Many Polls Showing Doom and Gloom for Democrats This Election Might Not Be Accurate

936086_900251756670509_6294419339098389759_nThe common belief held by many heading into election day this year is that it’s going to be a bad day for Democrats. And they might very well be right. Typically, polls do paint a fairly accurate picture of what Americans should expect to see heading into election day. Well, credible polls anyway. Let’s not forget 2012 when Fox News and the right-wing media often boasted about their polls showing Romney ahead or tied with President Obama – only to see the president cruise to an easy victory.

That’s the thing about polls – they can be very easily manipulated. Take for instance this ridiculous poll conducted by Fox News a few weeks ago.

Well, the most efficient and commonly used method for conducting these polls is via telephone. It’s usually a random combination of landlines and cell phones, often of people who are registered to vote.

Though there’s one thing many of these pollsters seem to not realize: liberal voters tend to be younger, busier and more tech savvy. Whereas conservatives are older, often much more routine and usually stick to basics when it comes to technology.

But there’s also another underlying factor many of these “polling experts” seem to be ignoring: a lot of younger people don’t answer phone calls from strange numbers.

Heck, many Americans 40 and under don’t answer phone calls at all. In fact, often the younger you get (ages 18-30) the more you encounter people who view talking on the phone the same way they view VHS tapes. They don’t talk on the phone – they text, Instagram, Facebook or tweet.

Meanwhile conservatives are often very traditional when it comes to such things. They’re the people who still have landlines. While on the opposite end, many Americans 25 and under have never even lived in a house that had a traditional telephone landline.

Does this mean some of these polls are inaccurate? Possibly.

If you do a random poll of 1,500 people, and 900 of the respondents are conservatives, of course the numbers are going to skew toward the Republican party. Then there’s always the “closet partisans,” which are voters who claim to be independents, yet almost always vote with one party or the other.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that these polls aren’t accurate and Democrats are headed for a good day November 4th. But it wouldn’t really shock me to see a few surprises this Tuesday that many of the polls heading into this year’s election got wrong.

But there’s only one way for certain to ensure that Republicans don’t take back the Senate – liberals need to get out and vote. Every voter who opposes Republican ideology who doesn’t vote this year, by their absence, is essentially voting for the GOP.

It’s like I’ve said before, Republicans want lower voter turnout. When fewer voters show up at the polls, their party does a whole lot better. So when liberals don’t vote, that’s a win for Republicans.

Need information on your local polling place and what’s on the ballot? Head here and find out.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Stephen Barlow

    I expect a larger turnout than forecast of WOMEN, of STUDENTS, of LATINOS and believe it or not of WELFARE recipients.

    This will be the last election where MASSIVE voter suppression is not ‘Factored in”. People have been GETTING their ID’s, GETTING registered…. an making sure they can vote early.

    in Georgia, DESPITE voter suppression AND registration validation refusal by the State… more people have already voted than in 2012 OR 2008!!! And their is still time!

    I expect Texas to be Texas, but I expect a swap in the other Senate races. Red seats for blue seats. The GOvernor’s is where the action will be. U expect 7 RED States to lose their leaders. Lepage, Brownback, Corbett, Scott, Walker at least.

    Kasich is staying and Snyder’s and Petty’s replacements are pretty much ‘factored in”.

    We just need to see if Udall, Hagan and Cotton can keep their seats. I thin money bought Landrieu’s seat and I think Grimes gaffed by not answering. But NUNN is kicking it and As long as the RED loses in SD no one cares.

    Iowa is a nutball state and those gun commercials where Ernst ‘assassinates” Obama… Sick people go for that crap. Look @ Sharon Angle in 2008.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Exactly My thoughts young man!!!

      • youcantgetridofmethateasy

        Good luck with that Steffy. Historical evidence shows otherwise. But good for you for believing something, anything.

      • gian keys loves shemale porn

        Barlow is nuttier than a fruitcake.

