Mark My Words: The Republican-led Benghazi Hearings Will be a Circus and Democrats Should Boycott

benghazi-benghazi-benghaziBenghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi – that’s pretty much all Republicans want to talk about.  But why wouldn’t they?  With the most recent jobs report being strong, unemployment falling to 6.3% and “Obamacare” enrollment surpassing 8 million sign ups, they need something to distract from all the positive news.  Well that, and they have a desperate need to continue to keep Benghazi in the headlines because they’re terrified of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

So yes, get ready to hear about Benghazi for the next 2+ years.  That much I can promise you.  And these current hearings will be nothing more than a right-wing circus.

Sure, they’re allowing 5 democrats to be on the committee, but that’s just so that they can say the hearing was bi-partisan and impartial.  After all, how would the hearing look if Republicans excluded Democrats altogether?  Let’s be honest, that’s what they would really like to do.

But as tempting as it is for Democrats to be a part of this committee, they shouldn’t have to do it.  By participating, all they’re doing is adding legitimacy to this Republican sideshow.

Granted, if they boycott it Republicans will say that they offered Democrats a chance to be involved and they chose to “hide from the truth” and play partisan politics to avoid “getting to what really happened.”

Who cares what Republicans say?  We’ve had thousands of pages of reports from actual intelligence committees that have told us what happened that night.  There’s no “mystery.”  And this new committee isn’t about finding out what happened, because we already know!  

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Democrats should take no part in this circus that will do nothing more than feed Fox News with a few headlines to ramble on about in the coming weeks.  That and waste taxpayer money on something we’ve already spent millions of dollars investigating.

If I controlled the Democratic party I’d make 5 copies of every single page of every single report that’s already explained what happened that tragic night in Benghazi.  Then I’d place them in the seats where every Democrat was supposed to be sitting on that committee.

Then whenever a Republican might want a response from a Democrat as to what might have happened that night, they can just simply refer to the thousands of pages from the reports that have answered those questions numerous times since 2012.

But the last thing I would do if I were congressional Democrats is add legitimacy to this committee that’s nothing more than a platform for Republicans to create headlines for the conservative media, try to slander Hillary Clinton and raise money for their campaigns.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pipercat

    Kinda sucks when you feign outrage by answering questions with more questions. I have an idea, why don’t the seven Republicans bring their fishing poles to the hearings. Then they could apply an image to the hearing and its purpose, yes?

  • CherMoe

    In summary, Benghazi is the “Monica Lewinsky” in preparation of the upcoming elections. That’s because THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE. So they make stuff up as they go along.

  • Rita Jane Clark-Smith

    This will not be a circus – it will be another shameful episode watched throughout the world, again reinforcing the belief that America has lost its way and is being led by elected members of Congress who are total idiots! And Faux News blames our President for why we are no longer considered a leader of the world. Faux News talking heads should be required to sit in front of a big screen and watch all the incredibly stupid things their fellow talking heads are saying in just one 24-hour period. The “5” on at 5:00 p.m. daily is the worst show on television today. They even make Hannity look intelligent.

    • Bo Radley

      I have friends on both sides of the world…Europe and Down Under, who couldn’t agree more. My NZ friend simply said “Any time I hear America, or USA, I shake my head.”

  • Edward Krebbs

    Well if they were not “investigating” Benghazi (intentional air quotes), they would be doing something really useful with their time like voting again on abolishing the ACA without hope of that ever passing.

    Tough decision. But even if the dems attend, we’ve seen committee heads use their power to keep the committee members from having any meaningful input.

  • Jim Bean

    The best case for boycotting is to remain in a position to deny the validity of anything discovered that reflects unpleasantly on the Left.

    • Bo Radley

      Of course I recognize YOUR deep concern for honesty and the truth, Jim. I’m certainly not questioning YOUR patriotism. I know YOU want nothing more than to see such attacks are prevented in the future…so you’ll insist that your Congress-critters fund the next request for increased embassy security as a first step toward prevention.

      And I’m CERTAIN you want to make sure all bases are tagged, so you’ll also press for an investigation to:

      Jan 2002…..the 5 embassy workers killed in Kolkata
      June 2002 the 12 killed in Karachi
      Feb 2003…2 in Islamabad
      June 2004…2 in Tashkent
      Dec 2004…9 in Saudi Arabia
      March 2006…2 in Karachi
      Sept 2006…4 in Syria
      march 2008…2 in Yemen
      July 2008…6 in Islamabad
      Sept 2008…16 in Yemen.

      NO? Then this makes you a colossal hypocrite in the extreme…a demonstration of pseudo-patriotism at its best.

      • strayaway

        Better idea: The US should stop trying to meddle and overthrow governments. Doing such has produced turmoil and helped boost Al-Queda’s fortunes. Benghazi was just one blowback disaster of many created by Obama’s executive ordered war on Libya. Some of these same Republicans stood silent or supported Obama at the time. Being on a slow learning curve, the administration, and Republicans like McCain, are now assisting rebels in their attempt to overthrow Syria’s government resulting in US weapons getting into the hands of Islamists, hundreds of thousands of refugees, thousands killed, and Russia responding in kind by aiding the Assad government.

      • Jim Bean

        Bush response: Invade Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama response: Surrender in Iraq and Afghanistan and look the other way on Benghazi, Syria, and Israel.

  • Bo Radley

    The GOP mistake is believing that ANYONE….ANY ONE…outside the Beltway, with the possible exception of their mouth breathing knuckle draggers is paying ANY attention to their latest dog and pony show. Those, like me, with idle time, wonder who is being tossed under the bus here? Issa the Inconsequential? Or Chief Inquisitor Malfoy…er…Gowdy…who is going to lead an EMPTY panel.

    The rest of this country are going to begin to wonder,what’s WRONG with these people … as the GOP puts all their eggs back in one basket……and BenGhaZi is going to be huge blow back.


  • Imasocalist

    The dems should hire some clowns to sit in their seats to make an utter mockery of the hearing. Or maybe BRING a dog and pony to the Capitol. Or find a guy named Ben Gahzi and make him testify. Or wear “what difference does it make” t-shirts. Oh the possibilities!

  • John

    No disrespect to the four who died in the Benghazi attacks, but I don’t want my tax dollars being wasted on this!