ManBook: A “Men’s Rights” Facebook Full of Crazy

Joschua Boehm aka Peter Nolan (YouTube)

Joschua Boehm aka Peter Nolan (YouTube)

Thursday afternoon, my husband and I were perusing the Interwebz, actively avoiding going outside into the Arctic cold, when what to our wondering eyes should appear but a post from Jason Dye about “ManBook.” ManBook? What in the world is this, I wondered, and clicked the link.

Here’s part of the incredibly lengthy introduction, from founder Joschua Boehm (not his real name, and we’ll get into that in just a bit):

Are you tired of the censorship on fascist book?

Would you like a place for MEN to talk where there are no women about?

Would you like a place where censorship is not practiced?

Would you like your freedom of speech respected?

Join Man-Book. Facebook for MEN!

There are no MRA (Men’s Rights Activists) groups on Facebook? Men cannot use Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg somersaults through a window, and cuts off their testicles? Censorship? What censorship? Rape memes, entire pages dedicated to violence against women-those are never censored or removed. Share a photo of your mastectomy though, and BAM, post violates community standards, shame on you. Setting aside the total idiocy of “fascist book” for a moment, this part of Boehm’s 3-part intro got my attention:

we have called the site ManBook for a reason. We do not wish to have women present. We wish this to be a place where men and boys down to about the age of 16 can come and discuss the issues on their minds without the censorship of fascist book.

What other group really likes teenage boys, and prefers women to leave them alone? What other group would love to have a website dedicated to letting 16-year old boys chat with older men without filters, reporting features, guidelines, or any sort of restrictions? If you guessed NAMBLA, you win a pony. Now, I am in no way saying Mr. Boehm’s website is a front for child pornography. What I am saying is he needs to rewrite that intro ASAP. While he may attract some other MRAs. my guess is, with that wording, he’s going to get a lot of men who have appeared on “To Catch A Predator” vying for screen names.

Mr. Boehm will also apparently kill any woman who tries to either log in as a woman, or attempts to fake him out by pretending to be a man. Again, from the website:

We would ask you women to respect our rights as you wish your rights to be respected. If you are unwilling to respect our right to freedom of association do not expect men to respect your right to life. Ok?

He seems nice, right? I mean, come on ladies, you totally deserve death for trying to scope out ManBook, especially given that Mr. Boehm could locate you and murder you himself…wait…well, that fell apart quickly. I would like to point out I did not create an account, real or otherwise. All I did was take a look at ManBook’s front page, and use my keen psychic ability (AKA this guy is nuttier than squirrel poo, let’s Google him) to discover some pretty weird shit about Joschua Boehm and his latest attempt to thump his manly chest and whine about vagina owners.

It turns out that Joschua Boehm’s real name is Peter Nolan. The first paragraph of his LinkedIn profile reads:

Many people also know me as Peter Nolan. I will be migrating away from my former name over the next few years. For the next few years I will be known as both Peter Nolan and Joschua Boehm. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

While Googling Mr. Nolan/Boehm, I crashed into two very strange websites; one a blog of some sort, and the other, well, I don’t know. Because I cannot confirm anything on either one of these sites as factual, I will not link them. What I will do is share with you what they allege. Both sites claim Peter Nolan is some sort of sex offender, and batterer, which he states is absolutely false:

 But there have been thousands upon thousands of women, AND MEN, who have hated on me. Who have further criminally victimised me by slandering me. They they falsely called me such things as a paedophile, a wife beater, an abandoner of my former children, a dead beat dad and more. 

Mr. Nolan has a website for his business, a website for his MRA stuff, and a website named Crimes Against Women and Children, a website that is simply an extension of the MRA craziness exhibited on Nolan’s original site. Nolan explains CWAC:

We will offer the EXACT SAME SERVICES to women and children who are victims of crime as we offer fathers (and even those long forgotten people: MEN) who are victims of crimes. We will in no way, shape or form, discriminate against anyone. Everyone will be entitled,AS AN INALIENABLE RIGHT, the protection of the law for the asking. 

Three paragraphs later, he proves this is all some sort of test, and a way for him to attempt to distance himself from the “sexist” label:

It will be interesting to see how many people continue to call me “sexist” now that we have opened up the Crimes Against Women and Children initiative. It will be interesting to see how many people will say: 

“Remedying crimes against women and children is a great idea but I still think fathers should be able to be criminally victimised with complete impunity so I will support CAWC but not CAF.”

It’s fair to say, I think, that Joschua Boehm/Peter Nolan is a hot mess of MRA-ism. This is a guy who wants to create the:

…Mens Business Association as a global Lawful Association that operates outside the jurisdiction of any national government. All members will be sworn under oath to conduct themselves lawfully at all times and be subject to the MBA Adjudication Services and Law Services as far a criminal accusations go. 

There will be judges for MRAs in the MBA, according to this post on HA. Oh my God, make it stop.

ManBook is truly an MRA clubhouse full of crazy. So far, it doesn’t look as though he has many members, and Facebook stockholders are most likely not quaking in their boots. I doubt many sane men will be joining. MRAs might, because to an MRA, anything that isn’t all about men is evil and fascist. But it is almost guaranteed that if Nolan/Boehm doesn’t change that 16-year old boy thing real quick, the only way you’ll find ManBook will be on the Deep Web.

Erin Nanasi

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