      • youcantgetridofmethateasy

        One of those Christmas one’s that you can get 80,000 miles out of, on a Prius?
        He/She/Shim does partake too much in his own crop. He swears he’s gone legit and is a full-time Pot Farmer.

      • gian keys loves shemale porn

        He’s why I’ve changed over to conservatism.

      • youcantgetridofmethateasy

        He/She/Shim is why I realized that God does have a sense of humor in his grand design, so I gave up cutting myself.

      • gian keys loves shemale porn

        Now that I’ve converted, it’s become obvious 2 me that liberalism is indeed mental illness. I’m on the path to recovery I hope.

      • Steve Brains

        Say the Serenity Prayer…

      • gian keys loves shemale porn

        Oh I do, Brains. Every day. I’ve started a twelve-step Liberals Anonymous group in my area, too also.

      • Steve Brains

        I belonged to Orgasm Anonymous, but I met a lot of girls whose names I wanted to know!!

      • Steve Brains

        I have YET to see a SPECK of truth in you, let alone a whole GRAIN.

        I said I have a 1200 ft greenhouse and I ma investing in distressed nursery properties in both the upper midwest and the south. 1000 acres of Oranges nets about $40,000/yr. 1000 acres of marijuana @ HALF of today’s prices and 25% TAX will yield:

        3 crops of 1# per plant and 21,000 plants per acre.

        Or 3# x 21,000 P(lants) x 1000 A(cres) @
        $250 x 16 oz =

        63,000,000 x $4,000 = $252,000,000,000

        Or 9% of the ENTIRE F-35 project.

        And DAMN will you REALLY FLY!!!!!!

      • Steve Brains

        Now, multiply that by 15 facilities in 15 states and I would NET $56,700,000,000,000

        I would PAY the NATIONAL DEBT BACK IN ONE YEAR and have FORTY TRILLION left over.

        If america legalized pot an taxed it the way Colorado does, we could end BOTH war and famine within My FIRST term as President.

        And every American would get a royalty check for 1/310,000,000th o the balance in perpetuity.

      • Steve Brains

        Rather that than FRUITier than a NUTcake.

    • bretgarcia72

      my co worker’s half sister makes 81 an hour on the internet. she has been out of a job for 8 months. the previous month her paycheck was 19717 just working from home four hours each day.. see this
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    • Dylan Kynaston

      Heck, even Texas is looking close, with Greg Abbott’s gaffes.

      • Stephen Barlow

        His BIGGEST gaffe was suppressing the vote AND forcing OWMEN to use their married names on their Driver’s License.

      • FuzzyBunnyFeet

        I would think that it would be illegal to “force” people to use something other than their legal name on an official document like a driver’s license.

        If the person did not change his/her name when they were married, then their legal name is the same as it was before they were married.

    • Ant. I. Liberal

      When you Play the Women need Contraception Card over and over again ! Women get turned off not on ! Contraception as an Issue ! Give me a break ! You can buy Condoms at any Quick Check and Dollar Store for Christs sake !


    The “Spirit of Party” as George Washington called it has ruined this country. It doesn’t matter who wins boys and girls. Our boat is sinking and nobody seems to see the need to bail.

    • Steve Brains

      Or row! But a LOT of us have to piss!

  • Jim Bean

    Liberal voters tend to younger and less experienced and conservative voters tend to be older and more experienced. Liberal voters tend to become conservative voters as that mature.

    • Dylan Kynaston

      Not quite. Older, moderately conservative voters typically hold similar views now to what they had 30-40 years ago. Back then, their views could have been considered relatively liberal. Views which would be considered liberal today could be considered centrist or even moderately conservative in thirty years time. Simply put, it’s society drifting, not the voters.

      • Steve Brains

        I am fiscally Conservative in that I make sure the ROI (Return On Investment) is positive from any program. Student loans, Food Stamps, unemployment benefit extensions ALL give back more than they cost. Food Stamps return 43 cents EXTRA for every dollar invested. HEDGE FUNDS don’t have that kind of return!!!!

