Louisiana Candidate Promises To Display Ten Commandments At Courthouse For ‘Educational’ Purposes

Lauren Saucier. Image via klax-tv.com

Lauren Saucier. Image via klax-tv.com

A little over an hour up Interstate 49 from here in Lafayette lies the town of Pineville, LA on the north bank of the Red River. As the flat rice fields of Acadiana give way to the rolling prairies, extensive pine forests and small hills of central Louisiana, Pineville sits across the river from Alexandria which is the seat of Rapides Parish.

For the sake of clarification, Alexandria and Pineville are not in Acadiana, which is a collection of parishes (known as counties elsewhere) that are predominantly Catholic and encompass much of the coastal area to the west of the Atchafalaya Swamp. The lines dividing regions aren’t exact and are up for interpretation depending on who is trying to sell you a tray of spicy, hot boiled crawfish or bag of trinkets in a tourist trap.

From Alexandria and Pineville on north, you find yourself in the Bible Belt of Louisiana where the population tends to be more Baptist and even more staunchly conservative than their Catholic cousins to the south.

Just as an example, you can drive up to a number of daiquiri shops within a few minutes of my house here in Acadiana and pull away with a cold alcoholic beverage in your hand. It is perfectly legal – so long as you don’t pull off the piece of Scotch tape that is supposed to keep you from sipping on a margarita while you drive. Trust me, that won’t fly anywhere else in the United States that I am aware of.

In comparison, until last year, Pineville was a dry city where you couldn’t legally buy alcohol. Want a plate of ribs, boiled crawfish or some good old southern soul food? No problem. Want a cold beer to wash it down? Wasn’t gonna happen until January 2014.

So it is really not a surprise that here in the Bible Belt of Louisiana, you would have candidates running for judge on the city court talking about putting the Ten Commandments up on display on public property. Here’s the video from Lauren Saucier, a candidate for Pineville city judge.

I get that the Ten Commandments aren’t a bad set of rules to incorporate your personal life around, but as a set of religious rules, they do not belong as part of a public display unless you want to include all religious rules. This idea of inclusion is something I am sure Lauren Saucier has no intention of doing if elected a judge in Pineville, especially if it means including religious ideas from Islam, Buddhism or others.

A lot of people will point and say “well, that’s Louisiana. What else do you expect from a state full of illiterate rednecks?”, but this is a part of the last gasp strategy of the conservative bloc. Look at Ohio, where a bill has been introduced to curtail the teaching of the scientific process. Or how about down to Terrebonne Parish where Lenar Whitney, the Cajun Sarah Palin, is running for Congress?

The religious right isn’t going down without a fight. In small towns and cities across the South, politicians aren’t accepting progress. Instead, they’re doubling down on God, guns and religion. They’re pandering to the ever-shrinking demographic who actually believe America was founded on Christianity, and that somehow, the South will rise again.

Lauren Saucier’s campaign isn’t unique; there are many candidates, especially in the Tea Party who believe that conservative Christianity should still dictate our justice system.

I’ve repeatedly said that local politics are just as important as national politics, and Lauren Saucier is a prime example of why we need to vote in every single election. If we want to turn back the religious right and the Tea Party on the national level, it has to be done at the local level as well.

Watch her campaign ad below:


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  • Stephen Barlow

    Tits v Dick
    you GOTTA admit SHE gets the T vote!

    Which is Y women need to get off the couch

    and VOTE!!!!!!

    Pressing a button IS speaking YOUR OWN mind!

  • Stephen Barlow

    Allen? yoo zeeem dezzzzzpeeeeeeeeerate.

    • Nemisis

      Allen didn’t write this one.

    • Bonta-kun

      At least Manny (for yea, verily. ’twas he, not Allen) seems coherent. Damn sight more than some commenters.

      • Stephen Barlow


      • Stephen Barlow

        Oh kay?

        Sorry you can’t read between the blank spaces.

  • Stephen Barlow

    Wanna CHANGE the world ( 4 real???)
    and MAKE OTHERS march with you.

    It wasn’t RFK in June or MLK in April………..

    Or Manson….

    Or Dallas BANG +

    Since 1962……….


  • Nemisis

    Are they going to put up the other 603 commandments too?

    • Stephen Barlow

      Read LEVITICUS

      • Nemisis

        Which one? 19:13?

      • Stephen Barlow



      • Stephen Barlow


        Hobbyhole NNEEEDS to close on SHABBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        OR mandate

        oral sex.

      • Stephen Barlow

        TY!!! You get that 2.

