Republicans, I Give In: Here’s a List of a Few Things You Can Blame on President Obama

president-obama-11Basically since before he even took the oath of office to become President of the United States, Republicans have opposed everything President Obama stands for and blamed him for practically everything.

Literally it wasn’t even a few weeks into his presidency, in the middle of the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, before Republicans started blaming him for our economic woes.

So, as we continue to see one positive jobs report after another, I thought I’d finally give in and make a list of a few things Republicans can blame on President Obama:

  • Job losses were cut by more than 50% within his first 4 months in office.
  • He saved the American auto industry.
  • Has cut our deficits by more than half.
  • Killed Osama bin Ladin.
  • Got Syria to give up their chemical weapons without firing a single shot.
  • Presided over record breaking stock levels (with the Dow closing over 17,000 for the first time in its 118-year history).
  • Cut unemployment in half from 10% to below 5%.
  • We saw the best year of job growth (2014) in the United States since 1999.
  • The quickest drop in unemployment in 30 years.
  • 75 straight months of private sector job growth – the longest streak in our nation’s history.
  • Over 12.6 million private sector jobs created.
  • In 2015, over 11.7 million people signed up for health care thanks to the Affordable Care Act.
  • Millions of Americans have gained, or kept, health care coverage thanks to Medicaid expansions and being able to stay on their parents’ insurance longer.
  • He hasn’t started a single war.

I could go on, but I think that’s a good enough list of things Republicans can blame on President Obama.  Though I’m sure many Republicans reading this aren’t aware of most of what I just listed, because Fox News rarely reports any of that.

And might I also remind conservatives, he’s done all of this without any help from congressional Republicans.  In fact, he’s done all of this in spite of their best efforts to obstruct him at every turn.

So, Republicans, I say blame away.  Blame President Obama for everything I just listed above.  I’ll go ahead and predict that you can also blame him for next month’s jobs report that will show we added jobs for the 62nd consecutive month.

Because you damn sure know if it were a Republican who presided over everything I just listed above, you’d be calling him an American hero and a conservative legend.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Sam Brosenberg

    To be fair, there are ACTUAL complaints about his conduct as President that aren’t just based in bullshit. I’m not really a fan of the seemingly-cavalier attitude his Administration has toward executing American citizens without Due Process, and it would be nice if he cared a little bit less about the Financial Sector and a little bit more about people in my tax bracket.

    I’d love for him to stand up for things like Net Neutrality also, instead of essentially letting the FCC sell the internet to the highest bidder.

    • PamB1

      Sam—-Since WHEN does someone remain an American citizen, when they get on a Plane, and leave this country to go and plot against it !!? And what—–You want due process for them—-so we invade and go in and try and catch these traitors, so guys like you can see them in Court? My God man, get real. And if you have not seen him working to help YOUR Financial Sector—all I ask is, have you seen your latest Report on your 401K or other finances? You guys gloss over this stuff , and don’t have a clue.

      • Michael Pulskamp

        Since the beginning… Getting on a plane, Nope, has no power to change your citizenship. Leaving the country, Nope, no change. Plotting, No you are still allowed to think any damn thing you want and still be a citizen. WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING then there are issues. Of course, most of us like to tell ourselves that we are part of a nation that uses laws not summery judgement to do things. And it isn’t like we are so weak that one guy is such a threat that we should change our system to accommodate his threat. Or is that what you are saying.

        And BTW, Most of the middle-class don’t have 401k any more…

      • John E. Conway

        I tend to agree, but one point that is often skipped over: since we were at war with the people he was helping, he became a traitor, since he was among them giving aid, I believe it is defensible to consider him an enemy combatant, just as if he was literally on the battlefield firing on us. it is a tough question though, and I think taking a life like this would have to be limited to very specific situations, such as what we had. I do not believe it was cavalier at all, which is why only one citizen has thus been killed. Others have been arrested while still in our own country, not just executed.

      • SirViP

        “since we were at war with the people he was helping, he became a traitor”

        I seriously hope you aren’t as ridiculous as that sounded. Helping other human beings is being altruistic, not being a traitor. It’s that exact Us. Vs. Them ignorance that divides us apart as a human race.

      • cattnipp

        according to the executive order that GWB wrote…… you can be stripped of not only your citizenship but all assets and your person hood if they SUSPECT that a tie-dye t-shirt you bought at that craft fair was made by a person that once served lunch to someone they suspect to associate with ‘radical’ persons——- and being ‘stripped of your person hood’ would mean that no-one could legally assist you in any manner
        ——– I absolutely do not agree with targeting and murdering humans….. and even less so with drones…. but make THAT your argument; NOT that doing such is unheard of

      • Raylusk

        Sorry but if we are fighting a war then those who are helping our enemies are also enemies. That’s not ridiculous that is fact.

      • Michael Pulskamp

        It’s hard to know where to start. What evidence do you have that any of that is the case? Who are our enemies? Who was he helping? Who else has helped them making them our enemies? You sound like a simpleton.
        The issue is not an American standing on a battlefield of a declared war firing a rifle at a GI. In that case, there is no question. On the other hand, targeting someone who is not “in combat” at the time, well that sounds a lot more like assassination. We tell ourselves a story that we are above such things. That we live under laws.

      • Raylusk

        In war we and other nations have target millions of people that aren’t currently engaging in hostilities. WW2 we bombed entire cities killing hundreds of thousands of civilians because we were trying to destroy Germany’s ability to produce items for war. We have bombed military headquarters in an attempt to kill specific Generals and other military leaders. We bombed Libya decades ago to try and kill their dictator.

        Congress declared war while Bush was in office and directed the President to go after terrorists. That responsibility fell to Obama when he became President. In our Democracy, Congress declares war and the President is left to manage that war. So he has the responsibility to decide who is our enemy within the confines of the declaration of war and capture or kill those that are determined to be enemies. This has been the way of this Country since the Constitution was adopted. You may not like it but that’s the way it is.

        By the way I’m not the simpleton. I actually think things trough rather then rely on emotion. You might want to do the same in the future.

      • JJ5306

        You are total fool.

      • JJ5306

        He doesn’t need evidence Hannity said it is so, don’t you know? LOL.

      • anthonyadams

        He was not being altruistic, he was aiding and abetting our sworn enemy and according to our constitution, that is treason that make the individual a traitor (which is punishable by death).

      • Julie Wickstrom

        The person of which you speak also publicly renounced his citizenship. He worked with entities that we were at war with. Why do you care about him? He was a traitor. If Obama was more conservative and white, you would not care. Is there something saying Obama personally picked him? I also don’t see why the people that hate Muslims are so for this guy. If this traitor is the only Muslim you have ever mourned, you are not a patriot. There are many good American Muslims in this country that love to be here and will never be traitors. That man and his son hated the U.S. and did not want to be citizens. They were responsible for running many terrorists functions.

      • JJ5306

        Why do white morons talk about Muslims as if they are the fodder for terror when the most acts of terror are committed by WHITE PEOPLE IN AMERICA!

      • danvail

        Are you trying to say that Freedom of Speech protected him, a man actively plotting to destroy the US – going on video and proclaiming himself against the US and all we stand for deserves protection – even after renouncing his citizenship?

      • JJ5306

        He is a total idiot and FUX VIEWS MORON!

      • anthonyadams

        When you leave the borders of the US, you leave your Constitution rights at home; you don’t have them in other countries and must comply with THEIR laws. Oh, you’re still a US citizens, of course, but don’t try to behave like you have all your US rights and laws to protect you.

      • JJ5306

        NO WE DON’T. But the KOCHs, Romneys, and the like PAY NO TAXES. Hide their money in offshore accounts, send jobs overseas, buy the KOCH KONGRESS so they can take away Social Security, Vacations, Overtime pay, Sick Days and your wages and the ignorant think this is a good thing??? That just amazes me. Why would anyone who WORKS for a living be a Republican is astonishing!

      • Nemisis

        Unless you object to those laws based on your religion.

        A born-citizen can not have their citizenship revoked by force. However they can still be an enemy combatant and treated as such.
        A naturalized citizenship can be revoked for join with an enemy. They can and should be shot. Dead enemies make poor combatants.

        One guy can make the difference. Ask a German Jew, or non-Jew, how they feel about Adolph Hitler. Ask them then to put that into a perspective prior to the “Final Solution”. Somewhat of a different response from the same people I would wager. One guy. And the system was not changed, it has been in place for a very long time.

      • Kerry Bowden

        $85 billion a month in buying bonds will increase the stock market. By keeping the Bond market at artificially low returns it has an inversely porportional relationship to stocks . So by pushing Bond yields down it pushes up stocks . Pushing down bonds artificially inflates stocks creating a bubble that will bust.. The same thing happened in the 2008 real estate bubble. the cheap money with no stardards allowed peope to take risks with second and third mortgages and people that would not normaly qualify. But with no money down and little oversight the industry cut corners and when some has no equity what stops them from walking away.

    • Why5ks

      Sam, the person in question had renounced his citizenship. Technically, he was no longer a US citizen. Yes, he could have returned to US soil and requested to have it reinstated, but at the time he was droned he was a terrorist without a country.

      • cattnipp

        drones are wrong—— I appreciate our POTUS, I voted for him in 2008 and 2012, I feel he is doing a good job overall in spite of the effort of the GOP to destroy the country so they could claim it was cause by electing a NOT WHITE to the White House———— but…. DRONES ARE WRONG

      • Raylusk

        Why are drones wrong? Why are they different from bombing with manned planes or attacking with artillery? For that matter why are they wrong when we can send in a special ops team to kill and most would say that is OK? I don’t understand this drones is wrong crap when in reality war is the issue. We either fight a war in a way that puts our military lives at the least risk or we simply don’t fight the war. But to single out drones as being wrong doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

      • cattnipp

        allow me to re-phrase that —- killing is WRONG
        the bible says “thou shalt not kill” …. the Qur’an says that to take one life it is as if you had killed all of humanity….. The places where it does allow violence in the Qur’an it is careful to remind the reader that they may drive out those who had driven them from their homes; that they could fight and kill, even in the mosque but….. if their oppressor stopped fighting, they must also cease or be considered the aggressor—- “and God does not love the aggressor”
        ——— there is no excuse for the hatred, there is no excuse for war

      • Raylusk

        In general we are too quick to go to war but to claim their is no excuse for it is naive. There is evil in this world that requires confrontation. Sometimes this evil require war and even killing to stop it.

        By the way your understanding of the Bible doesn’t appear to be adequate. First there are many places in the Bible where God ordered killing. In addition the thou shall not kill is according to most bible scholars more accurately thou shall not murder. Big difference.

        I think most people would think it reasonable and even allowed under the bible to kill someone that is trying to kill you, your family, or others.

        You are either making a poor argument or you have not completely thought through this subject. Based on your writing I suspect both to some degree but with out knowing you I wouldn’t know for sure.

      • Vaxxlover

        Pretty sure the Bible isn’t the Qur’an

      • Patrick Scott

        True there are references to killing in the bible, but those quotes are from the old testaments. If you consider yourself a Christian then Christ teaches one to turn the other cheek. Now this goes against human nature and I have not been able to reach this level of spiritual enlightenment. I also believe if you take up arms against this country then you are a drone target. Not trying to be funny. I would rather have a drone eliminate a threat to this country then have another soldier be put in harms way to handle this threat. I fall short of Christ teachingsand hate that so many are misinformed about the teaching of Jesus Christ. Let’s also get something staight, the Sabbath is on Saturday. Christians constantly change laws in the bible to please their most childish whim.

      • Robb Thompson

        Every time I see someone use “but that’s in the OLD Testament”, I always feel the need to ask – what chapter are the Ten Commandments found in again? Do you ignore those particular words?

      • anthonyadams

        Council of Nicaea in 325AD rewrote the Bible to give the Church more power and power over the European monarchies so the church could tax them under threats of hell.

      • cattnipp

        please…. some of these fools have voices telling them it is good when women are raped, that women need to understand rape is a gift from God… of them admits that his voice says we should execute gay people because allowing things that warrant death is just wrong ………. they are sociopaths who claim that God speaks to them and that we need to obey and follow their every whim because they speak for God now…… These are not Christians, if Christ appeared before them they would scream for security and order him ‘taught respect’

      • Raylusk

        So then despite the fact that the New Testament specifically says the Old Testament still applies, that the original comment I was responding to used a quote from the Ten Commandments that are in the Old Testament, and that the original comment talked about the bible as a whole you hit me with the Christian thing. Well guess what I’m not a Christian but I have taken classes on the bible and read it several times. I know what is in there.

        I’m glad that you think the use of drones are at times appropriate.

      • cattnipp

        over 30 years of study………….. study that involved checking earlier translations a few times.
        —— you are correct, I know very little about the bible, other than it has been translated (re-written) time and again by scribes at the behest of kings and conquerors……… that the books that you refer to as the gospel were written by people who were not born until long after the passing of Christ……. those books replaced chapters written by people who had actually walked beside and eaten meals with Jesus, they all refereed to him as a prophet…………. but somewhere around the time the Romans grew bored of feeding “Christians” to the lions these books were changed out and inserted the claim that Jesus was the BEGOTTEN son of God………….that claim was not in any previous translation………………………..

