Rachel Maddow Uses New Poll to Humiliate Trump by Exposing How Unpopular He Is (Video)

For my money, Rachel Maddow is probably one of the most well-spoken and astute members of the “liberal media.” Sadly, because she doesn’t dabble a great deal in “sensationalized stories” (she often focuses on boring ol’ facts and actual news), she’s doesn’t always get the same amount of attention as others.

Last night she used a new PPP poll that came out to absolutely shred how unpopular Donald Trump actually is by pointing out that he’s viewed more negatively than lice – by 26 points.

“Not to nitpick, but this new national polling also finds that Mr. Trump is viewed less favorably than not just lice, but also traffic jams; used car salesmen; hipsters; the DMV; jury duty; the band Nickelback; and also root canals,” Maddow stated.

“I am not making this up to entertain you,” she continued. “Even though I am sometimes tempted to do things like that, this is real.”

And she wasn’t done.

“Women voters actually prefer both cockroaches and hemorrhoids to Donald Trump,” Maddow added. “Weird. Turns out there’s a gender split on those particular issues.”

Despite the tongue in cheek tone of the segment, as she said, these are real numbers – and they’re disastrous for the GOP.

Sure, a whole lot can happen between now and November when Americans go to the polls to elect our next president. But Trump has dug himself in a huge hole and he hasn’t even begun to deal with the real scrutiny that comes with a presidential general election. In a primary election, the media tends to be much softer on candidates than it is the closer election day rolls around. And up until this point, Trump really hasn’t been vetted and scrutinized – not like he’s about to experience here very soon.

Sure, bans on Muslims and talk of building absurd walls while deporting 12 million Mexican immigrants plays well to the “base” of the Republican party – but that’s basically it. Even his sexist comments about Megyn Kelly, Hillary Clinton and women in general are mostly acceptable among “the base.”

However, in a general election, when voters tend to not be nearly as partisan, that sort of rhetoric is a nightmare for the Republican party. That’s probably why so many members of the party – including House Majority Leader Paul Ryan – have made it fairly clear that they aren’t at all thrilled with the fact that Trump is their party’s nominee.

While the results of this PPP poll probably don’t matter a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, it is a decent indicator as to just how unpopular Donald Trump really is with the population at large.

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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