Meet Lenar Whitney, Louisiana’s Sarah Palin

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Climate change is real. It is something that is happening whether people want to acknowledge it or not. So why are conservative politicians, pundits and the people who listen to them insisting that it isn’t happening? It’s the simple fact that you have politicians and media companies who rely on funding from fossil fuel companies to stay in office, or on the air. Not only must they deny scientific fact that the world is getting warmer, they also have to convince voters that it’s all a liberal plot to drive up prices, take away guns, introduce socialism, or whatever other bizarre story being cooked up at Fox News that day. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that climate change is happening and as coastal communities around the world face the rising ocean levels, there are still too many people (including one Lenar Whitney who is running for Congress here in Louisiana) who insist it isn’t happening.

Rep. Lenar Whitney is from Houma, LA and currently represents the 53rd District in the Louisiana House of Representatives. She recently announced her entry into the already crowded field of Republicans running to replace Congressman Bill Cassidy, who is the frontrunner in the US Senate race against Mary Landrieu. Lenar Whitney is Louisiana’s Sarah Palin, as she made quite clear in this video where she mocks climate scientists and claims climate change is part of a liberal plot to “regulate every aspect of American life.”

To be fair, nearly every politician in Louisiana owes their career in some way or another to the fossil fuel industry, especially Sen. Mary Landrieu. To speak out in any way that is critical of Big Oil is career suicide, and everyone knows that in order to get into office, they have to vote as the industry wishes or be replaced. Yet, Louisiana is one of the most vulnerable areas in the United States when it comes to climate change and rising sea levels, as noted in Lenar Whitney’s local paper,

“Large numbers of cities, roads, railways, ports, airports, oil and gas facilities and water supplies are at low elevations and potentially vulnerable to the impacts of sea level rise. For instance, New Orleans, with roughly half of its population living below sea level, is especially at risk. Louisiana State Highway 1, heavily used for delivering critical oil and gas resources from Port Fourchon, is literally sinking, resulting in more frequent and more severe flooding during high tides and storms.” (Source)

Lenar Whitney’s section as to where she stands on issues looks like it could have been ripped from Sarah Palin’s cliche talking points on various Fox News appearances. In fact, the issues section looks like she has statements on each topic, but except for abortion, none of the “MORE” links are clickable.

Capture4Besides mocking climate change, the only one other area where she has any details is her stance on, you guessed it, abortion:

The great quandary of our times was best related to us by Mother Theresa, ““And if we can accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?” What has happened to our country? – I am a practicing Catholic. I will never waver in my support for the unborn. I believe there is a growing, mainstream movement in America to end abortion during our lifetime, and I will work day and night to make this happen. (Source)

Even when the Fox News studio in New York is only accessible by boat and Lenar Whitney’s district is covered by six feet of saltwater, they will continue to say that climate change is just liberal propaganda. Rep. Whitney’s talking points and delivery are the same cliched, smarmy, “wink and a hair flip” style as Sarah Palin, and she’s sure to set conservative hearts aflutter in the 6th Congressional District as the leading female candidate in the race.

If Lenar Whitney were to win the jungle primary, she would likely face off against former governor and convicted felon Edwin Edwards, who back in 1991 had the unofficial campaign slogan “Vote For the Crook. It’s Important.” I guess for those of you who do live in the 6th Congressional District, history has repeated itself and voting for the crook is important once again.


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  • Reince’s Preibus

    Did you notice that the thermometer she holds up in the video is a rectal body thermometer?

    • DCR

      well– because she’s an as*hole! 😉

      • republic84


    • Chomper Lomper Tawee

      She’s so full of hot air!

  • Kim Hillstrom

    You know when my hair wasn’t gray, it was blond. I always cringed when some sexist guy told a blond joke. This woman definitely fits the stereotype of the dumb blond. How do these people continue to get elected? It clearly speaks volumes about their constituency and the state of “education” in the state of Louisiana.

    • surfjac

      She bashes the liberal agenda and Obama. She’s a saint in their eyes for that. However, she is deloooosional and probably would like another bong hit.

    • Avatar

      People who elect people like tea bagging politicians deserve what they get. Most of southeastern of United States will be inhospitable in 40-50 years.

      • republic84

        Have you ever visited one? They’re already inhospitable…

  • Travis Hamilton

    She better do something about that turkey neck she has. DAMN.

    Plus she has no brains, she is from Houma. Everyone with a little sense leaves Houma as soon as they are able to walk.

    • Marshall Stacks

      Turkey neck? Really? Are you stuck in Houma?

  • Dave

    Yup….rectal thermometer. She probably chews on it like a toothpick between readings.

    • jonjstrine42

      What’s the difference between a rectal thermometer and an oral thermometer?

      The taste.

      Sorry. Very bad joke. I humbly apologize.

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee


  • FMJ

    More proof of republican inbreeding.

  • Sarah Roney Dalton

    “Lenar has owned a dance studio for several years and is also part owner of a phone company. ” No mention of the BS in Science that might have helped her understand climate science a bit better…. maybe she only has the BS.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Her use of a thermometer at one location (and use of a rectal thermometer – inappropriate to even reading local weather) is, at best, a 5th grade understanding of science.

    A fifth grade understanding of any subject is cute when you’re in the 5th grade (be it science, religion, math, ethics, etc. ) But you’re supposed to continue learning throughout high school, college, and life.

  • Avatar

    Even after ocean consume New Orleans in near future, she will still deny that climate change is real enough.

    • republic84

      That MAY have already happened once…

  • FD Brian

    If a climate change denier went to 100 doctors and 97 of them said they needed surgery, they would be scheduling surgery.

  • Brian Daugherty

    See this one has me confused. Do I go with my bank of the obvious dumb blonde jokes, or do I go with the tried and true MURICA jokes? I take pride in my ability to eviscerate political dumbasses with a few well placed insults so this one leaves me in quite the conundrum.

  • republic84

    Wow, someone call the FCC she was practically blowing big oil execs right on camera. Well in order to be less intelligent than Palin, you’d have to lack the ability to breath on your own…I’ll just give her a very close 2nd place.

  • Seth Williams

    There’s a reason Louisiana ranks at the bottom (if not THE bottom) when it comes to high school graduation rates. This lady and all the people that vote for her are prime example of the sorry education system down there.

  • H0BS0N

    I wonder if she actually believes what she is saying, or is it just for her political success. If she really believes that stuff, she should be deported or institutionalized.

    • Chomper Lomper Tawee

      Institutionalized, for sure.