      • Raylusk

        Nice spin to avoid the fact that the thou shall not kill is really more accurately thou shall not murder. Big difference. In addition you tried to spin your way out of the fact that God ordered people to kill yet yet tried to use the bible to justify your position. Nothing in your response addresses those two issues. You fail.

      • cattnipp

        excuse me……. even the church elders who raped and beat me at the age of 9….. to help me learn that I was not allowed to ask questions about why we sang “Jesus loves ALL the little children” if he only love those who are white…………………. even they did not claim that the 10 commandments were a mere suggestion and could be re-worded to fit any desire. no place did I declare that God had ordered my death and that I was triumphant over God, the bible and the Qur’an were at one time both the word of God……… but MANKIND choose to re-write the bible a number of times, while the (Qur’an proper) is still in Arabic, the language it was first written in………… there are at least 150 DIFFERENT versions of the bible in English alone….. and only 1 version of the Qur’an, in Aramaic (it does get translated to other languages—– and the cover titles it as The Qur’an ‘translated into’ and does not then claim perfection)
        —————- FOOL ! I can not prevent you from declaring that YOUR word over-rules the word of God….. BUT I will stand and look you in the eye and repeat “thou shall not kill” as you enthusiastically kill me for daring to not worship you in place of the creator. ———- dismissed

      • 3 cats

        The Bible actually says, ” Thou shalt not murder”. So in war you can kill your enemy or any aggressor foreign or domestic.

      • Michael Pulskamp

        Even if that was the case, and it’s not, What difference would that make? We have laws here. We don’t base our system on the bible.

      • anthonyadams

        I killed people in Vietnam and the old excuse of self-defense is bullshit. I murdered them, willfully and deliberately; that is the definition of murder verses being responsible for the loss of a life in an auto crash. You actually point out one of the many hypocrisies in the Bible….as written by man and not by God.

      • cattnipp

        Exodus 20:13 KJV Thou shalt not kill

        do you speak to our creator with the same mouth that you use to twist and lie about what is in the book YOU claim is his word????

      • Andre Parks

        The bible is bullshit. There is plethora of evidence to show that which people conveniently ignore. Better to play make believe I guess.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        bible? which show a marked propensity for deadly violence? that bible?

      • Jard Davis

        Do you know who Eric Rudolph is?
        How about Clayton Waagner?
        James Charles Kopp?
        Scott Roeder?

        Eric Rudolph detonated the nail bomb at the Atlanta Olympics. He did it to protest homosexuality and abortions. Member of Christian Identity, a Christian Domestic Terrorist Group.

        As are Waagner, Kopp and Roeder. All convicted of killing abortion Doctors. Roeder actually shot and killed his prey, Dr. George Tiller, in a church while the man was serving as an usher.

        There may be no excuse for hatred and/or violence, but it’s there, it exists, and it’s not going away, just because of high ideals. Especially when some people warp and twist those ideals to justify their own crimes.

      • cattnipp

        I must be particularly stupid today, as I can not see how my statement (yesterday) that killing is wrong and that twisting what you claim as the basis of your faith does not justify it caused these so-called Christians to commit acts of evil and terrorism.

      • Jard Davis

        First of all, not my faith.
        Second of all, all moral philosophy and idealogy stems from faith based ideology in some way, shape or form.
        But, in reality, ideals tend to get thrown out the window for practical gains.
        Killing is wrong, but that won’t stop people from doing it.

      • Andre Parks

        And right after it goes on and on and on to say to make war on the non-believers. Actually study Islam to understand it’s principles and the concept of abrogation before you look like a fool saying Islam directs it’s followers not to kill.

      • cattnipp

        I have read the entire Qur’an about a dozen times—— go ahead, tell me that you are much better informed because you believe the lies Pam Coulter vomits——

      • anthonyadams

        Sending in a drone is much more feasible and easier than sending in ground troops to arrest of capture a person in a foreign country and expect to walk him through the airport to take him to the US. Its also a hell of a lot cheaper.

      • Julie Wickstrom

        I don’t understand the drone freakout. Wasn’t napalm worse? How about mass bombings? More closely targeted bombings have cut causalities.

      • Raylusk

        I agree. If we have decided someone is an enemy we should capture or kill him in the manor that is least dangerous to our military.

      • JJ5306


    • Brian

      Enemy combatants do not get due process regardless of citizenship. See: US Civil War.

    • felipe63

      You are absolutely right Sam, and the IOKIYADem attitude from ‘progressives’ on this topic is disgusting. Just look at the all the lame rationalizations in the replies to your comment. All mindless talking points without a shred of evidence. Had a guy with an R after his name executed a US citizen without trial these same people would be screaming bloody murder. (And for those of you who want to argue that the execution of Anwar Al-Awlaki was justified, fine; just explain why vaporizing his 16 yr old son a week later is okay too)

      You are correct about his unwillingness to deal with big finance too, zero prosecutions or serious investigations into the crash of 2008, indeed he appointed Timothy Geithner, the guy who failed in his duties as NY Fed president and totally in the pocket of the financial industry, to head up the Treasury.

    • cattnipp

      I am a fan of voicing when the POTUS does something stupid….. if we care about our country we speak up……. we need to remember to look at what is right and WRONG not just what is right and LEFT. We spoke when Bush did something outlandish, we must speak up when this POTUS screws up………….. you can’t shut me up……….

    • JJ5306

      YOU ARE FUX VIEWS WATCHER. Your ignorance of the facts demonstrate that. I care not what any ignorant person says or things because your watching this channel of LIES indicates you have no thoughts of your own and are spouting bullshit.

    • Nemisis

      What Americans have been executed without due process?
      Are you talking about the people who have joined an enemy and are actively fighting against the US? Those people are enemy combatants and as such have waived their rights to due process and in my opinion their right to claim US citizenship.

    • Jethro Bodien

      It kills me how everyone wants everything from the President. Like he’s Santa clause. There isn’t much the Prez can do with a totally obstructionist congress.

  • FairBudgets

    He has deported more people than previous presidents

    Oh yeah – and he HASN’T taken a single gun.

    Presidents need to be:
    1. See the big picture – obama does
    2. dream big – obama did
    3. Be pragmatic – maybe resigning himself to a political standoff is the reality – sadly.
    4. Work with adversaries – Obviously the blame isn’t entirely on him – but he needs to find somebody on the Hill in the R caucus to help him out!
    5. Political strategy – appointing a major republican donor to head the VA was smart! It will hopefully allow everyone to focus on the policy issues that need resolved and not political gamesmanship.

    • Stephen Barlow

      previous presidents let all these people IN the country illegally, because cheap labor pays bigger donations.

    • jimvancise

      I wonder when The NRA and their “Minions” will realize that Obama still hasn’t “taken their Guns” ?

      Not only is he a poor Muslim and Socialist, he’s a damn poor “Gun Collector”.

      • Kerry Bowden

        Not for a lack of trying and demonizing everyone that does not follow his beliefs .The signing of the UN Small arms bill. Proposing numerous Gun Registrations Schemes. The Supposed Gun show loophole. Every dealer has to contact NCIC before they can sell a gun. The only guns excluded from NCIC lookup are relic or blackpowder. Some gunshow loophole most gunshows I hae seen don’t allow private sales.Just so you understand you are 5 times more likely to a victim of physical violence by fist or foot , 3 time more likely to be a victim of knife, bat, machete than by gun.So why aren’t we trying to regulate MMA, Boxing , baseball bats, knives, machetes since they are used much more than Guns are. Why aren’t Mental Health records forwarded to NCIC to stop the access of guns to the mentally ill . Only two states forward their mentally ill records. The Vign Killer went through the strictest Backound checks in the nation. so what he is proposing isn’t going to work

      • Nemisis

        The simple statement “if you outlaw something, only the outlaws will have it.” rings very true here.
        Law abiding citizens don’t commit gun violence.
        That’s an irrefutable truth, because once a law abiding citizen breaks the law with a gun, they are no longer abiding by the law and therefore not a law abiding citizen.

        Chicago recently had a rough go of it with 85 wounded and 8 dead in a gun battle in a certain area. Not one of these guns used was a legal gun. How could that be? Chicago has a tremendous number of laws that aim to stop this sort of thing. I think the problem is, Chicago forgot to outlaw, unlawfulness as well.

        My point…regulate the hell out of something, outlaws don’t care about the laws. By the way, Obama is not the first president that wanted gun control. Near as I can tell that was 1938, a few years before Obama was even sperm.

        Which brings in other things that were banned that ended bad. Prohibition of Alcohol aided in creating organized criminal practices, which led to the 1938 call for gun legislation. Let us not forget that it was Christianity that called for the ban on alcohol.

        I propose that the root of the problem is not guns, or even alcohol rather that it is misguided Christianity running around unchecked stirring up a trouble where there needs to be no stirring.
        I reference recent events as evidence.

        Christianity needs to be regulated, as the crusades will confirm, an unregulated mass of Christians is dangerous and unhealthy to non-Christians or Christians who may be of a “different” cloth.

      • Guest

        Why anyone would even entertain @Diemuslimpig:disqus is beyond me… this person gets their info from WIKI…

      • MJRinPA

        So you are saying that “registering” and “taking” are synonyms?

      • Kerry Bowden

        Have you read the UN small arms bill? I don’t think you have if you did you would see the language that could be and is believed by many treaty scholars as a path to confiscation.Next you missed the point there are 30,000 gun laws in the US do we need any more? Don’t think so. Next In every case of a country that did a gun registration they later confiscated all guns England , Australia Japan, France Germany etc . they all confiscated registered guns. Next when a treaty is approved it becomes law and usurps US laws. So do you want another country’s law to become US law without discussion in Congress and a ratification through Congress and constitutionality through the courts.

  • Matthew Reece

    The unemployment rate dropped because 303,000 people left the workforce. The unadjusted rates went up significantly. The SGS alternate unemployment rate (which the BLS calculated until 1994) is still above 23%. The jobs report only looks good because the numbers are cooked.

    • Brian

      “The unemployment rate dropped because 303,000 people left the workforce. ”

      An irrelevant number in regards to the percentage we’re talking about, and a questionable number at that.

      “The unadjusted rates went up significantly.”


      “The SGS alternate unemployment rate (which the BLS calculated until 1994) is still above 23%.”

      Shadowstats is not credible and often debunked.

      “The jobs report only looks good because the numbers are cooked.”


      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        If we are going to use the U6 numbers, why don’t we go back 30 years and adjust ALL unemployment figures for consistency?

        Matthew and everyone else who complains about the dismal employment situation: what the hell do you expect? Presidents don’t create legislation. Congress makes legislation, and this Congress has been useless. Business is sitting on $3 trillion in cash; profits and productivity have gone up while wages have been stagnant or have gone down. Productivity is up because business squeezes more work out of fewer people. Obama didn’t send jobs to China, didn’t look the other way while Wall Street jumped into the subprime market with both feet, didn’t start the Wall Street bailout, didn’t start the war in Iraq and didn’t enact two ruinous tax cuts.

        You got any bright ideas, I’m all ears. But figuring the Republicans would be much better at job creation is delusional. Who voted against all the jobs bills (bills that weren’t tax cuts for rich people)>

        If a white Republican had accomplished the things in this article, the GOP would be naming airports, mountains and streets after him and singing his praises.

      • cattnipp

        you do not understand the rules…….. U3 numbers are for when the GOP says they are doing wonders for America. U6 numbers are for complaining that even though you have blocked EVERY bill that would produce more than 100 permanent jobs and you are shutting down government jobs at an unheard-of rate —- it is the fault of the POTUS that unemployment exists………….. learn the rules, already.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        I know that and YOU know that, but I have some “liberal” friends who drink the U6 Kool-Aid.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        matt lives in Zanzibar and does summers on mars

    • jimvancise

      Keep tellin’ yourself that, Matt. You look kinda odd , what with your head in the sand, and all.

    • Cheryl Nelson

      I am not so sure the 303,000 people left the workforce. They just became irrelevant to what ever means they are using to track this due to long term unemployment. With regards to those who responded to you dismissing those 303,000 people as irrelevant number in regards to the percentage, these are people not numbers. I was unemployed from 12/2012 to Feb 2013. I didn’t leave the workforce and the need to work didn’t leave me. My States unemployment rate was lower than qualified for Federal Unemployment Extended Benefits and I am grateful for that not upset that I didn’t qualify. I don’t see however how my intent for employment could have been tracked unless the NSA was documenting my submitted resumes online. I suggest the best way to understand the current unemployment rate would be by the community and people around you and not whatever numbers are being dished out and available through media and online.

      • Raylusk

        They track how many people are looking for work by surveying employers. One of the questions they ask is how many people applied for a job with you this month. They then use statistical methods to translate that all into figures. It’s how they have done it for decades and it is recognized as statistically accurate. So I would suggest rather then crying about something you don’t understand and making up suggestions that make you look ridiculous you do some research next time.