        The F-35 has cost $400 BILLION dollars annd while a LOT of Republicans enjoyed it more than the Bob Dole Banana Pill (Viagra) We are ALL waiting for that FIRST PENNY of return on THAT boondoggle WASTE.

        Kansas is a losing proposition as it costs 112% to maintain. We SPEND an EXTRA 12 cents for EVERY dollar of GROSS WORTH Kansas has to offer.

        New Jersey and new York are dirty, disgusting and rude, but they payout like a slot machine right by the front door!!!

        Contrarily, I am a SOCIAL LIBERAL. I believe the universe was made for My enjoyment and edification so I think EVERYONE ELSE DESERVES an education, medical care, mental well being, cool places to go and see, and all the energy it takes to get there. Which is why I believe in the Socialization of the entire Energy Industry as well as Communications, Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Security and the Military.

        There is no reason to NOT PAY a civilian Government employee a living wage and great benefits to build custom specification tanks and planes for our troops. There is NO reason ALL roads in American can NOT be paved and repaired by PROFIT FREE, ADVERTISING FREE, GRAFT and CORRUPTION FREE Civil Service employees.

        There is NO REASON why those who can pass the tests should have to pay tuition for the PROFIT of a PRIVATE COLLEGE. Education is the most cost effective investment any person can make. EVEN if it is the education of ANOTHER PERSON.

        If you are sick, you should NEVER have to wait, fight claims adjusters, have you claims automatically rejected by POLICY and not FOR cause. BEcause the TRUTH is, it’s almost ALWAYS cheaper to heal the sick than maintain their sickness with pharmacology, cheaper to do it now that litigating FIRST. ONLY a lawyer would LIE about saving you money suing your customers.

        Republicans are the opposite. The would rather SPEND MONEY HARMING YOU, and waste your native skills and abilities by handing out vouchers. They would rather INVENT TERROR to justify CREATING an enemy from an INNOCENT SOVEREIGN NATION than stoop to help a child.

        HAHAHA And they CLAIM Abe Lincoln was a Republican. BEcause as he famously said, “NO man stand so tall, as when he stoops to help a child.”

        Democrats are such an unformed conglomerate (like concrete with no water) that they NEVER coagulate and create a substance to even notice.

    • MrLightRail

      I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, and have fairly liberal leanings except on the issue of illegal immigration and amnesty. Both sides now seem to lean to the right, and so has our media. Journalism has become a joke in the last 20 years. A true journalist would not just regurgitate talking points, but actively call bullshit on lies. Not anymore.

    • FuzzyBunnyFeet

      I’ve been a life-long liberal and I am closer to retirement than I am to my college days.

      • Jim Bean

        There are exceptions to the norm. The most glaring exception comes from academia where people suck from the public teat from cradle to grave (kindergarten, grade school, middle school, college, post college, then teacher or professor), then on to a comfortable retirement after thirty years of clean, easy work in a comfortable environment, everything courtesy of the tax payer. Those folks, having never experienced life outside the pouch, generally stay liberal/big government.)

      • Steve Brains

        But I bet even the laziest of union Teachers had contributed more to a single Port-o-let in a year than you have to the ENTIRE universe.

      • FuzzyBunnyFeet

        And… none of those unsubstantiated generalizations apply to me either. I work on the private corporate world.

    • sherry06053

      I was the opposite of what you believe. When I was younger I was a Republican because my parents were. My first vote went for Nixon. It wasn’t until the early 80’s when I lived in TX for 5 years that I realized how wrong I had been. I saw true bigotry and hate. I moved back to New England and have been a liberal ever since. I really regret my vote for Reagan and not Carter. Young people are more tolerant and less judgmental these days. As they age, they are going to rebel against the “white conservative rich guy” and they are going to care more about our world instead of just our country.
      I’ve already thought about the phone issue in the polls. I don’t answer my phone and do most of my communication on the Internet. I know haven’t been polled, but have received hundreds of phone calls. I’m counting on these young people this Tuesday. I hope they show up for their future.

