Make No Mistake About It, Republicans Didn’t Win in Kentucky – Democrats Lost

matt bevin 1Another day, another election night and another pathetic showing by liberals. It’s become an all too common phenomenon in this country that I’m growing absolutely sick and tired of. The change we want isn’t hard to get, but we can’t seem to get our heads out of our asses long enough to actually do what we need to do to bring about that change.

There’s a simple rule that even the RNC knows: If liberals and progressives show up in large numbers to vote, those liberals and progressives win. It’s as simple as that and there’s no getting around it.

Why do you think Republicans are doing everything they can to pass laws that discourage voting? Hint: It’s not because they actually give a damn about practically non-existent voter fraud.

But just like last year’s elections where Democrats lost elections they shouldn’t have, that’s essentially what happened last night. And perhaps no state exemplifies what the future holds for Democrats and liberals better than Kentucky, where tea party favorite Matt Bevin easily became the next governor in a race that he never should have won. In fact, most recent polls showed his opponent, Jack Conway, with a slight edge heading into Tuesday’s elections. So, while it’s not completely shocking that Bevin won, what is noteworthy is that he won by a fairly substantial margin.

And just like last year, liberal voter turnout was abysmal, allowing a Republican to sail to an easy victory.

This isn’t just a once in a while occurrence, either. Practically any election that’s not in a presidential year, a good chunk of liberals sit on their asses and don’t vote. I frequently wonder to myself just how much President Obama could have accomplished had liberals not let him down in 2010 and 2014.

Here’s what I think: Every liberal who doesn’t vote should really stop calling themselves a liberal and start referring to themselves as an absentee Republican. Because for every liberal who doesn’t vote, their absence is essentially just a “vote” for the GOP.

But for all of those liberals who seem to think that there’s no way Republicans can win next year, think again. As Kentucky has shown us beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s possible for someone like Donald Trump or Ben Carson to become our next president. Matt Bevin really wasn’t supposed to have won Tuesday night. But he did – handily. 

This isn’t rocket science. Next November, conservatives are going to show up to vote for whatever clown ultimately wins their party’s nomination. The only real question is, will liberals show up to vote for whomever wins the Democratic nomination? And I’ll be perfectly honest, I hope we will, but I have my doubts.

One party winning three straight presidential elections is extremely rare. Since 1933, it’s only happened twice (FDR/Truman and Reagan/Bush). So to assume that because Republicans are running some of the worst candidates in history means Democrats are easily going to win, is naive and foolish. That’s the exact sort of attitude that handed George W. Bush the White House in 2000.

Plus the childish, petty liberal in-fighting between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters isn’t helping matters any.

I cannot emphasize enough how important the 2016 election is for progressives. I don’t care if you’re a Clinton supporter, or “feeling the Bern,” our number one goal must be to make damn sure Republicans don’t win the White House next November.

With the power of the Supreme Court up for grabs for the next 20-30 years; the fate of the Affordable Care Act hanging in the balance; and the opportunity to wield a huge blow to the Republican party by defeating them in a third-straight presidential election (which even the head of the RNC says will probably cause the GOP to fully implode) we are so close to getting what most of us want that it would be an absolute disaster for progressives if a Democrat doesn’t win next year.

To be honest, I’m embarrassed by what happened in Kentucky and in other areas of the country where liberals simply didn’t show up to fight for what they believe in. Sure, it’s easy to start hashtag campaigns on Twitter, sign a petition, or blow up comment threads proclaiming how much of a liberal you claim to be, but that’s all meaningless unless liberals make it a part of their tradition to vote in large numbers in elections other than just every four years.

Because ultimately that’s why Republicans have the power that they do; furthermore, it’s also what allows them to redraw congressional districts and make it even harder for progressives to ever get their act together in key areas.

Far-right Republicans aren’t successful because of their ideas, their candidates or because they’re better than Democrats – it’s because liberals, via their apathy and absence at the voting booth, let them win.

I’m curious what you all think. Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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