Marco Rubio Says That Banning Abortions In All Cases Is In The Constitution

marco rubio gop debateMarco Rubio had a chance last night to distinguish himself from the rest of the candidates on stage in the Republican debate. While Chris Christie and Rand Paul went at it over the NSA, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee dreamed of a war with Iran, and Donald Trump slung rhetorical feces at everyone, Marco Rubio and Ohio governor John Kasich were the only two who stood out as viable GOP nominees.

When pressed on Obamacare and gay marriage, Kasich spoke the blunt truth that the audience needed to hear, the Supreme Court has spoken and conservatives have to live with it. With this statement, Governor Kasich became the adult in the room. I wouldn’t vote for the guy, but if a Republican were to pull out a surprise win in 2016, I’d prefer to deal with him versus any of the other candidates the GOP has produced so far.

I can’t say the same for Marco Rubio who, when questioned by Megyn Kelly about his position on allowing for abortion only in the cases of rape or incest, claimed that he opposed abortion under any circumstance whatsoever.

“You don’t favor a rape and incest exception?” Megyn Kelly asked.

“I have never said that,” Marco Rubio stated. “I’ve never advocated that. I’ve advocated passing a law that says that all human life, at every stage of its development, is worthy of protection — in fact, I believe that law already exists.”

“It’s called the Constitution of the United States.”

Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, having been upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court, whether Marco Rubio likes it or not. However, Marco Rubio was also either lying or conveniently forgot that he has supported legislation in the past that banned abortion after 20 weeks, except for specific reasons including cases of rape or incest.

In 2013, Rubio was one of 40 senators to co-sponsor a bill called the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would have banned abortions after 20 weeks and set up a likely confrontation with the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade.

That bill contained a number of exceptions, including cases of rape or incest that have been reported to law enforcement or where the mother’s life is at risk. Rubio’s support for the overall bill, which never received a vote in the Democratic-run Senate of 2013, was widely perceived as support for rape and incest exceptions.(Source)

Republicans are already looking at a serious demographic problem ahead of 2016, especially with Latino voters that they need so desperately in order to win back the White House. But having a Latino candidate like Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz in the race doesn’t help when they take on the same extremist positions as the rest of the field.

Last night’s GOP debate was an unbridled disaster for the Republican Party. It was also very likely a goldmine for Fox News ratings, as well as political writers and certainly for the Democratic Party which was handed a ton of ammunition to use against the eventual nominee in the general election. Some people say that Marco Rubio looked presidential, but the only thing he really did is show us how far right most of the Republican candidates really are.


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  • Eg Kbbs

    I’ve always wanted to have a “test” which was a list of sayings and the person had to indicate if they were or were not in the Bible. (And this is the easiest tests I could come up with. I really wanted to have answers of not in Bible, close to something in the Bible, In the Bible but taken out of context, and In the Bible and actually means what you think it does).

    Looks like we need a similar test for In the Constitution, Not in the Constitution.

  • strayaway

    Rubio does not have a record of being a constitutionalist. Had he mentioned the 10th Amendment as delegating such powers to states when not given to the federal government, he might have been on more solid ground except most of Congress and the Supreme Court routinely ignores the 10th Amendment anyway. Meanwhile, Roe vs. Wade is the law of the land. If Rubio believed that “all human life, at every stage of its development, is worthy of protection” a follow up question should have asked if “all” would involve the abolition of capitol punishment.

    • OMGface

      Bravo! Or, Brava!!! Right on all counts and every one important.

    • markthetog

      Capital punishment has been the biggest stumbling block to the “right-to-life” movement. It has always been used as a tool of vengeance indiscriminately sprayed on people of color by those professing “love for life in all its forms”.

  • OMGface

    Heaven protect us from these true believer simpletons and anyone not appalled by their truncations!

    • noah vail

      but heaven is on their side….roflmfao

      • OMGface

        I only wish I could find something to laugh about in this, Noah; what my BF calls my OMGface (he took the pic to capture it) is becoming my default face. That anyone is malleable/damaged enough to have abrogated their actual, differential, intelligence as to be hostage to simplistic tenets….I find CRAZY scary….esp in its logical extension.

  • QB59

    People need to get over the notion that Kasich is some sort of moderate, reasonable pol, whom they would be OK with sitting in the Oval Office. That asshole has not been good for my state and I sure as hell do not want him screwing up the rest of country with his bagger bullshit. Just because the GOPer clownfest is parading the loons like Trump et al, do not be fooled by Kasich as looking like the “adult in the room” for one second. You think the Bushes are bad for the country, put that asshat in office and see how FUBAR things will get.

  • Cemetery Girl

    I live in Ohio. It is shocking when someone can make Kasich look good. Normally he just looks really good at cutting education while raising the salary of his staff because to get good employees you must pay good wages. Oh, and he also gives amazing tax breaks to any large company that threatens to move out of state. Actually, he would make a great Republican candidate, but he’s from Ohio so he won’t be taken that seriously.

  • marymduncan

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  • noah vail

    Did any of you who watched the “debate” hear ANY original thoughts being presented?…I didn’t but I may have missed something…