      • Steve Brains

        Carter was painted as a wimp BECAUSE HE WIMPED on Iran, He also inherited the Ford Inflation Package which included 290 Million unused WIN buttons and half case of unfinished wine Betty left behind.

      • Ant. I. Liberal

        Carter is Laughing his Ass off ! He now knows that he is no longer the Absolute worst President EVER ! Can’t wait for the Phony in the White House to leave ! I just hope that he doesn’t steal all of the Door Knobs !

    • Steve Brains

      Yeah, I bet getting drunk to often and lopping off a 1/4 inch of your pecker zipping up once a year has kinda made you CAUTIOUS. You DO over value your significance shortcock.

  • TaxPaying American Voter

    Older voters are less likely to rock the boat, therfore, they swallow the same regurgitatate sh!t, gop lies, my granddaddy voted like that, or just can’t conceive the notion of thinking for themselves. Younger voters are tech savy, have much better access to information and have been brought up repressed by the Republican party their whole lives. Seeing their parents struggle, not being able to move away from their parents home and nothing but Mc Jobs being offered because of poor educations in southern states. I hope the youth of our nation take this opportunity to vote for their own best interests and brighter future.

    • Steve Brains

      Older people are more likely SCARED of losing their life savings and earnings. More frightened for their kids. I GET THAT!!!

      What I can NOT explain without a Race Card is HOW THEY could have ALL that stolen from them BY THE REDS, and STILL vote for the mudfuc*ers. Unless they hate the reds but hate half blacks more.

  • Working Dog Doc

    “While on the opposite end, many Americans 25 and under have never even lived in a house that had a traditional telephone landline.”

    What?? 25 years ago was 1989, barely anybody had a cell phone. They were as big as a brick. They were not mainstream until 10 years later and most people started ditching landlines in the mid 2000s. Good statement for drama, but no factual basis

    • RB

      I’m pretty sure Allen meant once they reach adulthood, not when they were babies or children.

      • FuzzyBunnyFeet

        Yeah, well, Alan needs to be more careful with his writing.

      • Working Dog Doc


      • Steve Brains

        Or people should be more relevant in their READING skills and realize that no election discussion is ABOUT people under 18.

  • BkDodge42

    Finally someone admitting that all polling is not always accurate. You need to review the methodology of the poll to determine if it was done with acceptable standards, such as the study that indicated that 97% of scientists believe that global warming is man made. Started off with 10,000 scientists and only found 77 that agreed, yet they are trying to claim that 77 is 97% of 10,000.

    • Steve Brains

      love to see WHERE that nonsense came from.
      10,000 varied Scientists don’t travel from all over the globe to meet and share information with global leaders if there are only 77 of them.

      Did Romney win YOUR election too?

      • BkDodge42

        The study sent out questionnaires to 10,000 scientists. About 3,500 replied. Then they started to separate those who had written articles about global warming, and then at least two articles, and kept finding reasons to reduce the sample size until they came up with 79 for their sample and 77 believed that global warming was man made but the study still advertises that it was a study of 10,000. when you read the methodology you can clearly see the problems with the study.

      • Stephen Barlow


        So, WHY are you ABUSING the group by USING it and claiming it is FACTUAL?

      • BkDodge42

        This study is one that all climate change proponents point to when they want to support the misnomer of 97% of scientists agree. All of those “climate deniers” are the ones that understand that the study is not factual. If you finally want to agree that it is not factual, then you have finally started to think for yourself.

      • Sandy Greer

        www DOT ncpa DOT org/sub/dpd/index DOT php?Article_ID=24484

      • Steve Brains

        Goodie for you.

