Louisiana WWII Veteran Robbed Of His Bicycle, Community Replaces It Within Hours

dauteriveSometimes in all of the cynicism and hyper-partisanship on the evening news, we forget the goodness humanity is capable of and what we can do when we come together as a community. The story I am about to bring to you is both heart-warming and proof of what happens when a community sets aside its differences and does something good for someone who needs our help.

On this past Friday morning in New Iberia, Louisiana (which is just down the road from me), 93 year old WWII Army veteran Sgt. Larry Dauterive woke up to find that his bicycle was stolen during the night. He had chained it and locked it, but someone had cut the chain and stolen it regardless. It quickly became a news story on our Lafayette local TV station KATC TV-3  and in a very short time, a member of the community raised the funds to replace it. Not only that, but the news station delivered it to him just in time for the evening broadcast.

All too often, we get caught up in the media and the constant political frenzy of left vs right, as well as sensationalized headlines. Our cynical nature wants us to believe in the dark side of humanity and mistrust those who we don’t know, but this speaks to the nature of small town America. We help our own and despite our differences, we come together when it counts the most. We may have our faults down here in the South, but we do take care of our neighbors when push comes to shove.

The person behind this act of generosity was Danielle Morgan of Thibodaux, LA. She wrote this letter to the veteran to go along with the new bicycle she raised the funds for:

Sgt. Larry Dauterive,

My name is Danielle Morgan and run an animal rescue in Thibodaux, LA. Today on Facebook someone shared a picture of you and your bike stating that someone had stolen it. I am so very sorry that there are people in this world who would do such a thing, and especially to someone who served our country. Myself and the many supporters of We Stand Bayou Animal Rescue are honored to buy you a bike to replace the stolen one. Within 40 minutes we raised the money, found a local dealer (Scelfo’s Marine and Sporting) and made arraignments to get your bike to you. It is amazing what people can do when they work together for a good cause. It wasn’t just the rescues followers, people from all over were calling in wanting to help get you a bike! Amazing! On Sunday my Grandfather, Kermit Wurzlow passed away at 99 and the loss of him has left a large hole in my heart. He taught me to always have respect for others and practice kindness at every opportunity. So, in memory of my late Grandfather we would like to give you a new bike. Thank you for fighting for our country and being an inspiration for my generation. I wish I could be there to give you the bike in person but I have to stay here and care for my animals, I will be there in spirit! Might I add, you look amazing! Keep on Truckin’!!!

Love always,

Danielle Morgan

We Stand Bayou Animal Rescue

Thibodaux, LA

The media often rushes to get a story and disregards the facts or those affected by a crime, but in this case, they did what was right. Please let the reporter, Erin Steuber and We Stand Bayou Animal Rescue how much you appreciate what they did.


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