Liz Cheney calls John McCain a “Liberal Republican” — Because he believes in Bipartisanship

liz-cheneyOne thing that always makes me laugh with Republicans is their seemingly endless battle among themselves to see who is “the king of conservatives.”  They use the term “conservative” like a badge of honor.  “Vote for me, not the other person! I’m the true conservative!” they often say.

Well, apparently this is the strategy of Liz Cheney (daughter of Dick Cheney) in her campaign against established Republican Senator Mike Enzi.  See, John McCain has endorsed Senator Enzi for his next election, prompting Liz Cheney to come out and call John McCain a “liberal Republican.”

It’s the new line of attack from Republicans seeking their crack at elected office — “attack the establishment.”  Now it’s not just a bad thing to be a Democrat; if you’re an established Republican, you’re almost every bit the “enemy” that liberals are.

See, that’s what happens when a Republican uses common sense from time to time.  Suddenly they become a “liberal” for not selling their soul to the far-right radical policies of tea party Republicans.

First how about if we establish this rule: Anything a Cheney says, just do the opposite.

Second, while I don’t agree with John McCain on a lot of issues, he is one of the few Republicans who actually displays common sense from time to time.  But how exactly is McCain a “liberal Republican?”  Well, the fact is, that’s where the GOP has shifted to.

Unless you’re willing to pander to the tea party, embracing every slice of propaganda they’re serving, suddenly you’re not a “real Republican” or a “real conservative.”

It’s absolutely insane.  The idea of compromise has really become a radical idea for much of the Republican party.  Hell, they even have an acronym that describes people who identify as Republicans but aren’t “real Republicans”—R.I.N.O (Republican In Name Only).

Unless you embrace every single right-wing talking point and Fox News headline, to many Republicans, you’re not really a conservative.

So when Liz Cheney calls Senator McCain a “liberal Republican” that’s exactly what she means—he’s not a real Republican.  He’s a man who, while clearly a conservative, has tried throughout his career to work with Democrats because he understands compromise and some level of bipartisanship is the only way our government will ever properly function.

And by doing that, to people like Cheney, that makes him a fake Republican.

Well I say we need more “liberal Republicans.”  Republicans who aren’t afraid to call out their own party.  Republicans who don’t see the word “compromise” as the enemy.

But the problem is, these type of Republicans run the risk of facing a heavily-funded tea party challenger in a primary election.

So while many conservatives will most likely see Liz Cheney’s claim that John McCain is a “liberal Republican” as something negative, I believe this is a label more Republicans should embrace.

Because even while “liberal Republicans” and Democrats still rarely see eye to eye on many things, together they’ve proven that they can at least use some common sense to govern our nation.

Something tea party Republicans have clearly shown they have no intention of ever doing.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Amber

    I am hoping only a small minority of loud Reps in AZ are very upset by McCain. Being an out there tree hugging Liberal in AZ I was impressed by him this shutdown. It is still up in the air whether McCain will run in 2016 as he turns 80 that year. I know lots of RINO’s and I ask why they don’t just become Dems or independants? (They even volunteer for the dem party) but I honestly get a lot of “My republican vote for a democrat shows in the polls eventually seeing mass dessertion in the polls should show the party we want change not tea” Sadly I just keep seeing disagreeing on an idea turning into out and out Crazy.

  • thomasbone63

    Another obstructionist that wants to get into Congress. What’s the point In taking a job if all you want to do is to do nothing but obstruct. We have enough of these people already in Washington and don’t need anymore.

    • Sam Brosenberg

      She’ll hold the seat long enough to cash in on some insider trading tips, and then when she leaves Congress she’ll be set for life as either a lobbyist or a FOX News talking head. THAT’S why these twits seek to involve themselves in the running of our government, beause they know they can take an easy path to wealth where the only work they have to do is shouting an incendiary comment once in a while.

      • thomasbone63

        Please Citizens of AZ, please don’t send another obstructionist to Washington. It’s time to clean up the grid lock.

      • gemma liar

        sadly we on the liberal left will have to deal with these scumbag white trash southern regressives forever

      • Pipercat

        She’s running against Mike Enzi for his Senate seat in Wyoming.

      • thomasbone63

        To the people of Arizona, please do the country a favor. Please make Chaney irrelevant.

      • Pipercat

        Thomas, Liz the Impaler is not running for office in Arizona. She’s running for a Senate seat in Wyoming. I know this may sound hard to believe, but Wyoming is redder than Arizona! The thing to watch in this race is to see if a fauxbagger can take a Senate seat away from a establishment Republican who is just right of Atilla the Hun!! … and yet, not quite red enough for Ted Herring and ol’e Sarahbou!!!

      • thomasbone63

        Thank you for the correction. What I said for Arizona, please citizens of Wyoming, it goes for you.

      • Pipercat

        Yep, stick with Atilla and dump the Vamp… ire!

    • gemma liar

      now ur talkin ‘ my brother,,,,, !!!!! did U miss me?

      • thomasbone63

        hahahahaha, welcome back Mr. Liar. I did miss you.

      • gemma liar

        meeee too!!! glad 2 have ya back!!

  • GLT777

    See the Gross Old Peckerwoods fight amongst themselves is like watching two drowning men trying to save themselves by standing on each other’ head.

  • Mr Smith

    Liz Cheney started speaking out against the republican party when Bush was president then suddenly went far right wing. I would wager that daddy said play ball or I will cut you off and you will have to fend for yourself in life.

  • Kathy Mayo

    Good lord! Nothing good ever comes from a Cheney!

  • Phil Beebe

    Not quite on topic but, as an Arizonan, I ask you to not buy into the idea that McCain is a maverick (liberal Republican). He does make sense now and then when talking to the public, but his voting record is straight up right wing Republican. I can see how he could be viewed as a moderate Republican in our current political climate. I’ve also seen unabashed Goldwater Republicans admit that they are too far left of many of the current Republican party positions.

  • Noninterventionst

    The fact is that “Benghazi” and Syria are related! The real “scandal,” however, is not the four diplomats who died–though this is of course regrettable–but the brutal murder of a head of state and the widespread massacres of hundreds or thousands of people called “Qadafi supporters” simply because they happened to be black. Intervention in Libya (which began in Benghazi) violated international law, just as does the Clifton/Obama proposal to kill hundreds or thousands of people in Syria on a similar pretext. War is war, and intervention in Libya or Syria is not morally distinguishable from the decades-long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (notwithstanding differences in scale). I stopped approving of ad hominem attacks on conservatives in this column when the same sorts of attacks were leveled against leftists and pacifists when we dared oppose a war that Democrats advocated.
    P.S. McCain, who never met a war that he didn’t like and who flagrantly posed for photographs with schoolchildren kidnappers when he visited Syria, will never be a “liberal.” In fact, I question who may still be real liberals when Democrats join with McCain in approving the restoration of polygamy in Libya and sectarian murders of religious minorities in Syria