Meet The Man Taking On Speaker Boehner

tom-poetterOver the last few years, we’ve witnessed what could probably be considered the absolute worst Speaker Of The House since Dennis Hastert. I’m not talking about political ideologies (even though I loathe just about everything Speaker Boehner stands for), I’m specifically talking about exactly how ineffective he is at doing his actual job.

Let’s look at the figures for a moment – this session of Congress has only barely managed to be slightly more productive than the last one, both of which having been presided over by John Boehner in the House, from the 8th Congressional district of the great state of Ohio. Other than shutting down the government for over two weeks (costing the US economy over 24 billion dollars) and passing 40+ pointless attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they really haven’t accomplished anything else.

We can partially blame it on the hyper-partisan atmosphere that has Washington firmly entrenched in a political version of WWI, minus the barbed wire and mustard gas. However, if you go back to when Newt Gingrich or Tip O’Neill had the gavel, they still got things done, despite their very open differences with the White House. This isn’t just a hopelessly partisan House of Representatives – it’s a leaderless House split among numerous factions which include the radical fringe element of the GOP, and establishment Republicans who are freaked out with where their party is headed. If this was the military, it would be like a few competing midshipmen running an operation while the admiral spent his time drunk and crying in his quarters as the aircraft carrier spins around in circles in the middle of the ocean during the middle of a battle.

Speaker Boehner has never once proven himself to be a leader – not once. Instead, he seems to be someone who relies on Eric Cantor and others who are all eyeing his job in the event he loses an election or gets forced out.

Next year, Tom Poetter is running for John Boehner’s seat in Congress. From Tom’s bio on his website:

Tom is an award-winning teacher, an author (14 books published and over 50 articles and book chapters in the field of education), is active in the local community, and is an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church. From 2001-2011, Tom directed school/university partnerships for Miami in the region, and opened the university’s Partnership Office as its first director in 2005.

If you’d like to see Speaker Boehner head for retirement in 2014, please go to Tom Poetter’s website and read more about him, then consider volunteering for his campaign and/or contributing a few dollars.

We can fix Washington, one lousy career politician at a time.


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