Maddow Brilliantly Mocks Trump Administration’s Embarrassingly High Rate of Turnover (Video)

Donald Trump has frequently bragged that he picks “the best people” with whom to surround himself. Throughout his entire campaign he promised that, if elected, he’d surround himself with “the best people” to “make America great again.”

Most of us knew that Trump’s the type of person who wants to be surrounded by “yes-men” who are going to tell him what he wants to hear and cater to his ego. To an insecure egomaniac like Trump, the “best people” are people who spend most of their existence with their lips firmly planted on his backside.

What reality tells us is that, in just over a year, Trump’s administration has experienced a humiliating amount of turnover. In just his first year alone, Trump replaced his press secretary, chief of staff, top national security advisor, and director of the FBI for various reasons.

Well, on Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow brilliantly mocked the unprecedented turnover of the Trump administration, poking fun at all the people who’ve “flunked out, resigned, or been fired” since Trump was sworn into office a little over a year ago.

“It was one year ago, today, that the Trump White House personnel-carousel first fell off its axis and started randomly flinging people off throughout the night,” Maddow stated. “A year ago today, White House National Security Advisor Mike Flynn became the shortest-lived ever National Security Advisor when — after 24 days on the job, he resigned.”

Next, Maddow joked about how they struggled to find the right font to make their chart so they could fit all of the names of the people who’ve left the current administration.

“We have been struggling mightily to find the right font to try to keep this thing updated in terms of senior administration officials who have quit, been fired or otherwise left,” Maddow quipped. “Just in the past five days, we had to squeeze in a third White House deputy chief of staff, a White House speech writer, a White House staff secretary, the deputy head of the Federal Rail Administration and the Associate Attorney General, the number three person at the Justice Department, all of whom announced their own departures within the last four or five days.”

“Look at everybody who has come since then [when Flynn resigned],” she added.

She then pointed out how everyone is expecting the turnover to continue, as most anticipate White House Chief of Staff John Kelly could be the next high-profile name to consider himself an “ex” member of the Trump administration over his handling of the domestic violence allegations against Rob Porter.

If you have a few minutes, I’d highly recommend watching the video. It’s definitely worth checking out to put into perspective how surreal the turnover of this administration has been.

However, I would remind people that the turnover would probably be even higher if Trump really got his way. If it wasn’t for people in his administration cautioning him against getting rid of people like Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and a few others, that list could be much longer.

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Watch the video below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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