        Too many people think that ONLY the Gospels are law. WAY too many people think the RELIGION of ST. Paul and his letters are the true religion. GOD allwhatever think slicing off heads and JIHAD are what ALLAH wants. JESUS~~~~~~ stapping explosivies to your heart IS HOW ‘GOD’ wants????????????? U 2 love your brother?

      • Stephen Barlow

        And if they sell any cloth with blended fibers, the Hobby Lobby owners should be STONED.

  • Stephen Barlow


  • Larry Ham

    I know how much liberals hate Christians, but they’re going to have to realize they only have freedom OF religion, not freedom from it. You can keep pretending that you’re “offended” by the Ten Commandments but sane people aren’t buying it. You’re not really offended and it’s not a violation of the First Amendment because it’s not establishing a religion.

    • Nemisis

      I don’t hate Christians. I hate the fake Christians that seem to have nothing better to do than try to shove their fake beliefs into every aspect of life. Worship your craven image, make your judgments, force your beliefs….What Would Jesus say about those things?

      • Larry Ham

        Ya, you don’t hate Christians, but you talk about them the same way a Klansman talks about black people.

        What would the reverends Jackson and Sharpton say about that aaaaahahahhahaha

      • Nemisis

        I said I hate fake Christians… Real Christians don’t go around shoving their religion into places it does not belong. There is reason I differentiate the two. That reason is there exists a great many actual Christians that believe in and follow what Jesus taught. Those Christians are not only good people, but welcome in my home.
        Then there are those that do not even know what Jesus taught, they only know what they have been told to think and take only the portions of the bible that agree with their behavior that is contrary to what Jesus taught. Unfortunately the fakes out number the real. Or the fakes are just louder. I think it is both.

        To me all forms of religion are just methods of subjugating the masses. There are some that actually are beneficial.
        The core of Christianity is one of them. Take everything out of the bible that does not pertain to Jesus’ teaching and you have a pamphlet and that is all that is needed to live as Jesus taught.

        As for comparing my statements to those of the KKK when talking about people with black skin or people not of their race. That’s bullshit. Not even close. I have never advocated the use of violence against a fake Christian. I have never said hang a Christian, or beaten one for looking at non-fake-Christian woman. Nor have I ever rubbed a fake-Christian’s head for luck.
        Oh wait, I get it you must be a fake Christian. One of the pray along to get along ones. The holier than thou but only on Sunday types. The “Yeah for hobby lobby” type cheering that they got to exercise extending religious beliefs but only because they are really devout in their beliefs in that one thing, even though Jesus never had a problem with it, but all others they discard…Like no work on Sundays…except during xmas time.
        The we’re going to hold back your pay for 2 weeks even though it’s against Leviticus kind…The “it’s a war on Christians and profane to use xmas.” Even though xmas is a centuries old reference to Christian cross with the X on it and was coined by a Priest.
        Your one of those Christian In Name Only or as I refer to as a Chino aren’t you. A fake Christian, who knows very little about actual Christianity. The “freedom of religion not freedom from religion” kind when faced with the thought that an Islamist might get to exercise their freedom of religion and lambast you with their views because you don’t have freedom from religion either.
        You lose you’re mind. Don’t you chino.

        As to what those two fake Christians would say. I have no idea.

      • Stephen Barlow

        NOp art of Christ is about attacking those who are not of your faith. That is STRICITLY St Paulism, a cult of people who don’t understand that Jesus Christ was the world’s first non violent revolutionary. I mean other than Bhudda.

      • Nemisis

        Did you read my comment or just skim it. Christ and his teachings and fake Christianity are two very different things.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I was just clarifying, in simplest terms, what you were so verbose about. And I cut out all the spurious rambling ego crap.

      • Nemisis

        Ego…really….You resort to ego and name calling to bolster your potion and I’m the rambling egotist…

        Have a legitimate thought, formulate it into a comprehensible sentence and then make your comments.

      • Stephen Barlow

        So your Mom can misread it to you?

      • Stephen Barlow

        The would agree with nemesis you buffoon.

    • Stephen Barlow

      We hate zealots who steal other people’s rights, and denigrate both their values and the freedom the speak their values.

  • Travis Hamilton

    Manny, as the people say where I grew up (big Opelousas), the Mason Dixon line is at Bunkie.

    Glad I moved to Houston when I was 19, south La didn’t have much to offer.

  • Stephen Barlow

    First of all, a judge has no power to legislate.
    Second, a historical document is NOT what the ten commandments is. There is no original.
    Thirdly, by violating the Constitution by making Christianity a defacto municipal religion, she would be violating her oath of office the very minute she swore to it.

    Which means she unfit and should be impeached for it.