Macy’s Sent a Letter to Rick Perry Urging Him to Veto Equal Pay Bill — Which He Did

boycottmacysTexas State Representative Senfronia Thompson urged people to boycott Macy’s department stores following the Thanksgiving holiday because, as she claimed, the department store sent a letter to Texas Governor Rick Perry urging him to veto a bill the state legislature passed to help enforce the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act on the state level.

An accusation Politifact found to be “True.” 

Thompson, a Democrat from Houston, said:

“The fact that Macy’s doesn’t support equal pay for women should stop you from shopping there on Black Friday.  Macy’s sent a letter to Rick Perry urging him to veto the law, which he ultimately did.”

A spokesperson for Macy’s confirmed that the company sent the note, claiming that this bill would duplicate federal laws and open the company up for frivolous legislation.

So a piece of legislation that had bipartisan support in the Texas state legislature was vetoed by Rick Perry, with the urging of Macy’s because they claimed it duplicates federal law.

If it’s just a duplicate of federal law, then why veto the legislation?  If it’s just a duplicate of established protocols for equal pay, then why did Macy’s go out of its way to send a letter to Rick Perry urging him to veto the bill?

It seems they’re masking ulterior motives to continue their practice of discrimination under the guise of “duplicate laws” that would lead to “frivolous lawsuits” against their company.

How exactly would the law proposed by Ms. Thompson — and approved by the Texas state legislature — lead to frivolous lawsuits if it’s nothing more than a duplicate of an already established set of federal guidelines?

It seems there’s something more to this bill that a large corporation like Macy’s feared, which prompted them to send a formal letter to Governor Perry urging him to veto it.

Now I’m not a paranoid person by any means, but if a company would go as far as to send a letter to a state governor urging him to veto a bill which protects equal pay for its workers, it seems clear to me that they’re trying to protect their unethical behavior.  Otherwise, why send the letter at all?  Especially when, according to Macy’s, the bill is simply a duplicate of federal law — even though it’s not.  That was nothing more than a shallow excuse that doesn’t measure up to the facts.

It’s just another example of big business protecting their right to discriminate, and a Republican siding with big business over the American worker.

So as this has come to light, I would encourage anyone reading this to boycott Macy’s this holiday season.  Let’s send them a message that their attempts to protect their right to discriminate did not go unnoticed.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Ivy

    Sorry, I usually agree with you but this time I can’t. Being a female employed by Macy’s for 24 years I have always been paid equal pay for equal work. I’ve never felt discriminated in any way or seen anyone else be based on gender, age, race, etc. I have personally hired several executives and associates, both male and female, have several that report to me and worked with HR on those salary offers and annual pay increases. They are NEVER based on gender, race, age, etc. but on a scale of job title, experience, location, and performance. I’ve always know the company to strictly follow legal procedures and although I’m not involved with what happened with the state of Texas (C’mon it’s Texas) I can say that Macy’s is NOT practicing any discrimination.
    Everyone’s on the band wagon to boycott Black Friday. It’s ruining the family holiday…blah blah…the poor employees are forced to work…blah blah. Guess what…if the customers didn’t come and shop on Thurs night into early Friday morning the stores wouldn’t open. And by way…Macy’s associates volunteered to work on Thanksgiving and are getting paid time and a half….even all the females.

    • motorfingaz

      LOL all that and you miss the point COMPLETELY!

    • Kathy Ruth

      I keep hearing this about the stores open on Thanksgiving–the employees CHOSE to work. BS! I was TOLD I was working! NO CHOICE! (Except for the choice to work it or not have a job!) I don’t know a SINGLE fellow employee who ‘volunteered’ to work it and NONE of them WANT to work it!

      • Charles Vincent

        This begs a couple of questions…. One did you know retail does this consistently and has for quite some time? If you chose to work retail knowing this you have no room to piss and moan about your choice as you knew this happened, you don’t like it find a different job and shut up about it. Finally stop blaming others for the choices you make i.e. you chose to work in retail knowing they stay open on holidays, that’s on you sweet cheeks.

