Lunatic Donald Trump Cites Conspiracy Website For His Lies About 9/11

A post by Donald Trump on 11/25/15

A post by Donald Trump on 11/25/15

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made a lot of bizarre claims during his campaign. Along with his assertions that vaccines cause autism and his courting of right-wing racist groups, Trump has also made the claim that he saw American Muslims celebrating in the streets after the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001.

This statement by Donald Trump has been widely disputed, and there was no evidence of widespread celebrations anywhere in the United States when the Twin Towers came down. As usual, facts haven’t stopped those in the right-wing media who have rushed to defend him, writing a series of articles for such unreputable sites as Infowars and BizPacReview.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump apparently found this story on Infowars and posted it to his official Facebook account, citing it as proof that he was right. He also included an all caps rant saying “I LIVE IN JERSEY & TRUMP IS RIGHT: MUSLIMS DID CELEBRATE ON 9/11 HERE IN NEW JERSEY & WE SAW IT!”

In case Donald Trump’s social media team wisely deletes his post from Infowars, I have saved it here – because nothing ever goes away on the Internet.

Now consider the fact that this article from Infowars is nothing more than a statement from Carmine Sabla which was republished from BizPacReview, a conservative blog site. In her story, there is no evidence of Muslims in the Tri-State area dancing for joy in the streets on 9/11, other than her claim that she saw it happen.

It is true that some people did celebrate the 9/11 terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda, but these demonstrations happened in the West Bank, not New Jersey or New York. This was documented by The New York Times:

Most West Bank towns were quiet today. But in Nablus, big crowds of Palestinians marched in celebration, chanting ”Beloved bin Laden, strike Tel Aviv!” Some waved the flag of the terrorist organization Hamas. ”Let the Americans know the meaning of death,” one marcher said.

Some Palestinians expressed the hope that the assault would prompt the United States to change its policies toward the Mideast conflict — though pictures of Palestinians rejoicing were not likely to create sympathy for their cause.

Yasir Arafat, leader of the Palestinian Authority, looked shaken as he appeared before reporters in Gaza to deplore ”this terrible act.” (Source)

Certainly there were some Muslims across the world who were happy to see these attacks against the United States, but there were also right-wing Christian fanatics like televangelist Pat Robertson who blamed the tragedy on abortion and gay people.

Alex Jones, who owns the Infowars website that Donald Trump used as evidence for his claim, has repeatedly asserted that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were an “inside job” by the federal government. He’s also published a number of articles that mirror Trump’s insane statements, including the one that blames vaccines for autism.

So this is the new low the Republican party has sunk to. Their leading candidate mocks a reporter from The New York Times for his physical disability, and then uses a right-wing conspiracy blog to back up his remarks about 9/11.

I left the GOP long ago, and they weren’t nearly as insane back then as they are now. Donald Trump is leading them over a cliff that they can never recover from. I can’t say that I’m sorry to see it happen, I just fear for the future of our country when an insane billionaire is the best the GOP can offer.


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