anything that could be connected with the right-wing, you’re going to see that ad.

        I see ads for almond flour because I’m on the paleo diet. And campers, since I bought one a while back. Nothing from that one site whose name I spell incorrectly on purpose so I won’t see anything from it.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Ty. So Allen just sells space.

    • Stephen Barlow

      ALWAYS say “LAWYER, 5th AMENDMENT” and then ask if they have an arrest warrant first. If they don’t, tell them that illegal detention is kidnapping under Federal Law and dial the FBI to report it.

      Tell them you will talk to them when they have enough evidence to obtain a proper warrant because you are not going to do their jobs for them AND pay them with your taxes too.

  • Rick Derris

    Well, if they are a libertarian group, then liberals should be ashamed for not jumping on this sooner.

    Liberals are just as much against police brutality as the people at Cop Block. I can withhold donations all I want, but they show very real instances of police brutality that I’m not reading about anywhere else.

    Liberals should make their own version of Cop Block.

  • jimmyt

    Lol at this garbage

    Copblock forever

  • Stephen Barlow

    Satan is the great deceiver, or so too many Pastor’s tell me, as they condemn every kindness I have performed in this life. If there were ever a hidden agenda ANTIJESUS organization, it’s the evilgelical judgmentalpatient church of deception that runs the Republicans today. They are against all the things Christ would do and taught like loving they brother and forgiveness of sins.

    So why wouldn’t a right wing group hijack a liberal cause for money?

  • Corey

    Guess my “Moderated” comment was too risqué lol

  • jeramee

    I became suspicious of them a few months ago when their coverage turned from biased journalism (which, though not acceptable, is understandable) to vitriolic editorials. I had been thinking about unfollowing, but didn’t have the time to check them out and see where the bias was coming from. Thanks for doing the legwork.

    BTW, Allen is not saying that any person in particular is being duped or tricked. To the contrary, it’s quite clear that many people, both liberal and conservative, don’t take the time to fully vet the people they listen to for news. He’s making the point that it’s important to vet your sources – a valid point.

    • Jester1137

      Allen is reaching out to Democrats who agree with him that cussing at a cop should mean being subjected to potentially lethal voltages in an effort to torture you into shutting up.

      There’s nothing Progressive about that view.

    • NotTalkingOutOfMyAss

      “He’s making the point that it’s important to vet your sources”

      While failing to do that exact thing.

  • CashBailey

    You know what’s causing my distrust of the government and police? The government and police. Haha, the idea that I would ever vote libertarian. But thanks for your assessment of the average liberal intelligence. I want a revolution of the mind, not more bloodshed.

  • madame48

    Free stares jackasses…don’t bother to try to take over our state…we aren’t the goobers you folks like. We just voted out the ” stealth” free stater eps who lied and mislead to get elected. We have chosen to tax ourselves for 200 years to have a civilized state, and the idiot freestater jackasses won’t change that will.

    • William Kostric

      There will be more freestaters in the Statehouse this year than ever before good madame. See you in Concord.

  • Hittman

    If you’re going to write about something, you should have at least a basic understanding of it.

    The Free State Project is a well known liberty project which has been going on for twelve years. If you’re just now discovering it, you don’t know enough about libertarians or the liberty movement to write about it.

    Free Talk Live has is thirteen years old, is on over 150 radio stations, and is a centerpiece for the liberty movement. If you’re just now discovering it, you don’t know enough about the movement to write about it.

    Libertarians support legalizing drugs, prostitution, and gay marriage. If you think that’s right wing, you don’t know enough about it to talk about it.

    I understand why far lefties are copsuckers – the only way to enforce your policies is at the brutal hand of the police state. But to anyone who knows even a little bit about the liberty movement and libertarians, this article absolutely reeks of ignorance.

    • Rick Derris

      If it’s called the liberty movement, then it’s Orwellian as shit.

      Libertarianism is just a privatized police state.

      • Scatman Vigoda

        then how are they anti-cop if they are for a police state?