    • zerilos

      People leave the workforce every month for a wide variety of reasons that have nothing to do with a bad economy. People leave when they retire or when their spouse gets a job that allows the family to survive on a single income. The employment report clearly indicated that a large drop in the number of long term unemployed was seen.

    • FMJ

      Funny, there were 288,000 new jobs added in June, that is almost the 303,000 you say left the workforce, so who got all these jobs? If you are this big of an idiot, then try learning the true facts before you try to baffle us with BS.

    • Hectorand Tiffanie Alvarez

      Exactly in the Central Valley of Ca. Unemployment is up to the ceiling. And we are facing the worst drought in history. No relieve in sight

      • Raylusk

        You can blame the climate denying conservatives for the drought. You can also blame your conservative political leaders in the Central Valley for not diversifying their employment so they don’t so heavily rely on agriculture for employment. Quit electing conservatives and you will see change. Simple.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Uh, also follow the link to the senate web page on 9.7 million private sector jobs created. That number is independent on the number of people looking for jobs. And make sure to look at the historical numbers under GWB when 70,000 jobs lost in a month wasn’t big news.

    • cattnipp

      explain how that relates to the numbers of working taxpaying citizens rising——- they are not counting the numbers without jobs—- they are counting the numbers WITH JOBS…….. how does the true fact that some have given up——- change the increase in the number of people WORKING?

    • Raylusk

      Bull. You completely fail to take into account that our country is aging and much of those that left the workforce retired. In addition we have always measured unemployment the way it’s being reported. Just because it no longer supports you crying little bitc*es hate of Obama doesn’t change facts.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      hey matt baybeee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      what PCT of those left the workforce are retiring baby boomers?
      since there is NO comprehensive study detailing this I am asking you– the resident GURU— the number…. please!

  • Sea


  • Jerimiahholcomb

    Could you imagine IF the 8 million people that signed up for health care thanks to the Affordable Care Act signed up for Primerica or LegalSheild instead, and one more thing — their hiring too.

  • jimvancise

    Actually, the Author is not quite correct on one thing: “Literally it wasn’t even a few weeks into his presidency, in the middle of the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, before Republicans started blaming him for our economic woes.” It began before he was even sworn in and we were still under Bush’s Economic and Tax Policies.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Yeah, I remember a clip of Romney talking about Obama’s failed policies. January 27, 2009.

    • zerilos

      I remember right-wingers blaming the crash on Obama’s having been elected in December 2008.

      • jimvancise

        They’re “a hoot”, aren’t they ? 🙂

      • John E. Conway

        Dont forget, a large number blame him for the poor Katrina response, and he wasn’t even president.

      • Timothy53

        Name two. Name ONE. But I can tell you for certain that nearly ever pundit from ABCNNBCBS et. al. blamed Bush for the 2000 stock market crash and all the excesses of Enron etc. Even though all that was in the 1990s. Ditto President Reagan catching the blame for the $600 hammer and $2000 toilet seat bought by DoD in the late 1970s.

      • Raylusk

        By the way post evidence of your claims.

      • cattnipp

        and Obama being blamed for 8 cases that were heard before the Supreme Court during Bush’s last year in office……… each of these cases was ruled 9-0 as GOVERNMENT overreach [on some level, even city or state level, not necessarily federal or even then presidential] during the Bush years…. the GOP viewpoint was that Obama did not step in and take action before the Supreme Court published their answer, it was a personal failure on the part of the POTUS and constituted him overstepping HIS presidential Authority…… add to that the SCOTUS telling the FBI to mind their manners….. and the Boston city cops to take their paws off cell phones texts —– at this point I was past my WTF level so I am going to just assume the last 3 had some small indication that they could fit at least part of the story that the GOP has spun…… all this ====== ***”””the SCOTUS has ruled 9-0 to slap Obama 13 different times and tell him to stop overstepping his authority”””***

      • taymie

        The Enron scandal became public October 16, 2001.

      • Stephen Barlow

        The scandal began in 1997, with a scheme to defraud and falsify bet on the nooks. Where do you think Dubya learned how to take A TRILLION DOLLAR WAR off the books? His long time ENRON BUDDIES!!!

        Time Magazine has timelines, lists of all the conpersons, a well documented refutation of YOUR eviscerated version of ‘truth’.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Bush appointed ENRON executives to the DOE so they could help deregulate energy. WHY do you think Arthur Andersen was willing to go bankrupt for shredding documents? They were protecting the President. The major stockholders ALL got out just before the subpoenas came in.

      • jimvancise

        The one that makes me giggle is that the first 3-4 Tea Party (Taxed enough already)Rallys took place before Obama was even sworn in (meaning that they were protesting the Tax Policies of George Bush. Many rode Public Transportation to a Public Park for the Rally (and I” bet that more than a few of the ‘ol Duffers sat on the Hoveaounds that Medicare subsidized while holding their “Keep your hands off my Medicare” Signs.

      • Aaron

        Feb 19, 2009. The broadcast from the floor of the exchange, research! The left can never get their facts straight. Giggle away, you fool. You could learn a lot if you tried. Just wiki Tea Party for starters. Your disrespect for older Americans who worked hard all of their lives and were fiscally and socially responsible, paid their taxes and saw it squandered shows your ignorance and lack of maturity. The TEA Party protested government policy, mainly fiscal policy and obviously were right to do so The older protesters were not on medicaid, they paid into Social Security and Medicare. None of them held an Obamaphone or an EBT card either. Stay ignorant and be one of the victims of your own flawed logic and parroting lefty talking points.

      • jimvancise

        Well, Aaron, I almost don’t know where to start. I guess first, are you referring to The Floor of The NYSE ? What does that have to do with anything” I don’t follow. As I said, the first 3-4 “Protests” of The Taxed Enough Already “Party” protested the Tax Policies which were already in effect (it certainly would appear, as Obama hadn’t proposed one yet-He still hadn’t been sworn in).There are no “Obamaphones” (Google that one). and unless you have simultaneously held down three Jobs simultaneously ( Social Studies Teacher, Financial Planner AND Owner for 20 years of a successful Fast Food Franchise you don’t know the meaning of “worked hard”. So, I guess I’m one of those “Older Americans who have worked hard”.

      • James Threadgill

        Jim, you can’t fix stupid. I gave up trying to reason with the unreasonable and Aaron fits the shoes perfectly.

      • jimvancise

        The real concern is that folks that confused are allowed to bread, and I may have to attempt to Educate the Little Trolls 🙁

      • Beth

        Please educate away, tell me all about “bread” for starters

      • jimvancise

        A mixture of Flour, Water, Sugar Salt and Yeast.

      • Jen

        Replace the yeast with baking soda and raisins and you have Irish Soda Bread.

      • qcubed

        We start with the yeast you manufacture between your thighs…

      • Aaron

        Jim, I think you mean breed, but I understand, it’s pretty clear that you are another victim of the state of our educational system.

      • jimvancise

        Yes, that was already pointed out.

      • JJ5306

        Could be “auto correct.”

      • qcubed

        Courtesy of the GOP…btw.

      • Only a conservative could believe ignorance, superstition, and stupidity are superior to education, science, and intelligence.

      • Howard Sands

        That’s only because they “believe” what they are told to believe.

      • Nemisis

        “Educate the Little Trolls” Just the “Little” ones need to know about “Bread”, eh? Fairly selective of you. I believe Large trolls need to eat as well, and should be informed about “Bread” as well.

        Bread~ a compound substance formed by mixing “A mixture of Flour, Water, Sugar Salt and Yeast.” (thank you Jimvancise)

        Breading~ The act of taking substances and transfixing it between segregated portions of bread.
        A process that the Earl of Sandwich devised in the 1600’s as a means of feeding “trolls” at bridge crossings.

      • Lynn-Marie Papi Nilson

        You sound so proud of thankful we have people as smart as you in the world to educate us “trolls” who might happen to disagree with you..Hope your not still breading…

      • DallasJim

        Don’t get grand, Lynn-Marie. It’s you’re not your. Maybe someone does need to educate you.

      • Lynn-Marie Papi Nilson

        And its not “bread” its “breed” but I digress..

      • DallasJim

        Yes, Sunshine. We were already aware of the misspelling. The comment telling you not to get grand is because you corrected someone’s spelling and included a misspelling of your own. So, yes, you digress. I still say someone needs to educate you.

      • You didn’t digress. You just failed to read the other posts. And it’s “It’s”, not its.

      • *You’re

      • Aaron

        Name-calling with not a single example of where I am unreasonable is typical from lefties and is the very thing that prevents honest dialogue from occurring. It’s what Congress does and that is why we are in the mess we are in. People post information and you can consider it or not. You can fix stupid. It’s called sharing facts and then researching them so that you are not blindly following in your herd. There is no law against thinking yet. The left does a very fine job of indoctrinating the flock, it’s just so sad that the sheeple are so easily fooled. You gave up reasoning with people because they don’t agree with you. That’s a mistake. Try changing your motives. There are plenty of loons on both ends of the spectrum and many names aptly fit, but because a person demonstrates the errors in a post, does not mean that they are stupid, it onl;y means that you do not like what they said. If you disagree, say so, and take the time to say why, as Jimvancise did. Because he took the time to do so, he learned something new. It doesn’t mean he is going to become a Conservative Republican, it just means that he is a tiny bit more informed than he was before the exchange.

      • Jethro Bodien

        Ok, lefties, sheeple, sounds like a bunch of presumptuous name calling to me. And as for indoctrinating, the right wing media is FAR more biased, fictitious, and liable to use distortions to brainwash their viewers. I see both. There are maybe two actual journalists at Fox. I agree about dialog and debate but you sir have way too much vitriol for civil discourse.

      • qcubed

        Shepard Smith is the only one on that channel that seems capable of reason, to me anyway.

      • Vova Saemmler-Hindrichs

        Are there two, Jethro? Must have missed that 😉

      • adcbeast

        Aaron DOOOSH .. pull your head out of your @SS ..

        You are the one with a leash around your neck and don’t even know it ..

      • JJ5306

        You ignorant fools of the KKK TEA PARTY are a pathetic group of filth ruining the country. The days when the GOP were decent people are gone. You lie, steal, cheat, oppress, try to take the rights of Americans, even Republicans with BRAINS HATE YOU BUT YOU CONTINUE TO MOUTH THE BASELESS DRIBBLE ABOUT “THE LEFT.”

        Everything good and decent in this country came from “THE LEFT” so that certainly counts you out!

      • Billie F Smith

        Are you really that ignorant? The democrats started the KKK, not the Republicans! You are the ones who lie daily, steal when you can, murder babies so you can control the makeup of this country, we don not oppress anyone, we believe anyone who wants to work at a job should have one, the people on welfare should be on it if they are ill or disabled and can’t work! The muslim in the WH has brought illegal invaders here, given millions of them work permits illegally and now those rear sucking parasites are taking away jobs from the people in this country! I really cannot think of one good thing you left, communist party card carriers have done for this country! You cheated at the polling places to steal two elections, that is not a good thing at all!

      • macb423

        Umm, White racists started the KKK. The Democratic Party of the 19th Century was their political choice. When the Democrats moved away from racism, the racists turned Republican. Please google “Strom Thurmond.” Read and learn. It was the Democrats who passed civil rights legislation in the mid-1960s, opposed by a few leftover Dixiecrats and many Republicans including Barry Goldwater. That’s why the Republicans took the deep south in 1964, and have taken those states (for the most part) ever since. The two parties switched places between 1948-64, as any real student of history knows.

        The rest of your post, of course, is just silly name calling and makes no sense at all.

      • Howard Sands

        Billie, Billie Billie. Tsk tsk tsk. You really aren’t fooling anyone with that comment about the Democrats starting the KKK. We do know this fact. You, however, don’t seem to be aware that the two parties’ ideals shifted drastically to the point that they are the reverse of what they were. Ever heard of “The New Deal”? Oh, and BTW, which party are the Tea Party racists a member of? Which candidate is endorsed by the KKK? Before you comment in the future with your smug attitude, do some research on how things are NOW. Not how they were more than 100 years ago. Anotehr thing – typical rw bs in motion when you claim that people who beleive in women’s rights are baby murderers. Grow the f up.

      • Lynn-Marie Papi Nilson

        I disagree with that whole post..Typed a lot of words to say nothing…Btw nobody in their right mind would want to be a “conservative republican” in this political climate..

      • Howard Sands

        None of them are in their right mind.

      • Charles Vincent

        You’re living proof of this “you can’t fix stupid.”

      • Charles Vincent

        You cant post links moron they delete them. Keep Drooling mouthbreather and strap that helmet on tight we don’t want you to hurt the three braincells you have left and we don’t want you licking anymore windows

      • Aaron

        You made my point. It is widely known, even reported on Huffpoo, that Rick Santelli’s broadcasted rant from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is credited with the formation of the TEA Party. “Taxed enough already” was the spark. Waste and abuse of Taxpayer funds is the fuel. You would know that if you were even a little bit informed. There was nothing racist about the rant either. The left had to play the race card because there wasn’t any other way to counter such a reasonable response.

