To London, From America: I’d Like to Apologize for Trump Exploiting Your Tragedy to Push His BS

I wish I could say I was surprised by Donald Trump’s disgusting response to the recent terror attack in London, but I’m not. In fact, for months, I’ve said that it’s my belief that Trump’s been secretly hoping for the next terror attack to take place which he could use to justify his bigotry, paranoia, and ignorance. I figured that the next time one of these tragic events claimed innocent lives, Trump was going to go off on an unhinged rant, using it as an “example” why we should ban Muslims, block refugees, and justify all the other hate he used to fuel his campaign.

Unfortunately, I was right.

Before most of the details behind this recent attack were known, Trump rushed to Twitter to promote his travel ban on Muslims, push irrational fear, and even attacked London’s mayor by taking a quote completely out of context. Because who cares about being contextually accurate when you’re an out-of-control narcissist desperately trying to use death and mayhem for your own personal political gains.

When London, the largest city in England, one of our closet allies, needed us and the rest of the world to simply be there to support them during a horrific moment — once again, Trump disgraced the United States.

Sure, he offered one “we’re with you” tweet directed at the U.K., but that was only after he tweeted something out about how this attacks proves we need to support his unconstitutional travel ban.

Make no mistake about it, when Trump first heard of this attack, he wasn’t concerned about the loss of life or harm done to others. His first thoughts were figuring out how he could use it for his own benefit.

Since then he’s done nothing more than exploit this terrorist attack to push for his travel ban, bash the Justice Department, attack the court system, and slander the mayor of London. Trump even managed to take a shot at the mainstream media (of course), claiming that their attempt to factually report on what London’s mayor meant when he said there was “no reason to be alarmed” — that he was referring to the increased police presence in the city — was part of some coverup to hide the truth.

There are a seemingly endless number of examples where Trump’s proven to be a national disgrace and embarrassment to this country. While I’m not here to rank which one of his shameful displays has been “the worst,” I will say that his response to this terror attack in London definitely ranks as one of his worst.

A true and competent leader would have realized that this moment wasn’t one for political grandstanding. It was a heartbreaking event that required nothing more than words of sympathy and offers to provide any help or support we could during such a somber time.

But not Donald J. Trump. Instead, he exploited what happened on June 3rd in London to claim this attack proves Americans need to support his unconstitutional travel ban.

A ban that, by the way, won’t keep this country any safer, prevent any sort of attack, and only plays right into the hands of Islamic radicals who are desperately trying to create a “holy war” between the West and Islam. They want people like Trump to vilify Muslims, reject refugees, and push hate against Islam. Nothing helps them recruit more than Western leaders pushing the idea that Islam — all of Islam — is the enemy.

The truth is, ISIS has never had better recruiters than a hate-pushing buffoon like Donald Trump and the millions of mindless sheep who support him.

So, to London, from the people of the United States, let me say what Donald Trump should have said, but lacks the maturity, intelligence, values, or sanity to say:

We’re deeply saddened by what took place, the tragic loss of seven innocent lives, the 48 wounded, and the toll this is taking on your city and country as it was still healing from the terrorist attack which senselessly killed 22 people less than two weeks earlier. As a country that’s experienced our share of horrific events such as these, we understand that no amount of words will make anything better. Even though they say time heals all wounds, the scars of such tragedies are always there.

At times such as these, we need to be there for one another. Help one another. Support one another. Do for one another what needs to be done to begin picking up the pieces and let the monsters behind such an attack know that we will not cower in fear, give in to hate, or let them win.

Donald Trump is not who we are. He’s an asterisk “president” given his position by way of an outdated electoral college system, helped by a Russian cyber attack, who lost to his closest opponent by 3 million votes, and had 54 percent of the country vote against him.

He’s a shameful blip in our history. A mistake we cannot wait to be out of office so that we can begin erasing one of the most embarrassing moments in political history from our memories.

Trump and his supporters represent the minority — not the majority.

The vast majority of Americans are ashamed of his response to June 3rd’s attack.

As millions of us have done since the moment he announced his campaign, and especially after he was “elected” last November, we are going to spend every day fighting against him, what he stands for, and the way he’s trying to ruin not only this country, but the entire planet.

While I don’t represent all Americans, I feel I can safely assume that my words today reflect the thoughts of most Americans.


Allen Clifton

Co-founder, Forward Progressives

No matter how many days he’s in office, I will never let Donald J. Trump be the person who represents this country.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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