      • Rick Derris

        They’re for a privatized police state. So long as it’s private sector they’re free to rape and abuse you.

      • Daniel Lee

        As opposed to it being collectivized, as now, where they’re currently raping and abusing you….

      • Rick Derris

        So you’re going to pretend those are the only two options? Because fucked by the government or being fucked by the corporations?

        I choose a third option, where the people have power over both the public and private sector.

      • Jeremy Derae Godfrey Olson

        Then you’re a libertarian. Sorry.

      • Rick Derris

        You’re replying to comments from 2 months ago?

        Jesus Christ, man! Have you tried getting a life?

      • AmendmentX

        The vast majority of libertarians understand and believe in the NAP (non-aggression principle), which would certainly encompass being opposed to anyone, private or public, raping and abusing people.

        You have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • Rick Derris

        Bull. They’re against government aggression. But they’re for a completely deregulated business model that allows corporations to oppress people.

      • Jeremy Derae Godfrey Olson

        Nice logic free talking points.

    • Bob Claybowl

      That’s why they are called leftwingnut libretards.

    • Mason Colbert

      Yeah, you Libertarian’s have done a great job in Somalia! Libertarians; Just dumber Republicans.

  • JoeyZimbada

    Liberals getting tricked? Oh, boo hoo. Anyone who shrugs off someone sticking a penis in a butthole, anyone who shrugs off the murder of a baby not yet born is morally corrupt. They are no better. Baby murdering feces on their penises liberals are disgusting.

    • Sounds like you’re overcompensating for something.

  • Ron H

    I don’t give one god damn who owns Cop Block. Pig police are MURDERING people all across the country, they are breaking into homes in the middle of the night without warrants and prosecuting for murder anyone who tries to stop unknown intruders, they are killing family pets from chihuahuas to labs even inside locked vehicles, they are being trained by the freaking Israeli military !, and then equipping and arming themselves with military hardware. Defend Big Brother by ignoring the stories Cop Block reports – which we don’t hear from Big Media – all you want, but you’re wrong on this. I’m as Liberal as they get but I don’t blindly accept what anyone reports. I always take the time to search for corroborating reports. I don’t give one hot damn what led up to cop’s piggish behavior. Nothing excuses police abusing their power and causing harm. A misbehaving suspect is never a cause to shoot and kill them. A barking dog is never an excuse to slit it’s throat. But cops are doing these things every day and we need to know it ! So Mr. Clifton; when you put your money where your mouth is and do the same reporting as Cop Block, which will be pure in heart since you’re no libertarian, maybe I’ll switch to you to keep me informed about the runaway police state that George Bush and his Homeland Security has inflicted on us all.

  • Anon_tom

    I was briefly a follower of Cop Block, enraged at all the injustices of course… and while reading their posts, I did sense some of them had to be spun, but fell into the hate-bait for the most part. That is, until they made an anti-military post…on Memorial Day! As a military service-member, that was it for me. It pretty much showed their true colors, them and all the (for lack of a better term) whack-jobs chiming in with vile hate for someone like me who is NOTHING like they would like to claim to know. But I digress… Thank you Allen, please don’t ever stop doing what you do!

    • Jester1137

      Sure sucks to lose killers for hire with no sense of right or wrong.

      • Rick Derris

        Have you considered eating a bag of dicks?

      • Sherri Lucas-Gibson

        Did you leave any?

      • Jester1137

        Have you ever considered that just maybe those who kill on command for a few bucks aren’t people whose opinions count for much?

        I’m sure you can kind some boots to lick and stop bothering free people.

      • Rick Derris

        I love how you assholes consider anyone who doesn’t lick YOUR boots to be licking boots.

        “Anyone who doesn’t agree with me doesn’t think for themselves!” Only in libertarianland.

      • Jester1137

        The crap right wingers throw.


        Christ. Go blow a few more grunts.

      • Rick Derris

        Blah blah blah. Go suck some more corporate dick.

      • Jester1137

        This is truly pathetic. You vote for Democrats and try to throw a “Corporate” label at anyone else?