      • jimvancise

        It may be “widely known” to you (frankly , I was aware of the “rant”, but “So what?”), but the fact remains that the first 3-4 Relays were held before Obama was sworn in, meaning that they were protesting Tax Policies of the guy that most of them voted for. If it’s any consolation , I think that very early Tea Party Ideas were in many ways similar to “Occupy” before being hijacked by Dick Armey (insert The Koch Brothers) early on. I’m fairly well informed , Aaron. We do “Current Affairs” twice / week. I even TIVO Fox & MSNBC so that we can do “Compare & Contrast “.

      • ChristianEconCom

        Tool–I mean Tea–Partiers think all their money is going to the poor and unemployed. Yep, that actually makes sense to them.

      • Kelly Payne


      • qcubed

        They want everything privatized, remember that. Can’t afford to pay the toll to cross the bridge? Oh well.

      • waicool

        the tea party took off on Feb 19th 2009, try to keep up

      • jimvancise

        I take it that’s the exact date of the “Rant”. So, is that important to you ? “The Rant” isn’t especially important in the Grand Scheme of things.; my original point is that they were protesting the Tax Policies that they, themselves had voted in favor of, as Obama hadn’t taken office before the first two or three-and it was several more before he proposed a Budget or tax plan.

      • Howard Sands

        They really are just an arm of the KKK, and they weren’t protesting policies….other than the one that allowed a black man to be president.

      • hig

        The phone program started under your conservative god, Ronald Reagan and was expanded under little Bush, long before Obama was even elected.

      • Aaron

        That isn’t the point. The point is, TEA Party people pay for all of the freebies politicians hand out to so-called poor folks to keep them happy on the plantation.

      • Lefty4Life

        It is the point idiot…quit blaming everything on our President and look at the facts….the Tea party people are not the only ones paying for everything that is needed for those less fortunate. The only ignorant and victims in this country is those who continue to lean to the extreme right and tea baggers made up of a bunch of racists bigots who hate to be led by a Black President

      • politicsaredividingthenation

        I normally never post while reading comments, but your last sentence is one of the most insulting and archaic default answers to anyone who does not approve of the President. My Aunt is a TEA party member, and while I do not partake in this group, I find it highly offensive that you would call anyone expressing their right to show their frustration of the president’s fiscal policy a racist. MY AUNT IS MARRIED TO A BLACK MAN. He is one of the most funniest and sweetest guys I have ever known. She is not a racist. Get your facts straight and please pay heed to the kindergarten lesson of “not judging a book by its cover”. We are all people. This is why everyone is afraid to voice their opinion because they might just be labeled a racist by those who are quick to judge.

      • David Hannum

        Unfortunately, its the typical vitriol that the left spews. So much hate in their heart for those that they disagree with.

      • Lefty4Life

        Wrong again…the left is more diversified than the right….do your research

      • Don’t forget the liberal racist and/or sexist attacks on Nikki Haley, Mia Love, Herman Cain, Dr. Carson, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Alberto Gonzales, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, Michelle Malkin etc.

      • Lefty4Life

        Like I said the left….democratic, liberal, other than conservatives and tea party. ..are more diversified

      • But is it something to be proud of when you don’t consider people smart enough or capable of even getting an ID? Is it really beneficial to claim to be “more diversified” when you divide people into groups, treat them with contempt, treat them as helpless victims and pit them against each other? Is that really something to be proud of or would it be better to treat them as Americans capable of empowering themselves without Uncle Sugar keeping them suckling on the federal tit? What’s wrong with considering people as people, as Americans, instead of pigeonholing them?

      • Lefty4Life

        There’s nothing wrong with people being people but we as a nation have always put people into categories. political parties, race, culture, income class, etc. And as long as we continue to categorize everything, then America will be divided. We saw what happens when states are in total control back in 61 in Alabama and Mississippi with the Freedom riders. ..had it not been for the federal government, things would have gone a lot differently in this country. Like I said earlier, the majority of the various parties are diversified. ..race, gender, age, social background, etc except for tea party and Republicans. ..When those two parties are more diversified and look like the diversity of our country then they may have something worth talking about

      • “We saw what happens when states are in total control back in 61 in Alabama and Mississippi with the Freedom riders.”

        When Democrats were in total control. Always Alabama and Mississippi but never Michigan, Illinois or Indiana. Why is that (he asked rhetorically).

        “Like I said earlier,”

        You can keep repeating it all you like, but it will never be true. Josef Goebbles might be impressed with you, but that’s about it.

      • Lefty4Life

        I’m not looking for validation from anyone because I know the majority of Americans agree with me. We can agree to disagree. ..

      • bluetune

        The often used argument about Democrats and Southern racism is just not accurate. Both parties had Conservative and Liberal wings in the first 7 decades of the 20th Century. To make history more easily understood you have to put it into a Liberal, Conservative perspective. The Civil Right Movement was opposed by Conservatives and championed by Liberals. Just as Slavery was opposed by Liberals and supported by Conservatives back in the 1850’s.

      • DallasJim

        You discuss problem areas, like Alabama and Mississippi. Non problem areas don’t require discussion. If you have any knowledge at all you know that republicans chose to prey on the racist instincts of southerners in the 60s, delivering their racist, uninformed base to them. Of course you’re too old not to know this, so you’re being deliberately obtuse.

      • Cheers! I’ll take obtuse over gullible lemming any day.

      • DallasJim

        By being obtuse, you become a gullible lemming. Conclusion, you’re a racist jackalope with no social skills and a real problem with anything or anyone who is not exactly like you. That’s a problem you need to deal with on your own. Don’t embarrass yourself on public media. You’ll come to regret it when your brain gets right.

      • DallasJim

        When you take care of the least prepared, the other groups are better off. It’s better than any plan a republican has offered up.

      • bluetune

        I don’t remember any of those attacks……….they didn’t happen as far as I can find in my research. Please backup your accusations with verifiable sources.

      • Aaron

        You are terribly misinformed and you parrot your race-baiting progressive leaders. They have you right where they want you. They know it’s the path to getting away with zero fiscal responsibility and allows them to spend more to get more votes from low-information voters like you. White people got Obama elected. All of the racist nonsense is just that, nonsense.

      • bluetune

        No Fiscal responsibility? That’s just not true. Under Obama the deficit has been cut in half. The national dept is approaching 17 trillion Obama is responsible for about 40 to 50% of the increase under his watch because of differed costs of the Iraq war under Bush. Conservatives are phony fiscal watch dogs having increased the debt far beyond any Democratic administration.

      • Lynn-Marie Papi Nilson

        White democrats…I assure you non of the “good old boys” voted for him..

      • qcubed

        How many middle class wage jobs are CONS creating? Just asking?

      • bluetune

        Not all racists are Conservatives, but all of the racists I have known are Conservatives

      • DallasJim

        Yes. I agree. I don’t know any liberal racists.

      • bluetune

        I find it unbelievable how rightwing posters almost to the man/woman try to pass their own flaws onto the opposition, is there a school for you guys? The hatred I see is coming from the right. For immigrants, minorities, women and of course all non-Christians. Your post is an insult to most people’s intelligence.

      • qcubed

        How many on the left have you read calling the President: Kenyan, socialist, communist, muslim? And the comments about Michelle? Yeah, and we are the ones full of hate.

      • Lefty4Life

        I am only speaking from research, tea party forums and Conservative forums.Your aunt happens to be an exception and a small minority. I am as well as many others are calling it like we see it.You will not hear the racists comments made nor will you hear other parties other then extreme conservatives make borderline bigotry type comments about President Obama. So sorry if I find the excuses and delusional comments made about our President idiotic and racists but maybe you need to go to a tea party forum and you will see why everyone believes that the tea party has a different agenda other than just plain politics.

      • These are the same libtards that manipulated a photo of a black man open carrying a gun and called him a racist (PMSNBC).

      • bluetune

        Not all Conservatives are racists, but all the racists I know of, are Conservatives.

      • qcubed

        Not all rectangles are squares, but all squares are rectangles. I think you described the situation very aptly.

      • Howard Sands

        Same here. But more are than aren’t.

      • Lynn-Marie Papi Nilson

        He never mentioned your aunt..but he has a point..same could be said for your “conservative republicans”….black has never been their favorite color..

      • Billie F Smith

        The conservatives fought to free the slaves here, then the LIBERALS began the KKK and you killed them,burned their homes, harassed them, and you call us the racists? You sick delusional democrats surely can not believe all the lies you spout, there has to one brain cell that is screaming NOOO when you attack us as you do!

      • DallasJim

        Then your aunt is voting against her own best interests. Not a real smart thing to do.

      • Billie F Smith

        They have used the race card so much now, it just rolls off our backs like water! We know the facts of the hateful liberals, they are scared of Palin cause she is too smart for them, The people are OBVIOUSLY tired of their lies and shady dealings in every department of our government, the IRS and DHS especially! They should all just go back to their caves and let the people with the brains figure out how to save what Obama has and is destroying!

      • Vova Saemmler-Hindrichs

        I knew it was just a matter of time until someone trotted out the “Some of my best friends are black” line. Well-played. 😉

      • Howard Sands

        I think you have your head up your ass if you don’t see the daily racism against our president. Or you’re in denial. When our president’s citizenship is questioned, and when our president is called a Kenyan and a Muslim, that’s racism. Period. Wake up.

      • He’s not black.

      • Lefty4Life

        He’s a minority

      • CommonSenseCenter

        Quit hiding behind the Race card. Everyone should be accountable whether Black or white. The TEA party was supposed to be about ANYONE who was tired of the current taxation whether R or D, black or white, no matter who the president is. So stop trying to demonize good people with good intentions because it does not fit your agenda. Let me put in your language, “Stop acting like a middle school Brat teenager because you can’t handle being looked at funny.”

      • Howard Sands


      • langranny

        Most tea-party members (unless they are the 1%) are poor, unemployed and don’t pay taxes anyway. Unfortunately they are also too stupid to look in the mirror and realize they are their own worst enemies…

      • cattnipp

        your point is a lie——- the phone program is funded by the phone companies…. not the taxpayers—- first you buy the claim that it has never been done before, that Obama started the program to get votes—-although it has been going on for over 25 years—- next you completely accept FOX claims that YOU are paying for it

        AND THEN———- you have the nerve to call us uninformed —- pmsl @U

      • jimvancise

        It’s useless to try to inform ’em,catnip. They wallow in a Sea of mis-information (and, they keep coming back for more).

      • Kelly Payne


      • DallasJim

        That’s the truth. If these people actually took the time to look and see who is on welfare, they’d have to change their ways entirely.

      • Lynn-Marie Papi Nilson

        Your ignorance just fell out…you ruin your credibility when you spew stupidity..

      • DallasJim

        You pay far more in taxes that go to corporations and the very rich. WAAAAy more. The pittance that helps the less fortunate is nothing in comparison. The real takers are the wealthy. If you don’t get that through your head, things are not gonna go well for any of us.

      • In the video with that lady, who pretty much coined the term, wasn’t saying she wanted a Reagan phone.

      • Lynn-Marie Papi Nilson

        Read..Obama had nothing to do with those phones..

      • Bill5757

        You make a lot of intelligent people either yawn or giggle.

      • Jethro Bodien

        Oh dear, someone touched a nerve.

      • CoffeeLady

        All this while holding signs like ” Keep you government hands off my Social Security and Medicare.” THESE ARE GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS! Ana the “Obama phone” are done under a program that was started by Ronald Reagan. Now who’s ignorant?

      • cattnipp

        the phone program was started in 1986—– Reagan told the phone companies that of they were taming out all the pay phones they had to provide the poor with a way to access emergency services— it is funded by the phone companies. G.W.Bush changed the program so that a household has the choice of either 1 cellphone or 1 landline phone…. the Obama administration has made no changes in the program.

      • adcbeast

        Aaron DOOOSH .. You are a complete IDIOT and that is being kind

        Bush started the cell phones for poor people plan ..

        FAILED republican economic policies caused the 2008 worldwide banking crash putting the more people on welfare than at any point in US history

        The tea party is a conservative DC think tank creation to re-brand the republican party after the FAILED Bush presidency ..

        You better get back to the Fox News Plantation before they report you as a runaway slave

      • Kelly Payne

        they are Reagan phones maybe you ought to get your facts straight.

      • Richard Verdejo

        Before the TEA “Party” was the Taxed Enough Already MOVEMENT – which were the folks protesting beginning in the fall of 2006.

        The TEA “Party” came into existence after circumferential infusions of MONEY from the RIGHT and the RNC…in the hopes of staving off irrelevancy in upcoming elections, and a propagandic play at ‘giving voters another choice’ at the polls.

        They didn’t think it would backfire as much as it has – exacerbating an already dysfunctional Congress – nor that ‘a handful’ would affect them so much…since they felt THEY could control them.

      • Dear Aaron

        • You have no idea of who received public assistance, food stamps of otherwise.
        • There is NO such thing as an “Obama phone” but there is a “GW phone” (not really, the phone was provided by a privet company for government hndout signed into law by reagan, updated to cell phone by bush).
        • Wikipedia is NOT a credible source (citing blogs isn’t very reliable).
        • Older Americans worked no harder than middle aged, or young Americans, but they did enjoy the benefits of belonging to a union. Statistically, they did work considerably FEWER hours per household.
        • I miss the good old days when trolls and astro-turfers actually tried…

      • qcubed

        I disrespect idiots who think their right to save a few bucks trumps that of the entire nation.

