On Meet the Press, Bill Maher Mocks Conservatives Who Don’t Believe in Facts

bill-maher-meet-the-pressI’ve never been the biggest fan of Bill Maher, largely because I think he can go overboard (and be a little classless) in trying to make his points.  Then again, his whole schtick is really about being “politically incorrect,” as his show on ABC was once titled.

That being said, I often agree with a lot of what he has to say.

Take for instance comments he made during an interview with Meet the Press where he slammed Republicans as being the “problem” in this country, and mocked conservatives who suddenly don’t believe in facts.

He was asked, “Who are you most displeased with these days, Republicans or Democrats?”

“Oh, come on,” Maher replied. “Really? Seriously? Republicans. You know, in the last 20 years, that has really not been a choice. They just drove the short bus to crazy town at a certain point.”

A statement I agree with completely.  Republicans and Democrats have always been in disagreement, but they found ways to get things done.   Though now days it’s “Breaking News” if some major piece of legislation in this country gets passed with bipartisan support.  Heck, even routine votes like those on the debt ceiling have turned into partisan battles due to Republican obstruction.

Maher said that the biggest problem in this country is that people just aren’t very well informed.

“People never used to argue that much about science,” Maher said. “We might argue about how we take these facts and move forward in a different direction, but we don’t argue about the facts themselves. That’s not true anymore.”

He then went on to take a shot at those who seem to doubt facts, saying, “Facts themselves. Come on, how much do we really know about facts?”

Which is a funny statement, even though sadly true.  Suddenly proven facts and science have become “debatable” simply because they don’t coincide with what conservatives want to believe.  Suddenly facts have become subjective to those who live in a reality where what they want to believe is more important than what’s actually real.

As if reality suddenly changes simply because you don’t like what it supports.

But Maher’s comments hit on a sad reality we face now days when it comes to the Republican party.  A day and age where facts are no longer facts, but liberally biased talking points.  Though it’s amazing how many facts seem to be liberally biased.

Image via screengrab, NBCNews.com

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • jonjstrine42

    Sadly, I’ve seen this aversion to facts first hand. I had someone try to tell me that Obama’s a Socialist. So I gave her the actual definition of socialism from the online dictionary at Princeton and asked her to name one thing that fell into that definition. She said the ACA. I went through all the provisions of the ACA, explaining in detail how it’s not socialism. Her reply: “As far as I’m concerned it’s still Socialism”. Yep. Don’t like the definition of a word, re-define it.
    But she wasn’t done. I explained to her that the ACA is projected to give us a surplus down the road and that repealing the ACA would be extremely expensive. She, of course, called me a liar. So I gave her the links to the CBO reports. Not articles about the reports, the actual cbo(dot)gov links. Her reply: “I’m not even going to bother clicking on your liberal propaganda.” Yep. CBO reports are nothing but liberal propaganda.
    This is the world we, unfortunately, live in.

    • surfjac

      “The sun rises in the west and snow is purple because you know, it’s not all that obvious.”
      I hear the same crap every day.

    • Why5ks

      I have had a frighteningly similar conversations about Benghazi, IRS, ObamaCare, name the fictitious scandal. The one about Benghazi, I linked the House Oversight Committee report written by the Republicans and I was told that was a liberal biased report. Or when trying to get people to explain the memes they post saying stuff like Bush 43 had unemployment at 4.5% and gas at $1.89 a gallon and what has Obama done. When you point out that the unemployment figure was from his second month in office which means it was handed to him by Clinton and the gas price had fallen from $4.28 a gallon in August to the $1.89 a gallon price by time he left office, and he took destroying the world economy to achieve that price decline. All you hear back is, sure Obama and Clinton are perfect to liberals and Bush screwed up everything, go keep blaming him for everything. They have no defense period.

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    It is frightening to see how easily they are lead into the fantasy and hate chamber.

  • Ben in LA

    Facts have a liberal bias, and some folks just can’t accept that.

  • Phil the observer

    So much easier to believe your own “Facts” than it is to change your whole Paradigm. Just sayin’

  • Sandy Greer

    It’s like beating your head against a wall, trying to talk ‘facts:.

    You can debunk, explain, over and over, again. Only to see the same nonsense spewed forth, by the same person, again. As if you’d said nothing at all.

    Willful Ignorance: They know WHAT they know, and that’s all they WANT to know.

    Thank God, they’re a dying breed.

    ^^^Well, so long as Dems get out and vote, that is. We can’t be complacent; we need to VOTE, every single election: Vote ’em the Hell outta Dodge.

    • Brian Novotny

      This is called the Dunning Kruger Effect, and in some cases Cognitive Dissonance.

      • Sandy Greer

        Hey, I learned something new today (Dunning Kruger Effect)


  • Kim Serrahn

    If it doesn’t come out of a bible , well it’s just not a fact. And because of that everything that ever happened in the world is Obama’s fault, or so the pastor tells me. Just saying.

  • Stephen Barlow

    Facts have become republican kryptonite. They get weak and ill and then useless. All Boehner can manage is getting that walnut oil orange tan.