        You greasily adhere to anyone willing to slaughter Arab children for money, then assume the people who call you out on your racist hunger for genocide are to your *right*?

      • Rick Derris

        You vote for Republicans and try to throw a “Corporate” label at anyone else?

        They’re both just different sides of the same coin. I’m a Socialist. Fuck your corporatism.

  • Jester1137

    You believe cops should be allowed to torture people with potentially lethal voltages for getting “Mouthy”?????

    You’re a right-wing authoritarian follower. You wouldn’t know a Leftist if one sung Le International at you.

  • william dalton

    I’m a member of the Free State Project, hardly a right wing organization. The goal is to get 20,000 people to move to NH to break the two party stranglehold the dems and reps corporate cronies have over the American public.

  • I_chose_an_original_name

    I don’t care what type of people are running these sites. I don’t care how much of the start of a tape is cut out. what I care about is that sites like this show police responses. 15 minutes of cussing, crying, and pouting by somebody does not validate a cop beating that person, tasering that person, shooting that person. criminals behaving like criminals does not justify cops behaving like criminals. cops behaving like criminals towards criminals are still criminals themselves. cut out the why that weak minded people want to use to justiy criminal behavior, and you still see weak, feeble, timid people, being hurt by police. THAT is why these sites have support from liberals, conservatives, progressives, right wing, left wing, and anyone else who is willing to look at what is being done, and not deciding if it is right or wrong because of their race, job, special status. these sites have support from EVERYONE who can say stop beating that person who is already beat. it is a cops job to catch them, not punish them.

  • Howard Gilbraith

    Least progressive article I have EVER seen! Progressivism is about making the best choice because we have learned better knowledge and skills, not sticking to a dogma about who’s “left” and who’s “right”. Real Libertarians are friends of progressives on many, many topics. If you are looking to join up with people who only agree with everything you do, you will never get enough people together to do anything. You have “conservative hypocrisy” as one of your highly used tags, you should apply it to yourselves, hypocrites.

  • Concetina

    Hmm, the person you made reference to in he ‘highly edited’ video, all charges were dropped…so perhaps you could re-write your article…

  • Avedon

    I just saw this story come around on Facebook. I have read this article carefully and here is the part I don’t get:

    You’re telling me that this video somehow misrepresents the cops by failing to highlight the fact that the guy they murdered was obnoxious and swore at them, right?

    Are you saying that’s okay? That swearing at cops and being obnoxious deserves summary death penalty “justice”?

    Since when is it liberal to justify police violence on such flimsy grounds?

    Sure, I get that you’d rather not see liberals giving their money to a libertarian group, but it seems to me a lot of people who call themselves “progressives” are wasting their money on worse – supporting DLC-backed candidates, for example. Those Blue Dogs and Third Way-New Democrat-DLC types who lost both houses of Congress for the Dems in the last election, for example. (And good riddance to them!)

    It may not be liberal to *hate* the government or want to encourage cop-killing, but it also isn’t liberal to just sit back and trust the government and its agents – especially the ones with guns. Keeping a strong eye on large institutions and their representatives, and trying to prevent them from running rough-shod over the rights of ordinary citizens, is what being liberal is *about*.

    Just for the record, being obnoxious and swearing at cops is not a crime. It may get you killed, but that’s a *bad* thing. Understand?

  • lou

    It may seem our 2 major political ideologies are “Democrat” and “Republican” . The real spectrum is that of “statism” and “(classical) liberalism”. Both extreme ends of Democrat and Republican increasingly find themselves on the repressive “statism” end. Both fascism (extreme right) and communism (extreme left) always end up screwing the people.

  • John Lehmann

    Allen I won’t be duped by a POS like you

  • Dan Feidt~hongpong

    I like how revulsion towards bitcoins and a blatant indifference to actually existing police brutality ties this piece together. As you may have discerned these months later, fanciful ancaps in New Hampshire aren’t the big social problem, an epidemic of police brutality is still the problem. Clearly the piece was written by someone who didn’t want to empathize w any victims of police brutality or their families.