      • Kirk Bruner

        There is no such thing as an Obamaphone. You were sold out a LONG time before Obama showed up. A nation of about 200 million workers spent forty years exporting over 100 million jobs, beginning in 1980. Where were your complaints THEN? Clinton left office with a three trillion dollar surplus which GW Bush squandered in minutes. Where were your complaints THEN? Who’s doing the parroting here? I think it’s you. Frankly, you were LUCKY to “work hard all your life being fiscally and socially responsible”. Working hard isn’t enough to survive now. There’s nothing left to do in America but sweep up or be a hedge fund manager. There’s nothing in between anymore. Where have you been? You’ve been comfortable with the earnings that were available to you in another era that no longer exists. The rich have abandoned those who made them rich and moved on. The life you led is no longer in the cards for Americans. It’s a “service-driven economy” now. What does that sound like to you? Sounds like feudalism to me.

      • digitlburn

        What a dolt you are? The older protesters were not on Medicaid? You mean like this one?

        I seem to see a lot of “older protesters” under those signs that say “Keep your government hands off my Medicaid!”


      • Suz M

        The Tea Party was started by the Koch brothers, as they have admitted, and why anyone supports an effort by two billionaires to enrich themselves is absolutely beyond me

      • Aaron

        It was not a large number and Obama has enough fails of his own that you can completely discount all of the false information and you still have the worst President of all time, by far in obama. You will know this by the 2014 Tsunami.
        Wait for it.

      • jimvancise

        Sure, Aaron.

      • jimvancise

        But, I have already been predicting a mini-Tsunami for November (The party in power traditionally loses these Mid-Terms, but I expect to pick up a few Senate and House Seats. I expect a real A*s Kicking for 2016.

      • J. C.

        Wow you are delusional…

      • Cathryn Sykes

        Will that be anything like the 2008 flash flood for McCain? Or the 2012 volcanic eruption for Romney?

      • adcbeast

        Aaron DOOOSH … You need a mental health evaluation

        Bush is seen as the worst president in modern history

        Especially since everything you TEATARDS blame on Obama .. was an accomplishment of Bush that happened BEFORE Obama was even elected

      • bluetune

        Yep, if there is a tsunami……….Obama will doubtlessly get blamed for an act of God.

      • MJRinPA

        Sorry, it’s going to take a lot to take the Worst President of all Time Award from George W. Bush.

      • CommonSenseCenter

        Who did that? When?

      • macb423

        Well he started the Civil War, you know.

    • Lamont B Dumont

      I heard a Right Wingnut Talking Head refer to Obama’s “failed presidency” in December 2008, over a month before his inauguration.

      • strayaway

        Those were prophets. Who would have believed adding $7T of debt, the erosion of transparency, the erosion of privacy, the militarization of local police, the messed up North African and Mid-east diplomacy, turning Russia back into an enemy, BRIC countries dismissing the dollar (inflation warning), the rich doing better relative to the middle class than even under Bush, blacks losing economic ground to whites, our Border Patrol serving as coyotes, the creation of a student loan bubble, five million losing their health insurance policies, losing northern Iraq to Syrian rebels we inadvertently armed, arming Mexican drug lords with automatic rifles, Congress being lied to by government bureaucrats who are not punished, a $634M website that didn’t work, and most new jobs since 1990 going to aliens instead of citizens all in one presidency? That is why prophets are often so unpopular.

      • Kenneth Browning

        Losing iraq? You mean Bush right? He set the withdrawal date. Iraq also told the U.S. to leave. Obama didn’t lose shit. Iraq lost it.

      • strayaway

        The Iraqi parliament set the withdrawal date as noted in your fourth sentence. Bush signed an agreement to comply. Obama tried to negotiate a longer stay but couldn’t agree to Iraq’s terms. I agree with him on that decision. However, after failing to gain support to bomb Syria, Obama supplied weapons and support to one friendly faction of Syrian rebels. Unfortunately, the leader of that faction was driven into Turkey and our weapons and supplies wound up in the hands of more numerous Islamists who used them, in part, to conquer norther Iraq. It wasn’t just Obama. Saudi Arabia was also financing the rebels. You are right that Iraq also contributed to its own loss when its soldiers fled.

      • Sabreen60

        Iraq wouldn’t agree with President Obama’s terms! One of which would PROTECT our troops. Facts are pesky little things.

      • strayaway

        Perhaps you missed my comment “I agree with (the President” on that decision.” I don’t often agree with this President but I give him credit when do.

      • bluetune

        Support for bombing Syria? Oh, please, just ask “bomber” McCain and the war hawk Republicans. Obama used restraint, did NOT supply weapons to the Rebels and brokered a deal for Syria to give up their chemical weapons, which by the way has been confirmed as a success!

      • strayaway

        “I have decided that the United States should take military action against Syrian regime targets. This would not be an open-ended intervention. We would not put boots on the ground. Instead, our action would be designed to be limited in duration and scope.” -President Obama 8/13/13

        That was before the British Parliament, the US Congress, and the Pope came out against Obama’s planned bombing of Syria, Obama backed off and provided support and later weapons to a ‘friendly’ faction of Syrian rebels. The rebel leader Obama gave weapons to, was chased out of Syria by more numerous Islamist rebels. Guess who inherited those weapons? Obama agreed to a face saving deal brokered by Putin. Remember how posters here were crowing that Obama is a chess player and wow he really showed Putin? Haha, now he avoids Putin and Putin does what he wants including setting up a BRICs banks to rival the World Bank and diminish the dollar. Oh, and Syria never got rid of all those weapons and our astronauts have been told to find another lift. I’m not pro-Putin. it’s just that I would like a President able to hold his head up high when he enters the same room as Putin.

      • Nemisis

        who would have thought the Patriot Act would have led to decreased privacy.

      • strayaway

        Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader. They said so. No one listened or cared. They were all chased out of the imperial palace.

      • Nemisis

        I concur, my comment was rhetorical.

      • Sabreen60

        OMG, A FOX is in the house!

      • adcbeast

        Stray DOOOSH … Who LIED to the world about those WMDs? Bush-Cheney ..

        Who PAID reporters to lie about WMDs in their newspapers? Bush-Cheney …

        Who killed 100,000 Iraqis and 4000 US troops based on LIES ? Bush-Cheney …

        That is why conservative DC think tanks created the teatards to re-brand the GOP and began running the propaganda from day 1 against Obama ..

        Try again Limp D……..

      • strayaway


      • adcbeast

        Stray DOOOSH … So you ADMIT you can’t rebut the fact that Bush-Cheney committed the next several presidents to massive deficits? GOT IT …


      • Cathryn Sykes

        Lamont….they don’t know that presidents are ELECTED in even numbered years, but INAGURATED in odd numbered years. They really don’t know that.

    • katherine norton malek

      You’re correct. I distinctly remember that!

    • Aaron

      Bush…5 years into it and all you on the left can say is, “Bush”. This is Obama’s Presidency and like Hillary said, he wasn’t qualified. That turns out to be one of the few things Hillary was truthful about. Trillions up in smoke. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid though.

      • jimvancise

        As an Historian I can assure you that the actions of one Administration frequently influences future Administrations. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous.

      • Aaron

        You said nothing. You made it about you. Obama over-promised and under-performed. That view is shared by a large majority of Americans and the rest of the world views him as feckless.

      • J. C.

        By a large Majority? you really have no grip on reality.

      • Jillz

        Sorry, I live in part of the rest of the world and Obama is not seen as ‘feckless’ here – far from it. As a matter of fact, the majority of people I know feel as I do – I wish we could elect him here.

        We do view the GOP and their media supporters as pretty dangerous though.

      • Nemisis

        Simply saying “a large majority” of anything does not make it so. That is a weak argument and a large majority of people would agree, even if they don’t say so. I feel their silence on the matter is the equivalent of acceptance.

      • jimvancise

        I don’t see me mentioning myself anywhere here. As for under-performing , in what way, exactly? On Defense he eliminated OBL and the majority of his Goons (remember Bush dancing around the Stage like a Moron going “Is he here? Is he here?” like a Vaudeville Comedian?) he “got” the Somali Pirates, He passed The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay For Women Act, Got The ACA passed, The Stock Market just set a record, unemployment is at it’s lowest since Lieber Bros. went Belly up. What did Bush do in eight years? Well, He did some good stuff for AIDS in Africa, he also put two Wars and Medicare Part “D” on a Credit Card with The Chinese Communists and nearly sunk The World Economies. Not much of a comparison. Which of these do you see as “Under-performing? Put up, or shut up !

      • Jard Davis

        Kind of like the Republicans and “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq.

        You’ve had quite a bit of kool-aid yourself, there, bubba.

      • Tom Waggs

        I can’t wait to hear what you have to say if/when Hillary is elected president. Republicans have no chance to win a presidential election again, since they are so out of touch with what the real American people want. Keep living in your sheep bubble Aaron.

      • DallasJim

        when is correct

    • Dustin

      It started under Bill “blue dress” Clinton. Just as the 9/11 attacks were planned because Clinton was too busy with Monica to strike back after the USS Cole and all the others. Had he taken a stand the Muslims would not have been so emboldened .

      • jimvancise

        What , exactly are you replying to here? I just read all (most) of the above stuff and see no place to put this comment.

      • Dustin

        Then take a course in reading comprehension and go back and reread the article . The typical leftist sycophant is blaming all of the woes of the world on Bush when in actuality 9/11 and most of the problems in the Middle East can be laid at the feet of Bill Clinton who refused to address the first WTC attacks, cks on our various embasiess, and attacks on our military . Bush was left with a mess because Bill Clinton did not allow funds for or even allow the incoming Bush administration access to the White House in order to make a smooth transition from one administration to the next. The Bush Administration did not gain access to the White House until after the inauguration and the Clinton’s had left. On arrival they found most of the computer keyboards vandalized and computer wiring missing. Bush had seven months to try to “get up to speed” with necessary briefings and acclimatation that by tradition begins in November immediately following the confirmation of the election results.

      • jimvancise

        So, you’re not actually replying to my comments, just “rambling”. Amd, I might add to your rather unrelated “ramble” that “W” was informed of the high possibility of an attack involving Air Liners on three separate occasions. George spent most of that time “cutting Brush” in Crawford, BTW.

      • Dustin

        “Rambling” Jimvancise? Perhaps your mommy should take away your computer privileges for the vile person you are . But you are, however, true to the anarchists handbook. That is lie, deny, and vilify. In case those do not work then resort to an attempt to deflect. Bush had very little chance to act as he was playing catch up where Billary blocked the Republicans as much as he could . And the fact that America’s Muslim enemies were emboldened by Billary’s inaction on the attacks on American interests during his eight years in office, except for bombing the aspirin factory to deflect from the “blue dress scandal” , gave them every opportunity to take out the WTC. Wake up bunghole and realize that you personally and others likeyou are a definite threat to the safety and continuity of this country. Read the Pentagon’s Quadrennial report issued last week . It turns out to be a total condemnation of Oblamer and his liberal sycophants (pronounced suck ash) of which you are a prime member !

      • jimvancise

        Again, this has nothing to do with my comment just more misguided right wing B/S.

      • jimvancise

        And, just for the Record, my Mom had likely passed away before you were born, so I guess I’ll just keep my “privileges”.

      • Dustin

        Well, arschelick, I am 65, lived through the both Kennedies being assassinated , and will be 66 next April. But I do thank you for your proving that you are a liberal schmuck who lacks the intelligence to debate a point properly. Go read your Obamacare policy and pay close attention to the “end of life” counseling as you apparently are useless to anyone other than your over inflated ego and self-esteem.

      • jimvancise

        Well, I guess you’ve “got me” by two years (With a name like Dustin, I figured you for a “Kid”, as I never ran into that name until the ’80’s. For your Information, I taught the Course that PA requires of prospective Life and Health Agents, so I understand Obamacare pretty well (the ACA was required reading-what would you like to know about it?).

      • jimvancise

        And, as you are eligible for SSI & Medicare, why are you concerned about The ACA, anyway ?

      • Dustin

        ” I taught the course”, “PA” , “I understand Obamacare pretty well”. That is all I needed to confirm that you are a secular progressive and as such “superior to all other beings” . (HAH) Wake up some tiome and join the real world before some member of ISIL shoves his Muslim sword up your very inconvenient anatomical place . And “Dustin” is as close as Yahoo would let me come to “Dusty” my nickname ever since my father saw a movie where Gary cooper played the lead as “Dusty Rivers ” . And , yes, being a conservative, I was raised by my biological father who was married to my mother three years before I was born . That is all as I will no longer read or reply to your asinine liberal remarks .

