Lindsey Graham’s Sad Comments About Ted Cruz Perfectly Sum Up Republican Desperation (Video)

If you want a “poster child” for the current pathetic state of the Republican party, look no further than Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). While I’ve enjoyed the fact that he’s been one of the most vocal critics of Donald Trump, it’s really a little sad to see such a longstanding member of the GOP desperately trying to keep his party from self-destruction.

If you haven’t heard, Graham recently “endorsed” Sen. Ted Cruz for president. Though I use the word “endorse” rather lightly considering just a few weeks ago the South Carolina senator said that choosing between Donald Trump or Ted Cruz was like trying to decide between being “shot or poisoned.” He also went on to say of Cruz that the Texas senator “has exhibited behavior in his time in the Senate that makes it impossible for me to believe that he could bring this country together.”

So I guess with Graham’s “endorsement” of Cruz, he happily chose poison.

Well, on Sunday morning he sat down with CBS’s Face the Nation where he discussed all the drama surrounding the race to win the GOP presidential nomination.

“The bottom line is I believe Donald Trump would be an absolute, utter disaster for the Republican Party, destroy conservatism as we know it,” Graham said. “We would get wiped out and it would take generations to overcome a Trump candidacy.”

He also called Trump a “demagogue” and said he would “rather lose without Trump than try to win with him.”

Before going any further, that statement alone is extremely telling. His statement seems to indicate that believes Cruz is the weaker candidate – meaning that Trump gives Republicans their best chances to win this November – though he would rather lose the election with Cruz as their candidate than see Republicans win in November with Trump.

But then when you look at his comments on Cruz and why he “endorsed him,” it’s incredibly pathetic.

“Ted Cruz, in my view, is a real Republican who I often disagree with,” Graham stated. “I’m supporting Ted because I think he’s the best alternative to Donald Trump.”

He also urged John Kasich to drop out, not because he doesn’t support him (he actually said he would have endorsed him because he believes he’s the most electable), but because his presence in the race continues to help Trump.

“John, if I thought you could win, I’d be behind you because you are the most electable candidate,” he continued. “Work with Ted to deny Trump 1,237. If you’re not willing to work with Ted you’re hurting the cause.”

If you’re Ted Cruz, you’d almost rather not have Graham endorse you than to have him doing nationally televised interviews where he tells the country he can’t really stand you but hates Trump more. Not only that, but he even admitted that he would have much rather endorsed Kasich (because he’s more electable, no less), but he didn’t because of the current standing of each candidate.

The Republican party is an absolute mess right now. Things are so bad that a sitting U.S. senator did a nationally televised interview where he admitted that the only reason he “endorsed” a certain candidate is because he’s hoping to take down the current Republican frontrunner for the nomination. He doesn’t even think Cruz is the most electable Republican in the race!

It’s as if the entire GOP presidential race has turned into one giant Saturday Night Live comedy skit. Except instead of being hilarious, it’s just pathetically sad.

Watch the interview below via CBS News:

Allen Clifton

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