      • Sandy Greer

        Goodie for me = your Cognitive Dissonance.

        (I love writing 6 word novels)

      • Steve Brains

        Definitive Cognizance
        Dalliance Reticence
        Eloquent Magnificence.

        HI coo!!

      • Sandy Greer

        My compliments, sir, on your flirting. 😉

      • Steve Brains

        Wait 4 shower… & theTUX.

      • Sandy Greer

        It gets better? My lucky day.

      • Steve Brains

        Wait! you’ll see, Feel… My shave.

      • Sandy Greer

        Hm. Too close for comfort, methinks.

      • Steve Brains

        I didn’t say, I’d shave YOU.

      • Steve Brains

        This I will buy as quality (TY) sourcing.

        Now I see the narrowing of the field, but… I ALSO think that WAS EXACTLY THE PUTPOSE of the “study”. Since i don’t KNOW the 2 online questions, I have even more doubts to the relevance of this “study”.

        If the Questions were:

        A) Is human the ONLY cause of current global climate warming change?
        B) “Will this cause the end of life on Earth”

        I will laugh accordingly @ the Rube Goldberg “study.”

        BUT! 10,000 scientists do NOT travel the world to a GLOBAL CONFERENCE just to play golf with World leaders. They attend to share their ideas and get new ones.

        The LAST line in the page is what tipped Me the most into thinking this was DESIGNED to “DEBUNK” reality. To be used by Rubes like ExaFrost Ashadyne or whomever to waste decent people’s time.

      • Sandy Greer

        tigger DOT uic DOT edu/~pdoran/012009_Doran_final DOT pdf

        onlinelibrary DOT wiley DOT com/doi/10 DOT 1029/2009EO030002/pdf

        ^^^Two questions, shown above. And finally:

        lulu DOT com/shop/m-r-k-zimmerman/the-consensus-on-the-consensus/ebook/product-17391505 DOT html

      • Steve Brains

        Tigger comes up an orange blank
        and lulu is just interior design.

        (A MFing DOUBLE!!)

      • Sandy Greer

        Tigger & online are dupe copies.
        You may see 2 questions there.
        Lulu allows purchase of her Master’s.

        (once again you spoil the mood)

      • Steve Brains

        Still a double.

  • MrLightRail

    It’s high time for pollsters to adapt to the times, and use methodologies that connect with the younger generations. I’m 53, and I do the same things as younger folks do. I don’t answer calls from unknown numbers, I only have a cellular device for communication, and am active on Facebook and Twitter. I also think that since I live in a blood red state, pollsters assume that I hold the same values as the idiots in trailer houses, and don’t call. 🙂

  • Diana Reichardt

    They may predict doom and gloom for Democrats but it isn’t happening. We are out in full force to let Republicans know we are fed up with the way they have been doing( or should I say NOT doing} things. We want fair wages, social security and medical care . You know little stupid things to survive. Not everyone is rich and we work hard for the little we get and they want to take away even more. Hopefully this election we will see a lot of Republicans fall.

    • Ant. I. Liberal

      Not Doing? Ask Dingy Harry how many bills his wrinkled ass are sitting on ? Thank God that old Bastard is on his way out !

  • gian keys loves shemale porn

    I’m voting for Rick Scott because Charlie Crist is squishy. Rick Scott is anatomically correct. And a hell of a good breeder.

  • rossbro

    People BETTER vote. Repugs wanna cut everything and privatize what’s left.

  • jan375

    I have a landline and have had fun messing w/ the calls. Especially the robo calls :Vote 1 for so and so. I have been a 55 yo male Republican, a 68 yo GOP female, an 18yo female Democrat. Polls are all skewed.

  • Paper Boy

    It took six years for Americans to realize that “hope and change” and “fundamentally transforming America” has not created much hope, and the change is nothing but huge growth of the federal government.

  • Gary Thorne

    Haha this was a cute read today thanks for the laughs!