Marco Rubio Thinks Employers Should Be Able to Fire Employees for Being Gay. Here’s Why…

marcorubioWhen conservatives use the term “special protections” or “protected class,” they are referring to the idea that marginalized and oppressed people are getting special rights that the rest of us (read: white/hetero/cis/Christian/able-bodied/wealthy/male people or any combination of such privileges) aren’t privy to. That’s largely because they are either ignorant of or ignoring the vast array of protections their idea of the “unprivileged” already enjoy. Or, if you’re US Senators Rand Paul (R- TN) or Marco Rubio (R- FL), you likely know about privileges, you would just rather protect your own vested interests: white/hetero/cis/Christian/able-bodied/wealthy/male voters.

We’ve seen Rand Paul do this so often I’m thinking he graduated from the University of Goebbels. Whether he is the malicious idiot on the box lying about the unnecessary costs of the Americans with Disabilities Act, or talking about how he’d march with King yet would deny African Americans the right to eat at White establishments and strip the Civil Rights Act, or deny First Nations women the right to protect themselves from domestic abuse and rape (along with Rubio, of course), Paul demonstrates again and again that he openly and aggressively sides with the oppressors and seeks to protect their vested interests over the basic necessities of the oppressed. Particularly when the oppressors are rich and in charge – ie, bosses.

Boss Culture is a favorite among conservatives of all stripes. (Which isn’t to say it’s limited to or indicative of conservatives and/or Republicans. But it is a conservative trait to privilege bosses over the workers.) So it’s no surprise to hear Rubio champion it while disparaging LGBTi people in an interview with ThinkProgress:

ThinkProgress spoke with the Florida Senator at the opening luncheon of the annual Faith and Freedom Forum on Thursday and asked him about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a bill to make discrimination against LGBT individuals illegal across the country.
Though Rubio bristles at the notion of being called a “bigot,” he showed no willingness to help protect LGBT workers from discrimination. “I’m not for any special protections based on orientation,” Rubio told ThinkProgress.

By this, he seems to be implying that “special protections” are only due to people who are not gay. Which is horrible thinking, as ThinkProgress in the same article notes that 2 out of 5 homosexual or bisexual employees and 9 out of 10 transgendered workers report discrimination at their jobs. According to Rubio’s thinking, they should not have rights to seek recourse.

Because, you know, gays.

But Rubio doesn’t seem to want any oppressed groups  to have “special protections” against Boss Culture. Asked about rights for people of color or women, he replies, “Well that’s established law.”

Why do I get the nagging suspicion that he wouldn’t support it if it wasn’t already established?

Oh yeah, Boss Culture.


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  • Hesitate

    His bible justified his Christian and Islamic bigotry so long ago the he can’t thing around the reality that all animals have a LBGT population. Senseless.

  • John

    Conservative Cubans are a dangerously self-hating bunch. I’m surprised Marco Rubio didn’t change his name to Marcus Ruby. Don’t get me started on his half-compatriot, Ted Cruz.

  • rozzi8

    His parents received special treatment when they escaped from Cuba. He doesn’t think others deserve protection?

  • cjh

    why was he even allowed into politics here in the states?? he is from porto rico right???

    • Kookie Seda-Riley

      He’s Cuban, not Puerto Rican and if he were Puerto Rican as a resident of Florida he could hold office,because Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

    • Yeah, Puerto Ricans are US citizens. And even being foreign born (I believe he was born in the states) doesn’t disqualify him from running for or gaining office.

      • Matthew

        Again, I refer to Todd Snider’s song “Conservative Christian”. Nothing more needs to be said.

  • Lawrence Hartman

    I have always stated that Libertarian is a eupheism for being a bigot!!!

  • Lawrence Hartman

    Rubio’s family was in the hip pocket of Sgt. Batista, the United States puppet in Cuba before Castro threw his ass out of the country. The Rubio’s got all their money due to the fact that they knew Sgt Batista, it was all ill gotten gain and now he comes to the US and he bad mouths the Cubans. He is trying to do to the US citizens the same that the Rubio’s did to the Cubans, exploit the Hell out of them. He is a pathetic soul and I am totally embarassed being a Floridian and we have that idiot as our senator, it is a shame.