      • Kathy Ruth

        When I was hired for this job at the end of October we were told the store would NOT be open on Thanksgiving. It was a week and a half before the holiday that we were all told the store would be open and we would be working that day.
        And, btw, you sir, are an ass! Where do you live that there are SO many jobs that you can just quit and find another? (And don’t tell me to get an education, either–I have one–a GOOD one. THERE ARE NO JOBS!!!!!

      • Charles Vincent

        Look I work 2 jobs lady and everyone knows retail is most likely going to be open on holidays all you need to do is watch the news around the holidays to see that. My state has just as much of a tough job market than anywhere else and DUH I know there are no good jobs hence why I have to work 2 jobs. It also doesn’t help that Obama has added more low wage jobs that he has middle income jobs. Education isn’t necessary to get a high pay job Ben Franklin invented plenty of things and he only self educated.

        http://science DOT howstuffworks DOT com/innovation/famous-inventors/10-ben-franklin-inventions.htm#page=1

      • Kathy Ruth

        So, basically, my initial impression of you was correct!
        I really don’t care HOW many jobs you have, especially since you are blaming President Obama instead of President Reagan, who started us on this dismal path.
        You, or anyone else, for that matter, should not have to work more than one job in order to live and, when I was younger, one job was plenty!
        I have been working for over 40 years and our society started deteriorating after Reagan’s policies favoring the big corporations went through. I saw this with my own eyes so don’t try to convince me that Obama’s policies are to blame!

      • Charles Vincent

        YEP and every president since the Idiot who signed the fed into existence(including Reagan) has continued to roll our country in to a deep ass hole grow up. This isn’t democrat or republican you childish imp. I don’t need to convince you the fact that by 2016 Obama, according to the CBO will add a total of 10 trillion in debt to our children and their children coincidentally 10 trillion dollars is more than all other presidents combined.

        “Reagan’s policies favoring the big corporations went through.”

        Really? riddle me this why is Obama follow the same game plan as his predecessors with the ACA and expansion of domestic spying on citizens and actually killing of US citizens with out due process that is afforded to us by the Constitution, ans the cap stone ACA with is nothing more than a gift wrapped monopoly to the healthcare insurance industry….

        https://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=63HNuL2tfNc

      • Kathy Ruth

        By the way, evidently you are unaware that prior to 2011-thats right-2011!- stores were NOT open on Thanksgiving!

      • Charles Vincent

        Actually they were I worked for target and we were open on turkey day and we worked on Christmas day to so don’t tell me were stores weren’t open I have also worked in food service where we were open on both those days you don’t know what your talking about. the fact is I have works on numerous jobs that were open on those days not just retail.

    • han

      you ARE BLATANTLY LYING….you are probably being paid to post this…..

  • Guest

    Macy’s sent a letter in support of a
    veto in Texas against equal pay makes not shopping at Macy’s so easy.

  • Victoria C

    I find it hard to believe that someone with such poor grammar is in a position to hire “executives and associates.” Methinks this is a sham.

  • classicnana

    When Texas wanted to secede from the US, wish they had succeeded.

    • Mister_Mean

      Do not write off Texas yet. We have hope here in the Lone Star State with a new Governor Wendy Davis (pray, hope and support $$$ as she is not elected YET and is facing many GOP lies). We also have a credible alternative to Lt. Gov too.

  • Fuk macys

    Ivy you’re stupid, Btw Macy’s employees are forced to work on Thanksgiving, it’s called a “locked shift” if you don’t show up you get a point on your attendance. So go kiss Terry Lundrens ass!

  • Charm City Fan

    Why did he take 10 paragraphs to repeat the same thing over and over again? Could heve been done in one!

  • Magsmoore

    Boycott everybody on Thanksgiving! Or just do whatever you always wanted to do. Go for a hike, play games, stay in bed. It’s your day to be thankful.

  • Jenny

    For the sake of the article, why not actually read the bill to acsertain what Macy’s was hoping to gain/keep (whatever) with the bill being vetoed. ? You’re speculating when bills are on states’ websites.

  • Tillmann Puschka

    the deal is, all of these giant chains suck when it comes to fairness and supporting their workers- after all, that’s how they managed to become giant chains. if you carefully and meticulously do your homework though, you can probably manage to not support them, or at least get very close to such an ideal. unfortunately, many of them are linked to one thing or another that you probably support without knowing.