      • jimvancise

        And your reply shows me that you (like more than a few ) think that a PA Address guarantees that I live in some major city. I live in NWPA (it wasn’t called Penns Woods for nothing). I had a Bear eating from my Bird Feeder last week. Be careful of making unfounded assumptions. My “Neck of the Woods” is dominated by backwards Conservatives. But, as I was required to read the ACA in order to teach my Class, so if you want to know something about it “I’m your Huckleberry. When I was growing up (in an even smaller nearby town (800 in the Township) I only knew of two Divorced Families (mine wasn’t one of them), and only had one kid who moved and thus didn’t move on to Junior High with the rest of us. Like all of my buddies, I worked on Farms (and later an Auto Dealership) all through Public School and College. You’r talkin’ to a certified “Hick” here, Dusty.

      • jimvancise

        Oh, and some additional info, Allegheny County (which contains Pittsburgh) frequently leads PA (and PA leads The Nation) in the number and size of Deer “harvested”. And, do you think that all of those Amish and PA Dutch live in Philly? How about Punxitawny Phil? He doesn’t live in Downtown Pittsburgh.

      • jimvancise

        Contrary to what a lot of folks think, Pennsylvania is largely an Agricultural State.

    • alasane1023

      Very true

    • DeeDee Davila

      Still….. with Obama in office HOW LONG!!!!
      He is still riding the BUSH horse … I’VE never seen any President do this HIS ENTIRE TERM
      PLUS The DEMS have until THIS year been in total control and STILL N O T H I N G . ..
      i cant figure it out why are you not seeing ANY OF THIS……..

  • Rose Bounds

    Voted for Obama twice. Its not been thrilling but its not been terrible either. I partially blame Republican obstructionism for why it hasn’t been thrilling, but I do have a few problems of my own. His attitude towards whistleblowers and his record of “not at all transparent” governing, and his increasing use of drones here and abroad. He has overseen the rise of the police state. I don’t blame him for it, the wheels were in motion long before he took office; but he’s done nothing to slow it down or bring attention to the issue and that disturbs me. I’m not saying this president doesn’t have problems; I just wish we’d discuss the actual provable issues with this administration rather than weaving elaborate fantasies made purely of conjecture on the evening news.

    • FMJ

      NO government can have an all transparent government, it is a matter of national security. Do you not realize how many lives the use of those drones have saved??? It they saved just one life, they are more than worth it. Funny, the things you are griping about are the same things the repugs say he just the opposite about. You can’t have it both ways, and from my point of view, Obama has been one of the best Presidents we have ever had, especially given the lack of cooperation from the repugs. He has saved us from 4 wars, gotten the ACA passed to keep our hospital doors open, decreased the deficit, and the stock market is at an all time high, as well as the jobless rate is the lowest since 1999. He saved the auto industry, which, they have all paid back every penny he loaned them. He pulled us out of the greatest recession since the depression, which is what the republicans were wanting, so that they could take the middle class’ property and own us all. These things had all been planned and in the works since Reagan, and Obama managed to stave them off, so the repugs are really mad. They plotted and planned for so long for this, and yes he ruined their plans, BRAVO

      • steves_59


      • cattnipp

        NO…..!!! They can not run the government like a ‘secret society’ and with the drones? it is NOT a case of them or us….. we have been asked NICELY on a number of occasions to allow the countries in the oil region alone…… IRAN had a stable ‘democracy’ maybe it did not look like a mirror image of the USA, but the government and the economy were stable………. UNTIL the USA financed a military coup of the government and backed the dictatorship of Marcos…. the SHAW of Iran.
        As a nation, we only support ‘democracy’ world-wide if we can find a way to profit from it in each country, otherwise we work with revolutionists, finance their efforts to topple the government and put in place dictators that support our desires —— I dearly love my country, but am ashamed of my government too often.
        ************ I would wager that if the USA would just take care of the USA and stop being the playground bully………. for just 25 years, terrorism would drop by more than 75% world-wide

      • Raylusk

        Iran has never bad a stable democracy. You are delusional.

      • cattnipp

        In 1951 Mohammad Mosaddegh was elected prime minister. He became enormously popular in Iran after he nationalized Iran’s petroleum industry and oil reserves. He was deposed in the 1953 Iranian coup d’état, an Anglo-American covert operation that marked the first time the US had overthrown a foreign government during the Cold War…………….. and the usual RW “if I do not like it it is not fact” does not work on history any better than it does gravity

      • Raylusk

        First I’m a liberal. Second two years doesn’t make a stable democracy. It’s not facts that are in dispute (although with some research I’m sure I could dispute them since you have provided no proof) it’s your logic.

      • cattnipp

        how can any government claim to be stable…… if it is okay for the USA to bankroll their overthrow on a whim??????
        —– and I honestly thought a person of your superior intellect would know how to use a search engine—— but no…. you would rather just call other people liars— if I were to provide a link you would claim it to not be a reliable source—- there are dozens out there; and you have the year/country/name of elected official—- so it should not be that hard

      • Raylusk

        I would have thought that someone that says he has facts could back them up. I guess not.

      • Jard Davis

        To a degree, she has a point. Wrong country to use as an example, however.

        1987. Iraq and Iran are in an openly declared war with open hostilities. The US supports Iraq in this endevour. Arms, funding, etc. (Which, by the by, came back and nibbled us on the butt-ocks if you remember.)
        All of a sudden we start hearing about this gentlemen by the name of Oliver North who is selling weaponry to the Iranians to fund the Contras.

        Then we are shocked and surprised a few months later when the Samuel B Roberts is “mistaken” for an Iranian Saam class frigate and hit with two missiles.

        Maybe, just maybe, if the US foreign policy was a little more, shall we say, restrained, we might have saved ourselves a lot of grief over the last 30 years.

      • Jard Davis

        Your argument would bear more weight if you would learn to spell Shah correctly.

      • cattnipp

        there were two spellings in the articles that are currently on-line…… my deepest apologies for not choosing the one you preferred. As I have failed to meet your requirement of absolute perfection I will understand if you do not wish to adopt me and pay my bills for the rest of my life time

      • Jard Davis

        Oh please can the wounded act, why don’t you. You have made a statement of opinion regarding the status of the Middle East. If you can’t spell one of the basic words correctly, it shows an astounding lack of awareness to what is going on in the Middle East.

      • cattnipp

        oh please the man who claims to own a corporation, between his comment about how he is treated as a worker at Chik-fil-a……. now claims that the fact there is more than one spelling of the word shaw (shah) proves that I as a human being am unworthy ————————– DISMISSED

      • Jard Davis

        You realize of course that this last statement made absolutely zero sense.

        I have no idea what you’re talking about regarding owning a corporation or Chik-Filla.

        However, it is spelled “Shah.” And has been for quite some time now. You check just about any history book in any library if you don’t believe me.

        While you’re there, you might study up on the culture you are commenting about because you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Raylusk

      He hasn’t used drones here but I agree with much of what you said. Oh in fact his administration shut down the Los Angeles PD from using two drones they had purchased.

  • voter

    Hey- I would love to quote this article, but are there more stats/references/cites that can be linked to the points above about what Pres. Obama has done? 🙂

    • MoreCowbellBitch

      There isnt actually anything he has done, so there arent any links

      • Raylusk

        You sure cry like a little conservative bit**.

  • WetNoodle

    All you can talk about is his employment record and yet you leave out the fact that labor participation is at a record low. That 6.1 percent number is artificially inflated by the nearly 40 percent of the nation that has given up looking for work, although I wouldn’t be surprised if none of you realized that people who have left the job search aren’t included in the unemployment numbers. Congrats, try again.

    • Churchlady320

      Compare that to the U6 under Reagan. If you’re gonna use that for PBO, you have to be consistent. Reagan’s U6 was almost 25% unemployment.

    • Raylusk

      You are an idiot. Many of those that left the labor force RETIRED. Or nation is again and when that happens the labor force declines. I bet if this was an article about problems with Social Security you would point out that the nation is aging so there will be a smaller workforce to support the old.

  • Mre2000

    The jobs report was hardly flawless and while i agree with much of the mindset, lets look at facts. full-time jobs plummeted by 523K to 118.2 million while part-time jobs soared by 799K to over 28 million. Biggest PT jump since 1993. No airplay about that anywhere including here. You can argue these issues without leaning on all the manipulated govt press releases. Just makes folks look ignorant. Open your eyes and dig into the data for once.

    • Churchlady320

      Lots of that due to ACA giving people the freedom to bug out of lousy jobs just for health insurance. Stop whining – this is GREAT news, and the nation is far, far stronger thanks to this president.

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      stats are stats———- if a repub did this u would be screaming victory

  • dana

    He did not kill Osama. .. do not give credit where it isn’t due

    • Raylusk

      He ordered the killing of him. Quit with the hate fest idiot.

    • Jard Davis

      He did a hell of a lot more in that arena than his predecessor.

  • -2.9% economic growth and jobs created are mostly low wage part time gigs, OBAMA MADE this ‘humanitarian crisis’ on our southern border to hasten his goal of AMNESTY so he complete the demographic transformation of America into his erudite vision of a Euro-socialist oligarchy, his foreign policy has left a wake of death and destruction, he has utterly trampled the constitution and the rule of law and this feckless pinhead wants to make jokes about the racist, obstructionist, homophobic, Islamophobic, ‘extreme right’ Republicans …
    Obama is a freaking disaster.
    He hates America.
    He hates himself.
    So he damn sure doesn’t care about ANY of you slobbering malcontent Obama worshipers … your willing ignorance is going to cause great harm to us all.

    • Not So Honest Abe

      Your tin foil hat is showing

  • katherine norton malek

    AMEN. But jimvancise is right. Criticism began before he was sworn in.

  • em

    Wakeup ZIPPY.
    There’s no robust growth. Look at the June jobs report. It is a massive jump that clearly shows Obama’s part-time economy. It’s awful news, the sort of thing that would be making Americans howl for new leadership and new ideas, if it was reported accurately. The U.S. economy lost 523,000 full-time jobs in June. This was offset by an enormous surge of 799,000 part-time jobs. That gives us what the media is bizarrely reporting as “300,000 jobs created.


  • strayaway

    He saved the US auto industry? I’ll just take that one.This was the second time Chrysler was bailed out. For just $1.3B taxpayer dollars, Chrysler was made part of an italian company. Mission accomplished. Taxpayer are out $10.6B with GM. For that, we have a downsized company. Jobs at dealerships, Pontiac and Saturn were lost. Ask the former workers at those places about being saved. GM plans to spend $11B building new plants in China by 2016. How better to spend bailout money. Ford refused to be bailed out.

    How can we forget the Cash for Clunkers program while we are at it? I calculated the domestic content of imports and Big 3 autos and how many of each were purchased and came up with a statistic that over half of all Cash for Clunker money was spent on foreign products. So Cash for Clunkers was good for Korean workers. Removing older cheaper cars from the streets did drive up used car prices for poor Americans for some years though.

    I do however approve of money spent developing EV technology resulting in the Chevy Volt and Obama should be given some credit for that. If liberals would discipline themselves to buy domestic cars, there wouldn’t have even been a perceived problem in the US auto industry. But I know, Accuras, Integras, and Prius are trendier in some circles. But now we have a Chevy Volt and other domestic EV’s thanks in part to Obama, so for many liberals, there is no longer an excuse to unemploy US auto workers.

  • JJ5306

    This president will be remembered as one of the greatest presidents ever not just for his accomplishments but for the racist, failure of the congress to do anything to support him, yet he succeeded in spite of them. That is a sign of greatness something they truly fear in the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!

    • Aaron

      He is already being labeled the worst President in history and for good reason. It has nothing to do with his color. His policies failed, period, exclamation point. White people got him elected. White people supported him and funded him. White people believed his lies. He failed Black people more than he failed white Americans. There is no greatness in Obama. He has proven that himself. The lefties are abandoning him too. They agree that he has given up on his flawed ideology. President stompy foot is flailing wildly. History will be very unkind to him and deservedly so. What a mess he has made of things. Generations will pay for his massive fail.

    • em

      The accusation of racism is the last refuge of those who have lost the debate.

      Nice try MUFFIN.


  • Aaron

    The above list is replete with false and inaccurate information. Obama has spent 3.7 trillion dollars on means tested welfare programs. Look it up. The world is on fire because of Obama. Look around. The most unorganized and inept foreign policy imaginable. Detroit is a perfect example of what happens to a thriving city when progressives manage it. Chicago is another. The stimulus failed, the Supreme Court has ruled against the Imperialistic President 13 times. No “shovel-ready jobs” materialized. Solyndra was just one of so many failed green projects. Green cars, that worked out well, huh? Do you even know how many billions of dollars were wasted on companies that took taxpayer money, squandered it and went bankrupt? Obama’s campaign blunders did very well. Reseach it. Become informed. Obama will not secure the border and 300,000 illegals have recently committed a felony by entering here, many of them with diseases, many of them violent gang members. Unaccompanied children have been raped and tortured on their way because Obama allows illegals to enter and stay. No plan, just turn them loose. I have read worse propaganda, just not often. Sure, there are people on the right that get things wrong, make things up, but not all and this is extremely irresponsible blogging. The facts in that list are wrong from top to bottom. Why in the Obamacare line is there nothing about all of the lies? It did not reduce the cost, it did not cover 8 million people who previously did not have coverage and it was supposed to cover 30 million people who did not have coverage. It didn’t come close at three times the stated cost and so on. It covered some of those people who were happy with their insurance but lost it because of Obamacare and added millions of people to taxpayer paid Medicaid. Many are in limbo due to administrative fail. Many have not paid premiums. It is the massive fail that Socialism brings. The left never learns from the failures of every Socialist State throughout history.