  • Lawrence Hartman

    And Rand Paul, another piece of work. He talks about civil rights but then states that he would not have voted for it, he is the biggest bigot I have seen probably since the bigots controlled the Democratic party before the Civil War. He would have been pro-slavery and fit right in with Jefferson Davis and the boys. The Neo-Conservative Movement needs to be stopped and stopped now and my fellow moderate Republicans need to rise up and put them out for garbage pick up next week and we as the Moderate Republicans need to take our rightful seat at the political table again.

    • maggie

      its so nice to here from a MODERATE REPUBLICAN! as much as I cant wait for the TEATHUGREPUBLICANS to disappear I do know the US wont be the US without a 2 party system. if I was a republican I would be very angry!!!! instead of the MODERATES running away they need to take THEIR PARTY BACK!!!!

      • Lawrence Hartman

        You are absolutely right. That is what I am doing and I urge my fellow Moderate Repulicans to join me in throwing off the yolk of Neo-Conservatism and set it by the curb for garbage day!!!

    • The one aspect I’d probably disagree here is in the use of the term “Neo-Con.” The neocon tends to be a warmonger, like Cheney and his ilk.
      Paul tends to be more of a libertarian-leaning conservative Republican, with some of the more unfortunate aspects of the American movement of libertarianism.

      • Lawrence Hartman

        But the only thing, the libertarians have made a marriage of convenience with the Neo-Cons so they are also Neo-Cons by assoiciation. Tough luck but that is the way I call it, right, wrong or indifferent. If you associate with Bigots and don’t call them out you are also a bigot so if you associate and align with the Neo-Cons and don’t call them out, you are also a Neo-Con.

  • JerseyJoe

    Of course they are special protections. Hate crimes are a special protection/penalty. The same action by someone against a protected class as opposed to a non-protected class receives a greater charge. How is that not special protection?

    “According to Rubio’s thinking, they should not have rights to seek recourse.”–that is a lie and you know it.

    “I’m thinking he (rand Paul) graduated from the University of Goebbels.”– ridiculous

    All emotionalism. The average homosexual makes more than the average heterosexual. Do you believe this disparity should be corrected? Just saying that with all the supposed white privilege among Christian white males, why do I see so many struggling to get by? When will that privilege kick in for them?

    • BB-Mystic

      The same action by someone against a protected class as opposed to a non-protected class receives a greater charge. How is that not special protection?

      Oh, I don’t know, maybe because straight people aren’t harassed for being gay?

      Talk about missing the point.

      The average homosexual makes more than the average heterosexual.

      That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. How about some proof, please?

    • You know that the largest population of homeless youth are LGBTi youth who’ve run away, right?

      • wade

        run away or been thrown out by ignorant family and friends

    • Lawrence Hartman

      You sound just like Rubio, Cruz and Paul so you must be one of those Tea Baggin Double Ball Suckin Neo-Conservative Fascist Pigs and your fallen brothers, Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini, would be damn proud of your pathetic soul. And your pathetic soul will burn in Hell for the lack of tolerance, compassion and respect for your fellow man.

    • DoctorButler

      The reason so many Christian white males experience poverty i due to the sheer number of them. There is still a disproportionate number of minorities living in poverty. And I don’t just mean ethnic minorities. The gays too. Open your eyes.

  • dwb1957

    You know what’s creepier than Rubio’s opinions? The fact that there’s a lot of people out there who voted for him, and can be assumed to be of one mind with him.

  • gailillly

    This guy is just another MITT ROMNEY. He has changed his positions on this issues three times now. you can’t trust this loser. And as far as immigrant go it was all ok for him and his family but he don’t want it for the immigrants that are here today and if they are gay, forget it, he wants them out of the country that is so not his to begin with.

  • dtsinidaho

    Have hope people. Here in the small Northern town of Coeur d’Alene Idaho, the base of the California Haters migration, the City Council actually voted to give LGBT the RIGHT to equal protection…. The caveat is the CHURCHES are not required to follow this, and can practice bigotry with no interference by government agencies. So, I do NOT think the problem is the Republican Party. I think it is the CHURCHES. I think once a church pushes it’s agenda on the civilians of a city, it is no longer a Religious organization, but a political organization, and should be subject to the taxes and regulations for a PAC. Yes, the 2nd gives protection to CREATE a church for religious purpose. But, it does NOT give a church the right to interfere in government regulations. To do so is to give unrestricted privilege to a select group, based on their cults political leanings.