  • Jim Bean

    How can you be sure its correct to call the debt ceiling disagreement one of Republican Obstructionism? Couldn’t it just as easily be called one of Democratic fiscal irresponsibility? Why is it obstructionism every time Pubs disagree with something the Dems want to do and never obstructionism when the Dems disagree with something the Pubs want to do. Seems a bit of a double standard to me. Is anyone buying into this?

    • jonjstrine42

      The difference is that the Republicans, since President Obama’s election, have broken records with the number of filibusters they’ve instigated. Just look at the nominees Obama has put forth. In the history of this country, there have been 168 filibusters of judicial and cabinet apointees. 82 of them have been against Obama.
      Now, you could say that “both sides do it”, but it really goes to a matter of degree. You could just as easily say that Wayne Gretzky was nothing but a thug because he, like Dave “The Hammer” Shultz, was called for major penalties in his career. (FYI, Shultz holds the record for most penalty minutes in a single NHL season). Now, was Gretzky a thug? No. He was the greatest scorer the game has ever seen. But if you just look at one fact out of context, such as “He has major penalties on his record”, then you could say he’s just like Shultz. You’d be wrong, but you could say it. Same principle applies with Republicans and Democrats. They both obstruct. It’s just to what degree. And in that regard, the GOP are far and away the worse offenders.

      • Jim Bean

        I agree with you mostly. However, Obie gets himself in trouble by always trying to appoint activists to positions that require objectivity and neutrality. I thought it especially amusing how Slick Harry got the filibuster set aside without realizing that would put them into the position of having to vote against Obama’s lousy picks and take them out of the position of being able to blame the Pubs. Dems have a knack for grabbing the nearest gun and unloading it into their feet. Another knee slapper was that they had a good political lever with shutdown – until Obama went afterward and did unilaterally what the Pubs said needed to be done all along. You can’t make this stuff up but you can predict the Left will come up with it.

      • jonjstrine42

        First off, calling the President “Obie” just makes you look stupid. I’d recommend cutting that out of your arguments.
        Second, Harry Reid changed the rules concerning filibusters due to the unprecedented obstruction, and the change he made was the EXACT SAME THING the Republicans wanted to do when they said the Democrats were being obstructionist (even though the Democrats weren’t nearly as guilty of the charge as the Republicans). And let’s face it. The only reason Obama’s picks are considered “activist” or “extreme” is simply because he’s a Democrat nominating people who share his viewpoint. Basically, his crime is Governing While Democrat.
        And what exactly are you trying to say about the GOP-led shutdown? That last line makes no sense at all.

      • Jim Bean

        The Dems chose to let the GOP shut it down rather than agree to the one year delay that now, after the fact, Obama not only insists upon – he has extended to three years. And, in the case of Obie (he works for me, I’ll call him what I like) governing while Democrat IS a crime. If he were a white Republican, the Left would have drummed him out of office a year or more, ago. His crimes make Watergate look like jaywalking.

      • jonjstrine42

        “And, in the case of Obie (he works for me, I’ll call him what I like) governing while Democrat IS a crime.”
        This quote truly makes you seem like an idiot.
        “His crimes make Watergate look like jaywalking.”
        This quote proves it. Thank you for letting me know that you aren’t worth the time. Anyone that can say things that incredible asinine can’t be reasoned with, because reason is a foreign concept.

      • Jim Bean

        When an administration uses an agency of the government that is paid for by all taxpayers – regardless of political party – to punish/harm political opponents, the leader of that administration deserves to be called much worse than ‘Obie.’ Criminal, thug, and traitor are a few that come to mind. And when a man has told as many blatant lies as Obie has, he does not deserve to be President of the Lion’s Club, much less the USA. If you’re fine with all this then its simply a testament to the extremely low standards you adhere to. And that’s your right. If you want to call me names for having a different set of standards, that’s your right as well. It won’t affect my sleep patterns.

    • Michael Wilkins

      Your comment reflects the whole problem.There are facts in this case. The “debt ceiling disagreement” is whether the USA pays the debts it has ALREADY incurred not about future budgets. Default would be financial insanity. There was only one factual sane side, it is not a matter of debate, opinion or feelings. Tackling the deficit and debt both parties have created over decades is an important budget issue moving forward. Think about it. If you spent a lot of money on your credit card does it solve the problem by refusing to pay and suffer penalties and the loss of credit? You still have to pay what you already spent. No, you have to pay and then you have to budget better by making better choices.

      • Jim Bean

        Nearly everyone understood we were in no immediate danger of default.

      • jonjstrine42

        Except the experts and economists, of course.

  • A Liberal English Professor

    It is “nowadays”- all one word. There is no such term as ” now days.” Your points hold much more water when there are no grammatical errors.

    • Terry Evdokimoff

      My biggest beef with grammar is that “like I said” is becoming common usage even on intelligent TV. The correct form is “as” I said. Like is a verb and the sentence already has a verb (“said”). Thanks.