    The number of people out of work and especially the number of people who have left the work force is at an all-time high. Disability claims, all-time high. The numbers don’t lie. You do. Welfare and food stamps, all-time high. Gun crimes in cities with gun control and bans, all- time high. Do a little research. You will find that each of those statements are false. Look at the real figures for unemployed people. Young people are out of luck. Black people are in worse shape than ever. Obama said he would fix it in one term. Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA, EPA, VA, Benghazi, yes, you should give up. Give up the Kool-Aid and join the people who are trying to restore this country or progress to a Totalitarian State. There is no Socialist Utopia. There are no Unicorns and pixie dust will not save you. Guns are not the problem, the bloated Government and corrupt politicians are. Wake up.

    • Jethro Bodien

      Join you? Not on your life. I’ve seen your ideas and they stink. Blaming Obama for the unrest in the world…HA! Maybe you think we should occupy the entire planet and force everyone to get along. Delusional to say the least.

    • Mike Hoffman

      Should we also get off your lawn?

  • Jack Meoff

    I am reading this article because it was tweeted by the so-called Rabbi @amyjoys (Amy Small). “Rabbi” Small is a well-known self-hating Jew who would be classified as a Kapo if this was World War II and if she was living in a concentration camp. I usually take anything that Small tweets to be wrong. This article is no exception.

  • Aaron

    Stop trashing Obama:


    RISHOR – The Gilmer Mirror

    trashing Obama’s accomplishments. He has
    done more than any other President before him.

    is a list of his impressive accomplishments:

    President to apply for college aid as a foreign student then denies he was a

    President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

    President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.

    President to violate the War Powers Act.

    President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil
    drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

    President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

    President to spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs when there was no
    such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs.

    President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his
    union supporters.

    President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive

    President to a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal
    immigrants across the U.S. – including those with criminal records.

    President to demand a company hand over $20 billion to one of his political

    President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

    President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.

    President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no
    longer a Christian nation.

    President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

    President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to
    enforce it.

    President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons
    for their rate increases.

    President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to
    locate a factory.

    President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ,
    WI, OH, IN).

    President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued
    years ago.

    President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

    President to fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his
    friends in a corrupt case.

    President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

    President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

    President to golf more than 150 separate times in his five years in office.
    (note: as of 14 June 2014 – 176.)

    President to hide his birth, medical, educational, and travel records.

    President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

    President to go on multiple “global apology tours” and concurrent “insult our
    friends” tours.

    President to go on 17 lavish vacations, in addition to date nights and
    Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the

    President to personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

    President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer

    President to fly a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week at
    taxpayer expense.

    President to repeat the Holy Quran and tell us the early morning call of the
    Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.

    President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states
    (Mexico vs Arizona).

    President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own
    private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the

    he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were
    UNPATRIOTIC for baking at the last suggestion.
    (Thank God he didn’t get away with THIS one.)

    how is this Hope and Change working for you?

    is hard to comprehend all this guy has gotten away with. Any other President would have been
    impeached. What is God’s name is wrong
    with our government that they allow this guy Carte Blanc? It absolutely boggles the mind.

    own opinion is that he is a devout Muslim and Communist sympathizer who is
    dedicated to the fall of the US of A and Capitalism. Everything he has done is geared to the destruction
    of everything America stands for. Plus
    he has set back race relations 100 years and widened the economic life styles
    of the American people.

    the left-wing socialist media helps him by supporting his lies and protecting
    his cronies. He and the leftist need to

    • Mike Hoffman

      Is this copy and pasted straight out of my drunk grandfather’s chain email?

  • waterbug52009

    He didn’t literally kill Osama bin Laden you can thank the US navy seals for that

    • JonEdHil


    • Not So Honest Abe

      Yes but he was CIC who on his first day in office ordered the prioritization of the hunt for OBL. AND he assumed the political risk of it going bad. He gets the credit. The way the right treats BHO, he could have led the mission himself, killed OBL with his bare hands and still the right would say, “so what”

  • top secret

    What a flock of loony birds.

  • pc1173

    yeah russia took the chemical weapons out of Syria, dear leader had nothing to do with that. 92 million aged 16 and older unemployed not on the unemployment rolls and not looking for work(thats how you get 6%) 8 million with healthcare while millions more kicked off of theirs. Passed nothing in his first 2 years while having a majority in both houses, waited until losing the house to be able to blame the evil republicans.

  • Realist

    You’re right there will be at least another 2.5 to 3 million people who stop looking for gainful employment within the next 2-3 months and the unemployment rate will drop below 6%. If we really push for it we can make it to where a third of the population is not employed. Here we come 100 million whoo hooo. The best thing the liberals have had to offer since Jimmy Carter.

  • Ian Hayden Parker

    Come on Liberal friends, the Bush vs. Obama argument is old. We are the party of action, not talk. We deliver solutions, not roadblocks. The US Deficit has only been dropped under a democratic administration, it’s a fact. Never has a republican lowered the deficit. Job creation has always been higher under democrats, it’s a simple fact, Democratic administrations have created more jobs than republican administrations yet they have held the white house for less years. Let’s focus on solutions and let the republicans continue to quote Reagan, they need to go back that far to find someone who they THINK is great, that says enough to the rest of us, the republican party is old and washed up with no new blood or ideas in sight.

  • Concerned citizen

    Yes you can add another accomplishment, just voted the worst president ever. God help America

    • strayaway

      Woodrow Wilson was worse.

      • Not So Honest Abe

        Warren G Harding and James Buchanan were awful as was Franklin Pierce. US Grant sucked too

      • strayaway

        Warren Harding turned over 11% unemployment around to less than 4% in two years by reducing government taxation and spending. He kept the peace, increased the prosperity of the average American, and even let Woodrow Wilson’s political prisoners, including Eugene Debs, out of prison. Coolidge was even better. Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity… what’s not to like?

    • Not So Honest Abe

      George Bush (II) was voted worst in 2006, Hillary, if she wins will be voted worst 5 years from now(the incumbent is always on the mind). The poll you speak of was 1500 (land line) phones (old people) not very scientific.

  • connietjones

    I’m glad to see someone set the record straight. Bush left our economy in shambles. Republicans looking for a scapegoat, tried to shift the blame to President Obama. The thing they can’t change is an intelligent American public not buying it. I saw Chaney on Fox News today, had to change the channel, can’t stomach more lies. Bush & Chaney nearly bankrupted the country with costly wars among other things. I learned in 5th grade that diplomacy is always the best policy. I really appreciate the way President Obama explains the underlying causes of conflict in many mid-eastern countries. There’s no way our intervention can change attitudes and customs that have existed for hundreds of years, the parties involved will have to make that happen. When we take care of ourselves, we are able to lead by example & assist other countries.

  • John Newcomb

    Is it me or is most of these things Obama has done is actually being done by free enterprise and the initiative of the American People? He saved the American auto industry? If he did he did it with taxpayers Money to the tune of billions of dollars in losses!! Ford survived quite nicely without Obama’s help.
    He cut job losses by 50% in his first four months? How does he or any President do that? He was still learning to read what to say on teleprompters.
    Obama spent two years in the Senate before running for President, while there he voted PRESENT over 150 times on important bills and programs. Voting PRESENT means you don’t know anything about whats going on.
    He got Syria to give up its chemical weapons? Obama drew a yellow line in the sand and warned them not to use them. They used them to kill thousands of their countrymen. Obama and Kerry pissed their collective panties. Flailing around diplomatically like the neophytes they are. The Saviour to this major faux pas. Russia’s Putin generally gets the accolades for the solution. Obama and Kerry jumped on this life line like two dogs on a bone.
    Nice article for fools but the current polls show that Obama will go down in history as the worst President of the modern generation. Jimmy Carter is most pleased.

  • Patrick Karp

    One thing the author misses is that the first step in taking guns away is to prevent the purchase of guns. So any attempt at a gun ban actually is an attempt at taking guns away. This is something that many of us Liberals tend to forget. A good case in point is the Cuban missile crises. The very first thing we did was to impose a blockade to stop Cuba from gaining more missiles.

  • ChristianEconCom

    Have a debate with a conservative for long enough, and eventually it comes to light they think Obama’s biggest policy failure is he’s black.

  • David Russell

    All of the hip, hip, hooray about employment or unemployment numbers…clouded by the lowest labor participation rate since 1977. Don’t crow about the unemployment rate dropping because people give up trying to find work.

  • do you know any gays? you forgot his executive order to let them serve openly in the military. just for one

  • MLR

    Well Allen, you know very well republicans aren’t going to admit to anything good that the President has done. In fact, I almost fell off my chair in shock when I heard Rand Paul saying he doesn’t blame Iraq on the President.

  • Nemisis

    I remember Obama not doing a damn thing to fix the economy…Late November 2008, Fox news…. I turned to my wife and said…”They’ve lost the election, their minds, and now their credibility. Just wait, they will be praising the good ol days of Jr’s romp through the presidency.”

  • Victoria

    Why anyone would even entertain @Diemuslimpig:disqus is beyond me, a person who’s information source is WIKI

  • Clark

    I want to know your dealer because you are on some really good stuff!

  • Just don’t mention anything about the fed propping up the stock market, the labor participation rate, the 90+ million unemployed, all the Government Motors recalls, Ford doing just fine on their own etc. Just the usual propaganda for the low-information crowd (ie. people liberals hope are stupid enough to buy it). And then there’s this little turd:

    “And might I also remind conservatives, he’s done all of this without any help from congressional Republicans.”

    So why all the incessant bitching about the “roadblocks”? Why keep blaming Republicans when Reid doesn’t want Senate liberals to make hard decisions, especially in an election year? Oh, and don’t forget Syria has only given up its declared weapons. The OPCW is looking into discrepancies. Hard to imagine since Comrade Obama put the fear of God into ’em, I know.

    • Jenny

      You forgot Benghazi.

      • “What difference, at this point, does it make?” It distracted from the SCOAMF’s attacks on Romney over foreign policy. Who gives a rat’s ass about a dead diplomat and those trying to protect him, right? The maker of the YouTube video nobody saw is in jail. End of story.

  • Drew Simmonz

    Were you high when you wrote this or just that bad at quoting numbers?

  • admittruth

    The ‘reduced unemployment’ figure from 10% to 6.1% is disingenuous. The main reason that number plunged like it did is due to Congress (and BOTH parties were culpable in this) allowing extended unemployment benefits to expire, so nearly TWO MILLION people who were long-term unemployed simply STOPPED BEING COUNTED. This fudging of the numbers is exactly why the unemployment benefits have still not been reinstated, and it is the now the DEMOCRATS who are primarily responsible for the issue having died in legislation, specifically so they can point to this statistic and pretend that there are jobs and incomes that go along with it. There are not, and Obama deserves NO credit for this, because there is no there, there.

  • “Republicans can blame on President Obama:

    He saved the American auto industry.”

    This is fun. When folks complain about the UAW bailout, liberals are quick to blame Bush for it. When liberals, like Mr. Clifton, search in vain for accomplishments for the Miserable Failure in Chief, he throws the UAW bailout in. Never mind Ford was and is doing just fine on their own. Never mind there’s about $20 billion that we’ll never see again. Never mind Government Motors still makes shitty cars. How many recalls have there been? Isn’t it the most in history? Never mind parts suppliers aren’t getting paid. Never mind Obama screwed over the bond holders. The UAW is still there to launder money for the democrats in congress.

  • Mary Pelis

    Wanted to read this article, but it started with the superfluous “Basically”, so I hope *somebody* somewhere got something out of it.

    • It’s a list by a liberal who hopes that people are stupid enough (his audience) to buy it. It’s an insult, really, but his readers don’t get it.


    “It’s Bush’s fault and you’re a racist.”
    -Liberal rebuttal after having their skewed logic pointed out to them.

    • “NANANANANA BUSH WHO THAT NEVER HAPPENED” — conservafool explanation for everything that’s happened in the last 14 years.

  • Thomas Pasqualone

    Well let’s see if we can provide some more accolades to the current administration. Less then 47% of the American work force actually has a full time job, most of them are part-time. Workforce participation is less the 67%, the lowest level in 30 years. Unemployment is falling because people are off the rolls, have retired early, or just given up trying to find a job. The only reason Syria backed down is because the KGB thug, Putin stepped in order for Obama to save face after shooting off his mouth. Median middle class annual income is down by 7% since the anointed one took office. First quarter growth was -2.9%for 2014. The ACA cannot verify the credentials of almost 2 million enrollees to the program, and of the 46 million uninsured, 45 million are still uninsured. The Supreme Court has issued 9 unanimous decisions against the administration for overstepping his authority. Obama did not kill Bin Laden, Seal Team 6 did, and they had been on that mission since before the arrogant fool was elected. Four Americans died because someone was too busy running for re-election, the IRS is being used to intimidate ordinary Americans exercising their right to free speech, and government entities are crafting legislation without congressional approval. Yes, he has done quite a job!

