Maddow: ‘Starting to Feel Bad’ at a ‘Human Level’ About How Pathetic Rand Paul Has Become (Video)

It wasn’t too long ago that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was being talked about as one of the possible favorites to win the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. While I never bought into that rhetoric, it’s undeniable that he was the talk of the party for various moments of the last couple of years. Even if most of those moments were fairly brief.

Even just a few months ago he was polling at or near double-digits in many polls – though as Gov. Scott Walker can attest, it doesn’t take long to go from potential frontrunner, to also-ran, to completely out of the race. Considering Rand Paul’s numbers the last couple of months, “out of the race” is the next logical step for him to take.

Well, in case you hadn’t heard, Paul’s campaign reached what might be a low point for any campaign when they decided to live stream a day with the presidential candidate. Needless to say, the stunt didn’t really go so well. In fact, as Rachel Maddow put it, it was really just sad.

At one point, Paul decided to read a few of the top questions from Google about him, one of which concerned his age.

“The real answer is 52,” Paul said. “But I sometimes feel about 10 to 20 to maybe 30 to 40 to 50 years older after a day of this.”

That response then led to what was quite possibly the low point of the entire ordeal, when he answered the question of whether or not he was still running for president.

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t be doing this dumbass livestreaming if I weren’t,” Paul said. “Yes, I’m running for president. Get over it.”

Then, after reading another question, apparently realizing what he had just said previously, Paul looked at the camera and asked, “We can’t edit this, right?”

“This is live. We all just heard you say you feel like you’re 102 when you’re doing this with your life these days,” Maddow said. “This is your life. We can all see you. Honestly, though, we’re starting to feel bad about it at a human level.”

If you have a few moments, you really should watch the video below. Senator Paul just looks miserable, depressed and disgusted that he’s putting himself through this.

To be honest, I’m not really sure why Paul is staying in the race. He’s a one-trick pony. Aside from his somewhat Libertarian views on the Patriot Act and the NSA, he really has nothing else. And even on those issues, he’s proven himself to be an absolute hypocrite.

When you get right down to it, Rand Paul is not particularly charismatic or politically savvy. In fact, he makes an ass out of himself quite frequently. Honestly, the only reason why he’s even a senator right now is because of who his dad is – though it’s clear the main reason why he became a senator in the first place was to set up a future presidential run.

As Rachel Maddow said of the current state of Paul’s presidential campaign, “It turns out, it is kind of a small, sad place to be.” 

Watch the segment below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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