  • Mark Edward Talboom

    I find it amusing that the “faux” news organization NEWSMAX has a poll on this site asking about President Obama’s job approval and performance. I’ve taken their so-called “poll” at different times over the last couple of years and always give Obama my thumbs up on his job performance. I just think back on Geo. Dumbya Bush and the fiasco that was his reign and anything Obama does is great by comparison, even if I don’t always agree with the steps he takes.
    NewsMax always promises me that I’ll get an email to validate my vote…but they never do. It’s hard to give them any credibility when they do crap like this. Typical right wing BS. Just make it all up and call it a FACT!

  • Steve Harris

    I love liberal facts instead conservative fiction!! It was the Bushwhackers who created all of those areas that Obama had to deal with.

  • Obama sucks

    These are all liberal lies

  • Sgt.Truman

    I choked when I started reading this. There’s not one true statement on here. Okay maybe bin Laden but that was Bush’s operation, Obama just gets credit for it.

  • Chris Alan Hendrickson

    Everyone on the left are the people who were not popular in school and no one wanted to talk to. Do you remember the kid in everyone’s class who ate glue and who didn’t take baths. This is Obama’s crew! They are so angry at the world that they didn’t fit in and people teased them. If you actually look at the people doing these mass shootings its either democrats or children of democrats hence the Columbine shooting. I’m sorry you got teased for being gay or being a child who didn’t fit in. Don’t be mad at everyone because you are not happy with how you fit in to society.

  • trukerdad

    Do you know how much you are lying just like yodaddy yobama. The economy shrunk at 3 % in the 1st quarter of this year. The unemployment rose to 102 million out of work which is the lowest participation rate since y’all other daddy Jimmy Jimmy Carter. And you keep lying to you selves bout the 6% unemployment it is REALLY DOUBLE THAT , YOU STUPID OBAMATARD . AND the jobs created don’t even keep up with population growth. You libtards nigger loving obama voters CRACK ME UP WITH YOUR STUPID MOORONICITY. FUCK Y’ALL AND HIM.

  • trukerdad

    So, why hasn’t y’all magic negroe fixed this shit like he said he would? ??????????

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      because the white trash low IQ regressive religious scumbags who RUINED America ( see: Reagan/ bush 1/ bush 2) will not work with him

  • Orlando

    Don’t beieve everything you read. There are so many things wrong with the above claims it is truly overwhelming to know where to begin. Several things stand out that I just have to point out….Bin Laden the search for him began years prior and Obama pretty much adopted the mission. That said yes he was killed under his term but, as veteran I don’t appreaciate when they credit someone that probably never even saw one chart or followed one lead on their own in order to discover Bin Laden’s where abouts. That credit belongs to our boys in uniform. The fact that either side would use this as a political point I find truly offensive. “Record breaking stock levels” Does anyone truly know what this means? How about if I rephrase it? Record breaking stock bubble, over inflated stock indicator, potential disaster level indicator. I could go on but the point is that this is not truly a good thing. Syria had no choice but, to give up chemical weapons they saw what America did to Irag and Assad knew it would be better to cave than to go against the US and our allies I credit Assad for not jeopardizing countless lives. Now thanks to this administrations support of the Syrian rebels we have ISIS the most feared group of terrorist the world have ever known. If they are successful in Syria then they will also be the richest. In short we should have stayed out of it but, Americas policy is to take out anyone that threatens the US dollar as the world reserve currency. The deficit comment is a good thing however, you and I should be more concerned with the national debt which is on the verge of reaching 18 Trillion, for this I say start learning Chinese your going to need it. Lastly, the unemployment level is a fraud those numbers have been skewed to appear lower and there is entirely too much information out there, from independent sources, to back this claim. Just ask yourself what caused the dramatic “quickest drop in unemployment in 30 years”? The guns, oh yes, the guns. No there have not been any guns taken however, New Orleans was sued for their confiscation of private guns during the disaster and lost. Simply stated there has been more fights about guns rights than ever. This is because this administration fosters an anti gun climate that is the greatest in the history of the US. No matter what your position is on the subject is worth the trillions of tax dollars being spent to defend the attacks? In the case of New Orleans with that city needing every penny to rebuild itself can you truly justify the cost of defending itself for their TRUE violation of gun rights and in the end they lost and incurred yet another hefty cost. Crimes are going to be commited either with guns or with another tool, this is a useless and costly fight. Furthermore, politicians flip flop on this issue depending on who they are talking to just for a vote, look at Governor Christie (R) A bit of advice if this war on guns were to escalate to a full out civil war do you really want to be on the no guns side? I wrote all this so that you can see that all these points are not what they seem and that being divided is not the answer it is the problem.

  • Trish Brunson

    The unemployment numbers that are being quoted are only counting the number of people who are receiving benefits. It isn’t counting the people who’s benefits have been exausted. And the jobs that have been created are mostly part time and at this time of year a lot of jobs are temporary. The numbers are being manipulated to make it look better for the powers that be.
    You people really need to check out the real facts! And no I’m not a Republican. I’m a registered nonpartisan.


    Let’s review: Obama blames everything domestic on Republicans, mainly because they have SOMETHING to do with domestic issues. Congress has nothing to do with foreign policy. That’s Obama’s and Obama’s alone. Our foreign policy is a mess and arguably we are closer to another world war now than at any time since WWII. And yet some refuse to hold him accountable for any of it. An empty chair…Clint Eastwood was right. A vacancy in the oval office would be no worse than the vacancy who occupies the position now. And when the bombs come, let them first visit those who continue to support this incompetent, lying caricature of a president.

  • alphinostrum

    What planet is this guy living on?????

  • wjgreen

    Debt, disease, hoards of illegals, foreign policy non-existent, increased welfare numbers, increased jobless, HLS poised and armed, TSA in your pants, rampant voter fraud, our head of state bowing to Muslim kings, a president who either knows nothing going on in his administration or he is plotting it, IRS spying on Americans who dissent, price inflation across the board, journalists threatened and intimidated, Black panthers intimidating voters and not prosecuted, failure to increase our energy supply, increased regulations on business and doing everything to hurt business, nothing to help it, failure to bring back offshore investments without taxing (hence they stay offshore), selective enforcement of the laws of the land by the executive (who is supposed to enforce them), an Iranian woman running the WhiteHouse (who wasn’t voted on or approved by anybody) while Iran builds bombs to send here, Ramadan celebrations in the White House, …. Like you say, James, you can’t fix stupid. Most of the items on the “good” that Obama has done amount to a shell game. You and I will pick up the tab. I’ll give you the “no new wars.” I actually voted for this muslim communist because McCain said he didn’t care if the war lasted 100 years. What a choice we get these days.

  • Dustin

    Is that stuff you are smoking in your state ? Every thing you stated is lies and has been debunked.

  • Dustin

    Shoulda read the organization source of this non article. Typical liberal lie, deny, and vilify. Talk about lala land, I found it here with all their misinformation, disinformation, outright lies , and “statistics” . At the risk of taking liberties in quoting Shakespeare ” O, what fools these liberals (mortals) be!”

  • Khannolly

    There’s stupid and then there’s Progressive stupid. I love the cut deficit in half… Oh lets see; deficit was $10T; now $17T plus …. fail!!! Oh you mean he cut his projection from $30T to $22T …… Why continue when after one fact, this story is blown up. As for the unemployment rate, you really have to be some kind of stupid to not understand why that is. But you probably think the stock market being up is a good thing also ….. BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      hey brainiac: the DEBT is at 17 trillion,,,,,,,,,,,,, the DEFICIT is shrinking at fastest pace since IKE was president. unemployment at 6.18% while JOB PARTICIPATION IS CLIMBING.
      stock market rising is BAD?? really? Im up 412% ( approx.) in 5 yrs.
      now that ” BAAAAD”!!!
      ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,did U get your FREE FOX “news” Benghazi Tshirt from trey gowdy? NO? keep crying and enjoy the slow decay of the white trash regressive religious scumbag republican party

  • Incredibleq Ladee

    Well said Mr Clifton. I’m sure there’s some sort of R response to this, such as they are the ones who actually made these things happen but we know the truth. What I am always dumbfounded by is how many people really truly believe the poop slung on Fox. I recently found out a dear friend loves Glen Beck. *faints*

  • Tim Collins

    hard to ignore facts,but as in religion verses science things can be skewed and spun to fit each persons beliefs.

  • MB

    Regardless of how anyone feels about our President, can we keep this to a discussion rather than an abusive name calling commentary? Its interesting to read both sides and I just move on when the abuse begins, it has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

    • Well said. I am guilty of it and its a problem that not only shows on sites like this but as we all know in our legislative branches as well.

  • Landon

    the only thing i don’t like about the President is taking of liberty. If i don’t want Affordable Care Act he takes my money. If i don’t want illegal’s on american property he gives them amnesty. not following the checks and balances for governmental power.

  • Brian

    I do think President Obama has done a lot of good things since taking office against unimaginable opposition. However, I am really sick of granting credit (or blame) for things that would have happened anyway.
    E.g. bin Laden: Sure its a good resume builder, but he would have eventually been snuffed out by anyone with the intelligence given. Also, in light of recent news from the Middle East, I am pretty sure calling for direct airstrikes and training of an army to fight a terrorist organization constitutes war; though lacking US troops is better than throwing our men in a war that does not concern them. (Better decision than Bush).

  • Timothy Bishop

    He literally just started a war lol. He hired a guy from Comcast to be the FCC chairman with the internet at stake. He hasn’t fixed the tax-code or increased the minimum wage. Gitmo is still open. End the war on drugs that is filling the prisons with nonviolent people and costing too much. And Demilitarize the god damn police!

  • Eric

    Don’t forget:
    • RECORD corporate profits.
    • Consistent GDP growth.

  • Stephen Barlow

    YOU forgot the biggest and most important thing. He EMBARRASSES the Red Menace Army DAILY!!! Simply by maintaining his integrity in the face of horrific, Third Reich intensity HATE.

    He has spoken in anger, but has not ONCE lost his cool, intelligent demeanor. Mr Obama has been as cool as jimmy Stewart in “it’s A Wonderful Life”. There ARE no republicans, not a single one that I have seen in public, who do not regularly, ritually and habitually blend lies, anger and HATE SPEECH in sputtering screeching bellowings.

  • sirsmokeit

    The only way anything is going to change in this country is for us as the middle class being the majority are going to have to have a representative in the white house. The money race for the Commander and Chief position has got to stop. We need to come up with a voting policy that can force citizens to vote. If 320 million people voted and money was not the defining denominator I think the middle class would get some reps in office and corporate bullying tactics and corporate control of congress and white house would wane considerably. We need radical change and we need it now! Lefties and righties can suck my right and left one as far as Im concerned. They haven’t done much except sell the american people out for some more billions on top of their multiple billions they already have. When is it gonna be enough money people. Why in the world would someone need 83 billion dollars anyway? Wake Up!!!

  • whitwill

    Where are the figures coming from. Just curious?

  • funky_fan

    The bill that “saved the auto industry” was signed by Bush.

    On the other hand he DID come out in support of Gay Marriage. Two and a half years ago. In the midst of a fundraising malaise. Awesome.

  • al_frick

    Some of Obama’s other accomplishments: Lost Baghdad, lost Afghan war, ignored the rise of ISIS, saw Syria kill its own citizens, ditto Egypt, Iran. Raised the cost of health care for everyone except the ones getting freebies and leeching off the system. But of course Democrats don’t hear of any of that because you don’t bother to turn off NPR, MSN, and stop sniffing your own farts. If he is so great, then Democrats should have nothing to fear this election year. Oops…

  • qcubed

    I don’t think these clowns will ever admit to anything Obama has done that was a positive gain for the country.

  • Guest

    Wow, this thread veered off a bit.

  • Mark

    Despite the obstruction of the GOP, I believe Obama will go down as one of the best presidents. People tend to ignore this economic recovery, but I think we will look back on these years as a golden era.

  • Andre Machado

    i thought the auto industry bailouts were before barack took office?

  • Sea Kelp

    The right was so focused on Obama that they didn’t have time to fuck up everything else.

  • Alison Arnold

    Jamie Wooden, so you do t like to pay for things you don’t use? No medical? No meds?, no annual doctor visits? Do you have kids? If you don’t have insurance and fall down a break your leg do you have enough cash to pay all your medical bills then? Are you unlimitedly wealthy? Do you have car insurance. . . It’s required, have you had to file any claims there? What about home owners? have it? use it? . . . . just curious. The only people I know that forgo having insurance coverage for health, home, auto, life, etc. are people who have sizable bank accounts, investments, net worth. . . that yes, they can gamble on having no insurance. . . and only pay for medical this and that when, as, if it occurs. That, however is not the norm.

  • jblack50

    Spent more money than all other presidents combined. He’s a peach all right. You all can have him.